Mordekaiser Build Guide

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Morde, Forte!!! Omen-Sash TankyKaiser Guide.

written by HeliosTM

Mordekaiser Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction and Welcome! (must-read)

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    Hi everyone! Welcome to my Mordekaiser guide! This will be the first of my Omen-Sash tank guides.

    This guide will focus on the two builds mentioned in the title.
    Mordekaiser is currently my main champion, and I would like to share my build and tips to the community!

    Let's just start by saying that this champion is simply broken in some aspects. Why? His shield and damage output. Morde can block damage and produce damage at the same time at very high rates! His ult is just a huge plus on top of that. Very often, I'd snowball by getting an early double kill (with ult and ignite) off of overextended enemies around level 6 in the laning phase.

    Important Message:
    I consider my tank builds special because they all incorporate Randuin's Omen and Quicksilver Sash
    while man other guides list these as possible counter-items...pshhhh...

    I feel that these are important items in my build for Morde to add some psychological factors (surprise effects that opponents don't see very often...or never in their life) and higher level play (adding more spells to your arsenal of simple spells without CC). Morde, I have to admit, is an easy champion. If you're too lazy to learn how to use your're gonna have a hard time later on, facing the pros...dexterity can get you ahead...think of this as learning how to ride your bike with training wheels...but with only your fingers :P give all of your tank builds 2 more spells...2 steps ahead of everyone in utility...2 surprises that will make your opponents rage as they see you kill them/escape from them with something they've never seen before (people neglect activation items too much). I shall give a bonus section in "item builds" to make this goal easier for you :)

    Note: I really haven't gotten many games in with CarryKaiser cuz people always ask me to tank in 5v5. CarryKaiser is bound to be updated. Right now I'm testing BudgetKaiser for an easier way to pwn and support the team!

    Anyways, let's begin!

  • Abilities

    Iron Man
    The heart and soul of this champion. This passive is probably up there in the top 5 best passives in the game. When does Damage Giving become Damage Soaking? Only Morde is capable of pulling that off...this passive makes Morde the True Iron Man :P

    Mace of Spades
    Morde's leftover spell. Like everyone says...his worst ability. Not only do you have to walk up to your enemy to hit them with it...but it lacks that damage output like his other abilities. I personally level this ability once at level 4 to gain that extra burst in case you think you've got a gank and your other abilities are on cooldown...and the extra shield that you can add on top of shield producing from E. Other than that, this only hurts when the enemy is alone.

    [spell=Creeping Death]
    Morde's Icing on the cake spell. This ability has soooo many uses!
    1. W yourself and walk into the center of a minion wave for easy gold and shield.
    2. W your melee ally to steal that gold.
    3. W a minion to get some shield and out of enemy range.
    4. W yourself and walk into the center of the teamfight for loads of shield and damage!
    5. W something to protect it from physical damage (not the best way to protect someone...but it's worth a try...but always W yourself more than your allies!)

    Siphon of Destruction
    Morde's fudge topping spell. Broken. Simply broken. This is Morde's main damage output and shield maker! Everytime you use it gain fake HP! Good? Hell YES!
    This skill has quite the good range...enough to harrass safely. The cooldown is incredibly low...use it whenever it's up. Hit as many minions as you can when you're trying to harrass the enemy at the same time. Allows you to tank a minion wave very efficiently early game if you hit enough of them.

    Children of the Grave
    Morde's cherry on top spell...basically, this makes him even more broken!
    Used for that lv 6 kill which could easily become a double kill. Remember that it vamps a bit of health from the victim for you. Once you kill that first guy...hold down ult and make his soul chase his ally past the tower...2x kill! In huge team fights...this is used on, preferably, that ranged carry on the other team to hopefully win the fight all by yourself :P

  • Summoner Abilities (must-read)

    This section is probably one of the most important sections.

    Morde MUST HAVE Ignite!
    Ignite is an absolute MUST. Without it, you will not be able to kill that DPS carry as easily with your ult. Ignite will also make it so much easier the first time you decide to focus down and kill that annoying Singed with your lane partner when you reach level 6...then kill his lane partner with Singed's soul...MWAHAHAH!

