Soraka Build Guide

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Nobody dies on my watch.

written by Shikaji

Soraka Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Please don't lvl this.

    Astral Blessing
    This will be your focus and your main healing spell

    A must have to keep your laning partner on the lane

    the ultimate heal infinite range, heals everyone, AND it gives you assists which you need for items.

  • Introduction

    This is my first guide and everything that I will put in here is based on my opinion and doesn't need to be a fact.
    This build is mainly focused for players who are new to soraka or want to try something different builds.

    Note: I didn't check every guide so this guide may be the same or almost the same as different guides out there.

    My current score in ranked with Soraka is 16/4

    Also I am not a PRO or the BEST Soraka out there I am just an avarage player.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For runes I have
    Greater Mark of Resilience 9/9
    Greater Seal of Clarity 9/9
    Greater Glyph of Celerity 9/9
    Greater Quintessence of Avarice 3/3 (This is my favorite when I am playing Soraka since it simply boosts my gold gain. If you don't like it you can also go for
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude 3/3 I highly suggest this because you are very squishy in early game.

    For masteries I am taking 0/9/21

    I will explain per mastery why I choose that perticular mastery.

    Resistance 3/3. Gives you more magic resistance on top of your passive thus making you harder to be harrassed.

    Hardiness 3/3. Soraka has very low base armor, so untill you craft you will have to survive with that.

    Strength of Spirit 3/3. You don't need the dodge rating from the other talent and since this boosts your hp regeneration you can heal yourself a little less.

    [mastery=good hands] 1/3. If you play like I do you will end with 0-1 Deaths (2-5 in a very long game) so you aren't dead for a long time besides you are not supposed to die.

    Perseverance 3/3. Simply because you want the regen and you don't need the other 3 masteries.

    [mastery=Awareness] 4/4. Experience boost so you can hit lvl6 faster and gain assists trough your .

    Greed 1/1. You won't be getting creep kills or champion kills early game cause it will ruin the later team fights, so basicly this will become a "source" of income.

    Meditation 3/3. Even tough you have you're you will still be out of mana in several cases.

    [mastery=quickness] 3/3. Soraka isn't the fastest champion or the slowest but it still is nice to get all the movement speed boosts you can get just in case someone is out of range of your heal. An example: I am laning bot together with Ashe and I was hiding in the bushes to prevent creep hitting all of a sudden ashe flashes to get the kill and is very harrassed to the point of 25hp and because of this mastery I was just in time for the heal. (it was stupid of me for not paying attention but situations like these happen all the time.)

    [mastery=blink of an eye] 1/1. Flash saves you're live if you have to use it so why not reduce the cooldown when we can.

    Intelligence 3/3. cooldowns cooldowns cooldowns. don't we hear this a lot when somebody dies? Well it is pretty obvious why to take this mastery.

    [mastery=mystical vision] 1/1. reduced cooldown and longer uptime? That is defenatly worth a gank or two in early game, or it might save you from a gank or two just remember to spam cv because it has a low cooldown and well it is very good.

    last but not least.
    [mastery=presence of the master] 1/1. More cooldown reduction on flash and cv what else can i say?

  • Items

    I am not in the mood to make another detailed item guide so I just point out the important things.

    For placing wards look into the next section.

    BEFORE reading the following section burn this into your mind. YOU ARE SUPPORT BUY WARDS AND PLACE WARDS WHENEVER YOU CAN.

    Laning phase.
    Faerie Charm Sight Ward Sight Ward Health Potion Mana Potion + another potion of your choise. (most likely you won't need the potions but a back up is required)

    FIRST RECALL approx 10-15minute. between 1.1-1.5k gold
    upgrade your Faerie Charm into a Philosopher's Stone[item=heart of gold] and Boots of Speed these are your core items buy 1-5 Sight Ward to waste the last bit of gold in your pocket.

    SECOND RECALL approx 15-25minute.
    upgrade your Boots of Speed in one of the following boots . Time to start building Aegis of the Legion this will provide a nice boost for your team during mid game. don't forget to place wards

    This is probaly the last recall you will make so finish the Aegis of the Legion and start building what you think you will need to survive. Refer to the build section to see late game builds.

  • Warding.

    Placing wards from laning phase untill the end is very important to decide team fights and to know if its save to chase someone.

    If they have a jungler place your ward right away at the river to prevent ganks, if they don't have a jungler wait untill the 4th minute when the first ward is expired place the next one on the same spot.

    If you are playing on defensive blue or aggresive purple refer to the first map.
    External Image

    If you are aggresive on blue or defensive on purple refer to this map.
    External Image

    Green dots are sight wards and purple dots are vision wards. Notice that the wards are inside the chambers of baron/dragon and not at the entrance. I recommend placing them there because if someone has oracle and destroys the ward your still not sure if they are going to do baron/dragon or not.

  • Skilling Order

    Start with Astral Blessing if you suspect high harassment at lvl1.

    Start with [spell=Infuse] if you lane with someone that is a good harrasser like Ashe or Caitlyn.

    A slight change in the skilling order to be able to find stealthers without face-checking and die while doing it. I DO NOT recommend it unless they have a lot of stealthed units in the team. PS, please don't get last hits on creeps your laning partner needs it more then you do.

    In either case YOU DO NOT LVL STARCALL.

  • Summoner Abilities

    As you saw in the mastery section I personally take Flash and Clairvoyance. I always these two because flash saves the day and Clairvoyance prevents ganks, makes you able to gank, lets you know where the jungler is and it will show you if they are doing dragon.

    I won't put up other combinations in detail just the names.


    Other combinations aren't really great in my opinion.

  • Build Example

    Start of laning phase
    And either 2health pots 1mana pot OR 2mana pots 1health pot.

    Early game core
    [item_icon=Heart of gold]
    [item_icon=Heart of gold]
    [item_icon=Heart of gold]

    Late game core

    If it comes to late game and you think Aegis of Legion became useless don't think twice to replace it for an AP item.

    (I don't have experience in late game with Soraka since I always finish around 30-45Minutes So the Late game core build isn't tested but the theory sounds about right.

    If you have tips regarding the item builds please tell me instead of raging in the comments.

  • Pros / Cons

    Good heals.
    Mana Regenerate spell.
    Is able to silence.
    Can keep trucking with the team without recalling a lot.
    A great deal of assists.
    If played well the AD carry in the same lane gets feeded with minions and maybe a few champions.

    You aren't allowed to kill creeps or champions early game or you can ruin the game.
    Low minion kill rate.
    Low champion kill rate.
    No damage if you are alone at a tower.

    I think those are the biggest Pros/Cons about Soraka

  • Working in the team

    You are support, with support items and a support mastery build. Your job is to heal, regenerate mana, putting wards and feeding your teammates. staying on max range in team fights and laning phase is your best shot.

    your best laning partners are ranged AD carries like Ashe or Caitlyn.

    I have tested several different champions but I feel most comfortable with one of them.

  • Farming

    I put this section here because I have seen several Soraka's do this and (note this is my opinion) Soraka is not for farming creeps or jungling she is for support only!

  • Match History

    External Image

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