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Infernape! I choose you! (Remixed and Re-mastery-d)

written by ShadowNinetails

Wukong Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

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    I wanna be, the very best. Like no one ever was.
    To escape is my real test, to slay them is my cause.
    I will travel across the Rift, decoying far and wide.
    Each champion to understand THE POWER OF WUJU STYYYYYYLE!

    Pentakill! Gotta slay them all!

    Hello folks, my name is ShadowNinetails and this is my first guide on easily the most fun champ to play, Wukong the Monkey King. Before we get started, let's get some general disclaimers out of the way:

    1. These are all my personal opinions based on the matches I've had with/against Wukong using a variety of builds. I don't claim to be a LoL master. Therefore, don't take any of this as "Follow my guide to the letter or you will die a fiery death because you're a scrub!"

    2. My playstyle may not fit your playstyle. Therefore, the strategy/build I put out may not fit for you. That doesn't mean it's bad advice and it doesn't mean you're a bad player it just means we have different ways of playing the same champion and, in the end, isn't that a good thing?

    3. Even if you completely agree with my personal opinions, have the same playstyle as me, and love my strategy/build, no two matches are going to be the same. Therefore think for your own situation. If you're facing Tryndamere, Xin, Vayne, Ashe, and Garen, Thornmail really should be the first item you build. Against Veigar, Anivia, Annie, Karthas, and Malzahar, though, Thornmail will do you absolutely zero good. Again don't think "Follow my guide to the letter or you will die a fiery death because you're a scrub!"

  • Abilities

    Stone Skin
    Not my favorite passive of all time (Eternal Thirst ftw!), but it works on Wukong because you're frequently around multiple enemies and you need the extra survivability this passive provides.

    Crushing Blow
    A decent skill on squishies, but since it currently only drops enemy armor by 30% of their armor, it doesn't do as well against tanks. If you're not using this to last hit cat minions, get an extra hard hit on turrets/inhibs, or as part of your spell chain, you're pretty much wasting it.

    My favorite skill on anyone, period. There's just not enough words to describe how much fun you can have with this. Troll enemies into wasting their abilities/ults/time they could spend chasing you and your team, troll enemies into THINKING you're trolling enemies into wasting their abilities/ults, run between bushes to setup unexpected ganks (especially at the beginning of the laning phase), and it's the only way, aside from already being dead, I've seen that you can avoid being hit by Karthas' Ult (but only if you're lucky enough to already have the decoy up when he activates it and if that's the case, the decoy will stay active until the ult hits giving you extra stealth time).

    My only complaints about it are that your stealth only lasts 1.5 seconds and that it doesn't give you a momentary boost to movement speed or slow enemies that attack your decoy so basically if anyone doesn't fall for the trick, you're still dead.

    Keep in mind that it can be used for more than simple escaping. If you see an enemy attacking your turret (especially with minimal minion support) and they're JUST outside your Nimbus Strike range, Decoy can let you get a little closer without tipping them off until it's too late.

    One other thing to keep in mind that a LOT of Wukong players forget (myself included): If you're in an area with persistent vision wards (enemy turrets and especially in their base), you will still be visible walking away from your decoy making it useless.

    Nimbus Strike
    Your bread and butter spell. Use it for farming, use it for initiating, use it for general havoc-wreaking and getting on the enemies' nerves. More importantly, it's the beginning of your spell chain. This is the first spell you want to max. Not because it'll reduce the CD on it because it won't. You want to max this first do increase it's damage.

    Now I know some of you are thinking "WTF? It doesn't do much damage even maxed so you want to max Crushing Blow first to reduce it's CD and increase it's damage so you're better in teamfights you scrub! lololololololol" and you're partially right. Crushing Blow does more damage to a single target than Nimbus Strike. Ah, but therein lies the rub: single target. We max Nimbus Strike first because at lvl 5, you can basically walk into a small creep camp and walk out with 100g in about 2 seconds. On the other hand, even with Crushing Blow at max, you're not doing an absurd amount of burst damage anyway.

    A decent spell but my main gripes are that the only way to really deal damage with it is to keep enemies in your AoE (Much like Crowstorm except it doesn't do as much damage and the AoE is smaller). The single knockup is nice, but I'd love to see another one a second or two later.

