Skarner Build Guide

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My name is Skarner; The CEO.

written by Esauya

Skarner Build

Table of Contents

  • CEO isn't just a title. It's a way of life.

    First I'd like to thank 2 important people.

    Skead who also has a great guide found here: -I enjoyed his guide. Though it felt as if it lacked any real detail. So I'm making a guide that provides such!-

    I'd also like to thank my friend G0drik who pushed me towards trying a different item scape.

    And now!!!

    So what is Skarner? Well let's talk about what he isn't first.

    He is not so much a Hybrid. He is not a tank. He does not function as an AP carry either. He works best building him as an AD.

    What exactly is Skarner then?

    He is the CEO of your team. He is going to BOSS the side lane, and teach everyone the meaning of what a BOSS is.

    Skarner is a fast attacking Rock Lobster that brings amazing chasing power as well as smart initiation. He is going to sit back and crunch numbers. Specifically he is going to make your team's numbers higher, and the opposing team's numbers more negative. In the world of business; Skarner is nothing but Business. He is THE CEO training your team to be BOSS.

    ---Quick Reference---

    You/Skarner = CEO
    BOSS Company = Your teammates
    LOSS Company = Opposing team

  • Credentials to be a CEO

    For Masteries I take a 9/21/0 build

    This is going to allow you to have the damage reduction required to push out your numbers as well as reduce the ones coming at you.

    As for Runes. You have a choices, but here are my recommended.

    For Marks: Greater Mark of Desolation

    For Seals: Greater Seal of Evasion

    I take Evasion to stack with my [mastery=Evasion] As well as increasing my [mastery=nimbleness]. Adding more chase power along with the obvious defense perks.

    You could take Greater Seal of Resilience. I just find that if I am getting armor it is due to AD. So why not have a chance to negate all damage as well as give a chance to dodge turrets for dives. I understand some AD champs have skills that cannot be dodged. I'm more terrified of the ones that auto attack for damage.

    For Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Shielding

    For Quints: Greater Quintessence of Vigor

    These babies. Oh these sweet babies. These are what pump through your veins and replace all of the blood, sweat, and tears that you pump out in the beginning of establishing your BOSS Company. It's not easy to start ground up. These are going to give you the perseverance to do so.

    Skarner's early game is no where near a CEO or even a BOSS. It is a struggle that is full of being abused. Hopefully you've got a good side lane partner who is investing in The Company as well.

  • Every CEO carries a trump card...or 2!

    I never deviate from these.

    Simple. Straight forward. A CEO has little time to clear distance. He sees the need to jump a gap to get to his objective. That of which, should be, an employee of LOSS Company. This followed by an R is what lets people know. CEO don't mess around.

    I take this spell for one reason. CacaccacaCOMBO BREAKER. Following a with an R, and right as R is about to wear off I will throw exhaust on the target. This is going to almost 80% of the time ensure that guy is about to put money in your company piggy bank and get demoted from LOSS Company....I don't know how that is even possible.

    I'm sure there are other spells that could work. I just don't see the benefits as high as these.

  • Let's check our Inventory

    To complete these items you need to make something important happen. Getting from BOSS to CEO requires you to save an E during early fights to "KS" about 2 kills.

    --A true CEO is going to rush his company into the tri-fecta of all aspects that are required to manage a BOSS Company. There will be a tiny pit stop in between, however, we are going to become a true CEO by getting a Trinity Force--

    (Start) Health Potionx3 and Boots of Speed These are going to get you in and out of trouble. Every CEO needs to be quick on his feet. They will also give you that possible early kill with a good chase.

    Note: You could start with some regen if you are not confident in your ability and or the opposing team has some heavy abuse. I'd suggest a basic Doran's Shield BUT! I recommend boots and potions since you have your Greater Quintessence of Vigor

    (1) Zeal This is the first and most important item to launch yourself. You need to be fast. Fast enough to catch the competition. Fast in the sense of striking. Striking fear into the hearts of LOSS Company employees. You also need to hit hard when it comes to getting up close and personal. It's all a mind game at this point.

    (2) Sheen No true CEO wouldn't want to walk around with out his beat stick. But it isn't for his BOSSES! For he knows that negative reinforcement won't do anything but cause the company to fail. Instead; the CEO uses it to secure his income by tearing through his competition.

    (3) Lunch Break!--- Berserker's Greaves A true CEO strikes swift and hard. Leaving no trace of evidence. Shredding away the dirty paper work and all of the threat notes that LOSS Company has sent to him. ---Back on the Clock!

