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Talon: Through The eyes of the Assassin!

written by Vladamphir

Talon Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Merciful because it puts you out of your misery?

    Put's you right at home with cc heavy teams and makes you a contender for red buff on your team.

    Noxian Diplomacy
    Nifty Gimmicky DPS.

    Surprisingly more bursty than I originally thought. It's a great way to start combo if your in close.

    Bread and Butter.

    Procs your passive with the slow, but if you're like me you'll overestimate its range often. It's not a Nid spear, no reason to hit em with the end of it, get close get personal.

    Blink, Silence, Damage Buff. Caster's beware.

    This is how you take people off guard. Blink right up into their face, show them some noxian diplomacy, rake their souls, and then shadow assault your way out of incoming threats.

    Shadow Assault
    Now you see me, now you don't, oh here I am with all these blades.

    It's fun, but it's counter intuitive to how you use most other ults. It takes some practice to get used to the various maneuvers you can use this for. I suggest at least 1-3 Practice/Co-op games for beginners to understand how to maximize this ult's potential. Play around with it in different situations.

  • Introduction:: Me and the Guide

    This is my absolute first champion guide ever. So I don't expect to blow your skirt up, and neither should you. I did try to put a decent amount of effort into this so as not to completely disappoint people passing by. So if you have critique and comments go ahead and leave em', but be gentle. I'm new.

    Talon is pretty fun for a guy who has very standard abilities. It's more about the mindset then anything else, and even though my first version of this posted guide probably won't include game play tips, I'll try to incorporate it into the next update.

    UPDATE: Before I add to the Game Play section, I'm gonna try some testing with a crit Build.

  • Summoners + Masteries + Runes

    Summoner Spells:

    Flash Standard OP assassin tool. I can't see Talon being truly effective without it.

    Exhaust Proc your passive and shut down enemy champion, yes please. Very versatile, and as an assassin we like versatile.

    Ignite Damage with a cherry on top, not a bad spell, but purely offensive. Take it if you need to shut down healers or don't think you'll be able to clinch a kill without it.


    Two viable choices: I like 21/9/0 a little better.

    21/0/9 : Standard Assassin build, take cripple if you get exhaust obviously, but don't take burning embers or archaic knowledge. Talon has no AP ratios and deals no magic damage.

    21/9/0 : Slightly more durable, affords more forgiveness for diving into fights, but you miss out on the +5% exp. from the utility tree. That extra exp. may give you a level advantage or keep you from falling behind. Neither to be taken lightly for a squishy assassin type.


    Greater Mark of Desolation Standard Choice, I haven't experimented with AD runes yet.

    Greater Seal of Resilience Seals are play-style dependent, I originally went with mana regen for the ability spam, but Talon has more squishy issues than mana issues.

    Greater Glyph of Warding Again, I like to spam abilities, and i originally went with CDR, but magic resist may be Talon's weakest point.

    Greater Quintessence of Desolation x1
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness x2 For solid early game damage armor pen and movement speed. If you find yourself hurting early game, get health.

    All rune choices are simply play style enhancers. Cater your rune page to your play style, but obviously realize the limits of your champion.

  • Skilling Order

    I don't know how to make that little table chart yet, but I'll find out and update that.

    Skills in order of priority:

    Shadow Assault Ult always has highest priority. duh.
    Rake Your bread and butter, damage, slow, proc passive.
    Noxian Diplomacy This is your gimmicky dps move, with a follow the blood trail bit.
    Cutthroat This is your gap closer. Blink, silence, damage buff, that will piss of casters.
    (Especially Vlad, "What?! I couldn't bloodpool away! Thats stupid, this game is stupid.")

    Get a rank of cutthroat at either 2 or 4 depending on who your laning against (usually 4), but then it gets bottom priority.

  • Items: Finally

    I have put a decent amount of thought into this. If it turns out to be rubbish, let me know and I will take action.
    (Delete guide and cry myself to sleep)

    These are items that may or may not fit into the way you build Talon. "I'll give you the ingredients, you have to find out whether or not you can bake the cake", as my gran used to say. Even though the icons tell you the prices of the items, I'm gonna write them again to emphasize the cost efficiency of the build.

    SLOT 1:
    Wriggle's Lantern Price: 1600g This didn't originally occur to me, but after reading pomfritten's and pLoory's guide, and then crunching some numbers, it was obvious that this item is a champ. At least early game, it's stats and cost are hard to beat. This will be opening item until I can find something better.

