Skarner Build Guide

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AP Skarner - I'll slow you, and you'll die!

written by Jarsen

Skarner Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey all!
    This is my first guide and I hope you'll like it.
    Skarner is new, and this is the first build i tryed and it seems pretty good.

    This guide might not be ready while your reading it. Ill try do do my best to make it full by the end of the week.

    AP Skarner can be really strong. His Q don't deal alot of demage but it still makes you really good ganker thanks to the slow, his shield (E) protect you even more, his W deals really good deamge (and it heals you too), and his R .. o well it deals good demage but the range sucks. ><

    Please try the guide before posting a comment.

    PLEASE if you downvote comment and tell me what the reason is.

    Added Items/Masteries Icons
    Edited stuff i didnt like
    Added skill explanation..
    Added Proc/Cons
    Added Skill Orders
    Changed some items on the build
    Item Build Explained

    Gameplay Videos: Maybe
    Working in the team
    Skill Explanation Update
    Proc/Cons Update

  • Abilities

    Really Good passive! You dont have any problems with your CDs thanks to it. Poke a champion everytime you can, and ofcourse dont forget minions! I noticed that you get -0.5 CD when hitting towers so hit them. Let the poke begen!

    Crystal Slash
    Really good escape/ gank ability. The slow is great. If you fallow this guide, it wont deal alot of demage, youll only use it for the slow and farming.

    Crystalline Exoskeleton
    This shield AP ratios are really good and with this build youll be realy hard to kill since it will give you alot of "HP". The speed boost is good for ganking and running away when you with low HP.

    This is your bread and butter spell. Really low CD (thanks to ur passive) and awesome burst demage. use it everytime you can.

    The only thing i dont like in this Ulti is that the supperess time is really little and the range is too small... But its really useful in team fights. You can drag and enemy with low HP to ur Team so they can finish him off (most of time if the enemy is with low Hp youll finish him before your team even tuch him, tnx to the AP you got). Its really funny (atleast for me) To drag people to towers with it. :D

  • Masteries + Runes

    I go with 9/0/21

    Ofcourse if you think ur kinda easy to kill, you can try




    For runes I go with

    Greater Mark of Insight x9 3 690 IP
    Greater Seal of Clarity x9 1 845 IP
    Greater Glyph of Shielding x9 1 845 IP
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3 6 150 IP

    Total: 13 530

  • Summoner Abilities

    For abilities i use:
    Flash Really good escape ability and good for ganking. I think its like a must for Skarner.

    Ignite Good spell when someone is about to run with low hp, you can easly finish him off.

    Other vailable spells are :

    Teleport Not really usefull but good way to switch the lanes.
    Smite Get this ONLY if your going jungle. (Thought this build wont help you alot with jungling...)
    Clarity Can be useful on early/mid game but in late game youll be sorry that you chose it, since youll have alot of mana.
    Exhaust Good spell for escape/gank but you have really good perma-slow that you can use..
    Clairvoyance Can be good sometimes, tho i think that is more for support champions, and your not one of them.

    Say a NO to these spells:

    [spell=Rally] Thats a joke.
    Heal You dont really need this...
    [spell=Fortify] I dont like this spell.. never helped me.

  • Items

    ==> ==> ==> ==> or ==> ==> ==> ==> ==> ==>

    Early Game:


    or (if you didnt have enought money for Large Rod):

    End Game:

    You can change with one of these:

    So we start with wich gives some nice AP, Mp5 and health for low lvls.On 1st back you should buy (will give you mana that you need alot) and x1 HP Pot. On 3rd back you should buy , and if you can finish the (everytime you can use one of ur abilities so you can charge mana, even if there isnt target around you. But dont spamm them! Just use ur Q while your walking to your lane , wait for your mana to recharge and use it again). When you go back to base you should have some gold for . I dont think its a good idea to wait to gain some gold to get since your enemy could do that too , and if you start with the Blasting Land youll have some extra AP and he wont. Finish your , and get 1x , or both if you can, so you can build . Do everyhitng you can to get (it will give you nice HP, AP and another debuff wich can stack to you Q, wich makes ganking even more easy). Finish your for even more AP (Killing becomes even more easy). Get your (It does alot of demage and it has a good 50% slow). The game may end by now but if not, get your wich will give you nice AP thanks to all the mana you got from . And get a defensive item. I choose becouse it gives me both Magic Resist/Armor and may save you ass from being CCed and die.

  • Skilling Order

    Demage (good ganker, not so good survivability):

    External Image

    This Skill order is really good for ganking, you deal awesome demage and still have good speed boos and slow debuff.

    Defensive (good ganker, youll have good survivability, but your E wot deal the same demage as the 1st skill order.

    External Image

  • Pros / Cons

    Good Burst Deamge
    Thanks to his E heal he can stay in lane for long time
    Really good ganker
    It doesnt require alot of skill to play him
    The game is fun with him
    Good shield
    Really low CDs thanks to his passive
    Good farmer

    Needs alof of mana at low lvls
    His ulti range is little and the suppress time is little too

    *Will Update this soon*

  • Working in the team


  • Farming

    Farming is easy with him.. His E is really good farming spell and its healing at same time.Enemy minions are coming in a line, while they are coming you can shoot your E in the direction they are going, something like this:
    External Image

    It will hit awmost all of the minions (maybe it wont hit the last one). Right after you shot it, activate you shield (W)(this way youll get your speed boosts) and go poking them one by one, so you can recharge ur HP, meanwhile your E CD will be over and u can shot it again and the minions will die.At low lvls they might not be dead so you can finish them with ur Q.

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