Talon Build Guide

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Informative Talon Guide to Pure AD/Tanky DPS

written by -Nocturnal

Talon Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    A mediocre passive, since it's basically a weakened version of Corki's passive, which deals true damage to targets. This passive has no use if the enemy isn't affected by CCs, therefore it's kinda weak compared to other passives.

    Noxian Diplomacy
    Another 'resets-the-auto-attack-timer' ability which deals additional damage to the target. The target will bleed, and will remain visible for a couple of seconds. It isn't really interesting or special as there are many variations to this ability, all similar but slightly different like Wukong's Crushing Blow, and Trundle's [spell_icon=Rabid Bite] Rabid Bite. Not to mention Leona's etc etc. Which is why this isn't really that special. Remember to use the auto attack reset timer though.

    When I saw this ability I was like 'SOLD!' as it looks cool, and deals a fairly large amount of damage. Note that this ability scales with your ITEM AD and not your total AD, which is why I build mostly pure attack damage to power this ability, dealing massive damage in a short period of time. It has decent range, and is an excellent harass ability. Actually, it's the best ability in his kit. does incredible damage early-mid game if you go AD.

    Talon dashes to the enemy and silences him for a short duration, then does amplified damage to the target. I wish this ability does damage, but guess it doesn't, which makes it slightly awkward. The silence is very useful, especially when someone uses his QQ ultimate.

    Nunu: I'M NUNU IMMA KILL YOU ALL WITH MY Absolute Zero ABSOLUTE ZERO HUEHUEHUE *starts charging*

    *Talon uses E and dashes to him, silencing him, stopping his ulti*


    Shadow Assault
    A fairly impressive ultimate, though it isn't much. The movement speed boost is pretty decent, but you'll need to have good timing, as when you appear or cancel from stealth, the blades will fly to you, and most of the time, they'll fly to you when you don't really want them to, wasting their large damage. Remember that if you use an ability, or when you hit Q, the blades will also fly to you, revealing you. So try not to do anything when you're in stealth mode. The damage isn't fairly large unless you go AD.

  • Introduction

    External Image

    Hey this is -Nocturnal here, and the reason I'm making this basic guide is because I see some people build him wrong. Some people get trinity force for its Sheen effect, but then, you don't even need AP, and you have enough mana to prevent you from being mana-hungry. Overall, it doesn't give you much damage either, and damage is what Talon needs.

    This is my first guide ever, so please go easy on me :) I'll be editing from time to time.


  • Masteries, Runes, Summoner Spells

    For masteries i got 21/0/9 for maximum damage output and a small amount of utility. You can move some offense masteries into the utility part though if you're mana hungry. Remember to get haste if you're getting ghost, and improved exhaust if you're using it as well.

    As for Runes:

    x9 Greater Mark of Desolation

    x9 Greater Seal of Resilience

    x9 Greater Glyph of Shielding

    x9 Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    Summoner Spells:

    You can pick two from those below.

    But normally I go and


    - This isn't your duty. leave it for the support
    - No. Just no. *facepalm*
    [spell_icon=Rally] - Not good anymore.
    [spell_icon=Fortify] - Once again, not for you. You're an assassin.

  • Skilling Order

    As W gives you most damage and harass, you max it first, then comes Q, for more instant damage output, but remember to get E at one point for chasing people. There isn't any other way to level him actually, since E only improves your damage amplifier and CD, while W has more instant damage output, not to mention it's one of the best harass in game.

  • Items


    Some people build Trinity Force on Talon, but it isn't really THAT good compared to other Pure AD items like The Black Cleaver, Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster. If you pay attention, Talon's Rake Scales with your items AD, which means the more AD you buy, the higher damage you get. When playing Talon, I focus on getting AD for my Rake, as it's your main damage output early and mid game, which powers your late game QQ. If Talon has a good early game, he'll basically faceroll at late, but if he's being bullied early, it'll be hard for him to stand out late game, and he'll do practically NOTHING.

    Which is why buying pure AD would be better than getting proc items like Trinity as it gives less damage, and we don't really need other factors like mana and AP. Mana because Talon's abilities aren't that mana-hungry, and AP well, he doesn't even scale with freaking Ability Power. You're not a mage.

