Poppy Build Guide

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Carry-kill Poppy. How I instagib.

written by crayonofdeath

Poppy Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Valiant Fighter
    Poppy has one of the best passives in the game. This will save you from being finished off by a nuke or skillshot. Basically, the damage from any big nuke will be cut in half. Combined with your high movement speed, poppy is great is escaping ganks and outrunning chasers.

    Devastating Blow
    Here's your big nuke. Once you get a sheen, this should be hitting squishies for 1/3-1/4 of their hp. Also great for last-hitting creeps and killing neutral monsters. Doesn't work on structures. Once you have triforce, blue/red buffs and dragon die very quickly if you spam this.

    Paragon of Demacia
    This baby is the reason you won't need ghost or flash..combined with movespeed quints and a triforce, you will outrun even singed. Also, the damage and armor are quite considerable.

    Heroic Charge
    How you use this is what separates a good poppy player from an excellent one. Take some time to get the hang of this ability. Stunning a carry early in a teamfight can allow you to burst them down before they even get to unload their kit. Poppy excels at fighting in the jungle, because there are so many surfaces to charge people into.

    Diplomatic Immunity
    There are really 3 uses for this ability. 1. You focus someone and unload your entire combo, using the bonus damage to instantly kill them. 2. You use this to towerdive a champion so you are immune to the tower hits. 3. You cast this on a support or someone without cc, so that you can stick to the other team's carry without being cc'd.

  • Introduction:

    Hi guys! This is my first guide, and it's a work in progress. I'm an experienced LoL player with about 850 normal wins to 800 losses.

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