Master Yi Build Guide

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"Final" Yi, King of Jungle

written by NicknameMy

Master Yi Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    External Image

    Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.

    (for any abbreviations you don't understand)


    And the Song, which syngernises best with Master Yi at all:

    This is my guide from MobaFire. On MobaFire, it contains columns and is better to read. But well, I try to do it on Leaguecraft. If you have tips for me, let me know.

  • What and why

    This is a guide for Final Yi. The foundation stone of this build was set in Jimmix great guide, The Dark Art's of Master Yi. The main idea of this build is based on his guide.

    Final Yi is a very good late game carry. He has 4k+ HP, high resistances and 300 AD. He is also a very fast jungler. Therefore, he can spend the most time in the jungle, and thus farming the gold, which he needs. You need at least 100+ neutral minion kills and a lot more, to farm the build.

    Final Yi can also start very good team fights. Because of Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force, he slows everyone he attacks and the opponent can not escape. Only strong CC can stop him. But for this you have Flash or Cleanse.^^

  • Masteries

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    Fairly standard jungle AD-carry masteries. You need 21 points in offensive to clear the jungle faster. And you need 9 points in utility to get [mastery=Awareness] and [mastery=Utility Mastery]. Also [mastery=plentiful bounty] for enhanced Smite so you get more gold and shorter cd on Smite.

  • Runes

    Main runeset

    Greater Mark of Alacrity
    These runes are necessary for Wuju Style jungling. You need enough attack speed to clear the camps without to die. Also, you will get nearly no attack speed until really really late game. This runes compensate that.

    Greater Glyph of Shielding
    Magic Resist/lvl is the standard primary rune pick for junglers. They give you good survival through the game. And they are very cheap for that.

    Greater Seal of Resilience
    You need the Armor to over live the jungle. Without them, you will die. And the armor also helps with your early game tankyness. Armor can make a big difference.

    Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    The armor penetration runes are also needed, if you want to jungle. With this runes and masteries you lower the enemy armor by 16, enough for jungling. This runes also increases your DMG massively late game.

    Other runes worth considering

    Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    Same reason as marks. You need enough attack speed through the game, so you have to buy runes for that. They are maybe only secondary runes, but they are definitly worth it. They increase your jungle efficency even more.

    Greater Seal of Evasion
    Dodge is everytime an alternative to armor. If you luckily dodge an enemy attack, which would hurt you very much, you are the winner. But well, i like to have more sustained dmg reducion. Without the defensive masteries, dodge loses a bit of it's efficiency.

    Greater Quintessence of Strength
    Considered by Searz. He said, AD-Quints are very good Quints for Yi(mobafire chat). I trust him and make them as alternative.

  • ArP Quint vs AD Quint

    Two Graphs which shows you which Quintessence is better. ArP or AD?

    Full Build:

    lvl 1

    External Image

    full build
    External Image

    As you can see, AD is better as ArP earlygame, but weaker lategame. It is your decision.

  • Summoner spells

    Every Jungler needs Smite. Smite is way too much uses to be ignored as jungler.

    Ghost is like a Mini-Highlander for you. With ghost+highlander, you can outrun anyone(except Revive Rammus). If you are good with it, you can definitly pick it.

    Everybody loves Flash. Flash is never a wrong summoner spell. Wall hax and quick escapes can help you to stay alive, or to chase the enemy down, if alpha is on CD.

    Master Yi's worst enemy is Crowd Control, like Stuns, Snares, etc. This spells take him completly out of game. If you easily can get out of them, this could decide every teamfight.

    Teleport is a spell, which is mainly used to backdoor. Yi is one of the best backdoor champs in the game, so use it wisely. If you place a ward near enemy base, you can teleport on it and then push the towers down.
    This is incredibly easy with Final Yi, cause he can survive any tower-shots.

    After some testing, I found out, that exhaust is a really good summoner spell for jungle yi. He can gank anytime exhaust is up and no longer depends so much onto Lizard Buff. You can also beat down any other ad-carry with it, because Highlander cancel's exhaust.

  • Abilities

    Double Strike
    This skill is the skill, which made's Yi a very good Backdoor champ. Also this skill increases the jungle speed and make Attack Speed runes very good, cause you hit this more often with more Attack Speed. Finally, it can be used for harassing.

    If you are very good at Yi, you can time this spell, when you need it most.

