Soraka Build Guide

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Soraka , The True Support

written by Vaha_Dat_Ass_Kicker

Soraka Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    A Great Passive which gives u a lot of magic resist to the entire team .

    A Heavy Damage ability which lower's magic resist per hit .

    Astral Blessing
    The Best Heal in the Game , Also Increases armor improving you're durability in team fights .

    A 2.5 second silence ( + 250 damage ) , or restores mana .
    Has got no cost so it allows you to stay in lane .

    The Magnificent Full Range Heal on all team mates , and has a lot of ability power ratio .

  • Introduction

    Hello Everybody .
    My Ingame name is Vaha and i currently have got 1380 normal wins .
    I have done 4 Penta's so far and those were as :
    1st : Nasus
    2nd : Sivir
    3rd : Master Yi
    4th : Sion
    Never mind about that ... I Would Like to Present you how i play soraka , it's a intense style of survival , doing some nice heals ,slows , silences , and a not bad damage .
    I Auctally never loose as Soraka because of the heavy heals which save the team and make the enemy focus me , but hey im too tanky aren't i ^_^ ...

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Runes I Go :
    Red - 9 Health Runes ( Increases you're endurance & survival in lane early )
    Yellow - 9 Heal Regain Runes ( Auto Self Heal so you can heal the allies )
    Blue - 9 Magic Resist ( Combined with Defence Masteries and passive u start off with around 65 magic resist )
    Quinstence - 3 Health Regain ( Increases the Auto Self Heal ) .
    For Masteries I Go :
    Sorry For Link .

  • Spell Maxing

    As a Soraka When You go in a lane You Should Nuke The Enemies with Starcall so you would want to max that . You're Heal & mana restore are very important too soo you would like to max them like these :
    Level 1 : Starcall
    Level 2 : Astral Blessing
    Level 3 : [spell=Infuse]
    Level 4 : Starcall
    Level 5 : Astral Blessing
    Level 6 : Wish
    Level 7 : Starcall
    Level 8 : Astral Blessing
    Level 9 : [spell=Infuse]
    Level 10 : [spell=Infuse]
    Level 11 : Wish
    Level 12 : [spell Astral Blessing]
    Level 13 : Astral Blessing
    Level 14 : Starcall
    Level 15 : [spell=Infuse]
    Level 16 : Wish
    Level 17 : [spell Starcall]
    Level 18 : [spell=Infuse]

  • Items

    For Item's i start off with a Doran's Shield which give's me endurance in lane .
    When You go Back You Should get a Mercury's Treads .
    The Item you should rush is : Aegis of the Legion , It give you a aura which goes to all nearby allies and it gives hp ( self buff ) , Magic Resist , Armor and a little attack damage .
    The Next Item you would look forward to get is Rylai's Crystal Scepter , not only because it gives a lot of health , but also it give's you the ability to slow their entire team with your Primary ability Starcall .
    Now The Team Fights Have Started and you so far you can Heal You're Team mates , Slow The Entire Enemy Team , Silence Their Burst Ap , Tank off the enemies focusing you .
    Since The Team Fights Have started and you're Team is winning you should get a Mejai's Soulstealer , but if you're team is not doing too well and you're getting focused you should instead get a Guardian Angel , but also never forget to buy a [item=Oracle]
    So for now you're a very tanky healer , but you're heal isn't that high ay ? Well Let's Change that ...
    For Higher Ap - Higher Heal you should now get Zhonya's Hourglass .
    So You're Full Build . You're Very Tanky ... The Enemies Focus you which gives the time for you're team to kill them .

  • Summoner Abilities

    For Summoner Abilities i prefer Ghost and Clairvoyance .
    Exhaust This is a very good summoner spell , it allows you to reduce the damage of the enemy you have put it on , but let the carry's get it :) .
    Ghost Probably The Best Summoner Spell for Soraka ( For me ) , It allows you to catch up with your team , chase down low enemies , Run Away if Chased , and overall is a awesome summoner ability for soraka .
    Heal You Already Have 2 Heals , If you get this 1 it might reduce the amount you heal to your allies ... might help u early game , or help you survive from tower diving enemies .
    Revive Why Would You Get a Revive on Soraka ? *Enemy~Gankplank* : Oh Shit Soraka came back for more
    Smite No Need of Smite when you can farm easy with Using Starcall , leave it for the junglers.
    Teleport It's a Wonderfull Summoner Ability which allows you to hurry up back in lane ... You're Choise ...
    Cleanse It Takes of all the Stun's , Slow's ... and more ... It's a good summoner ability for soraka .
    [spell=Fortify] Pshh Leave it to the tanks .
    Clarity It's good for restoring mana ... But Hey ... U Got You're [spell=Infuse] yo restore mana .
    Ignite a nice summoner ability to finish off opponents or increase your damage , but hey you're a support .
    [spell=Rally] It's Good For Pushing ... But You aren't much of a pusher now are ya ^_^ ?
    Clairvoyance It allows you're team to acknowledge the position of the enemy team . Can Save From Ganks , Can Be used in many occasions .
    Flash The Best Get Away Summoner Ability , but i prefer ghost ^_^ ...

  • Build Example

    :) Items Should go Like This ( In Order ):
    Mercury's Treads - Aegis of the Legion - Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Mejai's Soulstealer OR Guardian Angel - Zhonya's Hourglass

  • Working in the team

    You're Role In The Team is to :
    -Silence the Enemy Burst
    -Restore Mana to team mates
    -Slow The Enemy's with Starcall & Rylai's Crystal Scepter
    -Lower The Magic Resist on enemies with Starcall
    -Tank the Enemies Focusing You
    The Lane I would prefer you to go is the Bottom Lane Due to 2v2 .
    You Should go with a Ad Range Carry or a Ap Range Carry ( don't go with a tank ) .

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