Kennen Build Guide

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Time to strike!

written by Psionisch

Kennen Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    At first i have to say, that Kennen isn't easy to play, beginners should try other champions. My english isn't very good, but i try to make as good as i can! My Summoner-Name is "Psionisch" too and i am at the EU West-Server. My mother-language is German. Enjoy the guide and have fun :)


    Mark of the Storm
    "Kennen's abilities add Marks of the Storm to opponents. Upon receiving 3 Marks of Storm, an opponent is stunned for 1 second and Kennen receives 25 energy. Mark of the Storm has a diminished stun effect if applied more than once within seven seconds."

    This makes Kennen Kennen. If you want to see how many mark of the storms are at the enemy look at the "balls" which will fly around the enemy if you hit him with one of your ablities.

    Thundering Shuriken
    "Throws a shuriken that damages the first enemy it hits for 75/115/155/195/235 (+0.75) magic damage and adds a Mark of the Storm."
    Your bread and butter spell. If u cant hit with this skillshot u should'nt play Kennen or learn how to use it it. Learning is better, because Kennen is very funny to play :)
    Spam it. Lashit with it. Harass with it. Win with it.

    Electrical Surge
    "Passive: Every 5 attacks, Kennen deals magic damage equal to 40/50/60/70/80% of his attack damage and adds a Mark of the Storm to his target.

    Active: Surges electricity through all nearby targets afflicted by Mark of the Storm, dealing 65/95/125/155/185 (+0.55) magic damage and adding another mark."

    If you or youre team initiate a teamfight the passive of this ability should be ready. Harassing is easy with Q+W+Autohit with the passive of W.

    Lightning Rush
    "Kennen moves very fast and gains the ability to pass through units, dealing 85/125/165/205/245 (+0.6) magic damage and adding a Mark of the Storm to any hostile unit he passes through.
    Kennen is refunded 40 energy if he passes through an enemy while using this spell, but can only gain this effect once. Lightning Rush deals half damage to minions.
    Lightning Rush provides 10/20/30/40/50 magic resistance and armor for 4 seconds"

    Good for chasing and escaping. Farming is easy with it, run with it throw minions and then press W and u get many lasthits. Do the rest with auto attacks. It is possible to initiate too if u use after it and during your ultimate the active from Zhonya's Hourglass.

    Slicing Maelstrom
    "Summons a magical storm that deals 80/145/210 (+0.4) magic damage to a random enemy champion near Kennen every 0.5 seconds. This storm attacks up to 6/10/15 times and cannot hit the same target more than 3 times."

    A nearly won teamfight. Use it only while laning for one person or for important 1vs1. The only porbleme is, that it hits random targets every 0.5 Second.

  • Skillorder

    This makes imo the most sense.

  • Masteries

    These are imo the best masteries for Kennen, because he is focusted very often in teamfights. You need to be near by the enemys because of youre W and R.

    Not very reconnemend, but the CDR and EXP-Boost is nice. It is viable

  • Runes

    I use these runes for Kennen:

    Why AP per Level? Everybody uses flat AP... Because at Level 6 you have more AP than with the flat AP-Runes. And enough "Level 1 Damage" do you get from the Marks and Quintessences. These are very offensive, but with the defensiv masteries u arent squishy too.

    Also good rune-set:

    This is more defensiv. Use it with the offensiv masteries to make good damage too.

    The best Kennen-Runes EVER:

    Hmmmm...I think there is bug, we dont get some mana!!! :(

  • Items

    Starting Items: or +
    Dorans Shield is just great. You are not squishy at the beginning and u are regenerating HP faster. Amplifying Tome and a Health Potion is viable too, but most time Dorans Shield is better.

    Core Build: ()
    Rylais is the best item for Kennen. Better escaping, chasing and a HP+AP Boost. Mejas is good too, but you have to keep the stacks up. With 5 stacks you cant find another item with so many AP for this price!

    But you should not ever use Sorcer's Shoes.
    Kennen must be fast. Boots of Swiftness are good, but imo there better options.
    It helps vs stuns, and Kennen hates stuns (on himself)! These are most of the time the best choice.
    Very good vs AD teams without much stun.
    I like them for more damage. But only for more damage.

