Tryndamere Build Guide

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New Tank Incoming! New Trynda playstyle!

written by Kite Kun

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi, im Kite Kun and i main on Bruisers. In my opinion Tryndamere is now one of the strongest Bruisers since the last 2 patches. If you are interested in beefy strong dmging Tryndamere build you should read the whole guide and not only the item section because if you don't know how to handle him now you will fail!

    You rape nearly everything on the top lane right now. Irelia? No problem. Wukong? No Problem. Gankplank? No Problem. and so on, just some champs are still a problem like Nidalee with blue buff because of her insane heal and hard poking abilities.

  • Patchnotes

    Release Notes v1.0.0.123


    Bloodlust heal per 1 fury increased to .65/1.15/1.65/2.15/2.65 from .5/.95/1.4/1.85/2.3

    Spinning Slash
    Base damage increased to 70/100/130/160/190 from 60/90/120/150/180
    Bonus AD ratio increased to 1.2 from 1
    Fixed a bug where Tryndamere was not gaining the proper Fury upon using Spinning Slash

    Heal of Bloodlust increased to 335 with 100 Fury and some more dmg for Spinning Slash. Small buff but every buff is welcome. Don't changes much.

    Release Notes v1.0.0.122


    New model and animations!
    Tryndamere has been working out and is now approximately 20% bigger
    Tryndamere now uses Fury, gaining 5 per hit, 10 per crit, and 10 extra per kill.
    Fury decays at 5 Fury per second after being out of combat for 10 seconds.

    Passively adds 5-20/10-30/15-40/20-50/25-60 Attack Damage depending on how wounded Tryndamere is
    Consumes all Fury to heal Tryndamere for 30-80/40-135/50-190/60-245/70-300 depending on how much Fury was consumed
    Cooldown adjusted to 12 seconds from 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

    Mocking Shout is now free to cast

    Spinning Slash
    Spinning Slash is now free to cast
    Cooldown increased to 13/12/11/10/9 seconds from 9 seconds
    Base damage adjusted to 60/90/120/150/180 from 40/90/140/190/240
    Scaling adjusted to 1.0 bonus Attack Damage from 0.5 total Attack Damage (still scales with AP)
    Now deals physical damage instead of magic damage

    Battle Fury now grants up to 35% Critical Chance, depending on how full his Fury bar is

    The big Trynda remake! Trynda gains now Fury just like Renekton. You need Fury for 2 things. First it increases your crit chance by 0,35% per 1 Fury, in fact 100 Fury = 35% Crit Chance. Second is that you can consume your Fury to Heal with your Bloodlust (Q) Spell. Another change is that he gains more atk dmg through his Bloodlust if he loses life and a fixed value of constant dmg. Some changes about Spinning Slash but not that important since Trynda is a rightclick champ and uses it most time to chanse/escape.

    In my opinion a strong buff for him even if he gains 15% less crit chance and don't get more crit dmg through Bloodlust. But he gains everything he needs through his skills just like Crit Chance, atk dmg and a nice heal (on lvl 5 its 300 with 100 Fury) and he doesnt need to lose life for his crit chance. Cauz of that a new playstyle for him is coming in my opinion. But later more.

  • Masteries

    External Image

    For masteries i go 21/0/9, just like a standart for Trynda. If you go 0/21/9 you are more tankie but you need the DMG from the offensive tree. Don't think that it needs more explanation.

  • Runes

    Runes are more tricky. You want DMG and Survival. I tested much with Armor Pen, Crit Chance, Crit Dmg and ATK Speed for Marks (Red) and Quintessences. In my opinion the ATK Speed runes are the best for him because you don't need AS items expect Berserk Greaves for him when using them. You have 1,3 AS with AS Runes and Berserker Greaves, should be enough.

    So our Runessetup is:

    Greater Mark of Alacrity 9x Gives us the AS we need.

    Greater Seal of Resilience 9x Some Armor for early game survival.

    Greater Glyph of Warding 9x Some Magic Resist for early game Survival if jungling you

    use over lvl Magic Resist Runes.

    Greater Quintessence of Alacrity 3x Gives us the AS we need.

    If you don't have every Rune it isn't a big deal. You can use every Runes which gives him an advantage in dmg or survival like Armor Pen, Crit Chance, Atk Dmg, Dodge, Life and so on.

  • Skilling Order

    External Image

    R > Q > W > E

    Q is your Main Skill. It gives you Damage and a Heal. This Skill makes you to a beast on the Sololane!

    And if you max W or E next is up to you but i prefer W because of the higher slow and the insane dmg reduce. I only use E to chase/escape.

  • Summoner Abilities

    In my opinion there is just one option!

    Exhaust and Flash

    The exhaust is sooooo important for teamfights. There is often a discussion about Exhaust or Ignite. Lets make a comparison.

    Xin Shao or Irelia jumps in and focuses your AD or AP carry, you ignite him, he/she doesn't care, you exhaust him, OMG HE DOES NO DMG AND DIES. Really you need exhaust for bruisers!

    And flash yeah, its flash, everybody should know this little annoying skill. You can spin and flash everything away. When flash is up, you will usually survive.