    Alpha Strike
    Alpha Strike is the skill, which decides, if you are a good Yi or a bad Yi. A bad Yi will use this skill everytime and get killed because he dived a turret with 4 people. A good Yi will hunt any champ with this skill down, even if they Flash.

    This skill also deals good dmg. Never underestimate it. Most people underestimate Yi and get killed for that.

    Your Teamfight skill. The heal is, well, not very usefull. But the Armor and Magicresist are just GODMODE! You cannot die if you Meditate. But only use this spell, if the enemy CC is used. Cause CC can disrupt it like Nunu's Absolute Zero. Knowing, when to use it, is also a key to master Master Yi

    Wuju Style
    What a spell. You get AD for NOTHING! NOTHING! 35 AD passive, 70 AD active. This makes this build viable, because you have enough AD, until you build more. Also, activate this spell everytime you hit something, because this maxes it effectivity.

    One of the best spells in the game. You get very much AS, MS and everytime you slay an enemy, while this active, the CD are reset. This makes Yi the perfect hunter. You can catch anyone at anytime. Also the Anti-Slow-Buff helps with that. And with Cleanse, you can jump into 5 enemies, kill one low and run away. You will overlife if made well. This is also part of mastering Yi.

  • Skill sequence

    The main Source of Yi's dmg is Wuju Style. Activated at full lvl, it gives you freaking 70 AD. And 35 AD passively if it is off-cooldown. This skill is truly awsome. Also, as Final Yi you get not much AD earlygame, so this is your main source of it. This is why i max this skill first.

    Yi has also a great gapcloser, which cannot be dodged. Alpha Strike. With Alpha Strike, you can reach any opponent with it and deal heavy dmg to minions. It increases jungle speed very much if upleveled, because of this, i max this 2.

    Meditate is only needed for lategame teamfights, if you have to survive an heavy assault. You can tank with it all day long because of your HP. You don't need it earlygame, and it is a real one point wonder, so i max it last.

    Of Course, get Highlander everytime you can get it. Well, it can be only 1 Highlander^^.

  • Tips and tricks

    If you use Alpha Strike on a Minion, which dies, before you finish Alpha Strike off, you land at the position there you started. This move can be used well cordinated and also in combination with Smite used to harass.

    You can combine Alpha Strike and Double Strike, to do epic harass.

    If you want to train the activation of Youmuu's Ghostblade, press the button for it everytime you go into a fight. Even if it is on CD or not even buyed.

    Master Yi is a born towerdiver. With this build, you can easily fight enemy's under towers and kill them. Use Alpha Strike to close the gap and then finish the enemy off.

    Master Yi is a great Backdoor champ. He can push towers and inhibs very very fast. Use this to your advantage!

    Yi can escape nearly every trouble. With Cleanse and Highlander nobody can catch Yi. Jump into the enemies, kill one, and run your butt out of there.

    If you find some more usefull tips, let me know, i add them to the list^^.

  • Possible build

    [builder=Master Yi/c70be3e24715b60a2495f86b1317ebdf]
    ( Cloth Armor Jungling)

    [builder=Master Yi/1459b915274a08e3f086ca045733c620]
    ( Vampiric Scepter Jungling)

    The Item's after the Core are highly situational. They can be nearly everything. This makes Final Yi very flexible, he can adjust his builds onto the enemies.

    My Build:
    [builder=Master Yi/1868af03dc9de0c434fdc51717219c15]

    The 7. Item should replace Wriggle's Lantern

  • Starting Items

    Cloth Armor
    Cloth Armor is the standart start item for many junglers. It gives you armor, so you can survive the attacks of jungle creeps, and is very cheap, so you can buy 5 Health Potions. It also builds in Madred's Razors, an important item for jungle Yi.

    5 Health Potions
    Health Potions let you jungle. They keep your HP in the jungle high, so you cannot be ganked easily. Never forget them, or you are dead meat.


    Vampiric Scepter
    You can start with a Vampiric Scepter if you don't want to "waste" money on Health Potions. But your jungling will get slower. So, i think, it is equal.

    I prefer Vampiric Scepter.

  • Jungle Items

    This are the items, you get through your jungle.

    Cloth Armor
    If you start with Vampiric Scepter, you need to buy Cloth Armor after first back.

