Master Yi Build Guide

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Mr. Midster Madster Yi

written by niekay

Master Yi Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Dear players!
    My name is Niekay, a level 30 summoner on the EU Nordic&East server.
    External Image
    I have scored some good Midster Yi stats, i do not have picture of 36/9/3 though, believe me they are real:
    1. 36/9/3 1 Pentakill 1 Quadrakill Yi against Mid Leblanc
    2. 18/11/12 1 Quadrakill 1 Triplekill Yi against Mid annie
    3. 13/1/5 1 Triplekill Yi against Mid Anivia
    My opinion is that, if you can farm a lot (thats why you need mid) and you can get firstblood, you will surefire get lot of quadra-penta kills.
    I say sorry for my bad english, though i learn german, but i try my best. ^^

  • TL;DR Version

    External Image

    9x Greater Glyph of Strength
    9x Greater Mark of Strength
    9x Greater Seal of Strength
    3x Greater Quintessence of Strength

    Doran's Shield -> Berserker's Greaves -> Phantom Dancer -> Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer -> Infinity Edge OR The Bloodthirster -> Frozen Mallet OR Last Whisper

  • Abilities

    Double Strike
    A perfect passive! It makes you eat squishy AP champions at beginning of the game!
    Lategame, where you get 2.0 or more attack speed, you can grab this every 3 sec. This means with the 100% crit chance you strike for 6*500 damage and then a double-strike. Awesome-o-matic!

    Alpha Strike
    One of the important skills. While i prefer WuJu style be maxed out first, we must grab Alpha Strike as first. Why?
    -You can easily farm lot of minions without any problem.
    -You can always harass enemy champions if they are close.
    -You can chase the enemies with this.
    -If you use AP yi, it deals beast damage :)

    This is a not-so-useless-but-not-very-good-on-dps-yi spell. It only heals for a very small amount on level 1, and its pretty useless for the mana price. Lategame, or when you grab the blue buff, you should use it frequently, but otherwise i recommend it get after WuJu and Alpha strike.

    Wuju Style
    Our Bread and Butter. It gives lot of AD as a passive, and when you use it for very cheap mana price you get that passive doubled! Awesome work for DPS yi, it lets you kill the squishies very early in the game.

    Perfect ultimate for such an awesome carry. It gives attack speed, movement speed, and makes you immune to all slowing effect. And then i didnt mention whenever you use this ultimate and kill someone while its on, it refreshes all cooldowns!
    You only need to remember two things:
    1. It can help you when you get chased.
    2. The opponents can still use CC on you! Except slow ones, of course.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries, i would head to my basic DPS masteries page: External Image

    For runes, i would recommend this:
    9x Greater Glyph of Strength
    9x Greater Mark of Strength
    9x Greater Seal of Strength
    3x Greater Quintessence of Strength
    As you see, i head for flat Attack Damage runes. You can even stack armor penetration, but i like the flat AD more for early game domination. You get around +20 Attack damage at the beginning of the game. With WuJu style, at level 2 you will have lot of Advantage of your opponent.

  • Skilling Order

  • Items

    I start at the most of times with Doran's Shield. Bonus health and armor is very great if you get an AD carry, and the Health Regen isnt the worst either. When i farmed a lot, i go back and get a Berserker's Greaves. Then i go back mid, and farm and kill my opponent. If i get fed, i can start ganking.
    Now head instantly for a Phantom Dancer. After you got it, you are very powerfull because of the farming possibilities on mid. You can easily take down a normal AP caster, i only had problems yet with annie.
    You now need an Infinity Edge: Lot of damage and crit chance, plus you deal more dmg with crits? Gimme that!
    Now you deal alot of damage. You now can choose: I would recommend to get another Phantom Dancer then another Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster, and then finally a Frozen Mallet/ Last Whisper.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash Flash can help you initiate/escape/jump through walls/chase. It is a must have.
    Ignite Ignite seems to be weak, but come on! It deals a nice amount of damage, and you can finish off a running-flashing-teleporting opponent maybe giving you a penta!
    Other Spells:
    Exhaust Perfect for slowing the enemies, or just weaken a DPS carry, but they can flash out in most of times.
    Ghost I prefer Flash over Ghost because you can easily jump over walls. Useless, since you got ult.
    Heal Cool earlygame, bad lategame. Dont grab it.
    Revive Pfffh... Unless you are level 10< dont grab it...
    Smite This guide isnt about jungler yi
    Teleport Cool for getting faster back in lanes, but i dont find this so usefull lategame.
    Cleanse Great for removing stun or exhaust, but if you have such problems you can buy a Quicksilver Sash
    [spell=fortify] Let a support or tank grab this.
    Clarity On DPS yi? Dont make me laugh...
    [spell=rally] Useless spell.
    Clairvoyance Let a support or tank grab this.

  • Farming

    On mid, you need to last hit as many times as you can. You need to keep the balance between harrassing your opponents to death, and get as many lasthit as possible. 10 lasthit gives you same amount of gold like a kill. Remember that!

