Annie Build Guide

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I am Annie bot .

written by airmanu

Annie Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction :

    Hi, First of all, I know my English is not perfect. But it does not prevent itself from being a good guide.Can you survive Annie bot? Yes it is rather strong. But it's not because your team mates have fed. No, it's because she know how to launch all her attacks at the right time.In this guide I will explain how to do the same, but better

  • Abilities

    It's a good way to stun someone. But you should know how to use and how to get up to 5 without burning all your mana. Not to burn all your mana, start your Disintegrate (Q) when a minion does not have much life. You can also make your Molten shield (E) If it is needed right away.

    A good range, restores mana when it kills someone and hurt.

    A good aoe, a lot of damage and can Stun a lot of people at a time.

    Molten Shield
    A good spell to kill the enemies who attack quickly, Because his damages do a little damages each time an enemies will hit you . And it gives 50 armor and magic resist .

    Summon: Tibbers
    Fucking amazing! You bring up a big bear on fire. Its large damages do when you do appear and continue to do damage over time. And folds it can attack the turret. With Pyromania, its a big stun. It makes a big difference in a teamfight.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash is required. You can flash and kill someone every time your flash will be ready. For the second, is the way you want, I like to ignite, but some people prefer teleport or heal . But Flash + Ignite is my favorite Combination.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Mark = Magic penetration .
    Seal = Mana regen flat .
    Glyph = Mana regen at lvl 18 OR Ap Flat .
    Quint = HP flat OR AP flat OR Magic penetration OR Mana regen flat .

    For masteries , It depends on your summoner abilities :

    Flash + Ignite :
    Flash + ?????? :

  • Skilling Order

    At middle : Q W Q W Q R Q E Q W R W W E E R E E ( Farm and Harass well )

    At Bottom or Top : W Q W E W R W Q W Q R Q Q E E R E E ( Double stun )

  • Items

    Start with Doran's ring !

    After you build this : Boots of sorcerer - rod of ages - Rabdon - Abissal - Zonias - Guardian angel .
    ( Sell your doran's ring when you will need 300 gold or when you will be full item )

    When you are full item , Buy all potion ( Buy oracle for ward ).

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros : Dont gank before lvl 6 !!!

    Cons : Annie Can't kill you before lvl 6 , then harass her before she reach that lvl .

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