Olaf Build Guide

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You can't 1 vs 1 me! (3 routes jungle guide)

written by DemonHawk

Olaf Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi this is Demonhawk and today I will be teaching you, how to play Olaf, the fearless one.

    I play Olaf as a jungler. His jungle speed is amazing. His ganks aren't the best due to his lack of ensured CC and/or gap closure, but if you do manage to get to your foe you will be putting out a lot of damage with your auto-attacks. The only problem is that your weak against counter junglers. But that weakness can be easily vanquished if you follow a few of my tips and tricks!

    I find that building Olaf with a good mix of offensive/defensive items is best.

    So, what exactly does this certain "Olaf" champion do? Well, simply put, he's a tanky melee carry who can rush into battle safely ignoring all form of damage & CC while putting out TONS of his own damage. For more information on the mindset of Olaf, check out that section in this guide!

    As a quick note, you can see that this guide took me a LOT of time to make. So I'd really appreciate all forms of feedback and I hope that you can link your Olaf-playing friends this guide as well if you like it.

  • Abilities

    Berserker Rage
    This is what makes Olaf such a crazy champion and adds to his jungle clearance speed! If you ever get locked in a 1 v 1 confrontation against someone who is equally or more or less farmed as you then remember to keep on fighting no matter how low you are. With this + your Vicious Strikes you will be able to output lots of damage while being low and regenerate tons of HP as well. All in all, this is an awesome attribute to Olaf's damage and survivability.

    This ability is great... Simply awesome. Why exactly? Not only does it slow & damage in an AoE line but it can be picked up to refresh most of it's CD. That's exactly why this skill is absolutely beast when your trying to go for a very quick jungle clearance. If you look at my jungle route #3, you will see how do I clear the jungle super duper fast using this skill to it's maximum effect. Other than that, it's very good for escaping/chasing and simply putting out damage...

    It has good synergy with Vicious Strikes and Ragnorak, simply because the former gives him bonus AD which enhances this skills damage while the latter gives him free armor penetration which benefits this skill as well.

    I like to max this ability first. I put points in this ability depending on my jungle route. If you use jungle route #1 and #2, then go with the levels:

    2, 4, 7, 8, 9

    If your using jungle route #3, then I recommend:

    1, 3, 4, 8, 9

    Vicious Strikes
    This is what gives Olaf the ability to sustain in fights and jungle without giving up on DPS. So it's basically a all-around steroid skill that provides HP regeneration through lifesteal and spell vamp. The lifesteal can be proc'd through auto-attacks, whereas the spell vamp helps you regenerate HP by damaging enemies with Undertow and Smite. Finally, this skill also adds free damage that scales off of a percentage of your Max HP.

    All in all, this is one great ability, but not worth maxing out first or second (Wriggle's Lantern will generally support you with enough lifesteal and damage to minions). If your using Jungle route #1 and #2, then level this up at:

    1, 3, 15, 17, 18

    For jungle route #3:

    2, 7, 15, 17, 18

    Reckless Swing
    This is probably Olaf's most signature ability besides his ultimate. It's a simple single-target burst that goes through all forms of damage mitigation (armor/MR or w/e) but scales only with level and therefore has a limit to it, which is 340 true damage. The problem with this skill however, is that it hits you as well for some recoil true damage which is a lot lower than the damage your enemy takes.

    Early game I don't find this ability to be necessary. However, you want it to have some points mid-late game since the damage on it is simply amazing and too important for it go amiss. For jungle route #1 and #2, put points in levels:

    5, 10, 12, 13, 14

    If your taking jungle route #3:

    5, 10, 12, 13, 14

    This is what gives Olaf the ability to rush into battle fearlessly. It basically renders you immune too all forms of CC (not specific debuffs like Mordekaiser's ultimate, etc.) and take reduced total damage from all sources. I say total damage since the reduction is based on how much damage would you take from a certain source in total for one whole application. That means that if Mordekaiser uses his ultimate on you, you will take all in all a flat amount of less damage then you would've without the ultimate.

    As an ultimate skill, I level this up whenever possible, that's to say at levels 6, 12 and 18.

  • Summoner spells

    So, what summoner spells are viable for him and what are not?


    Smite: Absolutely necessary if your jungling. Do not underestimate it's power. Also, I'd like to note that if you use smite while your Vicious Strikes is during activation status, you will benefit from the spell vamp and regenerate some HP. This is a very important thing to realize when jungling, and it can often save your life if you're somehow dying and are near minions/monsters. Smite can also be used against Tibbers (Annie's ultimate skill) and other pets, but not clones (Shaco's ultimate, etc.)

    Ghost: Really useful since Olaf does not posses any movement speed buffer or any form of gap closure. It also makes for an excellent escape tool.

    Flash: Another good alternative for Ghost, but I prefer not to take this over Ghost simply because Olaf does not posses any reliable CC and/or gap closure/movement speed buffer. Flash is still a good choice though.


