Alistar Build Guide

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Alistar - ''Ali Ali Oxenfr--'' You're dead!

written by Teishu

Alistar Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Because I see a lot of great tanks changing into AP champions I feel like I have to spread the good word of what is Tank Alistar. This guide relies heavily on your intuition as a player and ability to cooperate with the team, mostly anyway.

    I must say, Alistar is pretty much the biggest Troll tank i've ever seen.

  • Items


    You start out with a dorans shield for health and health regen benefits

    After laning until 1k gold, i suggest you blue pill and pick up a pair of boots of swiftness. Alistar is naturally slow and a tank is useless if he cannot stay where he is needed. Tenacity is just not worth the effort if you have an ultimate that can cleanse you out of mostly anything.

    Warden's shield is the next item you should get for the CDR and extra mana it provides, because a tank Alistar is heavily mana reliant.

    Unless the enemy team has no magic damage build a Force of Nature for the various benefits it provides.

    After FON you finish the Frozen Heart and go for a sunfire cape for health to keep up with the damage output capabilities of the enemy and provide a nice aoe damage when you are tanking.

    Go for banshees veil for mana and health after this, because that will always be a problem for you with Tank Ali, being conservative leads to victory.

    The last item can be most anything you need, it depends on the game really, but i like to top off my build with Guardian Angel, because what could be more annoying that something that is hard to kill and requires itself to be killed twice?

    Various other items like Randuins Omen or Abyssal scepter or even Shurelia's are viable and helpful for the team.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Since Alistar has a very low mana pool and is very reliant on his mana I have gone ahead and built a 0/9/21 Alistar, putting emphasis on mana and health regeneration to compensate for the lack of it in early game stages, as well as to boost the full effect of the health regen per level runes I chose.

    For glyphs and marks i chose magic resist per level and seals health regen per level, quintessences are all about mobility. In order to compensate for the lacks in early game items as well as Alistars lack of good movement speed naturally.

  • Skilling Order

    Unlike the ultra risky choice of Headbutt as first skill that all AP alistar's seem to do I rely of Pulverize to provide a nice knock up and not fling the enemy unfortunate enough to be caught in the chaos that ensues into a random location potentially safe from harm.

    A level of E at before reaching R will keep you alive in case you need some fast regen or find yourself in need of a slight helping hand when tanking with your ultimate activated.

    Headbutt only gets levels because it is a nice finisher and method of catching up to Folks asking for death by entering your line of sight. Going for a max of pulverize leaves the enemies disabled for long enough to get a hit in before using headbutt to put them in a situation that leaves them wishing they didn't mess with the bull.

    E is also a nice way to help out teammates suffering from imminent death through ignite or some other DOT.

    Everyone knows alistar's main weapon is the w+q combo so they are the first to get maxed.

  • Summoner Abilities


    Often i see alistar's in a situation where they blow their spells and try to take down the enemy with basic attacks, only to find themselves unable to move around very well through the minions and ample amounts of crowd control. So Ghost is just perfect for moving around waves of minions and enemy champions as well as catching up to any fleeing prey. It's a very rare occasion that an Alistar uses it to run for safety, but if you do, do it with great haste.

    Flash is flash, you use it for initiations and escape. Good early game to flash at an enemy champion ballsy enough to damage you within tower range and knock them under it with your combo of Q + W.

  • Pros / Cons

    Nearly impossible to take down
    Very durable for long periods of time
    Anything you do makes you look like a boss
    Tanking anything since early levels is doable

    Relies on mana heavily
    Requires equally ballsy teammates
    If you are not careful you will most likely screw up an easy kill with your W
    If an enemy has an ignite, i suggest not delaying the ultimate too long

  • Working in the team

    Your role is pulling agression and setting up kills. Since tanking is what you are set up to do, don't hesitate to do it. It's not bad to get kills for yourself, but if the opportunity arises it's best to feed gold to your teammates, you'll always find yourself with pockets full of assist gold. After 6 or taking down the turret on your lane, you must roam and gank at a rapid pace.

    It is your job to tank, to do this you do not pop the ultimate on full hp and make the enemy lose all interest in pursuing you. Make sure you are at least at half hp when you use this spell and stick around for a little while to bait the enemy.

  • Farming

    Alistar is kind of difficult to farm with by normal means, which is why a tank alistar is an unpleasant notion for most. You last hit as often as you can, until you are at level 5-6 which is when you start ganking hard and building yourself up on gold from kills and assists.

  • Abilities

    Lightyears more useful than the good old turret damage amp

    This is a CC you cannot cleanse or eat citrus to get out of and is just wonderful for disabling.

    Use it to position enemies better

    Triumphant Roar
    Heal when in need, but don't blow all your mana on this skill.

    Unbreakable Will
    Don't pop the damage reduction ultimate prematurely, make sure you wait for at least half HP in order to bait opponents into pursuing you and putting in their focus. This will let you tank most anything you find with damage output, do not hesitate to take the lead in team battles when you have this badboy in your pocket.

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