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written by Da_Bum

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • es Stuff Before Show:

    Today, you will learn es best trick for Bittlecrunk to do, es will always give you win on match. If pay listen, then maybe you es do so well as me. (and vayne!)

  • Abbiltees

    To do es SUPER TRICK: ft. Vayne you must first have (drum roll pleese) VAYNE! She es best for es SUPER TRICK: ft. Vayne because she do the wall pushpin attack to mountain. No need be scared!

    For abilities:

    1. Blutz Grab
    2. Fist skyward hammerpunch
    3. Speedup zoom!

    Get in es order if want teh trick to work best of all!

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    Look at rest of guide, you no need this. But I have funny story, once I get granked by all team, except I had Manamune all full, so many manas. When attacked to low health, BOOM! So many grey bars es rediculos. I got away and still had time for es baron solo.

    Rocket Grab
    es second part of SUPER TRICK: ft. Vayne, es tricky to use unless enemy garen scared enough by speed up.

    es first part of SUPER TRICK: ft. Vayne, and must scare enemy garen into running toward you! Yes, toward you! One time 20 year ago I es so scared of mom that ran into her and knock down! Never do again, I say.

    Power Fist
    es last part of SUPER TRICK: ft. Vayne, and must be use quick! Sometime no targt es Garen, so must clicky click all day to make sure. If done porporly, Garwen will be es prepared for Vayne!

    Static Field
    No es need because garen already dead. Unless udyr come, then use to stun.

  • Runes And Masteries

    For es runes, you need:


    Well I guess I can't get picture working nice so I just explain. (26 words es better than picture my grandfather say, so I use more than 26 just for you!)


    Get 9 Armor Penetration Runes (For the Manamune!)


    Get 9 Armor Runes (For if fight Kassadin)


    Get 9 Magic Resist Runes (For when need to get away from Malzahar)

    These runes will give es best survivability for SUPER TRICK!

    Do not change runes, es necessary!


    These es less important for strictness, but still nice to get anyways

    All you need know es get 0/21/9, with Armor, Magic Resist in defense, and experience mastery in utilities.

  • The Build

    For es SUPER TRICK, you do not need the best items for success, in fact, only need 6 items!

    Here es the list (Get in es order):

    1. Mana Crystal

    2. Boots of spleen (No es need if you good, but if not then get just in cases!)

    3. Long Sword (No need be es long, but you never know when you want BBQ with skewer!)

    4. Complete es Manamune. Alright, es almost done!

    5. Get es tanky items after so that scare enemy Gragas.

    Many people think "Oh, es stupid build manamune first", but I say no! Es always best, especially for es SUPER TRICK: ft. Vayne!

    When built fully to es best potentialness, game will probably be done, but if es not, then dont worried! you will have all health in game make baron go buy Hummer to compensation!

  • Summary of es SUPER TRICK combo

    Aha! You es though I'd give you secret middle section?! I no es stupiv! You must figure out for self! I will give es secret, however. Here es is:

    es VAYNE! Oh, so sneaky!

    Ok, I say for real, here es combo:

    1. Get into position next to wall

    2. Sit and wait, maybe wiggle a little to seem nervous

    3. Es press W when it seems you going to grab, but instead RUN AROUND IN CIRCLE FAST. Es will trick enemy into running into lane.

    4. Run at garen, but make sure es hit minion so to make think stupid (but you not! hehehehe)

    5. Enemy es think have advantageous, so attack you. Run like silly goose away like scared for life.

    6. When at wall, turn quick and GRAB! By now uppercut es off cooldown so punch right away!

    7. Vayne es pushpin garen to wall and shoot shoot away to death.

    Hooray! You have es kill and the entire SUPER TRICK: ft. Vayne! If practice a lot you es win every time and maybe even do halftime show.

  • Pros / Cons

    I show cons first because always show bad at the beginning:

    Cons: No es cons

    Pros: es SUPER TRICK: ft. Vayne always get domination, no matter the scenariation.

  • Conclusion

    es SUPER TRICK: ft. Vayne will always work, never es bad unless speedy wiggle no es trick enemy garen.

    Good luck, I hope es help you too! (Unless you fight me, then no remember this :P)

    I try so many times, and es work every timer. I hope work for you tooo!

  • Farming

    Why farm? No es importanant unless hit minions to scare fiddlesticks so you no es tell friends about crow.

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