    Cleanse: It's pretty good since your ultimate does not remove the current CC that your under, but all the CC applied afterward. Therefore, it's generally a good idea to get into battle, and use Cleanse + ultimate just as soon as your enemies start focusing you to catch them off-guard.

    Exhaust: Really helps when trying to catch up towards your target, and the extra armor reduction from your masteries is very helpful in order to maximize the damage dealt to that said target.

    Ignite: It's OK, but not absolutely necessary since your more of a DPS than a burst champion (meaning that you won't be in situations where you just unloaded your burst damage and then found yourself unable to finish the enemy without Ignite).

    Teleport: Excellent choice if your taking a solo lane. Lane Olaf is all about getting the gold from farming early game, and Teleport simply allows you to get to your lane a lot faster and it's useful if your planning to backdoor/solo push late game.

    [spell=Fortify]: Not a bad choice if your going for a... Super crazy jungle speed on Olaf. But then again, it's important to have something like Ghost/Flash to back you up when your jungling... So yeah. It's not too bad in lane either... It might help.


    Heal: Bah... Olaf already has lifesteal to give him sustained heal... And generally if your in a fight where you need to regenerate HP really fast you can just activate your Ult + W to regenerate massive amounts of HP really quickly thanks to your passive. All in all this spell sucks on Olaf.

    Clarity: When you're laning your only harassing method is your axe throw (Undertow). That skill takes some good amount of mana. But even then, I don't think that alone is a good reason for you to actually go for something cheesy like Clarity over other spells that might be far more useful on your late game.

    [spell=Rally]: You're a chaser without hard CC, meaning that you won't be pinning down your enemy to one single spot and killing them there. You will be moving a lot during combat and therefore you will generally end up going far away from your flag and not receive any bonuses from it. That being said, Rally is just a shit spell and should not be taken anyways.

    Revive: Why are you even thinking about dying???

    Clairvoyance: Waste of a Summoner Spell spot on Olaf in my opinion. You don't absolutely need vision on the map as other people do (like say Nocturne). Just buy wards if you need to keep track of dragon/buffs/baron and other stuff like that.

  • Rune page setup #1

    This the best setup if your looking for better overall damage output rather then having a faster jungle clearance. I'd recommend this build if your using the item build #1 and the jungle route #2 and #3.

    Greater Mark of Alacrity x9
    Greater Seal of Resilience x9
    Greater Glyph of Alacrity x9 OR Greater Glyph of Focus x9
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3

    As you can see these runes help me jungle fast while maintaining extra armor to survive in the jungle as well.

  • Rune page setup #2

    This one offers you the best total damage against champions and better resistances but overall you become somewhat slower in the jungle. Also, you cannot do the route #2 with these runes since you won't have the extra ASPD and/or CDR reduction. However, all in all, this rune set paired up with item build #2 gives you the BEST late game in terms of overall survivability and damage.

    Greater Mark of Desolation x9
    Greater Seal of Resilience x9
    Greater Glyph of Shielding x9
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3

    Very standard rune set as you can see.

  • Masteries #1

    19/0/11 for maximum offense in the jungle


    Tier 1: Crit. Chance x3 + Improved Smite x1
    Tier 2: CDR x3 + Attack Speed x4
    Tier 3: Armor pen. x3 + dmg. on minions x2
    Tier 4: AD x3




    Tier 1: Death time reduction x3 + Improved Ghost x1 (if your taking ghost, otherwise take 1 point in bonus HP/mana regen.)
    Tier 2: Extra XP x4
    Tier 3: Gold/10 x1 + Neutral buff duration x2

  • Masteries #2

    This 0/21/9 setup is a bit more defensive, yet it allows you to jungle efficiently.




    Tier 1: Armor x3 + MR x3
    Tier 2: HP regen/Max mana x3 + Dodge x2
    Tier 3: Minion damage reduction x2 + physical damage reduction x3
    Tier 4: Bonus HP x4 (take Cleanse if you're laning with it)
    Tier 5: --
    Tier 6: % damage reduction


    Tier 1: Death timer x3 + Improved Ghost x1 (if your taking ghost, otherwise take 1 point in bonus HP/mana regen.)
    Tier 2: Bonus XP x4
    Tier 3: Improved neutral buff duration x1

    This set is great if your following jungle route #1 and #3 and if your carrying the rune set #2.

  • How to use Olaf's Q: Undertow

    Let's have an in-dept view of Olaf's first skill, Undertow.

    First things first, let's mention its stats. Undertow deals 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 (+0.5 per attack damage) physical damage in a line. Enemies struck by this skill are 24 / 28 / 32 / 36 / 40 % slower for 2.5 seconds. This skill costs 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 mana. It's cooldown is 10 seconds. Once it's been thrown, the axe will be stuck on the ground and Olaf may pick it up to refresh 6 seconds of it's cooldown.