  • Pros / Cons


    + The most fun you'll have with almost any champion out there currently (Riven being a very worthy competitor for the title).
    + Escapes like a boss
    + Farms like a boss
    + Harasses like a boss (although Nimbus Strike is the only skill with any kind of range and makes you face-harass, Decoy lets you get away with it most of the time.)
    + Can dodge any attack that isn't AoE with Decoy. (Yes, including Requiem. That spell that everyone thought could only be avoided by already being dead? Yeah, that one. You can avoid that.)
    + Cyclone has a knock up which is very useful in team fights.


    - Somewhat fragile compared to other fighters. An HP item or two is pretty much mandatory if you don't wanna melt within 3 seconds of a team fight starting.
    - If you use Decoy to try to get away and they DON'T fall for it, you're still just as dead.

  • What you are/aren't

    Since Wukong's announcement, a lot of people thought "Xin v.2.0". I figured he would be less in your face, smashing you to bits and more of a trickster, making you think he's in one place when he's actually in another and making you pound your keyboard in frustration. It turns out it's a little bit of both, but let's be clear:

    What you aren't:

    1. You are NOT A STEALTH CHAMP! You're only cloaked for 1.5 seconds. Do not under any circumstances try to use that stealth the same way you would with Evelynn's Shadow Walk or Twitch's Ambush. Because you will die a fiery death.

    2. You are NOT A 1V1 CHAMP! Unless you see someone at 1/2 hp and you KNOW their team won't be able to help them until after you're done with them, don't engage anyone in a 1v1. Because you will die a cold, slow, lonely, drawn out death.

    3. You are NOT A TANK! Well actually, if you accidentally instalocked wukong (because you DID do it accidentally, right? RIGHT?!) and the rest of your team instalocked 4 champs that are more squishy than you, I suppose you could stick in a Warmog's Armor and give up on Infinity Edge because that makes pretty much anyone a tank (even after it got nerfed). Still explain to your team why instalocking makes them horrible people. When you intsalock, you don't leave yourself open to doing what the team needs you to do. The only reason I bought Garen was because I was tired of losing because EVERYONE was instalocking Xin, Tryn, Cait, Ashe, Vayne, etc. Everyone wanted to be the carry so we had no tank and got stomped repeatedly. But then I bought Garen, and got quite good with him (You should check out my guide on him. Almost as fun a read as this one is #shamelessplug) and it was k.

    But we're going off on a tangent.

    4. You are NOT A HERO! When you see an allied Ashe being chased by 3 enemies and you know she's not going to make it, DO NOT RUSH IN TO SAVE HER! You will most likely die a fiery death and give them a double kill. Therefore, leave the heroics to the Might of Demacia (Seriously, open up another tab and pull up my Garen guide. You'll be glad you did, I Garen-tee it.)

    What you are:

    You're hit and run for the first half hour or so. You're the guy that makes people so angry and frustrated, they make mistakes they otherwise wouldn't make. I've literally had a Leona and a Xin rage quit my lane because every single time they tried to gank/focus me, all they'd hit was a decoy while I WFD'd out (W=Decoy, F=Flash, D=Ghost).

    In team fights, your job is to dash in, smack a few things and get out. Make them waste a few spells trying to hit your decoy, get a couple shots in on their carries, if you see a good opportunity for your team to go in for the kill using Cyclone to help make it more difficult for them to run. Most importantly: ensure that the carries survive while trying to survive yourself.

    After you get the items you need to smack a few things AND take a couple hits yourself (typically accomplished after finishing Frozen Mallet, you can try to change gears and turn into a highly-mobile DPS/AD caster. Keep in mind, though that you STILL won't be able to stand toe to toe against an equally fed Tryn and say "I got this". If you're thinking "But I'm so fed!", refer to bullet point 2.

