Nasus Build Guide

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There's a dog in the Jungle

written by Lucama

Nasus Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Soul Eater
    Now that they buffed this in the early game, 10% to 14% and 15% to 17% lifesteal this is proably the most useful passive for any bruiser. Both in lane and in the jungle.

    Siphoning Strike
    The one of a kind q. No other champions have this kind of ability (other than veig, but his is a little different) if you manage to get this to around 200+ extra damage by 15 without a sheen, you are my god and I will worship you. This spell is really hard to get a hang of when you start playing Nasus but once you know how to use this you will be the bane of squishies everywhere.

    His only CC, but this makes him a killer of AD carries. Wither+Spirit Fire+SS on an ad carry and he or she will be respawning 5 minutes ago.

    Spirit Fire
    The before mentioned Spirit Fire, Nasus' unofficial "CC". Why? 'Cause no one wants to stand in the burning ring of (Spirit)Fire. It decreases the armor of anyone that stands in it by 40 at max rank. I suggest you put one point in it for faster jungle then leave it till the end of time.

    Fury of the Sands
    This is the big, I'm-a go Super Saiyan on yo' ass and kill you, ult. This increases your health, deals damage to surrounding enemies and increases his damage based on damage done by the sandstorm. If you build atma's this thing will W-R-E-Q (not the best combo for him but meh). Use this after their team has committed to the fight otherwise they'll run and waste your ulty.

  • Introduction

    So my man Nasus, does he need an intro. Well I guess I'll give him one anyway. Nasus, the Tower Crumbler, Squishy Hunter and Curator of the Sands. And this is the first guide for his jungle (as of writing this). I will not go in-depth, this will be the first two rounds of the jungle and a gank situation. Also I know jungle Nasus isn't very fast or effective at ganking, but he's very safe. One of the safest junglers, just behind Warwick I'd say.
    Also I will say this before you start reading the guide. Jungle Nasus is not the optimal way to play him, he is better in a solo lane where his q farm is almost double that of his jungle counter-part. This is only for one of those times where all the jungle tanks have been banned and no one else has a jungle champ. Jungle Nasus is very situational and I don't suggest maining him. Now without further-a-do on with the show.
    The, oh holy shit I picked smite Nasus accidentally WTF do I do:

    Greater Mark of Desolation/ Greater Seal of Resilience/ Greater Glyph of Focus or Greater Glyph of Replenishment/ Greater Quintessence of Fortitude


    Spirit Visage/ Ionian Boots of Lucidity/ Trinity Force

    Jungle Path:
    Wolves-Golems-Wraiths-b-Blue Buff-Golems-Red Buff-gank or b.

    So now that the basic guide is finished comment if you want me to do a lane Nasus guide (I play pretty standard) or do you think that's been overdone and I should shut up?

  • Masteries + Runes

    So I run Nasus with these runes:
    9x Greater Mark of Desolation
    9x Greater Seal of Resilience
    9x Greater Glyph of Focus
    9x Greater Glyph of Replenishment
    3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    And these Masteries:
    or alternatively

  • Skilling Order

    Simple really R Fury of the Sands>Q Siphoning Strike>W Wither>E Spirit Fire
    In Visual Form:

  • Items

    Start off with a Ruby Crystal. Why? 'Cause you don't build a razor on Nasus, it only hinders your ability to farm your q. First b you will buy a Kindlegem and health pots, this will let you spam your q more often. You will then build that into a Spirit Visage, this synergises beautifully with your passive. The boots you want to build are the Ionian Boots of Lucidity and the next item will be a Sheen. You will build that into a Trinity Force and that is the end of your core build.
    I have seen people build AD after that but I think building him sort of like an off tank is better. And TBH I think that it's better to have an off-tank/tanky DPS in the jungle (preferably AD) so that your singed can just free farm and be unkillable. After this I suggest you go Atma's Impaler then Warmog's Armor and finish off with Guardian Angel. If you're doing really well I suggest selling your Spirit Visage and buying an AD item. If their team learnt to buy armour I suggest Last Whisper, and if you're doing just insanely good Infinity Edge.

  • Jungle Path

    Now this won't have any fancy visuals. The path for the first run is Wolves then Golems then Wraiths. You start by smiting the big wolf and the siphon strike on him, proceed to kill the two other wolfs and if done right you should have gotten the SS last hit on all of them. Then go to the Golems and try to get both last hits with the SS. Finally go to the wraiths, you should have your e by now. Kill all the wraiths and try to SS most of them, 3 out of 4 is a good target to go for. Smite the big wraith if you're having troubles, missing one SS early won't cost you too much. Buy your items and go towards the golem, if your smite isn't up go to wolves, they should have respawned. Collect the blue buff and run to golems kill them and go to red, get rid of the little guys first as they are free SS stacks. After that gank either mid or bot lane, if you can't gank either b and continue to jungle until the opportunity to gank arises.
    (Count how many times I said SS in this if you're bored, also a great way to memorise the path)

  • Working in the Team

    You are not an initiator. You have no hard CC. If you jump in the fight first their nukers will eat you alive. Your job is simple. In order: Drop Spirit Fire in the best place, Wither their carry, SS the squishy rinse and repeat. About half way through the battle activate our ult if you're not sure you'll win it, and don't if you know you will or if it's hopeless for your team. There is no point wasting your ult if it's not gonna change the fight. Ulting in a 1v1 is pointless unless that's gonna change to a 1v2, and not in your favor. Nasus can easily 1v2 if their opponents don't have hard CC or any way to kite, so having said that it hit me that he can't 1v2.

  • Creep Farming

    To describe this I will only use two letters:
    SS, SS, SS. If you're last hitting with anything else when your SS is off cooldown in the first 15 minutes you are doing it wrong and you should go play Garen or something.

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