    So let's see why is this skill is so important. To start off, it's your only ranged skill. It's also your only natural CC, even though it's a simply slow. The damage on it is pretty nice considering that it's an AoE (although it doesn't scale too well). The best part is that you can pick up, making it amazing when chasing and jungling. If you max it quickly enough you can also use it to farm large minion waves simply by throwing it, picking it up and throwing it again 'till the minions are down. All in all, I really find that this skill should be maxed first because the base damage on it is really great and Olaf can make use of it's slow to gank.


    1- Fast jungle clearance: Since it's AoE you can use it to hit all the creatures in a camp if you aim well. You can then pick it up to refresh it's cooldown and throw it again for AoE damage. Because Vicious Strikes grants you Spell vamp on its active stat, you do heal off from it just by hitting enemies with the axe while your under Vicious Strikes effect.

    2- Quick minion farming: As mentioned above, it's AoE and spammable if you can grab the axe.

    3- Chasing: The slow on it helps when chasing down foes, and because you'll generally be following that said enemy you can easily pick it up on your way without having to interrupt your damage output.

    4- Team fight AoE: It can help your tank initiate a fight by letting him catch up to overextended enemies, and since its AoE damage/slow it can successfully hinder all of the enemy members if you do manage to get everyone from it.

    5- Escaping: The slow on it makes from the "throwing time". So, it's always great to throw it behind you when escaping. Just make sure that you do hit the enemies and that you don't miss. Otherwise it would be just a simple waste of time.

    6- Checking brushes/FoW: If the axe lands somewhere that small area will be revealed for a brief second, generally it allows you to see if an enemy is camping at a brush if you throw it well into it.

  • How to use Olaf's W: Vicious Strikes

    Some say that this is Olaf's bread and butter skill.

    Upon activation, Olaf gains 7 / 14 / 21 / 28 / 35 attack damage (+1% of his Max. HP) and 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 % lifesteal/spellvamp. It's cooldown is 12 seconds and it costs 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 mana.

    It's a very great spell all in all, but I choose not to max it first simply because you can get away without having to rely on it's stats when your jungling. The flat damage it provides is not that comparable to the damage you get from having high HP and the lifesteal/spellvamp on it isn't necessary once you purchased a Wriggle's Lantern. So, I just find that it's a whole lot better to max out other skills before you go too far with this one. Yes, yes I know it's a very good skill when your 1 vs 1. But still.

    Actually, the only time it's worth maxing out early is if your laning, in which case this skill is a must in order to gain back HP a lot quicker.


    1- Survivability: The lifesteal/spellvamp can sometimes save your life in a pinch. Activating this and then activating Smite on a monster will generate some significant amount of HP to you. The lifesteal on this skill is great because you can keep healing quickly with your auto-attacks.

    2- DPS Buff: Increases your overall damage output. Not too shabby.

    3- Jungling: This is the only reason why you can jungle. Everything that this skill gives you aids your sustenance in the jungle and your damage in the jungle.

  • How to use Olaf's E: Reckless Swing

    It's a single-target skill that deals 100 / 160 / 220 / 280 / 340 true damage to the foe and 40 / 64 / 88 / 112 / 136 true damage to Olaf when activated. It's cooldown is 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 seconds, and it costs 50 mana.

    This is Olaf's most dangerous ability; for himself and for the enemy. I like to max it second simply because you won't be able to use it that well early on due to your lack of survivability and because this skill just wont be that necessary. Maxing it towards the mid game allows you to burst enemy tanks, which is just great if you think about it. Remember that there is no mitigation against true damage, and therefore it's a perfect skill if your looking for an ensured way of dealing damage against anybody. That being said, the damage on this skill cannot be improved by any means (other than CDR, which only allows it to become more spammable). If you're tanky enough to survive fights even through the recoil damage of this skill, you can literally keep on bursting each 2.4-4 secs with this skill without being afraid of dying.


    1- Single-target burst: This is probably the only use of the skill... Never use it to jungle and/or kill squishys (unless if your blinded), your DPS will be higher. Make use of it only against tanky foes like Jarvan IV, Rammus and stuff.

  • How to use Olaf's R: Ragnarok

    Finally, let's examine Olaf's ultimate skill: Ragnarok!

    Olaf passively gains 10 / 20 / 30 Armor penetration at all times.

    Upon activation, Olaf becomes immune to disables and takes 20 / 30 / 40 reduced damage from all sources for 5 / 6.5 / 8 seconds. This ability costs 100 / 75 / 50 mana and the cooldown is 100 seconds.

    You can already see why this skill is just pure awesome.

    1- Increased damage output: Armor penetration increases the damage you deal from auto-attacks and Undertow.

    2- Team fight: Gives Olaf the best team fight presence. Choose an enemy. Rush into combat. Activate this and then just barrage non-stop the enemy and watch as they're unable to focus/CC you down through your ultimate.