    Morde MUST HAVE an Escape Spell!
    Ghost (recommended) or Flash
    As for a second spell...Morde must pick an escape mechanism...simply because he has none. I choose Ghost mostly because it lasts longer than Flash and Morde is a tanky guy...he can take a few hits before he really has to run and he can chase for a long time too.

    Without these two...Morde is pathetic. Seriously :/ his role in a team fight is to Ignite nd Ult the enemy DPS carry and force the rest of the team to focus him until he dies!!

  • Skilling Order

    Take E at level 1...always! I puked when I saw someone take Q at level one and died in a bush fight!

    Prioritize Children of the Grave, then Siphon of Destruction, then [spell=creeping death], and Mace of Spades last.

    Early game...I like to take one level of Q at level 4.
    Why? It gives me extra farm/shield power with a low HP cost. Also, some burst in case other skills are on cooldown. That Regrowth Pendant won't be able to heal your E and W costs back as well when you level them too fast! Don't you wanna spam your skills in the laning phase? Well, Q gives you a third skill to spam!

    So 1-7 looks like this:

    E-W-E-Q-E-R-W then R>E>W>Q for optimal damage!

  • Item Section: TankyKaiser (primary), CarryKaiser, and BudgetKaiser

    Before I start and for all the assholes out there who just skim guides, don't judge my guide or intelligence purely from how I build my Morde item-wise...this guy is VERRY flexible...anything goes since he's broken when played right...this is just a guidline. So yeah, assholes back off.

    Morde is very flexible (like most tanky chams)...don't stick to a single build every game (although you have to figure out your own routine). He can range easily between tanky and carry...
    Here's how I roll with him:

    TankyKaiser Item Build:

    Starting Items:

    1x Regrowth Pendant and 1x Health Potion

    I personally think that Morde needs pendant to cover his health costs when E and W get to level 2+ because his job is to spam the shit out of them. I also like that health pot to recover after an attempted gank on your lane or to pop during your lv 6 gank for survivability.

    Early Game:

    These should be purchasable on your first time back!

    1x Ruby Crystal, 1x Boots of Speed, and more Health Potion

    The Ruby Crystal just gives Morde some tankiness. His W can take over for Armor and M-Resist for now.
    Try to make Boots of Speed into Ionian Boots of Lucidity ASAP. Morde needs the speed cuz he has no CC!

    Cooldown boots are the best on Morde because his skills are free. I'm not a big fan of Merc Treads or Ninja Tabis on Tanks. For all tanks, I get Cooldown boots because all of their skills are useful...on some specific ones like Rammus and Singed, I get Boots of Swiftness.

    If you think your Morde has enough cooldown (because of Cooldown runes), you can get your hands on:

    Boots of Swiftness or Sorcerer's Shoes

    You've finally completed your soft-core build!

    Mid Game:

    Here comes the hard part of the build...because it's time to get tanky!
    What to do?

    Well, if the other team is mixed and on-par with yours, rush that Warmog's Armor! Warmogs will cover all of your health costs (your abilities will now feel like they're purely free and Health Regen will become your primary source of survivability!) and stack up fast cuz Morde is one of the fastest and most efficient farmers. After Warmogs is finished, you're pretty up there in'll be the most durable in team up when your allies have perished with your new pet ghost :P

    Some of you people might be going...WTF WARMOGS?!! Yeah, I know Morde has tons of fake hp that he can produce and we should stack Armor and Magic Resist...but Iron Man shield is not always going to be up!!! Warmogs itself will make you that tank! Morde has immense farming power and can make Warmogs happen easily in a good game. I've been playing Warmogs Morde for a loooong time...he's a beast!

    You don't have to complete Warmogs all the way (I do sometimes...I dont other times...depends on the game)while you either go for Randuin's Omen or some Magic Resist item. To optain some of both...start by balancing with one Chain Vest and one Negatron Cloak...[item=heart of gold] usually comes earlier than this in the Randuin recipe (when you get extra money...since it generates some gold and needs time...get it early!)

    I usually rush Omen after Warmogs because it finally gives Morde CC and he doesn't have to worry about Physical damage anymore from DPS carries, Minions, or other Champions' AAs (which is very common damage!)!