    Boots of Speed
    You need Boots of Speed for ganks. With them and Red Buff, you can catch anyone.

    Long Sword
    A Long Sword increases your ad by 10. This maybe seems not much, but it helps. Also it builds into Madred's Razors. A very important item, as already said.

    Madred's Razors
    Now we can get Madred's Razors. This item boosts your jungle speed enormously. The proc's are sometimes depend onto luck, but they are defenitly worth it. Without this item, you are a slow jungler.

    Wriggle's Lantern
    After you got a sucessfull gank or farmed longer, you need to upgrade Madred's Razors. Wriggle's Lantern give you a jungling survival it is ridicioulus. With Wriggle's you can jungle infinite. And that really fast, even in the enemy jungle.

    More about this in the jungle section.

  • Core Items

    This Items make Final Yi Final Yi. Without them, you aren't Final Yi!

    Mercury's Treads
    Mercury's Treads are vital for Yi. Yi is very very very vulnerable to stuns, snares, etc., so he needs to reduce it on any cost. Also, the magicresist helps you to overlife, until you have other magicresist items.

    Atma's Impaler
    Atma's Impaler is the key item to final yi. Final Yi is build mostly by hp, so this item transferes HP to AD. WOW! HP TO AD!!!. At the end, you have around 300 AD, that is very very much, if you think about, that you are very tanky.

    If you got this Item and Frozen Mallet, you can start making them cry.

    Frozen Mallet/Trinity Force
    Frozen Mallet. The first HP-Item. It not only gives you AD and HP, it also gives you a very very good slow. With this item, nobody escapes you. This is vital, if you want to catch enemies or if you have to initiate a teamfight.

    Same count's for Trinity Force, but it gives you very very much more stats and dmg, but for that, less HP. Read Trinity Force vs Frozen Mallet.

    Warmog's Armor
    Warmog's Armor is simply the item with the most HP. It gives you, if maxed ~1500 HP, very very very much. And it get transfered to AD by Atmar's. If you have this item, it is gameover for the enemies, if your team is not a complete fail.

  • Trinity Force vs Frozen Mallet

    Here is now an optional item for Frozen Mallet. Trinity Force! Why?

    Jebus McAzn said:

    Quoted Text:
    Consider the many champs that you MAY have been considering Frozen Mallet on. Now take that item out and replace it with Trinity Force . Improvement or no?

    Frozen Mallet only costs around 800 gold less than Trinity Force, but doesn't offer MUCH more. It gives 700 health compared to Trinity Force's 250, and 20 AD compared to Trinity Force's 30.

    What else are you getting? A permanent slow, okay. But Trinity Force isn't exactly unreliable. You have a 25% chance to inflict a slow, which doesn't sound like much, but after just 2 attacks that's a 44% chance. After three, it's 58%. After four, it's 69%.

    The point is, if you can land just a few attacks on a champ, you're more likely than not to inflict the slow on them. And on top of that, Trinity Force gives a TON more stats and a damage proc on top of that for less than 800 gold.

    So why would you ever get Frozen Mallet? Who were the champions that may have bought Frozen Mallet a few months ago? Kog'Maw, Teemo, Olaf, Master Yi, Udyr, etc. Now replace those items with a Trinity Force and see what happens.

    Trinity Force Kog'Maw is getting very strong lately. He can really abuse the proc because of his ultimate and the movespeed helps immensely in teamfight positioning, and the AP doesn't hurt.

    Teemo, not so much. You're a close-range DPS who's really squishy and who also does NOT spam abilities, meaning that Frozen Mallet may just be a better buy.

    Olaf actually can do quite well with Trinity Force but sometimes opts for Frozen Mallet because you're building Atma's Impaler later on and you want to be tankier. Still, Trinity Force Olaf is quite possible.

    Master Yi? Saintvicious's recent Yi guide incorporates Trinity Force. Alpha Strike+ Trinity Force is super strong and with Highlander, you'll be spamming in teamfights. Trinity Force lets you push towers faster as well.

    Trinity Force has been core on Udyr for weeks now.

    In short:

    Buy Frozen Mallet only under one or more of the following conditions:
    -You're super squishy and you want the extra health, but you don't want to build purely defensive like a Banshee's Veil.
    -You don't spam abilities very often and you can't abuse Trinity Force very well.
    -You WANT to build tanky because you're offtanking or you've bought an Atma's Impaler and Frozen Mallet is more cost-effective.
    -Your attack speed is slow and you have a much smaller chance of getting the slow proc off.