    3- Escaping: Rather obvious... Can't be disabled and you'll take less damage... Need I say more?

    4- 1 vs 1: Sometimes, you can overthrow a single enemy in a 1 vs 1 fight if he/she thinks that you're easy prey at low levels. Activate this + Vicious Strikes, throw down Undertow and start beating the living hell out of anyone who thinks they stand a chance against Olaf in a duel.

  • Items that may or may not be considered worthwhile on Olaf

    So, let's check out a few items and see just how viable they are on Olaf. I'll put out stars as in to demonstrate their tier (effectiveness) with a maximum of 5 stars per item.

    Also, never forget to buy wards/Oracles. Elixirs should be grabbed later into the game, but wards are very important through the whole game.


    Phantom Dancer: You will see this item a few times on Olaf. It's not that bad, considering the fact that he really needs the MS and that the Attack Speed + Crit. Chance is always welcome, but personally I don't like it a lot. When you get a PD, your basically forced to take some extra pure offensive items like Infinity and/or Bloodthirster simply because otherwise you won't be able to scale into late game damage. ***

    Infinity Edge: If your getting this then your forced to build at least 1 or 2 other items that give Crit. Chance. Generally an Atma's + this gives you the best defense while remaining durable (if you get other items to compliment this offense), however the cost on this item is so high that it might delay your late game prowess. ***

    The Bloodthirster: Raw AD + Lifesteal is always welcome on Olaf. Thing is, you will also need to farm it up in order for it to be cost-efficient. Not exactly a problem if you take this somewhat early in the game. ****

    Youmuu's Ghostblade: It's an excellent item on Olaf imo. He benefits from everything that the item gives. It's active is really helpful when chasing down an enemy. The damage it offers is really neat as well. I really recommend this item on Olaf. *****

    The Black Cleaver: It's actually not that bad on Olaf as he can use the AD + armor reduction to it's max effect. However, personally I prefer Ghostblade if your searching for AS + AD + defense penetration simply because Ghostblade also offers you extra movement speed and costs less. ****

    [item=Stark's Fervor]: It may seem pretty good on Olaf, but because I tend to get Wriggle's, I don't really need the lifesteal early on. Actually, your better off not getting any other lifesteal items besides Wriggle's and only come out to replace it endgame if you'd like to. That being said, this item is not bad if your rushing an emblem of valour when playing lane Olaf. ***

    Trinity Force: Some people actually asked me in game whether this item is good or not on Olaf. To be honest, I don't really like this item on him. The "Sheen" effect isn't too strong simply because your not a champion that spaces out your abilities and auto-attacks. Your more like a "catch up with abilities and then barrage the foe non-stop with auto-attacks" kind of champion. The AP on Sheen is wasted, and the mana isn't that necessary either. An ensured slow is way more important on Olaf than having a "chance to slow". So yeah, all in all I really don't find this ability to be cost-effective on Olaf. ***

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]: This is probably one the WORST DPS choice for Olaf, just my opinion. It's extremely not cost-efficient on him. You have no ensured way of gaining Attack Speed (your passive works with your current HP, which is move around a lot). You have no other ways of dealing magic damage, meaning that you'll be either forced to spend masteries and/or runes on spell pen. (which will not be useful for you up and until you buy at least one magic damage item) or your Bloodrazor's magic damage will be badly mitigated by the enemies MR, no matter how small/big it is. Lifesteal doesn't heal off of magic damage and therefore is useless if your looking for an offensive item that synergizes with Vicious Strikes. All in all, it's a better idea to speed 3800 G on something other than this thing on Olaf... **

    Oh you want to fight tanky enemies? Oh well, just get Ghostblade and/or Black Cleaver and you should have ENOUGH armor penetration/reduction with your runes/ultimate to kill any tanky enemies.

    Sword of the Divine: There isn't any actually reason why'd you wanna get this, unless if you're against a very annoying Jax. The magic damage on it is also fairly shitty on Olaf, for the same reasons I explained the paragraph above this one. **

    Last Whisper: This is probably a good choice if you're against an enemy team stacking tons of armor. However, generally if I want armor penetration I will opt for Ghostblade and/or Black Cleaver since you will start off with lots of free armor penetration from your ultimate and your runes. Last Whisper is only necessary if the enemy team is getting 2 or more armor items per champion (which is likely). ***


    Frozen Mallet: This item gives Olaf the ability to chase down and stick to a single target during a fight. The extra HP + AD synergies very well with all of his skills. A must-have when not using my Ultimate Tanky Build (build #2). I generally try to rush this after Wriggle's + HoG, although sometimes it's better to get a Banshee's Veil first if your losing the match. *****