    Abyssal Scepter or Quicksilver Sash

    Abyssal is for games where the other team has hardly any CC at all.
    I usually go for dah Sash because it offers me another way to escape from a slow, stun, fear, or surpression...fuck Merc Treads!!! Seriously, this item is underrated, hella cheap, and OP!

    I know a lot of people suck at activating item effects...LEARN TO DO IT! All of Morde's abilities are purely damage based...he needs more escapability and utility...don't be lazy...use all the buttens you can!

    Randuin's Omen and Quicksilver Sash help Morde escape from 5v1 ganks...which will scare the shiz out of the other team :P! Activate Omen when they're all crowding on you, ghost if you can, if they stun/slow, use Sash...EASY and OP escape!

    These two also contribute to team fights...walk into the center of the enemy team and activate Omen (especially next to their DPS carry) will distract some people because they've never seen it before :P
    Also, when Ashe fires that Arrow at your face, just walk away (activate sash)...or when Malza and WW decide to ult you...walk away :P (they sometimes like to ult people when they have low HP...smack their asses after you Sash them clean)

    bonus section

    Finger Training:
    How do you get used to activating items since I'm asking you to learn? Start by practicing with Health Potion's in #2 on the keyboard. Then incorporate Mana Potion in #3 on the keyboard with mana champions. Get used to it...then switch to other items that can be activated in those two slots.
    I usually put Omen in item slot 3 to activate it with #3 on the keyboard and Sash on item slot 2 for easy fingering :3
    Just remember...treat these item activations as part of your champion's arsenal...not a bonus! In the first few times that you try this new "activating items" will forget...again and again...eventually, it becomes natural :P

    bonus section closed

    After this, your defense is basically set.
    If there's a fed Yi, Trynd, or any other Phys Carry with a 26/2/13 score, get Thornmail on top of the above because they're at the point where they're just wondering around, solo-slaying noobs on your team.
    If there's a fed Kat, Brand, or any other Magical Carry with a 23/1/14 score, get [item=force of nature] on top of the above because they're at the point where they're just jumping around, solo-shredding noobs on your team.

    You've finally completed your advanced core build!

    End Game:

    By now, Morde is just plain tanky as a Greyhound bus...what more does he need?
    DAMAGE! Remember that Morde Damage = Morde Soak! After you've finished your advanced core, it's time to beef you up with some AP! It's not like you're switching to being a carry now...but you've done well with your defenses and you need more damage output because the damage you produce is probably slacking around this time (level 18)

    What Morde needs next is some AP and some CC...what can do that for him? Oh, right!
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    Finish this fast! After Scepter, you have some options for the last item.

    If you feel like you're not tanky enough, get Guardian Angel
    If someone on the other team is getting fed, get that Thornmail or [item=force of nature] we discussed in the Mid Game section.

    Last item should be a Rabadon's Deathcap

    End Game build will look like:

    CarryKaiser Item Build:

    This one focuses more on damage. The Gunblade can be a Warmogs (either one is good...depends on how tanky you wanna get). To be honest, I barely get to play as CarryKaiser cuz people think Morde can tank for them...and they don't like playing tanks...yeah, I usually tank.

    Starting items are the same as TankyKaiser

    Build order:

    >>or>>or>whatever you didn't get out of the list; you choose.

    Currently Testing - BudgetKaiser!

    Build consists of:

    Everything except for Warmog's is pretty cheap! Currently trying this out!

  • Masteries + Runes (Cooldown reduction ftw!)

    For Masteries:

    9/0/21 is simply the best way to go.

    Even though Morde doesn't use mana at all...I'm still a big and faithful Utility tree hugger. The only thing that can really benefit Morde from masteries is cooldown reduction since all of his skills are basically free...why not give him the chance to use them more often? This is the best way to offer that. Plus, The Presence of the Master lets him use Ignite more often...swell, eh?

    Make a Mastery page solely for Morde.
    9/0/21 is good...just don't touch mana (you probably have a 9/0/21 for other AP champions that focuses on sustaining mana...Morde needs his own page!)

    You want to hit [mastery=archaic knowledge] and Sorcery in the Offensive Tree.