    (4) Phage The final item before our big pay off. At this point in the game we are definitely encountering the opposing company. Thus we are having to catch, stay on top of, and have to be able to take a beating.

    (5) It. Is. Time. CEEOOOOOOO! Trinity Force. The staple to finishing this build. This is the end all be all. If you get to this item you are with out a doubt a true CEO.

    So why rush a tri-force? Well; it just has everything you need. Giving you the ability to proc your auto attack damage as you are just designed to constantly spam. It gives you the health to deal with the constant beatings you receive. Then it gives you that ZHOOM you need for a few things. I.E Dodging skill shot, catching, running/kiting, and a beautiful R button drag as you bring them twice as far back. It also provides a beautiful slow just for icing on the cake to celebrate the demotion of a LOSS Company employee as they are stoned to death in public by your BOSSES.

    At this point we are done with our "Main" Core. Now it is time to expand the business to ensure that no one dares to bring your stocks down.

    ---So What's Next on the Agenda?---

    -First- Zeal We need to get our second one right away. Once again; this gives us even more chasing power. We need to stay ahead of the competitors and to be able to catch them! Always start with a Dagger.

    -We build STRAIGHT- Phantom Dancer The Dancer is going to allow us to do just that. Dance around LOSS Company. We are going to be able to catch anything we want. With W and my set up. With out team buffs. I hit 528 movement speed. When you R some one and W is activated. They are....well that person has an appointment with BOSS Company, and LOSS Company is going to have to rehire.

    Past this!?

    Who knows! The world is yours. I could suggest a few things.

    --------Decisions. Decisions.--------

    I highly recommend Infinity Edge Since you have all of that crit. Why not?

    Cloak and Dagger Since we don't have any Tenacity. BUT! Why not just get a Banshee's Veil Though you may want to consider this at an earlier point. Maybe before Phantom Dancer, but after Zeal.

    Really; anything defensive is cool. It depends on what is going on. I'd much prefer to go Infinity Edge if it is possible.

    Sunfire Cape Extra damage.
    Frozen Heart Helps with your crummy mana.
    Thornmail Self-explanatory.
    Randuin's Omen Debatable.
    Guardian Angel Debatable
    [item=Force of Nature] You could argue the need for a 4+ AP LOSS Company taking you on. Or for the run speed. However, I'd say just take a Banshee's Veil at that point. You also get all of the run speed you need with your Trinity Force as well as Phantom Dancer

    Ehhhh: Spirit Visage Yes; it does let us eat more HP from our E. However, I find that due to the reduced healing per mark consumed. It doesn't add up to much.

  • What skills does a CEO need to progress first?

    Always Max E. This is your lane stay power, and how you are going to get kills.

    Grabbing Q at rank 4 is essential for getting kills as well as farming your HP back with E.

    W is our secondary due to its amazing buffs. This skill will make sure our CDs keep refreshed. We stay alive while E is down. It is also what makes people realize that the CEO works fast with no delays.

    R is always our priority. This baby is what takes an employee of LOSS Company and demotes them.

    Special note: You cannot E during R. You cannot Flash during R. You can spam Q to damage and slow. You can W to speed yourself up.

  • A CEO must work with his BOSSES to create a BOSS Company

    So here we go. It's time to make your Company truly BOSS.

    My biggest note before anything! You have INSANE chasing power. Do not let it get to your head. ALWAYS see where your Company is on the map. A company does not function with out its BOSSES backing it up.

    As we were.

    A good CEO knows that he must be a decisive striker. Much like Blitzcrank; you excel at starting team fights. The objective is to find a straggler. That one guy from LOSS Company that is really lossing it up. That means he is trying to abuse.

    Don't grab the tank!

    You want to Flash to that target following up with your R and run back as fast as you can by activating W if you didn't have to initially. During this time you want to Smash Q to keep a constant slow on them. Make sure you do not drag them by walls. As most likely they have an escape mechanic.

    If you need to secure the kill. I.E some one like Pantheon, GP, etc. Then follow with that exhaust just in case LOSS Company engages right after. It will make sure they cannot Flash successfully. Nor Ghost. Or re-engage if a team fight starts. MOST of the time I will secure a kill for my BOSSES by doing this. If you cannot start a fight using this tactic. Merely save it for grabbing the carry you need to in the team fight. This will allow you to put them out of doing any damage as well as keeping them in your company's spell spam. Keep in mind that you can also suppress champion's ults such as Kat.

