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Braveheart Singed! How to be one Badass Tank and be almost unkillable.

written by Zoomer

Singed Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Runes for Singed

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey Guys :D
    This is my First guide so please rate and comment. Even though im not very experienced in League of Legends i thought writing a guide could be fun. ^^ I've been playing for about a half year now.
    But i thought i would share one Build i came up with for singed because my team didnt have any good initiation or a dedicated tank.

    I Went 14-4-26 in the game i first used this build so i thought it could be cool to share it. ^^

  • Update Log

    August 24: Guide Released.
    September 13: Added Skill Grid, Masteries and a Quick reference section. Reworded some small parts of the sections aswell.
    January 16 2012: Updated masteries, refrased some parts of the guide, put Tabi in items section. (still testing)

  • Abilities

    Empowered Bulwark
    Pretty good passive, but we wont be using it that much in this guide.
    Just icing on the cake basically.

    Poison Trail
    This is why we play Singed!
    And this is also the only french spell in the game... you know, french.. run away.. and stuff.
    Maybe not the thing he is most known for but it still is one hell of an ability.

    Somebody trying to gank you? run away! and see them choke on your dust.... Literally. XD
    this is also what makes you dangerous in team fights the longer the teamfight the more damage your poison will do and with this build you're gonna last pretty long.

    Mega Adhesive
    Basically a free AoE snare... Kinda. This slow is so massive that you can almost call it a snare.
    for example a Garen trying to "spin-to-win" (Gank) your lanemate? Adhesive under him and he's not going anywhere close to your partner.

    This! This is what makes people afraid of Singed, or at least what is gonna make them afraid of you as Singed.
    One wrong move from a squishy carry and he/she is going straight into you team.

    Or somebody is getting a little too close to your carry? Fling! now they are not.

    Insanity Potion
    This is perhaps one of the most hard to understand ultimates in the game. since its not a giant explosion or an AoE stun or a huge stunning arrow.

    Insanity potion gives you (at lvl 6) stats about equal to 2 level ups. and some increased Movement speed.
    This + Ghost makes Singed run faster than Roadrunner on speed... (Dont do drugs kids xD)

  • Pros / Cons About this Build

    You will with the full build be almost unkillable unless you make some really dumb decisions.
    You will be able to run around in teamfights and peel enemies of your carrys without really worrying about yourself.

    You won't do much damage.
    You will not get many kills with this build, unless you kill steal with fling or get lucky with your poison, so if you are obsessed with your K/D don't go with this build.

  • Quick reference "Cheat sheet."

    For you lazy people who doesn't want to read. xD or if you, like me, like to have a guide open for quick reference while in a game.

    1/21/8 - Getting improved ghost via Summoners wrath in offence, getting resistances in defence along with more HP, some damage reduction, the Initiator "skill" and one point in the cooldown "skill" just to get to the 21 points mark.

    Summoner Abilities:

    Listed in order of purchase.
    Mercury's Treads
    Warmog's Armor
    [item=Force of Nature]
    Sunfire Cape
    Banshee's Veil
    Abyssal Scepter or Atma's Impaler

    Skilling order: >>>

  • Summoner Abilities

    I always take Ghost and I think Ghost is a "must-have" on Singed since it combines so well with your ultimate.
    And then it's really up to personal preference.
    Some people like taking Ignite for the extra damage ontop of your poison.
    Other people go with Teleport for soloing top or backdooring (really a dick move but it works)

    But my usual setup goes Ghost And Teleport because Singed needs his farm to be effective, and when you have teleport you will have some nice map presence thus allowing you to farm top and still be in the teamfight erupting at dragon in a matter of seconds.

  • Masteries

    This is also up to personal preference witch is why Singed is such a good champ for players who are not lvl. 30 yet.

    But lets assume that you are lvl. 30 already and have all those little goodie points in your mastery tree.

    My Mastery build is going for a nice big health buffer, basicly all the move speed and some good damage reduction.

    But that is just what i like.
    You can also skill 9/21/0 for a better damage output throughout the game getting the spellpen in offence and getting what i specified in defence.

    Or you could go with 9/0/21.. again getting spellpen and all the nice caster goodies in utility.

    But as i've said Singed is a very flexible champion when i comes to masteries so build him anyway you like. :D

    Just dont build him 21/0/9 or i will personaly poison your meal with purple gas out of my backbottle... I mean please dont ofc. ^^

  • Skilling Order

    Ok since I can't figure Leaguecrafts system out to make a fine, cool and sexy grid for you here i'll just explain it in text.