  • Skilling Order

    Your priority order should be R>E>Q>W. Take one point in each at the start before focusing on Nimbus Strike. The more powerful it is, the better your farming becomes and remember farming=gold=items=faster finish on your build=better chance of winning. Your Decoy having a lower CD is nice, but more damage is better. Plus, you shouldn't need to use it more than once in any given situation. Whether you take Decoy or Crushing Blow at lvl 2 is your choice and should be dictated by the rhythm of your particular lane. While Crushing Blow is useful for getting in that extra bit of damage on champs (and ensuring you get the kill on that stray cannon minion), Decoy is also very valuable because you can run from one bush to the other and get behind your enemies without being seen.

  • Masteries + Runes

    After the mastery redo, the Offense tree is even more offensive. The points we had in that tree before now gets us a LOT more:

    External Image

    For runes we go with:

    Greater Mark of Desolation x9
    Greater Seal of Resilience x9
    Greater Glyph of Shielding x9
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation x2 + Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

    You can switch out the flat armor seals for the per/lvl variety, but you'll sacrifice early game sustainability. On the other hand, mages don't really run amok until mid game so per/lvl MR glyphs might be better than flats. You can also take 2 movement speed quints if you want to, but generally 1 is enough.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash: Let me tell you a story. The day Wukong was released, I was monkeying around (har har) trying to get a feel for him. Before a match, I read another guide on Leaguecraft saying Flash is a great choice for Wukong because of it's synergy with your Decoy. I didn't use the spell much, but I figured I'd give it a shot. During the next match, it was down to the wire. Both sides only had their nexus turrets left and we all knew it would only take one big push from either side to win. My team decided if we didn't get Baron, they would get it and make that big push, so we went for it. While we were fighting Baron Nashor, I got that prickly feeling on the back of my neck. Sure enough, their team rushed in trying to kill us and steal the buff. My team broke off to fight, but were losing. 3 of us and 2 of them had died just as I managed to finish Baron off, got the buff, then flashed to the ridge behind him and used Decoy to get away to a bush. I win, right? But wait, there's more. Jax, Warwick, and Tristana all used their abilities on my clone to jump to that spot. I decided instead of finishing my recall, I'd use my [spell_text=Niimbus Strike] because they were all pretty beat up. What I saw next was Triple Kill!->Killing Spree!->Ace!->Team Blue has agreed to a surrender 5 votes fore and 0 against! Since then, I swear by Flash on Wukong.
    Ghost: My favorite summoner's spell. I take it on everyone and it has as saved my behind more times than I care to count. That extra movement speed has also meant the difference between my enemies getting to their turret safely and being a bloodstain on the grass.
    Exhaust: I love the Ghost+Exhaust combo on most champs, and it's certainly viable for Wukong, but losing either Ghost or Flash is too much of a price for me, myself.

    You can (but probably shouldn't):
    Ignite: A decent spell but, again, other spells are much better.
    Heal: Not as much of a derp spell now, but still not very good for you.
    Cleanse: Great for getting rid of CC, but your Decoy should have drained most of their CC beforehand.
    Clairvoyance: Let someone else (anyone else) take this one. It's useful to the team (particularly if the enemy team has a jungler), but again, you have other spells that will help you more.
    Promote: I'm pretty "meh" about this spell. It seems to be best when you already have a good push going and want it to be even faster. I just wish enemy turrets held off on targeting your super minion until all other minions were dead (kind of making it prioritize super minions between regular minions and champs).


    Teleport: Great for bot games, not so much in PvP. Your lane presence isn't big enough for you to tele to a turret and instantly drive off a pair of foes while you whittle away at the minions there. They're much more likely to finish destroying your tower, kill you, then step over your corpse and go on their merry way.
    Surge: Extra AS is nice, extra AP isn't needed as it only affects your Decoy.
    Clarity: You're not THAT dependent on your abilities, are you? You'll probably go OOM a few times during laning/farming, but it's not worth leaving other spells in the cold to take this one.
    Smite: You just don't do enough dmg at lvl 1 to jungle very quickly. Even with this spell, if you try to jungle, you're on the fast track to being underleveled.

    Please uninstall right now and burn your computer:
    Revive: This doesn't even deserve the time it would take to write all the reasons why you should never take it (a 9 minute CD being one major factor). Trolls go home.

