Mordekaiser Build Guide

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MaiaZnDrew's Mordekaiser Guide

written by MaiaZnDrew

Mordekaiser Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This is the builds that I use to beat people with Mordekaiser. Using this build can turn games around if you can get fed at the right time.. Use this build wisely.. BUT REMEMBER! Adaptation. Is. KEY.

  • Abilities

    Iron Man
    This is your ace. This is what makes Mordekaiser so unique, more health on Mordekaiser is useless.. What you want is LOADS of Magic Resistance and Armor to make the armor SUPER durable!

    Mace of Spades
    This does massive damage especially against 1v1, it's good for jungling, and this is what you want on when you're chasing and preferably have ghost on to deal the the death-dealing blow.

    [spell=Creeping Death]
    I tend to use this on minions... Why? Well, I like them alive so I can push the turret. Otherwise, I'd use it on myself to keep myself alive, and if you have an initiator on your team, use it on them so they don't get so much damage that they have damage coming out of their butts.

    Siphon of Destruction
    This is what feeds your armor, use this wisely... In Mordekaiser's case.. More IS MORE.. Fight more at a time = More stuff to feed your armor!!

    Children of the Grave
    This is also what makes Mordekaiser BEAST. If you use this on a ranged, you can use the ranged ghost to snipe out runners. And if you get a melee ghost, then they tend to hurt very bad on confrontation so if you can slow out the enemy champion you can have your ghost whack em to death.

  • Skilling Order

    ~~~~~~~LEVEL ORDER~~~~~~~
    1: Siphon of Destruction
    2: Creeping Death
    3: Mace of Spades
    4: Siphon of Destruction
    5: Siphon of Destruction
    6: Children of the Grave
    7: Siphon of Destruction
    8: Creeping Death
    9: Siphon of Destruction
    10: Mace of Spades
    11: Mace of Spades
    12: Children of the Grave
    13: Mace of Spades
    14: Mace of Spades
    15: Creeping Death
    16: Creeping Death
    17: Creeping Death
    18: Children of the Grave

  • Items

    I go for:
    --> (THIS is what I use that most people don't even think about for Mordekaiser, I feel that this changes games, it gives you 5 extra gold every 10 seconds, which might not seem like a lot, but it's still another gold every 2 seconds.... I use this gold boost so I can get Items FASTER.
    --> --> either or --> --> --> [item_icon=Force of Nature] -->

    After that or in between any of this... You can get to adapting! IF you're wondering what you do with the , you can either hold it to keep getting even better items OR you can build it to either of the 2 builds it build into... It can either be built to reduce cooldown and the active is nearby allies gain 40% movement speed (cooldown:60 seconds) OR it can be made to give you tenacity ONLY IF YOU DID NOT GET MERCURY'S TREADS!

    Since your an Off-Tanky AP champion, you'll still be the one to be pointed at to buy Oracle Elixirs/Wards unless there's an actual tank.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I tend to go for:

    is just to run away, OR if you're chasing, then you want to use , , if you can get in range, use your and hit them, if not, just , , and then use , VERY IMPORTANT to use first, it's a shorter range than your ultimate, so you can make sure to use it instead of letting the enemy get away.

    + = WIN and AUTO KILL for Tryndamere even if he uses .. It'll have to burn him sometime.... This is the combo almost all Mordekaisers use, why not you?

  • Farming

    Mordekaiser is I think the #2 best mob/minion farmer in the game next to #1, Sirvir.. He goes crazy against minions, and with your if you're solo laning against someone, you can always point the cone at them to deal damage to them! Mordekasier is KNOWN to be a Caster Eater. He eats AP people for breakfast man! BUILD MR!

  • Summary

    In conclusion you can see that Mordekaiser is an amazing champ, and if you build enough/the right amount of Armor/Magic Resistance against the enemy champion line-up, then you'll be able to almost ALWAYS have your shield up during a team fight no matter how many people are hitting you.... You just have to do everything right.

    I literally JUST joined leaguecraft like 20minutes ago from making this guide.. So criticism is allowed I suppose?


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