  • Items

    The old IE and PD build on Tryndamere works too after patch but i prefer a tankish playstyle now. The Warmogs & Atmas combo is really strong on him.

    Warmog's Armor Gives you insane Life! You have 3,5k life when full stacked and lvl 18.

    Atma's Impaler Gives you Armor, Crit Chance and Dmg! Everything you want on Tryndamere. 3,5k life it gives you 70 Dmg. And with full Build it gives you 90 Dmg when you reach the 4,5k life!

    Frozen Mallet Slow, Life, Dmg. Nothing more to say.

    The Bloodthirster Gives you 100 Dmg and 25% Lifeleech. Makes you more tanky because of the lifeleech.

    Infinity Edge Gives you Insane Critdamage. You have 80% When you have IE and Atmas. Only buy it if you are fed!

    Last Whisper The enemies are building Thornmails against you? Just grab a LW and laugh about them!

    Mercury's Treads They are focusing you with all their stuns, fears, silences, amumu ultis and so on? Grab a bit Tenacity and pwn them.

    Banshee's Veil or [item=Force of Nature] They have hard AP initial Dmg and you have to use your Ulti early in teamfights? Grab some Magic Resist!

    Thornmail Ranged Carry is focusing you? Grab a Thornmail and he will destroy himself at your 4,5k life and Thornmail!

  • Item order and Core Build

    Starting item depends on your enemie.

    Start with Regrowth Pendant if you expect much harrassing like Nidalee.

    Start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion if you think you can outfarm him buy harrassing him and ma ybe you can kill him. Did this with a Maokai or Wukong.

    First trip back:

    You should have Berserker's Greaves and Giant's Belt now. This gives you some dmg through the AS and some survival against ganks. Keep your farming up!

    Then you should rush your Atma's Impaler for dmg and Crit Chance. Also you get some armor which helps a lot. After that get your Warmogs!

    This is your core build!

    Now you have to see what you need. A Phage is a good choice for a slow, dmg and health. Then a The Bloodthirster for more dmg and lifeleech if you dont get focused. If you get focused build a defensive item and then your Frozen Mallet. You have enough dmg and crazy hp + resistances.

  • Build Example

    At first i have to say that most games you won't reach a full build! Normally you have Your Atmas and Warmogs up and the game ended.

    External Image

    You don't get full focused and a really balanced build. You have 4,3k life, some MR, some Armor and good dmg with lifeleech.

    External Image

    The real madness Tank Trynda! You have 3,5k life and enough resistances to get focused by all 5 enemies....but wait, you also kill them all with your 300 AD and 25% lifeleech, pretty good build.

    External Image

    The enemies lack of AP dmg? Then this build could be the right choice. You have over 200 armor and 3,5k life. And over 350 AD and 80% crit with full fury. And you gain even more AD when losing life. This makes you a freaking beast which unstopable.

  • Pros / Cons


    + high dmg
    + high life
    + good resistances
    + he is op
    + he is op
    + and last he is reallyyyyy op!


    - he has only one CC skill, but who needs CC if he just can kill em all?
    - you need the legendary skin to be really pro with him

  • The "How to pwn your Lane" part

    Tryndamere is one of the strongest Sololane champs now. In my opinion there are just ~2 stronger champs like Garen right now.

    The tactic is to have as much fury as you can all the time. You need the Heal of it. Attack your enemy, attack minions and lasthit them. Your aim is to stay full HP and outfarm the enemy but be careful, you will push your lane, so get wards and look on your minimap!!!!! Don't place the ward in the first bush. Place it a more deeper in the river, so you have more time to run when the enemies jungler is coming! Map Awareness is everything for you!

    So your strategy is: Hit minion, lasthit, hit your enemys, your enemy run, you lasthit, he comes back, you hit him again, and so on. ANd don't forget to look on the minimap!

  • Working in the team

    Your job in team fights is to shut down their carrys, ya i said carrys in plural! Spin through their tanks and focus their Ashe, Caitlyn or which AD Carry they have, he flashes away? don't care and focus their ap carry, and so on. you have to make their carrys run so they can't attack. But don't forget your team. A Bruiser jumped on your carries? Hurry back and give him an exhaust then turn around and kill their carrys or what ever there is. Don't focus their tank! You want targets with not much HP and low resistances because you have no Armor Pen!

    Another Tryndamere Syndrome is that you think you can handle 3 or more enemies by yourself. Don't rush in without your team! Yes you have your Ultimate to escape but even with this its to risky. Just fight with your team and don't do any reckless actions!

    Tryndamere is a strong pusher. There are no fights, you camp in front of a tower but can't towerdive? Go splitpush. when the enemy team has to split to def their lane where you are pushing your team can towerdive and you can rush your team and go on with your team.

    Don't push when 3 or more enemies are miss! Often in a game you have nothing to do, no fights,the jungle is empty and so on. Then don't start pushing alone! You will fail!

  • When you read this, you really read the whole guide.

    If you have ideas to improve this guide, comment pls. If you have questions, comment pls. If you want to say that im a noob and have no knowledge about LoL, comment pls.

    And rate this guide pls.

    I will update this guide soon, when i had more time to test more item combinations, or if you have ideas about a better build write it in the comments and i will test it and maybe add it to the guide with a gloos with your name.

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