    Now you can build other Items. These 2 are all very good:
    This is a wonderfull item for Kennen. If you activate it during your ulti, your ulti will go on while you cant get damage. Use it vs AD Heavy teams.
    A good Item. The Aura will help you and your team and the Magic resistance and AP-boost is good too. Use it if youre team is AP heavy or the enemy team.
    Use both vs balanced teams. Now are u tanky and wont die instantly.

    Mana...MANA!! You dont need Mana, but the HP Mres and the Spell Shield are awesome! Characters like Lux, Morgana and Annie wont be a problem anymore.
    Only vs Overfed Yis, Tryns and other Auto-Atack-Champions.
    If you are focused every time this will help
    Damn, Trundles, Vlads and Mordekaisers Ulti are hurting so much >_< This will rescue your live so many times...But use the aktive or this item is (nearly) useless!

    Good for more Damage:
    Yes, DAMAGE. it is good as 5th or 6th pick.
    Mana...MANA! We had it alredy, mana is useless for Kennen but the AP and the passive are very good.

    Youre build should look like this vs balanced teams:
    [builder=Kennen/d214b5945826fc0017b59f3c4f38247b" class="external_img" alt="External Image" />

  • Summoner Spells

    These 3 are the best, i use Flash and Ignite.
    Use Flash for a better positioning for youre Ultimate and for escaping.
    Ignite adds good damage.
    Cleanse will help you vs stuns and Kennen hates stuns!!

    Other Spells, which aren't bad:
    Ghost You have already Lightning Rush.
    Teleport With Lightning Rush you can run fast around the map.
    Clairvoyance This is a must have in a team, but a supporter should get it.
    Exhaust I dont like it very much on Kennen, because you have already tons of CC.
    [spell=fortify] Nice to have in the team, but let a tank or support choose this

    Please not:
    Revive Nobody uses this spell since level 10, and you should use it never!
    Smite Jungle Kennen? NO!
    Heal Great for early, useless for late. Never grab this...
    [spell=Rally] Useless, Riot has to buff this really!
    Clarity Kennen has enogh Mana with his best runes!!! -_- Kennen uses Energy!

  • Laning

    Harras with your Q+W Combo and try to lasthit as many minions as possible. Try not to push or get pushed, if u push to hard u will be ganked by the enemy Jungler or lanes. If the enemy pushes to hard, u wont get many lasthits because the tower will steal them. Kennen works imo best in mid lane, because of his very powerfull early. At Solo Top u should be very defensiv if it is vs 2, and if the enemy team has a jungler too, it is like mid lane, you should only harass more because the most enemys in top lane are tanky DPS (melee, tanky AD) or tanky AP (same as tanky DPS only AP) and they have most time a selfheal like Warwick, Irelia and Renekton, other have shields like Morde and Malphite. Never get outzoned! Outzoned? Whats that? Whatch this Video about Zoning. It will help you alot. But this voice!! >_<

    IMPORTANT: Know your enemy! Here a list of some mid or solo top Champions, how hard to beat they are and how to counter: (in progress)

    External Image Hardness: ****
    Solo top&mid. His shields makes him as hard as he is. Try to outzone him but if you cant, be defensiv. He has to push the lane to get lasthits and then he is a easy kill if you gank him. That means, you only have to cry for a gank.

    External Image Hardness: **
    Mid. Ashe isnt a good early champ. You can harrass her much more then she can. She is squishy and if you dont let her lasthit (which is very easy) she wont be a big problem.

  • Farming

    Very easy, run with Lightning Rush throw the minions and then cast Electrical Surge. Lasthit the Rest.
    Farm often, to get a gold and EXP-advantage.

  • Pro / Contra

    - Good escaping and chasing
    - Very god laning and teamfights
    - Can go solo top, mid and bot
    - Tons of CC
    - Funny to play :)
    - Energy (Spam your Thundering Shuriken!)

    - You have to hit with your Thundering Shuriken
    - Hard to master
    - Countered by CC
    - Energy (If you are out of energy in a teamfight...)

  • End

    This guide will be continued, especially the laning-part with more enemys and how to counter them.
    New Parts in Progress:
    - 1vs1 Situations
    - ...
    If you downvote, please make a comment say why you did this. Thanks for Reading and bye bye :D

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