    So let's get down to items, shall we?

    First you get Doran's Blade for more HP, a little lifesteal, and damage. You can also get Vampiric Scepter to build into your Bloodthirster, but it's not recommended. Boots are also fine if you want to. Remember to get HP pots!

    After that, there are a few paths. I'll just say you got a Doran's Blade for the go.


    Path One - Standard, nothing special game build. Focuses on Pure AD -

    After getting Doran's Blade, get ANOTHER Doran's Blade, which will keep you healthy and strong for now. After getting these two blades, you'll be able to hold on for now, and you should buy boots. Boots of Speed, then Berserker's Greaves for more attack speed. You can also get Boots of Swiftness if you like, but Berserker's my favorite so far. After getting the boots, you should be able to kill an enemy or two, and save the cash for buying a big, fat B. F. Sword, then upgrade it into The Bloodthirster. You can go for Youmuu's Ghostblade for CDR and armor pent, not to mention a little AD. You can also get Brutalizer before you get Bloodthirster if you want more armor pent and CDR. Then after Youmuu, you go for more AD to power your Rake, as it scales with BONUS AD *cries*. You can go for The Black Cleaver for armor shred and AS, or Infinity Edge for more bonus damage and a crit chance. if you don't have any spaces, sell a Doran Blade. Then you can choose to go Defense first, or more Uber Offense first. If you pick Offense, get the remaining item that needs another BF sword. If you got Cleaver, get Infinity, if you got infinity, get cleaver. Now you should have over 350 damage, and your Rake would hurt like hell. For your last item, you go defense. feel free to be creative as it depends on the enemy team. You can go Thornmail for AD heavy teams, Guardian Angel for its passive and overall defense, Banshee's Veil for massive MR and shield etc. So let's take a look at the final build.

    [builder=Talon/ae62efa4db34c6f004915f9187629510] Cost = 16017 Gold. This is the Pure AD Build, which relies on his Rake and his Ultimate's damage (his blades), which gives him the most damage output in a short time. Note that if you go this way, he'll probably lost to other DPS champs like Win Nhao, I mean, Xin Zhao and Master Yi, as he bursts people down and assassinates them, but his sustainable damage is lower than those auto-attack to win champs.

    Also, get a Snowball item like Sword of the Occult if you're doing good. Get it after getting the second doran if you need. It's not bad.


    Path Two - Tanky Atmas style

    If pure AD's not your cup of tea (even though it's the best way to go Talon), then maybe tanky DPS suits you.

    Starting with Doran's Blade again, this time, don't get a second. Get a Long Sword and build it into Phage. You can build your berserker's first though if you want. Depends on what you need. More movement speed, or more damage and HP.

    To activate his active, you should finish Frozen Mallet after getting boots and phage.

    After this, get Atma's Impaler for extra AD, and you'll really need it later on.

    Then, get Warmog's Armor for a TON of HP, total of like 2000HP together with Frozen Mallet. If you want to rush this item, get this one first before Atmas.

    After this, get a [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] for some damage (AD, AS) and overall defense (armor), and get an Infinity Edge as a last item to increase effectiveness on Atma's (critical chance) and for last burst of damage.

    Let's take a look at the build.

    [builder=Talon/ab630ecfd0847f357fb652d6442ac318] Cost = 17155 Gold, which is more expensive than the first build. Despite that, you are MUCH tankier and harder to take down, and you still have around 300AD thanks to Atma's and those tanky HP items. Nice burst still, but don't expect to kill much with this build. But if you want to SURVIVE teamfights, then get this one. Somehow, this isn't what talon should do though, as he's an Assassin, so think about it before going.


    Path Three - Crazily Cheap Critical Chance Build

    Start with Doran's Blade, as usual, then build Berserker's Greaves for faster movement and chasing. After that, build a Hexdrinker for the shield, damage and MR against casters. After that, get Infinity Edge for a good boost of damage, powering your W and your ulti by a huge ton. Then finish your Youmuu's Ghostblade, Phantom Dancer, Atma's Impaler. With these on, you'll have over 70% of crit chance, and if you use elixirs, you'll reach even better heights. Later on, if you have cash, sell Hexdrinker, and buy something like Frozen Mallet to feed your Atma's, giving you more damage as well as defense. The good thing about this build - it's slightly cheaper.

