Janna Build Guide

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Rider on the soloqueue storm

written by rumples

Janna Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    0 cs support can be a miserable experience in soloqueue. If you get stuck with a fail lanemate you might be better off trying to fit the corner of your keyboard into your eyesocket. This guide is the result of my persistent experimentation with ways to increase your influence on the game as Janna without sacrificing your support abilities.The only real difference here from a standard setup is the runes/masteries and logic behind them, so if your in a hurry jump to there.

  • Abilities

    best passive evar

    Howling Gale
    one point wonder that does suprising amounts of damage early on.

    dont cast it unless your prepared to lose the ghost effect and speed buff

    Eye Of The Storm
    max first always.

    teamfight reset with a decent heal.

  • skill order

    standard R>E>W>Q
    taking shield first unless your level one teamfighting, in which case take howling gale.
    after getting one point in each skill follow the priority above. It's not a terrible idea to leave Q at level one for the entire game. The damage is negligible with this build past early game and leveling it only increases your mana cost.

  • Masteries

            My masteries
    A lot of 0 cs Janna builds call for magic pen which is fairly worthless. Unless your building AP this will do next to nothing for you other than very early on. Janna happens to have The highest natural manapool in the game (unless a very recent champion beat her) This makes strength of spirit very powerful on her. Standard 21 in utility.

  • Runes

    As a support your either going to be A) with a lanepartner B)rushing to help with fights/warding. This makes scaling runes much worse on them then on other roles because you will never be at a level advantage. This rune/mastery setup effectively gives you
    1)great earlygame mana regen. (After the nerf to scaling seals they dont even out with flats until 6 or 7 now, by which time the dominant lane has already won)
    2) great lategame mana regen (per level quints were never touched by the nerf and are severely overlooked)
    3)19.4 mr, 14.2 armor and more than enough health regen

    and what did we trade for all this from a standard setup?
    1)9 flat magic pen and 15%
    2)archaic knowledge
    3)9 cdr

    of those three I really only miss the cooldowns, but cdr is extremely easy to itemize for.

  • item build

    *remember to always leave yourself a slot for wards when shopping. I typically put them off until i have my philo stone since its your only real source of income and getting it early is very important.

    start with
    get aasap
    followed by

    That is your core build, and games tend to end before much else, but here are some good routes afterword
    if your team is kicking ass and you just need more regen for those sustained pushes
    [item_icon=eleisa's miracle]Works well also if enemy CC is problematic
    If the game is in a boring stalemate you can hold on to your philo longer for the gold generation for badass aura items

    [item_icon=stark's fervor]
    occasionally ill opt for
    but that really only happens when youve basically won already anyway.

  • strategy

     There's a few key things I think are vital to learning Janna that I've broken down into sections here. While her skillset looks simple, optimizing it's usage can prove challenging.

    Shield usage

    Eye of the storm gives the target more effective health than Nidalee's heal(which I'm pretty sure is the strongest in the game) in both base and scaling AND costs less mana. But this is only relevant if they take damage. For this reason it is much more difficult to use effectively than a heal. 

    So how do you time a pre-emptive sustain? Like many other things in the game you have to be able to read the enemy's intentions. Generally people are going to attack the squishiest target they can reach. In laning phase keeping positioning and skill ranges in mind will help you predict incoming harassment and when your lanepartner is attempting some (both cases warranting a shield).   A good enemy will try to trick you into wasting your shield before harassing, so it's usually best to time it right before damage is taken. 