    You want to hit all except mana-based masteries in the Defensive Tree:
    [mastery_icon=good hands][mastery_icon=perseverance][mastery_icon=haste][mastery_icon=awareness][mastery_icon=greed][mastery_icon=utility mastery][mastery_icon=quickness][mastery_icon=intelligence][mastery_icon=presence of the master]

    For Runes:

    Runes don't matter as much. Just remember to switch out any mana-related runes.
    (I'll suggest some runes for those who can afford to buy specific ones)
    Also, I like to write out the names so you don't have to wait for the runes to load (tank me!)

    For Purple:
    1. Flat AP (recommended)
    2. Flat HP
    3. Movement Speed
    4. AP, HP, M-Pen per level

    Flat AP is cheap...if you have LOTS of IP, then any other ones suggested are good also.

    For Red:
    1. Flat M-Pen (recommended)
    2. AP, HP, M-Pen per level

    Flat M-pen is cheap...if you have IP, then get ones in #2.

    For Yellow:
    1. HP Per level (recommended)
    2. Flat Armor
    3. Flat M-Res
    4. Hp, Armor, M-Res per level

    I really don't know why people go for Dodge runes...they're risky and expensive...only good for Jax!
    Again, is you have extra IP, go for ones in #4.

    For Blue:
    1. Flat AP
    2. Cooldown
    3. Flat M-Pen
    4. Ap, HP, Armor, M-Res, Cooldown per level

    I have flat M-Res right now...#1 and any from #4 are good. Cooldown? Well, it's quite expensive...and I usually have the 9% from Masteries and 15% from Boots which is about 25%...good enough. But hey, the more Cooldown, the better :P! Morde's skills are free! Spam them!

  • Pros / Cons

    ++ Tanky...always tanky...even when built pure AP
    ++++ Free and safe harrass abilities!
    ++++ A Beast at laning
    +++ Can lane in almost any fashion (2v2, 1v2, mid) because of his passive and free harrass.
    ++++ 5v5 can become a very successful 6v4 when you land that ult+ignite combo = broken!
    ++ Spammable abililties...great staying power!
    + Able to take on multiple enemies alone...that shield and E skill is broken!
    ++ One of the easiest champions to play...but you must play him the right way!
    + Can go tanky, carry, or off-tank...or just however much of each that you'd like!
    +++ MAKES FAST MONEY! Heavy pusher! Easy farming!

    - No CC...this is, in my opinion, the only tradeoff to Morde's incredible power.

  • Farming and other Cool Tricks!

    Morde is an A+ farmer. All of his abilities are basically free and he can tank minion aggro with Iron man shield. His E, broken as it is; use it to harrass and last hit minions at the same time...force that enemy to lose exp and gain yourself some gold...awesome, eh?
    Also, early in the can E+Q+W a whole minion wave by yourself and take in that gold while no one else can :P
    Morde can also clear out the jungle pretty damn fast too (tank or carry).

  • Explanations and Opinions

    Here are some most-discussed topics about Morde:

    Tank or Carry?

    Many people think he's a tank and many also think he's a pure carry. I say...tehy're both right...Morde can do both, and well.

    As a tank:
    Morde can absorb damage like a truck with Iron Man. That role is fulfilled.
    Morde has damage-over-time W and lots of AOE damage output. That role is fulfilled.
    Morde has no CC unless items are put into the picture. That role is not fulfilled. Yes, this is a problem...but not such a big one. As long as the rest of your team is not champs like Yi, Kat, or Wukong, you'll be fine.
    Morde is a special kind of tank...very unlike traditional tanks in a few aspects. His role in a fight is to dish out as much damage on that DPS carry as possible until they're dead...then he will be a primary target fo the enemy then, he'll need to keep up his shield to absorb all the damage, or the battle is won :P

    As a carry:
    Morde can dish out a lot of damage! He can do this (sometimes) practically unharmed.
    This makes him a special carry...a very tanky one. His role is still the same...take out the other team's carry and finish the rest off 6v4. Unlike other carries, he can take some serious punishment...but again, he lacks he needs help to chase down that enemy carry. He should shape the rest of the team.

    I only felt like writting that argument...if there are any others, please inform me, and I'll put my own words out there for people who wanna know :)

    Thanks for reading!

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