  • Items

    Starting out:

    I've seen quite a lot of Wukongs starting with Doran's Blade. While I agree that extra damage and lifesteal are useful, it doesn't really work when you have little lane presence. Your job in early lanes is to harass with Nimbus Strike to push them back, but your actual killing should be on minions as you don't do enough damage (even with DBlade) to really win a 2v2 early on. Other Wukongs I see try using Doran's Shield instead. Again I agree that extra Armor and HPregen is useful, but even with DShield, you're pretty squishy and they know it so they'll more often than not chase you down before you get a chance to regen to an acceptable state.

    Regrowth Pendant and Health Potion
    Yes I remember what I just said about Dshield. It's a slight risk, but if you can make this work (and build to a Philosopher's Stone ASAP), your mana problems won't crop up as much (even after the item got nerfed). In addition, it gives you 5g/10sec (the reward) which means you get your items more quickly which is paramount to your success.
    After you finish your Pstone, you have a decision to make. If you're doing fairly well in your lane and can hold on on your boots, do it and build an Avarice Blade. Again it's a risk, but that extra gold is well worth it if you can make it work. If you want your farm to be on steroids (or at least have the ability to not get as much cs and still keep up gold wise), get it. If you really NEED that extra speed, then ignore it for now.

    Boots of Swiftness/ Mercury's Treads
    Either way you go, next up is upgrading those boots. The only 3 I've seen on Wukong are Mercury's Treads, Berserker's Greaves, and Boots of Swiftness. In my opinion, Berserker's Greaves isn't a good fit on Wukong since he's a hit and run champ. Mercury's Treads are good, but if you only have one enemy with good CC on the other side, Boots of Swiftness is a great choice. It's a game-time decision, but whichever way you go, do it quickly.

    Laning phase:

    Decent amount of survivability and a decent passive. Depending on how things are going, you can finish it into Frozen Mallet now if you're taking a lot of shots to the face or after the next item.

    Vampiric Scepter
    Sustainability is key and that 18 hp/5 from your Philosopher's Stone probably isn't cutting it anymore. This will help you lead your minions from the front while taking minimal if any sustained damage.

    If you haven't finished your Frozen Mallet, it would really be a good idea to do it now, but if you REALLY want to live dangerously, you can push it off a little longer...

    The Brutalizer
    Raw attack damage AND armor penetration WITH CDR? This is the most 1337 way to get damage fast. And it only costs 1337g!

    Now finish the Frozen Mallet. That is, unless you're doing really well and want to step on their throats just a little harder. In that case....

    Mid/Late Game

    Vampiric Scepter---> The Bloodthirster
    If you're pubstomping hardcore, you can build this before The Brutalizer, but I usually wait until after now to get it because of the large difference in cost. Once you have it, your DPS level should be high enough for you to really pack a punch.

    Phage---> Frozen Mallet
    Ok. No more mulligans. Finish it. Now. NOW I SAID! >:O

    There you see? Isn't that nice? Don't you feel like you should've done that sooner? You probably should've if you're still going because by now it's probably been 20 minutes and if you're facerolling hard enough that you were able to get away with putting this off until now and they HAVEN'T surrendered, 2 of them are trolling hard. Anyway, you'll notice it's much easier to survive teamfights with the extra HP and as a bonus, it's a heck of a lot easier to chase the ones that try to get away. With your Nimbus Strike leading directly to an auto-attack, it's an even more awesome gap closer with this. Sure that Phage you had before could do this too, but didn't that 1 out of 4 feel like 1 out of 40 when you REALLY needed it? Well now it's 40 out of 40. You're welcome.

    Now you should be able to jump into the fray without as much hesitation. That doesn't mean, however, that you now have a license to tower dive Morgana's or stand under your turret at 20% when a wild Blitzcrank appears with friends. Remember what you are and what you aren't. Since you're now able to stay engaged for longer periods of time...

    The Brutalizer---> Youmuu's Ghostblade
    This spiritual sword has a lot of things you need. Adding to the AD, armor pen, CDR, and crit chance you had before while freeing up another item slot is 600g very well spent. You honestly can do this whenever, but I prefer to wait so Avarice Blade has a chance to mostly pay for itself (though I doubt it really will very often). Don't forget to use the active or i keel you!

    Infinity Edge
    Another massive leap in AD is always welcome (at least it is to YOUR team).

