Lux Build Guide

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Lux - The Brightest Harasser

written by SirWaudzol

Lux Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This guide won't make you a Killing machine, nor will it make you the best in your team (at least not for certain). This guide is to make you a pain in the ass for the enemy team, to make sure they hate you because you hit them hard and they can't kill you. As every guide, it has its Pros and Cons, which I'll list now:

    - GREAT harassing ability.
    - You help your team A LOT.
    - You will be usually underestimated, and that will give you a surprise factor.
    - You can easily zone your enemies early game.
    - You will farm a lot.
    - You won't be the center of the focus (only if u are top killer this might happen)

    - It's hard to be TOP killer with this build.
    - You have a gap in which you will not deal much damage.
    - Without your summoner spells, you are easily ganked early game.
    - You depend A LOT on early game results.
    - Stuns and DOT (Damage Over Time) abilities are you nemesis early game.

    As you noticed, most Cons are early game related and it depends on the situation. If your teammates call mia and you zone your enemy, you should not have any problems.

  • Why to play as a harasser? & Why to play as Lux as a harasser?

    This is what my friends asked me the first time I said "I´m gonna play harasser Lux". The answer is easier than you may think. The harasser has a surprise factor. Your enemies will think you are just an annoyance, that you only hit every now and then. The reality? With those "every now and then" attacks you start getting them low. As they don't see you as a threat, you are not often focused. And when they are low enough, you move like you will only harass, but you land your killing combo and its free gold to you. They will stand there and say "WTF has just happened?" while you are still in lane farming and leveling.

    The second question is: Why Lux as a harasser?
    Lux is not the typical mage. She´s not a hard nuker like Annie or Brand. She´s not a spammer as Rumble nor a tank as Nunu. What you must understand is that Lux is a slow battler. You hit "every now and then". But as I explain later, your main skill is your passive. So you must play from behind your minions, and hit them bit by bit lowering their HP just enough to land a killing combo.

    They are chasing you? It's your win, you begin to land Lucent Singularity on the way, slowing them, and when they are almost out of it you trigger it, auto attack, and keep running. When the CD of that is almost charged again you use Light Binding autoattack, Lucent Singularity autoattack again and now THEY will run away from you, but you know what? You have a Laser to kill them, lucky you.

    But now seriously. When playing Lux you need to understand a few things:
    - You are NOT a hard nuker. It's almost impossible for you to low them from full health to 0.
    - You must be patient and lower them bit by bit with a Lucent Singularity and an autoattack. They will start running for you not to trigger your Illumination. Chase them only far enough to zone them.
    - You MUST practice a lot, because all her skills are skill-shot. You must learn to read your opponent's movements. It will take a while but you will be able to do it.
    - In team fights you will mostly assist, AND THAT'S OK. Don´t try to grab the kills for yourself.
    - All your skills are AOE, so use them wisely on team fights to hit the most number of enemy champs.
    - In teamfights you usually don't focus a target, you try to hit them all with your AOE skills and then trigger the illumination mark on all of them. Remember [spell_text=Finales Funkeln] triggers Illumination. So you can start with Lucent Singularity and then ult. That will low a lot most of your enemies.

  • Abilities

    This is your main damage output skill. Yes, believe it or not, this passive is what is gonna make you a pain in the ass, a zoner, and a harasser. Every time you land a skill on your enemy, make sure to go and auto attack them (of course, don't dive just to do this). It also helps you to farm.

    Light Binding
    This is both your main HARD harass skill, or your killing skill. Your HARD harass combo should be Q, put E on top of your enemy but DO NOT TRIGGER IT, then auto attack, auto attack again and BEFORE the misil reaches your enemy, trigger your E. This way you will hit with the skill, and right away you will trigger Illumination. With this combo your enemy should lose nearly half health (unless they are a tank). With this combo and your ult, you will probably kill them.

    Prismatic Barrier
    In this build I do not pay much attention to this skill. Only put a level in this early game if you play against a champ with DOT skills (like Malzahar Malefic Visions), otherwise, leave it to the end. When you have it, use it only for protecting you or an ally or when you are going from one part of the map to another so that you build up mana for your Archangel's Staff.