    After you have a solid core and, and have 1880 gold freely available, I'd suggest selling Wriggle's Lantern and buying The Bloodthirster Price: 3000g

    SLOT 2:
    BOOTS: Situational as always, look at your enemy team, do you need and can you afford the defense? Or Offense?
    If there are two or less cc champs on enemy team (even if they have an amumu) i'd say go with berserkers.
    Berserker's Greaves Price: 920g
    Mercury's Treads Price: 1200g
    Some people might say:
    Ionian Boots of Lucidity Price: 1050g It's an decent choice, but it's middle ground. I'd say either build cheap or build strong, don't try for middle ground.

    SLOT 3:
    Youmuu's Ghostblade Price: 2687g This is hard to neglect for an assassin, it gives you everything you could ever want for a bargain. I'd say it's not a must have, but then again why wouldn't you want it in the first place? It covers the three aspects of assassin trade: Mobility, Lethality, Efficiency. Don't pass up on a good thing.

    If you know the enemy team is gonna be armor heavy (Tanky team) or they stack armor later, you may find it better to build Last Whisper (Price: 2110g) instead or sell Youmuu's Ghostblade mid to late game and buy Last Whisper. You'll only need 700g saved up to make the switch.

    That ends the absolute "solid" core.

    SLOT 4:
    DEFENSE!! If you find yourself prone to typing "ffs", it's probably cause you didn't have enough defense. Up until this point, Wriggle's Lantern should of provided all the defense you need if your playing well. Now you have to decide what type of Defense you need. I'll order the items by type of defense and cost.

    Frozen Mallet Price: 3250g This item is usually too costly to recommend, but on Talon the price is worth it. On-hit slow and proc of your passive damage boost makes this actually a full on offensive item as well as defensive. Defensively, it's really the only choice if your building health. To tell the truth as much as i like this item I've decided to delay it to later in the build.

    Atma's Impaler Price: 2355g There are other worthy armor items that you may choose, but nothing that will simultaneously boost your offense as well as atma's. Especially if your planning on building Frozen Mallet as your final item. This has become my favorite 4th slot item, as i've had an increased focus on upping my crit chance.


    Quicksilver Sash Price: 1440g Highly Situational, but that doesn't mean that you should rarely get it. More often then not your gonna be playing cc heavy teams. And assassins absolutely hate CC. If there are 3 or more casters and a noticeable amount of cc, you'd be pressed to find a reason not to get this.

    Hexdrinker Price: 1800g Cheap and dirty. Very underestimated, early to mid game this item will dominate magic resist items as an affordable, offensive, defensive hybrid. It allows you to make those assassination attempts on the lone caster with far less worry.

    Wit's End Price: 2000g Usually this just doesn't fit my play style. But the truth is, if your facing enough magic damage to need magic resist, you probably didn't get Berserker's Greaves, and you might be in need of the attack speed. Extra magic damage and scaling magic resist never hurt either. This has become my go to MR item.

    Banshee's Veil Price: 2715g You can see how much more expensive this is than our other options, but as i said before. Either build cheap or build strong, screw middle ground. Banshee's Veil is definitely worth building on an assassin if you can afford it. Just make sure you really need it, not building it just cause you need the MR.

    SLOT 5:
    Dealing The Damage!
    Infinity Edge Price: 3830g Expensive, but worth it for many reasons. And thanks to 1ronLung for confirming 'w' Rake, can't crit. But, Infinity Edge is just a mean Item that sync's with our Ghostblade and maybe what you fill slot 6 with.

    SLOT 6:
    What do you still need?
    If you never took frozen mallet and are still worried about low health now is the time.
    Frozen Mallet Price: 3250g
    otherwise, buy what you can afford or start saving.
    Wit's End Price: 2000g
    [item=tiamat] Price: 2070g
    Atma's Impaler Price: 2355g
    Phantom Dancer Price: 2845g
    The Black Cleaver Price: 2865g
    Trinity Force Price: 4070g

    Usually My Build by the time my team wins:

    Price: 8,892g

    Awesome Endgame Build:

    Price: 17,142g

    Variation: Pure offensive

    Price: 16,862g

    Frozen Mallet Build

    Price: 16,200g
    If you need Magic Resist, throw a Wit's End instead of Phantom Dancer

    Oh hell, they're shutting me down and I'm not fed, what do i do?

    Price: 8,470

  • Gameplay + Tips Coming Soon

    I just wanted to get this out there to share with the community. I did this all on day 3 after buying Talon and i didn't even get a chance to play him today. I'll put some more work in starting next week to bring you more tid bits. Please leave comments, critiques, and what not. I'll fool around with different runes, masteries, and items over the weekend and bring you some feedback. Thanks for reading.

  • P.S.

    ACR: I'm going ape sh*t for that right now.

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