Maokai Build Guide

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Maokai, the Op Tree

written by JamesWorth

Maokai Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi there, I'll show you what skills to get on with Maokai, its skilling order, and some builds for him.
    With Maokai I ever prefer going alone top, against 2 or 1, but also it's good to go with some ranged ad/ap.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Because as a maokai ever you need a lot of mana (because E spamming), you should get some regen. mana runes.
    Ap OffTank:
    3xGreater Quintessence of Replenishment
    9xGreater Seal of Replenishment
    9xGreater Glyph of Potency
    9xGreater Mark of Insight

    3xGreater Quintessence of Resilience
    9xGreater Glyph of Warding
    9xGreater Seal of Resilience
    9xGreater Mark of Replenishment

  • Items

    I ever start with Doran's Ring because you need as an offtank, mana regen and life, but as a tank you need mana regen. and life, works with both builds.
    Ever I go alone as an offtank i get a second Doran's Ring and sometimes i get a third one.
    Going with someone in lane i just get Sapphire Crystal for getting Frozen Heart
    As a tank i wait for a Chain Vest or a Giant's Belt if i got a good early game (1, 2 kills/asists) for getting Sunfire Cape

  • Skilling Order

    With both builds, offtank and tank, i start with Sapling Toss
    Tank order:
    Level 1: , Level 2: , Level 3: and then i level them up with preference: > > >

    OffTank order:
    Level 1: , Level 2: , Level 3: and then i level them up with preference: > > >

  • Summoner Abilities

    With Maokai I ever get Flash and Teleport, but you ever can get Ghost with Flash, or Clarity with Flash.

  • Build Example

    Ofttank Builds:

    Anti AD carry:

    Ap oriented:

    Anti AP Carry:
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    Tank Builds:

    Anti AD carry:

    Anti AP carry:
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

  • Working in the team

    As Maokai you ever have to protect your partners also being offtank, because of your ultimate.
    As an offtank after the tank started the fight throw a and jump with into the teamfight "stunning" an AP carry, AD carry or support, and save your for Katarina or Nunu, else use it into the AP/AD Carry to f*** his spells
    As a tank you have to start the fight with and and also use your to "stun" the Carrys.

  • Contact

    If u want to contact me, i'm in EUWest server and my Nickname is "HitStorm"

    Thanks for reading!

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