    The most important thing you need to do after your initiation is KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE! so this will be easy. You need to make sure you are spamming E's into the mass and towards the carries. Follow this with your Q spam to eat the marks and slow them down. Always keep your W up to get the cool downs going as well as making sure you don't retire early.

    If you are not hitting a spell every .5 seconds. You are not a worthy CEO. End game this becomes very easy to do. However, mid-game it can be a tad bit difficult.

    ALWAYS use your E over a re-Q unless they do not have the debuff for the slow.

    *You MUST make use of you Trinity Force Always find the time to auto-attack in between it all. Some times you can't. But most of the time you should be set up to do so.

    Come END END game. You are with out a doubt a CEO. It is just a spree of spamming spells and keeping E as your priority on targets.

    ALSO REMEMBER! Trinity Force Proc this baby in intervals of skills to push turrets HARD! Heroes like AP TF isn't the only one with a "trick or two up his sleeve."

    *Get Creative with your R*

    I've done so many fun things such as seeing a Pantheon ult coming down for a gank. While I just stood on the outer rim ready to take some fall damage. Pressing W right as that damage was about to hit. Then grabbing him before he could even stun.

    Just think of your R as.... Well. You're a Mother Owl. Swooping down at innocent rodents. Taking them back to your baby birds to make them grow up strong and healthy.....They just so happen to still be breathing while you bring them back to be eaten alive.

  • No business can survive if a CEO doesn't fill those pockets

    E should always be lined up with Skarner in the middle of the melee creep line. If you can get this shot as the creeps are walking and in a straight single file line (Silly Elementary Schoolers never graduated to become CEO's) that's even better! Most of the time I'll see that I can E, run back, Q, hit the first 2 casters, turn and hit the middle melee, turn back around and get the last caster. I almost always ensure 3-4 creeps.

    I find that if I can get behind the enemy casters I get even more bang for my buck!

    During this time we want to run smack dab in the middle and give a good Q pound to get all of our hp as well as getting the creeps down to 1 shots. Just pick your targets thereafter based off of what your creep line is doing. For the CEO must keep an eye on what his slaves are doing. They are drones and don't always like to follow the rules.

    This is my basic farming strategy. I just E, Q, Smash face. If I know I am secure I will use W to help me smash my claws into some creeps. I don't really double Q. I find that it may put me at risk of mana issues.

  • You're ready to be a CEO

    Being a CEO comes down to a few things.

    You start your company ground up by playing it safe. Once you establish a foot....or 8 in the ground. Then you'll take some chances. Once these chances have paid off; you will fill that piggy bank up to start investing. Once invested; you will feed your employees so that they become BOSSES. Then it is all about letting the other company know one thing. They are LOSS Company.

    Welcome to BOSS Company Mr./Mrs. CEO.


    I just wanted to get this base guide out. I will be adding more info. Please comment and give me feedback.

    If anyone can test the base build, and make replacements in terms of what they think are good alternatives....Do it!

    PLEASE! Don't break the scientific method! 1 game doesn't count. There are always multiple compositions. Different players on your team and theirs. We need to try something over and over and see what overall gives the best results. 1 build isn't always going to win out in every game. The point is to find what works majority of the time.


    As a closing statement I'd like to say this. Every time a new hero comes out; everyone tries to find a way to rig them as a carry. I.E Leona with a Lich Bane. Or Mord going Spell Vamp. Why? It's the same reason why MMOs always lack tanks/healers. People want numbers. They want to see their name as the one that killed something. They feel more accomplished. Yet this would never happen with out that hero who has assists by their name. We often look at the KdR of games and judge players by that. Stop trying to make something that isn't meant to be. It's an identity crisis. Skarner has amazing mid-game killing power to late-game staying power. Accept that your role needs to shift. That you'll most likely even out, maybe be a few kills ahead of deaths. If you have all of the kills and your team isn't exactly whooping their tails to where they are going to /surrender at 20. Then you are going to lose the game for your team. A smart team would look at the comp and see that you're in the lead and stick around knowing they'll win out. It's like seeing a Tryn/Yi and knowing that you better have good counters or put them so far under that the team wants to give up. That or winning stupid fast.

    Take a bullet. Be a true CEO. Let your BOSSES be BOSSES end game. You get to be your own BOSS Mid-game after you've started your business early game by playing smartly. Then end game; be that CEO.

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