    It's also important to be conscious of is how your shield will act on different targets. Sure the white bar looks the same on everyone, but it will last WAY longer on the tank than on TF. While saving lives is always priority, when on the offensive you should keep it on your AD champions as much as possible to help with damage output. When pushing turrets remember that your ally with the highest attack speed will do the most damage to it with your shield. Usage of it on your own turret can be useful to block minimal early game pokes, but other than that is pointless.
    One last thing to remember is that sometimes people are just plain screwed. is your teemo ignited with 100 life with 4 people closing in on him? just let him die, you cannot save him anyways. 

    zephyr usage

    puting this ability on cooldown is a tradeoff. The ghost effect and speed boost are vital to survival. Just be weary of how fast you can move once it is used, and DONT use it when you're in the center of an enemy minion pile :) 

    howling gale usage 

    If you find yourself with lots of mana to spare in lane (usually the result of passive enemies) place gales in the bush aimed either diagnally across the lane or through both bushes (This lets you minimize the damage it does to minions to keep from pushing the lane). watching their movement patterns will help you judge where to aim it. The awesome thing about howling gale is that you have the 5 second window to release it, allowing you to both wait for them to pass through its path, and be somewhere else entirely when you let it go. If you know you can hit a squishy with a fully charged one lay into them with everything you have and they will likely die provided your carry is paying any attention. Don't let your zephyr hit them until they've landed to maximize cc time. Past laning phase don't even bother letting it charge all the way up, just let it go as soon as you drop it. The only exception would be trying to clear a minion wave that is beating on tower.

    monsoon usage 

    I think this is the most difficult to use ability in the game, at least when it comes to teamfights.Here are things to consider before using it

    ~health and position of all 10 champions (since pushing low health enemies away can be bad, even if your trying to save your own) This is really what's so challenging about it, you need to decide in a split second if your team is winning the fight or not. 

    ~placement: another option is to move toward the back of your team to avoid using the knockback on the enemy while still healing everyone. This can work great but people can easily move out of it if theyre not paying much attention to you or chasing an enemy.

    ~any CC's that could disrupt you is vital to avoid. Using it in a brush can be helpful with this.

    ~the direction everyone will fly when you let it rip. Sometimes using it offensively is an option i.e. pushing enemies into your tower or back at the team. Generally you only want to do this if they're trying to escape. Doing so on a full health enemy team is likely suicide.

    ~channel time: droping a q or a shield right before starting the channel is usually a good idea because if you decide to use the full channel you can't do so during it. Just shield your most hurt ally beforehand.

    ~if you're considering using it to simply top off a half health team so they can push/baron it's usually good to type it out "group for heal" so people don't wander away from it. wait for any healing debuffs to clear first also.

    Game strat

    Make your first priority in lane establishing trust with your lanemate, by that I mean make them confident in your ability to protect them and provide the CC. Timing abilities becomes infinitely easier if you know they wont hesitate to follow up on your actions. This setup makes you amazingly tanky for the first few minutes of the game, take advantage of that. If you're laning with a really squishy partner (which you should be in a decent team comp) Position yourself so that you're a slightly easier to reach target than them. Its easier to support by keeping the enemy off of them and showing your partner that you're willing and able to both CC them and take the brunt of their attacks. Trade the mana cost of your shield to negate their harassment and poke them as much as possible. Punish them heavily for physical attacks by CCing them so that they take minion hits longer. If you find that your carry simply refuses to play aggressively just take it easy, no reason to waste mana and risk your ass. When you have enough gold for a philo stone go buy it if it is safe to do so. In a worst case scenario of deaths in your lane and being behind levels, you will at least have the regen and survivability necessary to be useful to your lanepartner, whereas a pure perlevel setup janna would probably be crying.  

    As you move into mid game your beefyness will taper off a bit until you pick up your aegis, keep that in mind. once you have aegis I want you to notice a couple things: 1) how much more effective your shield become on people, even though you haven't bought any ap. 2) How people are more likely to group up to take advantage of it. This is excellent because a well played Janna can easily fascilitate a midgame win. This is when you are strongest, right when shield hits lvl 5 and you have aegis. Don't be afraid to get right up front and chain cc the enemy if you're winning the fight.

    A couple final things to keep in mind: past early game you will have NO DAMAGE at all. Your Q and W are purely for CC purposes with the exception of a runner with a couple hundred hp. Experiment with leaving Q at lvl 1 ALL game to save on the mana cost. I think it's worth doing. 
    It's important to make the distinction early on in the game who your key players are. If you have carries that arent pulling their weight you need to triage your support onto those that will help you win the game.

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