    Atma's Impaler: Scales well with Vicious Strikes. Generally when I'm playing lane Olaf I try to grab this right after rushing a Warmog's Armor. This combo of items works synergizes perfectly with Olaf's kit, giving him armor, HP and a lot of damage. *****

    Wriggle's Lantern: A must-have when jungling. Rushing it greatly increases your jungle speed and it allows you to solo Dragon pretty early. Olaf, in my opinion, is one of the fastest dragon solo-er in terms of level and speed. That's because once you have this item you can combine with your Vicious Strikes to get enough lifesteal to survive against the dragon. And let's not forget to mention that you attack speed for getting low on HP, so there is no real danger to it. *****

    Sunfire Cape: Real bad on Olaf, don't get it. Magic damage has no synergy whatsoever with his kit, so there isn't any good reason to get this item (the HP is very useful in order to enhance your Vicious Strikes damage, but it's still a shitty item). Really not cost-efficient after all the nerfs it went through. **

    Oh, just for fun, let's roughly calculate just how much DPS can you get from this item against enemy CHAMPIONS. So, suppose that a ranged carry generally has a base 30 MR end-game. Normally, ranged carries also pack in a Banshee's, which grants them around 50ish MR. That means they'll have 80+ MR, which is approx. 40-50% damage reduction. Sunfire Cape originally deals 35 Magic DPS, and after mitigation, there and after will deal about 19 damage each second. Really... You think Olaf wants a measly 19 AoE damage per second against... Squishy carries? Fuck that, I'd rather have Randuin's which will help me counter everything that an enemy carry has!

    Wit's End: This is probably the ONLY magic damage item that I... wouldn't really recommend but rather accept on Olaf. It's not exactly the magic damage on it that captures my mind, but the MR gained from it when fully stacked (which isn't hard to do since you have an ultimate that denies CC and therefore allows you to auto-attack non-stop). This is a good choice if your losing a match against hard-core mages. ***

    Shurelya's Reverie: It isn't exactly a bad choice considering the fact that Olaf does benefit well from about everything it gives and the active is quite nice too. I always enjoy the fact that it indirectly adds to Olaf's durability and damage. ****


    Warmog's Armor: Let's start out with the obvious pure defensive item on Olaf. Warmog's... Yeah I know, a farmed Warmog's turns his Vicious Strikes from a mini offensive steroid into a MASSIVE damage steroid. I generally rush one if I'm laning passively and I'm simply focusing on getting CS over kills and stuff like that. But even then, I don't think this item deserves 5 stars since it doesn't exactly fulfill any larger amount of Olaf's defensive needs... ****

    Randuin's Omen: Damn, this item is boss on Olaf! AoE MS + AS slow is just great for chasing/escaping, or simply when your locked into a 1 vs 1 against an enemy DPS champion! The CDR + HP indirectly increases Olaf's damage output, and finally the armor is always welcome on a tanky DPS. *****

    [item=Force of Nature]: Although the HP regen. on it is quite negligible on a champion that has lifesteal, the movement speed and the MR that this item offers is simply crazy. I generally get this towards the late game as an attribute to your tankiness. ****

    Frozen Heart: While it's true that it's lack of HP and it's presence of mana is quite sad for Olaf, everything else it gives is very strong for him. You really benefit from the massive armor it gives, while the CDR allows you to spam your Reckless Swing more often. Finally, the AS reduction aura on it is perfect when facing enemy DPS carries. ****

    Banshee's Veil: It's very useful on practically any champion. Olaf is no exception. I get this early-mid game depending on how well I'm performing. *****

    Quicksilver Sash: Very good item to counter an initiation. Sometimes, what you can do is go into battle without your ultimate and wait 'till you're hit by a hard CC. Counter that with QSS and then activate your ultimate once you've realised that everyone is focusing you and then barrage the enemy team's carry non-stop! ****

    Thornmail: It's a situational item, so I wouldn't recommend it too much. Get it if you're facing a very fed Tryndamere/Tristana though. ****


    Choose from Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness. These 2 boots help you chase and escape. Ninja Tabi is not a bad idea if they have some really fed DPS champions.

  • Build Example #1: Jungling

    This is the most casual build that you would generally find yourself getting in a normal/solo queue game. It's good for games that don't last long. However, let's not forget that Olaf is indeed a late game champion. It's just that this build does not max out your late game effiency as much as my build #2 does. Let's check this one out first.


    You *should* have the core done by around 13:00-20:00 into the game. Getting it earlier just means better.

    From there, you need to assest your enemy team.

    1- If you're not crushing and/or are having difficulties against mages (in particular). --> Banshee's Veil

    2- If you're having an easy time and are farming well. --> Frozen Mallet

    Afterwards, build up your main offense --> Youmuu's Ghostblade

    Then you can grab you endgame items before replacing your Wriggle's with a The Bloodthirster.

    So, your endgame item build should look like this:

    [item=Stark's Fervor] is a good replacement for the bloodthirster if you have other DPS carries that would benefit largely from it.

