Renekton Build Guide

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AUTsiDEr´s Renekton Guide

written by AUTsiDEr

Renekton Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Reign of Anger
    It´s ur great passiv that empowers ur spells. So what u want is to keep ur fury high by auto attacking units. Ur enemys will fear ur if ur fury bar is blood red.

    Cull the Meek
    It´s ur aoe spell which u should max. first ,because it heals u and deals a nice amount of dmg if empowered. =>very strong in teamfights and the heal makes u very dominant in the laning phase.

    Ruthless Predator
    U will love this ability. It has a great ad scaling and stuns the target. I use this ability to stun, nuke or harras enemys. (very strong ability if used with Trinity Force/crit chance)

    Slice and Dice
    This is ur escape and chasing tool. U can dash into minions and then dash to the enemy hero to burst him down. The funny empowered effect is the crazy armor reduction. Thats nice because ur Q W and ur E deal physical Dmg.

    .... gives u bonus HP, increased Fury-regen and u deal aoe magic Dmg for 15 seconds. Thats the reason why enemys don´t want to 1 vs 1 u after u hit lv 6. So u just Slice in use ur Dominus hit ur other abilitys , TF/Sheen-effect , maybe some basic attacks and boom headshot.

  • Introduction

    Hi my name is AUTsiDEr Kazzed (NA-server) and i want to show u how i play and build Renekton.
    I´m playing him as a DPS carry who deals tons of DMG, but isn´t too squishy. I recommend to go solo top or mid as Renekton because this will improve ur farm and ur level. Enjoy my guide and feel free to comment / also haters who got no life r allowed to comment ;)

  • Skilling Order

    I max. Q and E first to improve my farm and to deal the most AOE-Dmg possible in the early levels.

    So it´s R > Q > E > W

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Masteries i go 4 - 16 - 10, because i want the improved exhaust [mastery_icon=cripple] in the offense-tree, the improved hp in the defense-tree and the improved buff duartion [mastery_icon=utility mastery] in the utility tree.

    For Runes i go Armor-pen marks and quints to give u high early game Dmg, armor-seals and magic-res-glyphs. U´ll deal a lot of Dmg early on and u r kinda tanky.

  • Items,60,70,73,79,89&masteries=3100000000000003030411040000030140002000000&level=18

    I normally start with a dorans shield, cuz it gives u hp, regen and some armor. After farming/fb i go back to get a sheen. With sheen u´ll deal a bunch of dmg and every1 will fear u, u should also buy boots of speed or/and a vampiric scepter if u already got enough money.
    Then i finish my TF. Now I got some nice stats: some crit chance , some hp, some ap (god bless ap renekton)...... Now u can 1 vs 1 against every champ easily if u got ur summoner spells up.
    After this core build i upgrade my boots to merc treads. My next items are Infinity Edge and a Starks Fervor. Then u can choose between a sunfire cape for some hp, a phantom dancer to increase ur attspeed/critchance or u buy more dmg like black cleaver or blood thirster, which will boost ur abilitys.

    This build works for me very well and i hope it also does for u :)

  • Summoner Abilities

    I recommend using exhaust and ghost ,because u can slow enemys, decrease their Dmg-output and make urself move faster, so it´s perfect for chasing and escaping. short and simple

  • Working in the team

    As Renekton u have to work with ur team. U should go in right after ur tank does to deal the most dmg possible. The more enemys u hit with ur Q the more u´ll get healed and u also want to reduce the armor of their whole team with ur E.

    Renekton is like Nasus 1 of the only champs who can semi-tank altho they play with a dps-build, because his ult makes him so beefy and powerful.

  • Farming

    As Renekton it´s very easy to farm. U just have to dash into minions with ur E ,then u use ur (empowered) Q and then u dash again through them. Now the minions should be dead if u r already lv ~7

    So it´s possible that u r very often the player with the highest cs in the game.

  • Summary

    All in all i like playing Renekton very much because
    -he can nuke a whole team
    -he can be played like a dps, altho he´s beefy
    -he´s a great farmer which will give u a nice gold advantage

    I hope i could help u with my guide
    (and yes i know that my guide is very simple and not very well edited, cuz i made it when the us server was down so.....)
    I wish u good luck and feel free to add me

    AUTsiDEr Kazzed

    pls rate and comment

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