    Lucent Singularity
    First of all this is your main light harass and zoning skill. It has way too much range, and if you practice, you will always land it. Make sure to trigger Illumination afterwards.
    Secondly, this is your early farming skill. Land it on the mage minions and trigger Illumination. If you know you won't land a hit with it, keep it there, that way your enemy won't come near you.
    Also, you can use this skill to check bushes. That will make your enemies afraid to go there because your skill has almost the same space that the bush, so you will probably hit them if they are there.

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    This is your secondary harass skill and your killing skill as well. Why? Because we will build CDR and you can ult every 24 seconds from lvl 16 onward. So if a minion way is coming to you, before they brake the line, you ult them and its 6 minions worth of gold for you. Also, if you see your enemy far away and full health, your ult brings that down. If a teamfight last enough, you can start and finish the teamfight with your ult. So it sure comes in handy.
    One important thing that many Lux players tend to forget about this skill:
    Your ultimate triggers any Illumination mark on your enemies. So if an enemy champ is running and is low, but not enough to finish with just an ult, but he/she has an Illumination mark on them, go for it! That extra burst may give you the kill. I know it sounds difficult to happen, but it happens pretty often to me.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For runes take:
    Greater Mark of Insight x9. The magic penetration you receive from there will surely come in handy. That will make your spells hit hard enough for a long time early game even if you don't have any AP items.
    Greater Glyph of Potency x9. Why flat AP and not per level AP? Because per level runes give not that of a great amount and the flat runes make you quite strong early game and just well enough mid game.
    Greater Quintessence of Potency x3. Again the flat AP, same explanation as above. This two will make you begin with 25 AP with no items.

    And here is where I give a free choice. Personally, I use:
    Greater Seal of Vitality x9. Yes, I know I said per level runes are not that good, but with HP runes the difference is just abysmal.
    Another good choice would be either of these two:
    Greater Seal of Clarity x9.
    Greater Seal of Replenishment x9.
    Both mana regeneration runes will sure come in handy given that Lux uses A LOT of mana. But if you have the Greater Seal of Vitality, you can use this Rune page for every single AP champion whether they use mana, energy or health. Also you can use it with tanks that hit with AP and magic damage such as Nunu, Cho'Gath, Malphite, etc.

    For Masteries I go 9/0/21 like this:

  • Skill Order

    We need to max our E right away because it is our main skill for harassing and zoning, and we need to be able to do that all the time. Our Q is our next main spell for hard harassing and killing. But be careful, do not try to kill AT ANY COST. If possible, try not to dive. We do not need the kills that much because we are pretty good farmers (of course if you can kill, it's better). Our main goal is to zone and harass. That way we will probably be more level than our enemies and of course we will have more gold than them.
    As I said before, we won't max our shield until it's compulsory. Only assign a level to it if you are playing against a champion with a DOT skill like Malzahar or Swain. If that's the case, go like this.

    But do not waste mana. Only use your Prismatic Barrier if the dot spell is on you. And no, DO NOT MAX IT BEFORE. Really, it's not worth it. Even if it can spare you some damage, you will hit poorly and so you won't be able to zone neither to harass, and that's when you turn out to be useless.

  • Summoner Spell

    As you can see in the masteries, I highly recommend Ghost and Flash. They are excellent both for chasing and escaping. Also, as you play as a harasser, they usually think you only "bother" them, that you are just annoying. Well, hide in bush, flash out, make your combo and when they think they have run into safety, ult them and kill them.

    Other good options are either Teleport or Clarity. Do not forget to rearrange the masteries to enhance them. Teleport allows you to be everywhere and gank if your team placed wards on the bushes. Clarity will help you early game to have more mana, but late game it will be to give mana to your teammates mostly given that mana regeneration is one of our focus.