    Otherwise, do Trinity Force. It's just so much better.

    Nighthawk said:

    Quoted Text:
    You get Trinity Force on carries/people who want damage or want some damage but mainly tank. You want Frozen Mallet on people who want tank and already have damage.

    If you go Yi and you build Boots, IE, PD, BT, you build Frozen Mallet cause you have damage and want tank
    If you go Yi and you build boots, Atma's, BV, IE, you build Trinity Force cause you already have tank and you want more damage.

    on someone like Jarvan IV (who has the highest base armor in the game) with Wriggles, Mercs, Warmogs, Atma's, you get a triforce cause you have enough tankiness and now you need damage, not a FM, even if you do have atma's.

    External Image

    Well, it is your decision which you buy.

  • Optional Boots

    Berserker's Greaves
    Berserker's Greaves give you much much needed attack speed. But you loose very much tankyness if you don't get Mercury's Treads.

    Ninja Tabi
    Mainly used if the enemy team is AD-heavy. The Armor and the Dodge help, to avoid those pesky AD-Champs. Syngernises very well with Dodge-Runes.

  • Situational Items

    Early-Mid game items:

    Avarice Blade
    If you don't have a very good earlygame and no sucessfull ganks, pick that one up after Wriggle's Lantern or Mercury's Treads. Later build it into Youmuu's Ghostblade

    Overall good items:

    Infinity Edge
    Wow, your dmg will explode if you pick this baby up. You definitly need a Infinity Edge, if you want to deal high dmg.


    Banshee's Veil
    Banshee's Veil is just an awsome defence item. It gives you magicresist and a bubble, which can catch enemy cc. This item is mainly against casters and a standart item, because you have atm few magicres.

    Warmog's Armor
    Y. Get another one^^. Just lulz them again and you will be truly painfull.

    Randuin's Omen
    Randuin's Omen has a great slow for attack speed and movement speed, which make's it the perfect item against meele. With Randuin's Omen, Trynda+Co will no longer be a problem.

    Quicksilver Sash
    Quicksilver Sash is the Anti-Hardcore-CC. If you see, that the enemy has Malzahar, Warwick or Mordekaiser, consider this item. You can cleanse their painfull ult's with it.

    Guardian Angel
    Everyone want's a second live. If you, as Final Yi, somehow die, revive and Meditate, well, enemies will cry^^. It also got good armor, so consider it against more ad based dmg.


    Youmuu's Ghostblade
    Yoyo's, the best offencive item on yi. It is a mini-version of Highlander, so it syngernises very well. You just have to activate this and Highlander and enemies are freekills. It also has crit and armorpen, which also syngernises well. And CDR, well, Yi normally needs no CDR, but it can only help^^.

    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]
    Madred's Bloodrazor
    Madred's Bloodrazor is an item, which you buy, if the enemy is stacking health and armor. With this item, you can get through those tanky dps. Btw, if you see an enemy getting Madred's Bloodrazor, consider heavy magicres.

    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor]
    Stark's Fervor
    Stark's Fervor is a great team item. It gives you and your team attack speed, hp-regen and lifesteal. A great item at all, if your team is more autohit-heavy. If s.b. other in your team has it, you could also consider The Bloodthirster

    The Black Cleaver
    This baby you should get, if the enemy has ~100 Armor. You can shred really fast through the enemy and the as-boost is also nice. If you don't like this item or the enemy stacks more armor, you should get Last Whisper

    Sword of the Divine
    Get this item, if you want to push towers really hard or if you play against Jax. It has the highest AS in game, so it helps you very much.

    (notice i only mentioned offensive items, which lower the enemy defence and give AS. This is very important, because this is, what you are missing.)

  • Item Graph

    Here you can see graphs for how good an item is.


    External Image

    As you can see, The Black Cleaver wins if you have 2 or 3 stacks.

    If you want to watch it more in detail, download the program "Graph" and open in it the file

  • Jungling

    An epic video from Stonewall, which describes jungle Yi:

    Route 1

    I made a video, in which i present lvl 1-6.

    In this Video, you can see, how I jungle.

