Leona Build Guide

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Leona, stunnin' sexy or just "The StunB*tch"

written by pmx

Leona Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Great passive. Nice Bonus dmg...what more to say? You gonna profit from it every time you engage a teamfight, and that our role ;)

    Shield of Daybreak
    IN YOUR FACE....this is just great, although the cooldown is way too high. You should be able to stunn too offensive enemies n stuff. Great tool for Ganking, as well.

    Your survival. With the Build/s You'll see you are one little, much more sexy, Rammus during the time of use.

    Zenith Blade
    Like Jarvan's combo, but you have boobs. Nice for Chasing - Works through terrain

    Solar Flare
    Your noob catcher. Get all those squishy Carries who are standing in a bunch to slow or stun them.

  • Quick Reference

    9/0/21 CDR Build
    2.[spell_icon=Fortify] / / /
    9 x Greater Mark of Insight
    9 x Greater Seal of Resilience / Greater Seal of Defense
    9 x Greater Glyph of Warding / Greater Glyph of Shielding
    9 x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
    Starting Item:


    [item_icon=Force of Nature] +
    Offensive Choices:
    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor]
    Defensive Choices:

    lvl 1
    lvl 2
    lvl 3
    lvl 4

  • My Opinion about Leona

    Because of the incoming Heal-Supporter nerv, Leona will hopefully become more played because she has such great potential.
    She is very very beefy and has a massive arsenal on skills to shut enemys down. I don't think she is meant to be a maintank, although she does is very fine. For me she is not a real Offtank, because she lacks dps and her cooldown are too long for a Triforce abuse.

    Leona is a tanky supporter, not an offtank or tank if you want to play her right.

  • Runes

    9 x Greater Mark of Insight

    9 x Greater Seal of Resilience / Greater Seal of Defense
    Armor of course because we want to be a little more tanky

    9 x Greater Glyph of Warding / Greater Glyph of Shielding
    Mage Resist is as well for our tankyness

    9 x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
    combines so well with Boots of Mobility and Force of Nature, literally just teemo and Singed may escape ;)


    If you use per level or flat runes is your choice - I don't have enought points for all of them so I just run flat ones
    I am still not sure about Reds...many use Greater Mark of Desolation but I don't think that we really profit from ArmorPen as Leona. Greater Mark of Insight MagePen looks much more familiar, even though I'm not sure if Sunfirecape has a use out of it. Greater Mark of Alacrity for atack speed is viable, as well but...yeah do we really need that with Wit's end and Starks?
    My advice is: Do your own experiment, don't buy the ones you don't have and just try it out

  • Masteries

    is what I always take. Best survivability, and thats what I need to stay at the front all the time

    A little more offensive with the same good survivability. I would just cry because of the missing bonus Exp

    I have often seen this in guides, but I won't recommend it. That would be for a CDR build which I won't discuss at the moment

    Remember to always swap your Masteries right for your summoner spells

  • Summoner Spells

    My chosen ones are:

    1. Ghost
    no matter what, that is just the best for a chasing pain in the arse like Leona

    2.[spell=Fortify] / Flash / Clairvoyance / Exhaust
    all of them may fit to your playstyle and are revelant for Leona.

    [spell=Fortify] is my fav because it is in the defense tree and gives me just the point I need for 20 ;)
    Exhaust is a good choice as well in Ranked if you too much melees or just want to chase even better
    Clairvoyance will become the mainstream second skill when the healer nerfs are out, but I'm just not a frequent user, so its wasted on me

  • Skilling

    lvl 1 Shield of Daybreak
    lvl 2 Zenith Blade
    lvl 3 Eclipse
    lvl 4 Shield of Daybreak

    Solar Flare always get Ulti
    Shield of Daybreak
    Zenith Blade

    3skills in the first 3 lvl's is the best way for leona. You can slow, you can stun and those AP carries wont burst you down, thanks to your 'W'

  • Items

    Starting Item:
    Anything that makes you feel more comfortable is great here. I tend to go for Doran's Shield cauz it makes you beefy and stay in line like forever =)

    Boots of Mobility
    these are a must for you. Leona's base movementspeed is crap. You are the one to initate and Chase, so this is yours

    Sunfire Cape
    this gives you a nice amount of HP and you're gonna be even more annoyin cauz of the Aoe

    Wit's End
    This is always my first MR Item. Ok it's for carries...but after it's change to stack MR by autohit you'll have a decent amount of MR during fights...and you are more annoyin cauz more AS is more dps

    [item=Force of Nature]
    I always run this cauz there is no better way against Ap carries. They won't burst you down with that. And you can regenerate way fast. And for annoying the other Team: Movementspeed =) Just teemos will flee

    Frozen Mallet
    More HP, more dmg and you will get their teemo's and other escapeartist way easier.

    The last item...hard decision Whatever you or your team needs. Getting more resis is never wrong...But my personal love is
    [item=Stark's Fervor]
    More AS for more manaburn and DPS and of course more survivability due Lifesteal for your whole team

    I know this build looks crappy, but believe me : it will work.
    You don't have to be super aggro but you need the eye for the right 'E' to get you to your meal. If your team is not afk they see your attempt and finish your victim off. And for the teamfights it is the same - charge in, stun, stun(R), charge, stun =)

  • Pro's + Cons

    +Aoe dps
    +Gap closer
    +fast moving

    -small dmg output
    -few mana
    -CC is her death
    -bad farming at the start

  • How to in the Team

    You cant dps, you can hardly nuke and you dont have the tanking ability of a Rammus.

    Basically you are Alistar without a heal.

    You stun. you slow, you do everything that gonna hurt the carry or supporter.

    You catch up with 'E', make sure your team recognizes your initiate and stun your target with 'Q'. Wether you activate 'W' pre charge or after is your decision. If your target is surrounded by enemies use it for before to avoid incoming nukes and to get the 3 secs bonus. If its single target....well do the same cauz' its moar dmg ;D

    Use your ulti wisely and try to catch the most important target right in the middle for bonus trigger.

  • Credits

    First of all I wanna apologize for any typos and for the fact that this will not be the Guide you'll love cauz it won't have any shiny headline nor some blingbling, thats for pimps.
    I'm trying to make this Guide look better to the, so start flame when I'm finished- and not now

    My experiences are , sadly, from rather low elo(1400). So pro's won't find it that helpful I guess. But If you are pro...yeah laughs on you cauz you're readin my guide xD *trolled*

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