    *Edit* I did it! Yes! Now you can have your fine, cool and sexy grid. ;)

    I usually go

    Your other possibility

    You can either (recommended if the enemy team doesn't have many escapes) max out your adhesive second after poison.
    Or (best if you want some burst damage or you are afraid you wont get kills otherwise) max fling second after poison.

  • Farming

    Farming with Singed is stupidly easy.
    There are a few tips and tricks you can use to optimize your farm though.

    As a rule never keep your poison on for more than around 4-5 seconds per. wave when farming early game.

    Also there is the technique called "Puffing" and which means that Singed stands right at the front of an enemy creep wave and poisons the whole wave with one "puff" of the poison.
    This is done by quickly turning poison on and then off again.

  • Items

    So you're gonna start the game in one of three ways.

    1. You get boots and as many health pots as you can afford. (My prefered start)
    2. You get boots and a health pot and a ward. (If you are afraid of ganks from middle and jungle)
    3. You get a Regrowth Pendant and a health pot to boot. (If you are really scared of your lane)

    Then at your first trip back to base, you should have enough gold for Mercury's Threads Mercury's Treads and if you have a small amount of gold left buy a ward for your brush in the river. (your first ward will have run out by now anyways, if you started the game buying one.)

    Second trip back to base you have options. or rather the enemy team decides what to go for if the enemy team is heavy on attack damage, Go for Warmog's armor. Warmog's Armor

    If they are heavy on ability power (usually they are on Summoners Rift) Get your Force of Nature. [item=Force of Nature]

    When you have completed one of these it's time to get the other one.

    Now you have to decide if the enemy team has a fast melee attack damage carry... Is that even a term? Oh well now it is! :D (Yi, Trynd, sometimes Noc aswell.)
    If they do i recommend buying a Thornmail. Thornmail

    But if they dont, i usually go for a Sunfire Cape, for the extra damage in teamfights and for easier creep farming. Sunfire Cape

    Now the real teamfights start popping up and you need to be able to take the first wave of hits. its time to whip out Banshee's Veil. Banshee's Veil

    Now here is where you have to decide what kind of damage you want to go for. (The small amount you will do)

    You can either go for Atmas Impaler, for the extra armor and the nice unique passive. Atma's Impaler
    Or you can go for The Abysall Scepter for the Magic resist and ability power + the nice MR reduction aura. Abyssal Scepter

    Edit: I will be testing out the updated Ninja Tabi after they remove dodge from the game, its should be good if you're in a heavy AD lane early.

  • Build Example

    If you have followed this guide correctly your final build should look something like this:


    Or this!


    Shoes: Possibly switched with: Ninja Tabi

    Either way you're going to be one hell of a tank and still do some decent long term dps.
    Please remember that the stats in these builds, most likely, isnt displaying correctly, if you want the right numbers please press: "View even more detail"

  • Teamfights!

    Ok main meat of the game right here!

    What you should do as Singed in a teamfight.
    Just before anything happens you need to prepare your team, you are going to be initiating and your team needs to be ready to EAT the person you hopefully will fling into them. So if you are not over voice comunication (best way in my oppinion) be sure to ping the person you are going to fling.

    When that is done there is two ways the team fight can go.

    Either you were succesfull in flinging their main damage dealer into your team to get eaten.

    Or you didn't get him/her and the enemy team gets pissed and starts the attack.

    If you succseded in flinging the teamfight should be turned nicely in your favor, so you can just run around and poison everything and make sure to glue the escape paths of your enemies.
    (Protip: Killstealing with fling makes you an ass so don't do it!)

    If you didn,t get their carry, your job will be a little different. You still run around and poison everything but you will try to glue as many of the enemy teams champions as you can aswell, and if you see anybody harrasing your carry you need to fling them away from him/her.

    Also as a sidenote: When you initiate a teamfight it is usually a good idea to start your ultimate right before you run in and sometimes even ghost aswell, because of this they might pull back so if you can get the jump on them from a bush or something. That would be the best option for you. otherwise the speed of Singed usually surprises a lot of players, and they do not get away fast enough.

  • Final words

    If any of you would want to add me and play with me on LoL my summoner name is ZoomerDK and I'm on the EU Nordic server.

    As I noted in the start of this guide. This is my first guide so feel free to comment and or rate it and point out typos aswell, because i am really bad at spotting them in something I have writen myself. Also if you think this guide sucks, send it to your mortal enemies and I will be happy to assist them instead.
    Hope the guide helped you, and remember: be a good sport and most importantly have fun playing.

    And so this is the End! And those were my final words.

    Zoomer Signing Off.

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