Wukong Build Guide

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Watch out Donkey Kong, Tanky Kong is in town!

written by Celeborne23

Wukong Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello all you monkey loving fanatics! My IGN is celeborne, so if you wanna play with me or ask me any questions in game, feel free to do so. This is my second guide and I decided I'd make it on a champion that I have been waiting on for a very long time. And that champion would be Wukong, the Monkey King. I play Wukong as a tank more than a dps. Lot's of Kong's like to rush Trinity's, while i do agree that is a great item for Wukong, it is very pricy. So due to that, he doesn't really shine till mid-late game, making his early game harder than it already is. So my build helps with that early game as well as being a great tank. So with that, I present you the tanking monkey!
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  • Updates

    8/9/11 over 3k views in one day!. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that he is free this week hahah. Any feedback will be taken in as always :)
    8/8/11 Hit 4k views!!!! :)))
    8/7/11 Swapped my yellow and blue runes
    8/6/11 Slightly edited the Items section of the guide
    8/5/11 Added my match history of Wukong.
    8/4/11 Added a new Build Routine section underneath the Items section
    8/4/11 Removed Randuin's Omen and Banshee's Veil from core list, added both of them to situational items list
    8/4/11 Added Atma's Impaler to the items list
    8/3/11 Guide has been published

  • Quick Reference

    This section is for if you are following the guide while you are in a game and don't wish to scroll all over the guide.


    Champion Skill Order

    What to level after six?

    Summoner Spells

    Starting Item


    Core Items

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

  • Abilities

    Stone Skin
    This is a pretty amazing passive for tank Kong and even dps Kong and is often underestimated. Because of this passive, Wukong doesn't need AS MUCH damage mitigation items as other tanks. While i do still pick some up, this passive allows him to build a small amount of dps at very late game. Or just get more health when he has enough magic resist or armor. All in all, great passive, always useful unless you are jungling. But what kind of monkey jungles?

    Crushing Blow
    Pretty solid move. Seriously helps you farm up early game and makes last hitting so much easier for all those that have trouble with it. Even during team fights, this move helps your AD carries against people that stack armor against them. 30% armor reduction is a HUGE help for people like Ashe and Miss Fortune. But you need to make sure they are attacking whoever is crushed or vice versa. Also this move is the bane to towers. Towers fear Wukong because of this move. It takes out huge chunks of tower hp. So in the end this move helps you farm early game, and help support your team or lane mate throughout the game by decimating your opponents armor. What isn't there to love?

    This is extremely useful is so many situations. Especially at level 18 due to its extremely short cool down, and low mana cost. This is what allows Wukong to harass early game. To use this to harass, all you got to do is Nimbus Strike to your target, Crushing Blow, then instantly use Decoy and run away. Your opponent pretty much cant do anything even if they had an oracles during laning phase because of your decoy eating skill shots. This ability also has the amazing ability to juke the hell out of people. If you are being chased an are near a bush, simply enter the bush and wait for them to approach you. Just before they enter the bush use your Decoy and then run the opposite direction they came in from. Also during team fights if you get down low, you could use this ability to get some space and once they realize you are running and chase you, it allows your team to beat them down as they chase you. So it works as a great distraction. I also cannot say how many times this has saved me from skill shots. Your clone eats skills shots like a champion. So if you see Ezreal approaching nearby, anticipate his movement and time your Decoy. Works great against Blitz as well, except most Blitz's are too easy to read so you could just dodge it. If you haven't seen Phreak demonstrating on how to juke people with this move, the video can be found a few lines down. Amazing spell although the stealth duration is too short in my opinion and if you are slowed and go stealth, its kinda useless.

    Phreak showing some juking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1zAhC5aeQs&feature=player_embedded

    Nimbus Strike
    This is your main harasser during early game and your amazing initiator. The synergy this move has with your ult is pretty amazing. It's pretty much Malphite's ultimate but with more damage. Use this move to multi last hit, initiate, escape from enemy champs by Nimbus Striking a creep to safety, or boost your attack speed when you are taking down a tower. Pretty solid move overall.

    Pretty much your "iwin" button in alot of situations. This move is crazy at starting a team fight. This with Nimbus Strike, as said above, its the equivalent to Malphites ultimate but with more damage. Except this move increasing Kong's run speed the longer he uses it. So this is great for chasing people if your Nimbus Strike is on Cooldown. Its also great for escaping from someone that is chasing you due to the knock up and the run speed.

  • Masteries + Runes


    For masteries I like to go half and half because the points in defense help my tankyness and my early game, while the utility is for more lane stability as well as to keep up in levels.



    I get armor pen reds and quints to help dps down those armor stackers and to help last hit minions since Wukong's base damage is pretty low. Health glyphs for extra health during early game. Magic Resist because i rush Randuins after my Mallet, so Kong's passive and runes keep his MR decent at mid game.

  • Summoner Abilities

    As good as banana's
    Ghost Helps with the Chasing
    Exhaust Great for a tank. This could save you and your allies by slowing someone while you or a team mate is being chased, or to stop those full AD builders.

    Almost as tasty as banana's
    Cleanse Cleanse would probably be up there instead of Exhaust, but it doesn't remove dots like it used to
    Flash This is a great utility spell, but it is usually used for escaping, and Decoy normally handles that if used correctly
    Ignite some extra true damage could help during early game. As well as disable supports that heal their team too much. Yes im looking at you Soraka...