    [builder=Talon/1f56c26e79c93a5115456bb0fcfa685e] It's lower than 15K, and is easier to reach. Not to mention your Q, Noxian Diplomacy can Crit, dealing over 1000 damage.


    Suitable Choices:

    Hexdrinker it's not bad. But i'm afraid you'll have to sell it late game in order to make way for better, bigger items. But the shield is nice.

    Quicksilver Sash Good active. Gets you out of sticky situations. But then again, why not sell it for Banshee's later in the game?

    Trinity Force Thinking about this item. Some people like getting it for the overall stats. But you don't need AP, and the sheen proc effect isn't very useful for Talon. Plus, it gives you basically NO AD, which lowers your Rake damage output. but if you want, you can. try it out then~

    Last Whisper It gives you armor pent, a large chunk really. But once again, you might have to sell it for other large items. Youmuu's a better choice, plus, it gives you a nice active!

    Wriggle's Lantern Not bad. It gives you armor, and lifesteal. But thing is, you're probably not gonna jungle. So why not get Bloodthirster later instead?

  • Early/Mid/Late Game and Enemies/Allies

    You should take a duo lane, and try not to solo as you're not perfectly good at it. Try to find a lanemate that has a stun, slow, or snare, as the combo can be deadly. Let's find a few examples, shall we?

    External Image

    Lux. A great ranged support with a giant LAZOR! I liek.

    What makes her a good lane-mate is:

    Light Binding Her double snare. When she snares, Talon can Cutthroat in, then auto-attack, Q, and Rake for an easy kill. To make things even better. She has a slow. Lucent Singularity Will come in handy many times, not to mention she has a really high damage output with her passive and her ulti [spell=Finales Funkeln] which can finish them off for you if you can't.

    Another example of a good lanemate:

    External Image

    Jarvan IV. His Q reduces armor for you, and he has a popup which can do you very, very good. Most Importantly, his Cataclysm traps people for you, and you can just Cutthroat in and use your ultimate to finish them off where they have nowhere to run. Since They're next to you, more blades can hit, dealing maximum damage.

    here are some other good lanemates.

    External Image External Image External Image External Image There are many, many more, but these Champions with large CC will basically help you win the game.


    Worst Enemies:

    Your worst enemies are basically...tanks. Tanks with a huge chunk of armor like Rammus. He is awfully hard to kill, and you do physical damage! You do no damage to him. And he counters you so much you gotta use your casters to take him down or he will faceroll you. So much.

    External Image KILL HIMMMMMM!!!!!


    Early/Mid/Late game.

    There is no 'Talon is weak ____ game'. He works well at all times. Early, you have your W Rake to harass them back. And in late game, you can kill people from behind. In early game, your job is to farm, and harass people until you get to lv six. once you're six you can go aggressive and kill those over-extending enemies with your CC partner or jungle. You should probably have two kills by now.

    Mid game is rather boring as you're saving cash for a BF sword. So be patient and play safe. Roam around and gank people, getting more cash. Remember that your role is an assassin, so don't stay at your lane 24/7. gank people and get cash. Counter their jungle if you know how to.

    Once late game you will shine once again with your OUCHIE AD. Try to keep them separated, as in teamfights you'll get focused really bad. If you see some enemies standing aside, go for them and take them out before joining the large teamfight fray.

  • Pros and Cons


    High Damage Output if you have good items
    He has a Cape
    Has a blink ability.
    Has CC (slow and silence)
    Fast And Agile
    Has stealth
    Has AOE spells


    He has a cape (yes, this can also be a con)
    No damage on his E
    Abilities scale with Bonus AD
    Low base stats
    Easily Focused
    His skins look bad
    Low base damage. Looks puny if you have no items (or bad items)

  • Summary

    This is the end of my first guide ever. Please give me comments on how I can improve it :)

    Talon is a decent Assassin (and a good carry), and as long as you get the right items and right tactics, he will dominate the game. However if you play him wrong, you will ruin it. High-risk dude :D

    This is -Nocturnal Signing out.

    Will be updating once in a while

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