    1. I start with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions.

    2. After doing golems( Smite), wraiths, wolves and big golem( Smite), port back and buy Long Sword

    3. After doing golems, wraiths( Smite), wolves, port back and buy Madred's Razors

    4. After doing golems( Smite), wraiths, wolves, port back and buy Boots of Speed

    5. Now do Lizard( Smite) and go gank, buy Wriggle's Lantern next.

    Route 2

    If you start with a Vampiric Scepter, you jungle like this:

    1. wolves, wraiths( Smite), golems, buy Cloth Armor.

    2. big golem( Smite), wolves, wraiths, golems( Smite), buy Long Sword

    3.wolves, wraiths, Lizard( Smite), golems, buy Madred's Razors(jungle) or Boots of Speed(gank).

    Route 3

    (At 3:08)

    This is the fastest, but also the most dangerous jungle route. You could be ganked easier than olaf.

    1. Start with Vampiric Scepter

    2. Do wolves, wraiths( Smite) and golems, then port back and buy Cloth Armor.

    3. Do big golem( Smite), wolves, wraiths, Lizard( Smite) and golems, buy Madred's Razors(jungle) or Boots of Speed(gank).

    Then follow standart build.

    Yi should jungle the whole game, cause he has very amazing jungle speed. He can outfarm solo lanes in the jungle, so everytime you aren't absolutly needed for team, jungle!

  • Teamfights


    Earlygame/Midgame teamfights should never happen. As Final Yi, you are really weak at this stage, the only thing you can do is pick enemies off. You also die fast, so come in last. Tell your team, that they shouldn't start teamfights. First teamfights shold come if you have Atma's Impaler


    At Lategame, if you finished your core, you are a tanky dps. The role of the tanky dps is, to go after your tank, which initiates, and pick of the most important target. You can survive nearly everything, because of your freaking tankyness. Use Alpha Strike to close the gab to, lets say, Annie, and melt her down. If you get cc'd with stun, etc.., use Cleanse. Melt that Annie down. After that switch to, e.g. Ashe, which deals less dmg then Annie because she was less fed. Kill also her. In the time, you kill them, your complete team should focus these 2 carries. This is the way to sucess.

    If the carries are dead, you won the teamfight!

  • IEM: Triple Wriggle's Lantern

    Master Yi fits perfect in the triple Wriggle's Lantern combo. Because of his natural high dmg and attack speed, he is also very good at early baron or dragon. If you want to play this combo, you need an auto-attack based top-laner (Udyr, Warwick, Jax, etc...) and otherwise the normal setup (AP-carry mid, preferable Zilean, bot lane support, preferable Alistar, + ad-carry, preferable Caitlyn or tristana). The AD-Carry, you and the top laner get Wriggle's Lantern. The proc on it will just own baron and dragon.

  • Warding

    Every champ has to ward. But there are many good warding-guides out there.

    Read Warding helper - More than your eyes can see for that.

    You mainly ward with Wriggle's Lantern.

  • Saint Yi vs Final Yi

    Here is now the section, where i show Saint Yi vs Final Yi:

    External Image
    External Image

    And the Winner is:

    FINAL YI!!!

  • Time for Lulz

    Now, the time has come for a lulz-build. I present you: AP-Hybrid "Final" Yi. It is nearly everything the same, except I get Rod of Ages instead of Warmog's Armor. Also, I get AP-Items, like Rabadon's Deathcap or Lich Bane. If you Meditate, you simply cannot die and Alpha Strike deals way more dmg. Also, Lich Bane proc's boost your dmg output even more.

    But because you get the AP very late, you should use the same skill order. Only Greater Glyph of Alacrity should be changed to Greater Glyph of Force, so Alpha Strike deals a bit more dmg through game. 9/0/21 masteries are also viable, but the jungling gets harder.

    [builder=Master Yi/f1229bebc3ada05c2ab0380d4140bc27]

  • Gameplay Video

    I have made a little Game to create a gameplay video. You can also see some of my mistakes, like diving GP into Nexus turrets^^.

    Megaupload(Maybe broken, idk)

  • Closing statements

    THX for reading the whole Guide. THX to Searz, THX to Jimmix.

    This is the future of Yi. Hopefully he gets not nerfed^^.

    Never forget:


    BTW: The guide looks way better on Mobafire^^. xD

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