    As worthy as rotten banana's
    Heal Kinda a waste of a summoner spell on a tank
    Clarity Monkey's dont need mana!
    Clairvoyance You don't need to see people if you are a monkey. Leave it to supports to see people. Yeah im looking at you again Soraka...
    Revive Didn't you hear? Monkeys have nine lives. There is no need for this!

  • Skilling Order

    I focus leveling Nimbus Strike first because it allows me to harass more during early game by lowering its CD and dealing more damage. Also the CD reduction helps during mid game team fights for more initiations. Crushing blow comes next to shred more armor and deal more damage when poking and to help last hit. I find it very important that you put a second point into Crushing blow at level 5 because with no damage items at level 5, it really ups your damage output for harassing and getting first blood Decoy being last due to it being used more later game and early. As always, get your ult whenever you can.

  • Items

    Before i go over Item's for Wukong, i just want to restate that this build does NOT involve Trinity Force in anyway whatsoever. While i do agree Trinity is a great item for Wukong, it just costs too much unless you do nothing but farm or are facing idiots that feed you. With that said, here is Wukong's core:

    Now alot of Wukong players get Doran's Sword because of the extra AD and life steal. But to me that life steal is not good enough to keep Wukong in a lane if you are facing aggressive opponents. So the extra health regen really helps. I build Mercy's Treads because I don't get any tenacity items, so this fills that role. Now normally I rush Frozen Mallet because it gives good amounts of health, and the slow seriously helps your team when chasing someone.

    Situational Items
    [item_icon=Force of Nature] Huge amounts of magic resistance and a nice little movement speed boost. Definitely grab this if the enemy team is AP heavy

    Huge amounts of armor and a nice damage reflect. Definitely grab this if the enemy team is AD heavy.

    Extra health and armor against AD carries? Along with a small increase of damage each second to synergize with your ult? Why not?

    Okay so this ability not only gives health, armor and magic resist, but also helps your team by supplying them with those three stats as well. Not a bad choice during mid game against balanced teams.

    Good mid game item against caster heavy teams. This item has saved my life multiple times on many champions.

    I love grabbing this very late game when my tank build is complete mainly for the movement speed boost. This can be upgraded to but the game usually finishes by then

    Good amount of life steal if you farm it. And some high amounts of AD if you want to deal more damage. Again I only build AD when my tank buld is complete

    Great way to shred more and more armor!

    Again, more armor shredding, and faster attack speeds!

    This offers nice amounts of armor and you are almost always near enemies, so it puts the passive to good use

    This item could be the solution to those of you that want to be tanky but still do some decent damage. Be sure you have enough health before grabbing this or else rushing it is a waste besides the armor

    This item is absolutely amazing for Wukong. It has tons of armor which is great when facing against lots of AD. Okay amount of health. And health regen. Did i mention it synergizes like a monster with your ult? Yeah...beware

    A nice little bubble that blocks anything and some extra health/mana. AND magic resist? Nothing to hate here

  • Build Routine

    This is what it should look like as you are building your items throughout the game:

    1. Start with

    2. On your first back, pick up If you can't afford it cause you had to go back earlier, just grab a . Do not forget to buy wards. Wards are extremely CRITICAL and can save/help you in so many ways

    3. On your third back, if you haven't picked up go ahead and do that. If you have you can start working towards your . I normally start with . Or if you have enough gold you can start with for more survivability.

    4. Once you get your you can now decide on situational items. Is the question more AD or AP heavy? Are they pretty balanced? Who is fed? These are all questions you should be asking yourself. If they are very AD heavy, i normally rush a If not, then you could rush or [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    5. Once you have your armor/magic resist situational item, you can go ahead and grab the other damage mitigation item you haven't gotten, unless the enemy team is stacked on AD or AP.

    Thats pretty much how my build looks. If i am feeling pretty confident i basically just get one MR item and one armor item then build dps. If you wanna be tanky but still do decent damage, is a great choice for that. If you wanna be full out tanky, you can get more health after you get your armor and MR item. Wukong doesnt need anymore damage mitigation items at this point due to his passive. This allows you more freedom with your late and very late game build options. Remember to BUY WARDS throughout the game. They help in so many ways for you and your team.

  • Farming

    In most of my games my CS (creep score) is always under 80 and thats because i have an extremely hard time last hitting with Wukong cause his base AD is really low and i don't buy any AD items till i start making a phage. But to farm on Wukong it is pretty simple. Just last hit with your Crushing Blow, but don't do this too much cause it can suck you dry of mana if you spam it. Also if you see multiple mobs low on health, Use your Nimbus Strike to take them all out. Also you can use your Decoy to do some aoe damage to large creep waves.

  • Pros / Cons

    - Super fun to play
    - People rage at you for juking them so bad
    - Has quite an amount of mobility with Decoy
    - "Decent" damage even as a tank
    - Great initiator
    - nearly unkillable late game

    - Low base damage
    - Not alot of lane sustainability
    - Decoy could take some practice
    - Need to know how and when to initiate
    - Need to learn appropriate times to use ultimate
    - His Crushing blow needs to be hotfixed for it's animation is slower than his auto attack animation

  • Summary

    In the end, Wukong is a champion that I have been long waiting for and i love him. He is alot of fun to play and brings quite alot to the team. He does decent damage, even as a tank and juking people makes them rage so hard when you do it correctly. His Crushing Blow brings good support to your carries, and his ultimate can be the difference between life and death for you and your team mates. Hope this guide helped you up your game as Wukong. Feel free to drop a rating or a comment with constructive criticism or priase :)
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    P.S. Maybe Wukong can be like this monkey one day...


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