Kassadin Build Guide

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Alt-Tab guide to Kassadin, the void walker.

written by Duuuuurrr

Kassadin Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Null Sphere
    On 1,3,5,8,10 levels.

    Nether Blade
    On 13,14,15,17,18 levels.

    Force Pulse
    On 2,4,7,9,12 levels.

    On 6,11,16 levels.

  • How to contact me

    [email protected] Send me any information, questions and other, so i can improve my guide. Do this BEFORE voting. Thank you.

  • Introduction

    My first and the last guide on my favourite video game character i ever played.
    If you want to start playing better try this on.
    This guide is concise, to have fun reading walls of texts check this nice guide out.
    Special thanx to this dota guide.

    By the way, english is not my mother tongue. Get ready to see unreadable texts.

  • Build order

    -Mana Crystal
    -2 health pots
    First to get:

    -Sorcerer shoes. (No shoes? You will be called noob. But not more than one shoe, either you have two feet.)
    -Rod of ages. (Only if you start with catalyst. Else goto: X1)
    -Rabbadons hat. (Right after catalyst/ROA and sorcerer)
    -Hour glass. (after this item your AP will be trying to pour out from all the holes of your body, so use your E to farm creep camps and lane creeps in one skill.)
    -Banchee's veil. (as a possible substitution to RoA, should be finished after rabbadon or hour glass)
    Lich bane. (Baller item. I usually take it after the last AP item (at least after hour glass and Roa/B'sV) to take it's maximum effectivness, but if you think you know the shit better than me you can go for it anytime you want.)

    -Abyssal Scepter. (In case if 4 or more enemies are mages.)
    -Morello's evil tome. (Only when you are not the one who gets blue buff)
    -Void staff. (When 3 or more enemies stack MR)
    -Deathfire grasp. (Watch out for enemies with banchee's veil)
    -You can also take Mejai anytime you want to be badass as hell. (I usually take it before rabaddon, if i managed to get early kill(s), and(or) my team doesn't suck)

    Your core allows you to have one situational item. So be wise.

  • Tips and tricks for Kassadin

    -Mid lane: Your Q has pretty big range, you can throw it on your opponent before lasthit, anytime he lasthits, and just anytime. If you feel bad - use it for lasthits, but in this case it would be better to switch with somebody, so they won't claim you failed the game, because you fed on mid.
    -Side lane: Stay alive. Try to get all the experience you can. Don't bother lasthitting every creep.
    -Farm: at X lvl of your E, not on cooldown, you can go to Y and farm it with your "power all around you". (X and Y comes with experience. After rabbadon/hourglass you can beat the shit out of creeps on another level. But don't forget that you are not a farming champion, your mission is to be badass.)
    -How to kill:
    R on head, Q E W (to lower cooldown on E), step away to be out of his attack range, wait for cooldowns back, dont forget to R on head again, Q, ... Until he dies.
    They are squishier but damage dealers are more fearsome than melee AD or MR stackers. So R (maybe on head), Q E W (to lower cooldown on E) and if he is very dangerous ADer use flash if needed to be out of range, wait for Q back, dont forget to R (on head) again, Q, and you should kill him. if not - depends on situation. It's a good idea to silence casters from distance, before rifting in.
    -How to play with team: You are assassin. Not carry. Not caster. Don't forget it. And he is not an assassin like Irelia. More like Akali. I hope you understand, else you are noob, uninstall League of Legends.
    -How to act in teamfights: Stay behind your tank (or anyone, who is "cannon fodder"), use your Q to interrupt someone's ultimates (Katarina), or to silence dangerous casters (Malzahar, Karthus). No such targets? Then go for stunners, disablers, ect. Don't forget about E. Rift back (Flash) and use (or not) cleanise if you are focused. You should survive this bloodbath to pick up kills after the battle and claim yourself pro 2k elo.
    -The more you know:
    Your power is surprise + R Q E and get out of enemy range.
    Stack more AP.
    If you feel you can't shoot somebody without taking some damage from enemies - better you don't do that.
    You can take instead of cleanise something else, and buy Quicksilver's sash. But i'm not so homo to do this.

    Tips and tricks for champions of your class:
    -After shopping, if you have free money, one or two wards would be great investment. But don't overdo warding.
    -Don't be Rambo. (going 1 vs n (n>=2), towerdiving vs disablers, ect). Of cource, depends on situation. The more games you play with kassadin - the better you play with him (Capitan Obvious).
    -Any time you see enemy does something wrong (acts like noob, dies, takes free damage) tell your opponents something that lowers their morale. In some cases they will play worse, feed, act like children - you won this one.

  • FAQ

    -Cleanise and Flash?
    Cleanise + Flash not on cooldown = Free to use R for damage, not only escape.
    -Why not Boots of lucidity?
    Because you are not AP carry. Sorcerer provides you greater burst damage, that's what you need.
    -Why not Will of the ancients?
    Because your mission is to pop out of nowhere, deal damage, disappear. You don't need health regen on the battlefield, because you shouldn't be there for too long.
    -Why not AD items?
    Because AD is for ranged carries.
    -Why not Armor/MR items?
    Because with ultimate like this, you are not supposed to tank much damage. RoA or Banchee's veil is enough.
    -Why not Archangel's staff?
    Because. X1: Better to take rabaddon (mejai) earlier. Taking it instead of Roa/B'sV is a bad idea, because you will have not enough survivability. And taking it later means you won't be able to stack it. But even if you will, i think huge mana pool does not worth of one free slot in late game. Better in late game to take some crazy shit like warmog (seriously, i hope you guys don't do this).
    -Can i build kassadin mix AD and AP?
    Yes. But i doubt of it's efficiency. This build looks much better on Jax, who got natural dodge and magic resistance.
    -Can i jungle?
    Yes. But i doubt of it's efficiency.
    -Should i buy mana pots?
    No. Better take care of your health.
    -When should i go gank?
    When you see that enemy health will perish from your combo, and when your creepwave is not under tower(but if you think enemies are too noob for writing "miss" you can leave your lane at any time). Don't go from one side lane to another.

  • Never

    Seriously, you are the only champion, who can affofd this.

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