    Notice how I put down Boots of Speed, simply because you need to build your boots accordingly to the enemy team composition.

  • Build Example #2: Jungling

    This is probably the strongest all-around build for late game. It causes you to be pretty weak in terms of damage output early and mid game. However, you come back late game with EXCEPTIONAL defenses and great damage output. You rely largely on your Vicious Strikes and your passive for your DPS needs, but your main source of burst damage is your Reckless Swing, which becomes easily spam-able after purchasing a few CDR items as I will mention below. You will be so tanky that the enemy team cannot kill you even though you'll be abusing Reckless Swing. You won't have lifesteal from items towards the end but you will have enough lifesteal from your Vicious Strikes to survive.

    End game you will be able to 1 vs 1 pretty much anybody. You can also dive into battle fearlessly and you can save your ultimate and use it only when you desperately need to. So, let's check this build out.

    CORE: [item_icon=Heart of Gold]

    The core is cheap, and can be achieved by 10:00 and anytime later.

    Then, you want to grab a Giant's Belt and a Negatron Cloak whenever possible.

    Towards the end, you want to end up with:

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    Replace your Wriggle's with Atma's Impaler once you've purchased at least Randuin's, Warmogs and a Negatron Cloack.

    Remember that your boots should be built into whatever you want accordingly to the enemy team composition.

  • Build Example #3: Laning

    If you're laning passively, this would be the best build for you.

    CORE: [item_icon=Emblem of Valour]

    Rushing Warmog's is very important since you can farm it up early on and make it very useful. I get an early Emblem of Valour just to aid my lane sustenance. To be honest, you problem won't have to get out of lane with this build if you play it safely. No one can out throw an Olaf that has massive lifesteal and HP regeneration from a lane.

    After you've done your core, look into building:

    1-[item=Heart of Gold] if you're having difficulties against mages-----> Banshee's Veil
    2-[item=Heart of Gold] if you're looking for damage/anti-physical -----> Atma's Impaler

    Afterward you can start building towards your endgame build, which is:

    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor]

    Notice how I put down Boots of Speed instead of improved boots. That's because the choice of your boots depend largely on the enemy team comp.

  • Build Example #4: Jungling/Laning

    This is build can be used whether your jungling or not. This build focuses on building you with tons of lifesteal, which always you stay squishy in fights and survive due to your tremendous lifesteal and your ultimate.

    Also, I lied before. The tank build isn't the best for late game 1 vs 1, this is. With this build you can litteraly take on 3 people alone, just as long as you have your ultimate prepared. That's the weakness of this build. You absolutely need your ultimate to do something. Otherwise, there's a risk of you getting kited and dying too fast. But, with your ultimate, you become unstoppable in fights since you can just lifesteal through any damage you take and the enemy can't even disable you which just makes it harder for them to manage against you.

    STARTER ITEMS: Cloth Armor x1 + Health potion x5 if you're jungling OR laning
    Vampiric Scepter x1 if you're jungling

    CORE: Wriggle's Lantern Boots of Speed[item=Emblem of Valour]

    Now no one can stop you from farming. At this point you may want to purchase something that'll help you avoid getting kited. My recommendation would be getting a Youmuu's Ghostblade.

    Finish your build with:

    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor]

    Mercury's Threads are a must in 95% of the games since you really want to avoid all forms of CC as much as possible.

  • The Mindset of Olaf

    This section is where we will discuss about exactly what Olaf does for his team and for the enemy team.

    What does Olaf bring for his team? Can he support? He has less supportive skills then anyone. Can he initiate fights on his own? Nope. Can he put down disruptive CC on the foes? Not at all. So, the only thing he can do is deal damage. And that's what he excels at. Dealing damage.

    As Olaf, you ought to know that you're one of the strongest duelist mid to late game and your weaknesses start dimishing as the game progresses. Just because you are not having an easy time early on doesn't mean that you'll be useless for the rest of the game. All you have to do is focus on building up items that counter the enemy and that way you will stand a chance against anyone.

    Your jungle speed is amazing. It's one of the best. You can counter-jungle very well, but you can be easily counter-jungled due to the fact that Olaf is a low-HP jungler before you start buying lifesteal. Counter-jungling is a topic that I'll put down in this guide sometime soon. For now, let's focus on your own jungling pattern and stuff like that.

    Olaf isn't a good pick-up champion. Don't expect to be doing too well in the first few times you play him. He takes a lot of judgement calls and needs to be played carefully. His ganks aren't great. He can easily be owned in the jungle (pre-level 5-6) by enemies such as Nunu, Warwick and other basic junglers. He relies purely on his basic attacks against dragon, meaning that his solo dragon creeping speed is slower than other junglers like Trundle. But even then, the fact remains that Olaf probably has the best late game prowess out of all other junglers.