    The 6th Slot

    In any build, the 6th slot is typically open for situational items. If the game is still going (and it shouldn't be), sell Philosopher's Stone toward:

    If all is going well, pick up another B. F. Sword upgrade or maybe Phantom Dancer (my preferred route).

    If enemy mages are causing havoc:
    Hexdrinker (a.k.a. The "eff you, Karthus!")
    Banshee's Veil
    [item=Force of Nature]
    Quicksilver Sash (the most underused item in the game)

    If Yi is showing you why he's the master:
    Thornmail (If you really want/need this, take this a little earlier. Let circumstance dictate exactly when, but if you're thinking about it. Chances are you needed one 2 minutes ago.)
    Sunfire Cape

  • TLDR version of the item build

    When you're in the middle of a match, you don't have time to look at the whole build (and the explanations for them). Here's a quick-view guide:

    1. Regrowth Pendant+ Health Potion---> Philosopher's Stone(+ Avarice Blade if you're comfortable)
    2. Boots of Speed---> Boots of Swiftness/ Mercury's Treads
    3. Phage (finish Frozen Mallet before finishing Youmuu's Ghostblade)
    4. Vampiric Scepter (finish The Bloodthirster before finishing Youmuu's Ghostblade)
    5. The Brutalizer
    6. Youmuu's Ghostblade
    7. Infinity Edge
    8. Situational

  • Y u no have core items listed?

    Personally, I look at one's "core items" as a set of 3 or so cheap-ish items that, once built, bring you to a place where you can basically do what you want (wrecking champs) while getting done what you need (wrecking turrets) with much more ease than before they were finished. It's supposed to be a puzzle where once all the pieces come together, the picture of what you can and can't do becomes much more clear. Thing is, under this philosophy, our "core" would be Pstone, Boots, Avarice (if you went that route), Phage, Vamp Scepter, and Brutalizer. Obviously 6 items isn't very much of a core and it's much more expensive (though 2 gold/10's help defray the cost), so I don't really think it qualifies.

  • Why Frozen Mallet over Warmog's? Isn't it cheaper?

    Yes but not by much. Yes Warmog's gives more HP and regen, but that's more important for tanks. What Warmog's DOESN'T have is a slow applied to all basic attacks. This becomes invaluable when you and your team are chasing someone down. You'll probably be fast enough to keep up, but it's much better when your Malz doesn't get left in the dust. If you somehow end up as the main tank as wukong, take this AND Warmog's (drop IE) and hope nobody on the other side builds a Bloodrazor. If you want Atma's Impaler with that, use the 6th slot from selling Pstone (the order in which you get things is kind of up in the air as I haven't played Tankkong for more than 20 minutes and for good reason).

  • What about Trinity Force?

    Ok let's break down Triforce's stats:

    +30 AD- You can do better for much less
    +30 AP- Only benefits your Decoy and if you're sinking 4k gold to do more damage with that.....yeah.....
    +30% Attack Speed- Decent, but still not worth it
    +15% Critical Chance- Crits are nice, but not needed and 15% isn't much
    +12% Movement Speed- Quite nice, actually. Movement speed is always good.
    +250 Health- Almost inconsequential by the part of the match where you'd be able to finish it
    +250 Mana- Granted you're mana-hungry early game, but 1) Pstone fixes that 2) that should become less of a problem after a few levels so this becomes unneeded

    Pretty much the only reasons people really buy Triforce is because of it's passives. The Phage passive is nice, but  Frozen Mallet has a 100% chance, has a stronger slow, AND is much better for survivability by having 450 more HP. The Sheen passive is also nice, but I'd much prefer the constant damage output from something like Infinity Edge. I pretty much see this as a 2-level up and it's very worth it if not indispensable for some champs like Jax or Irelia, but I don't think Wukong can really benefit from the Sheen part of this item as well as he could with other items at around the same cost.

  • Outro

    Well that's about it, people. I hope you take this build into battle and destroy your enemies, live to tell the tale, and most of all, have fun doing it. Feedback is much appreciated (as long as you're decent about it). If you want to add me in-game, my summoner name is also ShadowNinetails.

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