  • Item Build

    Our core items should be like these:


    I let the other two up to you. You will probably like a Rabadon's Deathcap for more damage output. I really do not recommend Will of the Ancients because you do not spam skills that much and so you won't heal properly. Another good choice is to make a second Archangel's Staff for more mana, mana regeneration and of course AP.
    Now if the enemy team is hitting hard, you can build tanky with a Banshee's Veil against mage champions and Frozen Heart against AD champions. Both this options will give you not only good defense but also more AP thanks to your Archangel's Staff.
    The third option is if your enemies are ALWAYS running away from you low. If that's the case, build a Lich Bane. The extra AP and the fact that your next hit after a skill also hits with your AP gives you more damage output, and it also gives you more movement speed to chase. The weak point on this item is that it's a one vs one item. It won't come in handy in team fights. So, to sum it up, here are our three possible builds:

    Full Mage Lux:


    Tanky Lux:


    Carry/Chaser Lux:


  • Gameplay & Build Order


    The order and how to play with this build is what makes it good, otherwise you will just be in the way, be useless or even fed the enemy team. So read carefully.

    We will start with a [item=Meki Pendant] and Health Potion x2
    If are middind, you will harass and zone your enemy with Lucent Singularity but do not spam it every time you can. Use it only when your enemy is at range and do not forget to trigger Illumination if you landed your spell. It is also a good choice not to land the spell and just leave it there so that your enemy just goes back. If he doesn't go back, auto attack him and before the misil reaches him, trigger your skill, that will burst his health enough to scare him. If it does not it means only one of two things: Either he is a noob, or he is tanky.
    You will go back to base only under three circumstances: You are low on health, you have killed your enemy, you have 2k gold or more. If your enemy goes b because he is low and you are more than half HP, do not go b, stay and take advantage to farm and gain more Level.
    On your first back you should be between Lvl 5-8. Buy a Tear of the Goddess. If you have more gold buy Boots of Speed and if you have spare gold start buying what is required for Catalyst the Protector. The extra gold you may have spend it on Health Potion.
    Now, this is your only weak gap in the whole build. You do not have any AP items, so you are relying on your runes and masteries for damage output. Now more than ever DO be sure to trigger your Illumination and most of all PLAY SAFE. If you harassed well early game, they will be afraid of you for a time, but sooner or later they will notice your build or that you are not hitting as hard as before and they will think "What I am running from?". Do not panic, just play safe and keep harassing. When you have enough gold to finish Rod of Ages go for it. Many people ask me "Why don't you finish your Archangel's Staff first for more damage?" Well, early game it does not give you that much AP, and Rod of Ages helps you survive a lot. The passive from Catalyst the Protector will sure help you, remember my words. Also you can lane more, which means you can harass more, farm more and gain more level.
    After Rod of Ages, you should turn your boots into Ionian Boots of Lucidity. That CD will come in handy. Just now you should be playing as your first levels, harassing just fine. And from here on is when we become a real pain in the ass for the whole enemy team. Your next item should be Fiendish Codex, and as soon as you can turn it into a [item=Morello's Evil Tome]. This will give us full CD, which means we spam our ult every 36/24 seconds (depending if you have it lvl 2 or 3). With the extra AP, mana regeneration and CD, we won't need blue buff. Really, if they offer it to you just say "No, thank you, you take it, I don't need it". Again, as soon as you can finish, finally, your Archangel's Staff. Now, your Tear of the Goddess should be nearly at 500 or more extra mana, which means you will get a great boost to your AP.
    At this point you should have more or less 2500 HP, 3000 Mana, 300 AP, 50 mana regeneration per 5 seconds. Your ult hits more or less 600 Magic damage.
    From this point onward go to the possible final to the item builds on top. 5/10 times I go full mage, 1/10 I go tanky, 1/20 I go Carry, and 4/10 the game has already finish at this point.

    So to sum it up (and taking full mage Lux into account) it will be like this:
    [item_icon=Meki Pendant]x2

    [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome]
    [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome]
    [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome]
    [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome]

  • Questions & Comments

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, do not hesitate to ask! I will leave this section open to respond.

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