  • Type of Fights

    1v1 on solomid before level 6:
    You should always harass your opponent if he/she is squishy. Use Alpha Strike to initiate and to farm minions. If your opponents is out of tower range, pop in Wuju Style and then use Alpha Strike.
    1v1 or 3v2 ganks after level 6:
    You always pop in Highlander and Wuju Style to initiate. Use Alpha Strike on the closest enemy, and keep them autoattacking. Pop Ignite on them or just Flash after them

    3v3 or larger teamfights
    Start the same method like in fights after level 6, but always focus the squishiest enemy. Let the tanks die at last time.

  • Enemies on Mid.

    Akali: She is very rarely seen on mid. She can spam her skills, but do nothing more. She is very easy to kill with master yi.
    Alistar: Midistar is very devastating. One of the mid-capable support tanks, like galio. He can heal himself, and knock you in air, you cannot dodge that. You need to be more carefull once he got his ulti.
    Anivia: Very squishy ap champion, though she got her passive. You just need to be agressive to counter her, and dodge her stun.
    Annie: Worst nightmare you can ever get on mid, she can stun u, spam Q on you and deal tons of damage. I found no clear way to counter her, only to switch lanes. Her Q is just too devastating for us.
    Ashe: Very squishy AD ranged carry. Just harass her early so she doesnt get too much creeps. Very easy to kill.
    Brand: AP caster. He got stun, and little bit tankish ap. You need to be carefull with him, as he deals lot of damage.
    Caitlyn: Secondary worst nightmare. She deals tons of damage, got very good spells along with traps.
    Cassiopeia: Dodge her stun. Squishy AP, but she deals lot of damage with poison. Plus she can stun you.
    Corki: AD squishy carry. Nothing more. Though he got an escape ability and long-range skillshot.
    Ezreal: Squishiest AD carry. Very easy to kill, deals least damage. Very easy to counter, just harass him till death.
    Fiddlesticks: Devastating with his drain and fear. Always try to have lifesteal against him if you want to 1v1.
    Galio: Support Tank. Rarely seen in game except free weeks, and very rarely in those games on mid.
    Heimerdinger: Very squishy, but you need to be carefull with his turrets.
    Karthus: Third worst nightmare. His Q is devastating spam, and ulti is a pain in the butt. The best if you can harass him earlygame so he cant farm lot of gold.
    Kassadin: DPS or AP build. He can teleport away. Otherwise nothing that you need to fear from.
    Kayle: DPS support. She is not a big deal, but you need to be carefull with her ultimate and heal.
    Kennen: He got alot of potential in the passive and his skills. He uses energy that regens quickly. If he uses ulti you need to try get out as fast as you can. If he stuns you under ulti
    Kog'Maw: Can be either a DPS or AP. He can slow you, but that doesnt really matter with your ultimate, but his ultimate is unfair. Always keep a fair distance if you run away. Try to dodge the green beams.
    LeBlanc: Depends on player. I got already pentakill when she was mid against me. Though if the player does good, she is very devastating with ultimate available.
    Lux: She can stun and slow you. Her ulti is a big laz0r. Squishy. Harass her
    Malzahar: Fourth worst nightmare. He deals ton of damage, and he can stun you. He got a void poison that deals great damage. Be carefull of harassing her after level 6.
    Master Yi: I never seen Master Yi on mid, as far as i played, though i believe with this guide i will meet some ^^
    Miss Fortune: She is kinda weak, but deals great damage. Learn to dodge her Flurry.
    Mordekaiser: Fifth worst nightmare. A mordekaiser with spellvamp is a pain in the butt. I got first pentakill with mid ap mordek,thats how he op is.
    Morgana: Nothing special, just two stuns but very squishy.
    Nidalee: She got heal, and a pain-in-the-butt-spear. Plus the traps. You just need to dodge her Q to be effective against her.
    Orianna: Her ball can make you lot of pain, but she is weak before she gets some HP item. Get some kills fast before she gets HP.
    Ryze: Weak. Get him!
    Sivir: Rarely in games, very rarely on mid. Maybe sivir bot, well...
    Swain: Tanky AP. He got stun. Deals tons of damage. Steals your life with ulti. Shall i say more?
    Teemo: Depends on AD or AP. I recommend change lanes if he is mid, because his Q makes you useless.
    Tristana: Very weak AD carry. Just kill her.
    Twitch: He is s glass BB gun. He just cannot kill you. If he can, then well... you failed.
    Urgot: He got a spammable Q with a shield, a position changer ulti and an AOE nuke. Plus his Q follows you if he used his E.
    Vayne: VERY VERY VERY squishy AD carry. Though she has some devastating attacks.
    Veigar: Since you build DPS while on mid, he will be no problem. If you AP with midster yi, then you bg...
    Vladimir: Very tanky OP in some aspects. He can heal himself, and with regrowth pendant he stays in mid forever.
    Zilean: Very annoying with his time bomb, plus a free guardian angel with his ulti.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Excellent DPS with unable-to-slow function
    -Beast damage lategame
    -Can carry the team, and push in mid tower under 10 min if played well.
    -Easily kills any squishy AP champion on mid.

    -You need to be carefull lategame, as you get focused in the most of times.
    -You get easily countered by a thornmail.
    -You got extremly low HP

  • Summary

    Master Yi is a very perfect champion. He is one of the easiest carry in the game, while he is hard to master. In my opinion best if he is mid and if he is DPS. He deals beast damage and can take down the whole enemy team under seconds. Thanks for reading this guide! I will regularly update it.

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