Lux Build Guide

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Lux, Pew Pew Lazers

written by anthraxide

Lux Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Lux is an extremely fun champion who's somewhat underrated in my opinion. She's got great burst, great range, and some added utility too. This guide will be showing you how I play Lux and hopefully give you guys some insight on this very fun champion ^^ My first guide, i saw the Fotm event so i decided to make a guide on my favourite champion :D Hope this helps all my fellow Lux Players

  • Masteries + Runes

    I run heavy AP per level runes to maximize my burst potential. If you're a smart player and utilize her range with some good positioning you should rarely get caught / killed unless the enemy team makes it there job to dive you and take you out of the game which normally doesn't happen anyways hah.


    Masteries: Standard 9/0/21 for most AP carries.

  • Items





  • Skilling Order

    I usually start with one point in Q if I believe they will harass our jungler, or if you plan to level 1 fight. So most of the time I will leave it unskilled until something happens or if I think somethings going to happen. If nothing happens I prefer to start with E first. I think it makes last hitting a lot easier and it's a much more viable harass / poke for the lane.

    So basically Q if you plan on fighting early, E if you plan on going right to lane.

    So my normal lane build would be..

    E,Q,E,W,E,R - Now I get 1 point in W because you never know when a shield is gonna come in handy to save an ally or yourself. After that I max E, then max Q, getting R whenever I can, then finishing off W for my last skill points.

    I find this maximizes my DPS and any AP I get buffs my level one W shield up enough that it feels viable and I don't need to get any more points into it.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Summoner Spels:

    A lot of people give me crap about taking ignite/flash on her because when they watch me play I don't really use ignite that much outside of the laning phase. Well ignite gets you early kills and adds to her already fantastic damage output. Picking up early kills can snowball you to victory as Lux's late game is EXTREMELY powerful. So the quicker you get her farmed the better.

    Also when getting dived ignite can help you end someone quickly, or just in general if you're out of spells ignite can pick up kills. I always run it on her because I really feel like it does a lot to help her overall game.

    Flash is self explanatory.

  • Build Example

    I find rushing a philo stone to be the best option on her. I used to get 2x philo on her but since the change there isn't much point. One philo will be fine for your lane hp/mana regen.

    From there I grab boots a amp tome right into mejais. You might ask why mejais but picking up stacks on Lux is extremely easy. With her range you pick up kills/assists almost without even trying. Popping W on someone also picks up stacks. So in a team fight hit your team with W, spam your offensive spells as best you can. If your team won the fight you literally come out with 4-5+ stacks a team fight at the least. If you picked up some kills you can be getting 6-8 stacks a team fight which is A LOT of AP to have early.

    Make sorc boots right after, the spell pen on her high base damage really makes her burst hurt early.

    After the mejais I rush Deathcap because well it's awesome. Your burst after finishing DCap will be noticeably higher. Now you might say "Well no shit Elementz! It's got huge AP on it!" Thing is though Lux's AP ratio's are very nice. So combined with her base damage + AP scaling + added DCap AP = Z O M G Burst.

    Void after DCap is very standard. It gives you all the penetration you'll need to take down almost anyone.

    Lichbane is for that added burst. One auto attack + her passive + Lichbane proc = can you guess? Z O M G more Burst! Lichbane also gives you that much needed movement speed for you to kite people around and get into the right positions to crush people.

    Lastly I like to get a Rylai's. Now some people like to get WOA(Wraith of the Ancients) or a Hourglass but I prefer the Rylai's for the HP / AP / and most of all the slow. It adds to your kiting kit which I just love. You don't need to press Hourglass if you're playing properly and staying way far in the back. You don't need the spell vamp if you're sitting in the back blowing up people. So as long as you can continue to kite you can stay alive. Now this is more of a personal choice as kiting does require skill and WOA or Hourglass are the safer options if you're not so good at kiting / positioning but try all three of them out and decide which one you like the best!

  • Pros / Cons


    - Extremely high burst
    - Good mobility
    - Allows you to sit back and pick up kills with ease (aka lots of fun!)
    - Can carry games easily when played correctly
    - Farms well


    - Weak laning phase
    - Very squishy
    - Will take time to learn how to avoid fighting and pew pew from a distance
    - Lacks survivability
    - Blue/Golem dependent
    - Low CDR for her high CD's

  • Creep Jungling

    Last hitting on Lux is easy with E. Press E on wave when they have taken a bit of damage, pick up easy last hits with your auto attack + passive.

    With this build you'll have a lot of AP so E will eventually be able to clear waves so farming ain't that hard to do on Lux with this build.

  • Working in the team

    As I said through-out this whole guide. Sit back, spam spells as soon as you possibly can.

    You can even start fights with Lux. Her Q range is so long that if you catch someone you can combo them and your team can follow up with easy making for 4v5 fights.

    And remember!! SIT BACK! Positioning is KEY! Don't go in and take damage when you have no need too! Your range is ridiculous use it to your advantage!

  • Unique Skills

    There's two great ways to pick up easy kills with Lux.

    1) Ward enemy jungle/CV. Your ultimate does a lot of damage. If you see someone low in the jungle from a ward or a CV don't be afraid to walk over and fire that Lazer of death.

    2) Now this is my favorite one :p

    Just like how Ashe and other champions have globals who can fire their stuff or jump into lanes to help out Lux has a similar ability. You merely walk half way or so down the river and you can freely fire that Lazer of yours and pick up kills / assists on Champions who are a bit low. You don't even have to fully leave your lane and you can assist other lanes.

    So if you see someone low in bot or top lane, don't be afraid to walk over introduce your Lazer to their faces (:3)

  • Abilities

    This adds a decent amount of damage early game to help your harass and killing power. Your spell damage sucks anyways, so its a good thing you have this. Late game it also adds a bit of oomph to your Finales Funkeln if you can tag them with another spell first.

    Light Binding
    This is your double snare, single (kind of double) target nuke, and the spell you will generally lead with. It will be mostly a snare early game, but late game it will pack a decent amount of damage.

    Prismatic Barrier
    This in an AOE skillshot shield. Due to being a skillshot and its short duration, it can be a bit hard to use. However, its great during team fights, nullifying dots, mitigating damage during dragon/baron, and reducing poke damage. In my opinion, this becomes one of the best shields in the game.

    Lucent Singularity
    This is your AOE nuke, slow, and bush-checker. It does solid damage and has a lot of utility in addition. This will also be your primary farming tool.

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    An AOE long ranged line nuke. This is pretty much what defines Lux. It actually isn't that good early game- it has a long cooldown and only mediocre damage, and rarely will you get more than one target to hit with it. It will mostly be for that extra burst or clutch snipe. Lategame however, pew pew lazers with 40 cd @.@ everyone will fear you.

  • Summary

    Overall Lux is champion that requires a lot of time to fully understand but in the end I think it's worth it for the fun factor. If you overcome the weak laning phase, and can successfully make it into mid/late game the fun will be there I promise :p

    I hope you guys enjoyed this guide on Lux.

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