  • Jungling pattern #1

    STARTER ITEMS: Cloth Armor x1 + Health Potion x5

    Route: Ancient Golem camp with Smite with a leash (if possible)
    Wolf camp
    Wraith camp
    Great Lizard camp with Smite
    Double golem camp
    Gank OR wolf camp
    Wraith camp

    Port back and buy Cloth Armor + Sight Ward + Health Potion x1

    Video coming up soon!

  • Jungling pattern #2

    This always you to save more money by getting lifesteal instead of investing on potions, however you won't be getting razors as fast as you would before and you won't be able to gank 'till level 5.

    STARTER ITEMS: Vampiric Scepter

    I generally have 2 routes, which are actually the opposite of one and another. I seperate my route into 2 because normally you want to gank the solo top lane as soon as possible to give your solo a good chance. If you're in team blue, take route 1. If in team purple, take route 2 instead.

    Route 1: Double golem camp with Smite
    Wraith camp
    Wolf camp

    Port back to buy Cloth Armor + Health Potion x1

    Double golem camp
    Lizard camp with Smite
    Wraith camp
    Wolf camp
    Golem camp

    At this point you can gank, counter-jungle (with this item set-up you will be durable enough to 1 vs 1 pretty much anyone in the jungle), or simply port back to buy Boots of Speed and anything else that you may find neccessary.

    Video coming up soon!

  • Jungling pattern #3

    This one's only for super jungle speed and you should preferably take the rune set #2 if you're using this pattern. It's there to help you to avoid getting easily counter-jungled as you can finish camps very fast and therefore will be unpredictable in your jungle pattern. The problem is that you need lots of practice when using this pattern and you will run low on HP/mana very often.

    Working on it's video. I cannot really explain the tricks of jungling with Undertow (mainly just throwing it and picking it up very fast), so you'll have to wait until I can put down the video. The concept(route) is the same as the pattern #1.

  • Early game

    If laning, your sole objective is to farm. If you're jungling, you need to also keep control of the dragon and other stuffs while farming. Start out by warding the dragon with simple green wards. Once you see that the enemy is starting to ward dragon too, put down a pink ward to counter their ward(s). Olaf's ganks aren't that crazy unless if you have a very reliable hard CC in the lane. IMO it's more important that you pressure the enemy solo by simply walking into them to throw axes and then going back to the jungle. Also, DO NOT, I repeat, do not counter-jungle a Nunu unless if you have a clear advantage (i.e.:Nunu d/c'ed for the first 4 mins in the game).

    Playing it safe is the best idea. Roaming around too much can cause you to be underleveled and underfarmed, two things that Olaf should avoid at all costs. Don't engage fights that aren't in your favor since Olaf is really weak early on, even with his ultimate + ghost.

  • Mid game

    Unless if you really feel strong and confident, you still have to play it safe. Olaf can easily solo dragon with Wriggle's Lantern. Having allies just makes creeping it faster. If your team is engaging into a fight, make sure that you go into it as well. Don't be hesitant. The worst thing that can happen is that you start getting clumsy as your tank initiates, and finally no one in your team helps the tank since they all expected you to follow up as well. Olaf is NOT a hit n run champion. Either you get into the fray and wreck havoc, or you simply back away like a shameful warrior. Make tactical decisions depending on how strong your team is relevant to theirs.

    If any enemy champion gets cocky and tries to 1 vs 1 you just make sure that you aren't jumping into a trap. Otherwise, use your skills well and crush.

  • Late game

    This is where you truly shine. Get into team fights and pick your target. My favorite enemies to pick are generally Ashe, Vayne and other typical easy-to-reach foes. Your ultimate should allow you to catch up and kill them without interference. Just make sure that you check your ultimate's timer. You are very strong only when your ultimate is on. With Frozen Mallet/Ghostblade/Randuin's Omen you can chase down a single enemy during a team fight very easily. Lifesteal back your HP against supports or any other squishy foes.

    Also, learn to retaliate properly. If you're clearly not gonna get a kill within your ultimate's timer then it's best to back off before you die for absolutely no reason.

    Make sure that you keep control on Baron by constantly warding it, and tell someone to pick up an Oracle's to clear up any of the enemies' ward so that you may fight Baron without the foe knowing it.

  • How to counter certain enemy junglers


    Nunu: If jungling against a Nunu, your best bet is to use the route #2 so that you can constantly keep track of your wraiths/wolves/twin golems (which are generally the monsters that a Nunu would go after to steal). You'll also need to buy wards earlier then usual and plant in the passage-way by the river from their jungle to yours.

    Warwick: This guy's jungle speed is normally slower than Olaf's, but needless to say that you should not try to gank him in the jungle unless if he's very low on HP (use CV/wards to find out when he is or when he is not low). If he invades your jungle, you should immediately fork over towards their jungle wherever he did not go already unless if you can get help from any laners that may reach over in time. It's unwise to 1 vs 1 a Warwick, even as Olaf, and this rule holds up and until you reach the late game (in that case Warwick would be very tanky and it'd take you too long to kill him, which'll ultimately allow his team mates to catch up).

    Trundle: This guy... is VERY annoying. His jungle speed rivals yours once he gets Razors/Wriggle's, and more importantly, he is the best counter to an Olaf in team fights. He can basically steal a huge amount of your tankiness, which just ruins you in place. Play cautiously against him. Also, do NOT engage a Trundle 1 vs 1 in the jungle. The jungle is Trundle's favorite place to be since he can

    1- Block small passage-ways with his Pillar
    2- Regenerate HP quickly by smiting a monster
    3- Make easy escapes with his large wall-crossing self-AoE buffer

    He also steals stats. Simply put, you must avoid Trundle 90% of the times.

    Xin Zhao: Now and then his jungle speed is a little bit slower then yours, however, he is still able to put out some really nice damage on you if you're not careful. With his ultimate nerf though, he is an easy prey 1 vs 1. That being said, if he's more fed then you are then you should avoid fighting him at all costs (unless if you're with a good team). You might want to invest in a Frozen Heart/Thornmail if you're fighting a very fed Xin Zhao.

    Tryndamere: You're up against Tryndamere in the jungle? Then counter-jungle the heck out him! He's extremely weak early on, and your best bet is to steal his blue buff after the enemies go back to their lanes so that you may gain control over his jungle. Most Tryndamere players tend to start by the red buff forest, and that allows you to easily get his other side of the jungle if you play well.

    Also, late game, you MUST invest in either a Frozen Heart OR a Thornmail. Randuin's is NOT enough unless if one of your allies have a Frozen Heart of their own (in which case you should grab either a Thornmail or a Randuin's, adding in Atma's as well if you like). Mid game, if both of you are at the same level in terms of XP and gold, you can 1 vs 1 and dominate him. However, late game, avoid getting into duels against him since he can basically escape with his ultimate + Spinning Slash, and a late game Mocking Shout removes 100 AD. Dayum.

    Amumu: Amumu's will 99% of the time ALWAYS start at blue. Try to invade their red buff with the help of your team mates if possible. If you do get it, then you should also try and 3/4 of his wraiths (leave one red wraith alone). Also, once you've done it, pill back to purchase atleast 1 ward so that you can make sure that Amumu does not seek out to steal your own buffs afterwards. If he tries to do so, you can easily 1 vs 1 him out since he won't have enough armor to save himself (and Amumu players generally grab their Bandage Toss at level 4+).

    Rammus: This guy is annoying. Don't 1 vs 1 him. Never do it. Late game, it might be *ok* to do so provided that you have your ultimate is up (so that you can escape if necessary), but early on it's best to avoid getting caught fighting him in the jungle since he can basically make your render your escape impossible. Also, Force of Nature greatly counters Thornmail. Just putting it out there...

    Shen: He has arguably one of the slowest jungle speed in the universe (save for support champions who aren't supposed to jungle anyways). Once everyone gets to their lane, you should go out and steal as much as you can on his jungle. However, his route is very versatile (it changes from player to player), so you might not find anything to steal in some cases which is very annoying when it happens to be honest. Also, he wins versus you early game since your auto-attacks simply help prepare his Ki Strike faster with each hit. So don't fight him unless if you have a clear advantage.

    Shaco: This guy is very annoying because he counter-jungles pretty hard. One thing you can do though, is plan with your team to go grab their team's BLUE or RED. Generally, most Shaco players follow a very popular jungling route by Reginald, which is basically starting at Red. If that happens, you can either choose to:

    1- Stop his boxes with your WHOLE team at red and twin golems (the enemy side)
    2- Steal his blue

    Even if the enemy team finds you guys creeping their blue, you have the ability to take it out with ease since Shaco can't really contribute to early game fights if his first skill is Jack in the Box and that he used his boxes far from the blue area. Just be careful though, Shaco can easily gank you at your jungle. Constantly keep an eye out at the Fog of War since the small puff smoke that he makes when he deceives is visible through FoW.

    Unless if the Shaco isn't incredibly fed, you can easily own his ass mid to late game. Just be careful not to overextend to kill a Shaco! (Grabbing Oracle's might help you against his jukes).

    Gangplank: Pirate is annoying in the jungle, because it's either you catch him unaware and can't seem to kill him thanks to his REMOVE SCURVY, or he just catches YOU low on HP and you can't escape at all thanks to his free passive slow on his auto-attacks and Parrrley. Late game you should invest in a Thornmail and focus him first in team fights, in an effort to pick him off as soon as possible.

    Will update soon

  • Final notes

    Thanks for reading the guide. :D

    Please leave your feedback in the comment section and rate this guide. If you have any questions, ask them and I'll answer them for you.

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