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The Unstoppable Lokfarian Wrecking Ball: A Tanky DPS Olaf Guide

written by Korps de Krieg

Olaf Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    In my previous guide, I said that there was nothing more terrifying than the two tons of hate fueled, granite powered rape machine that is Malphite tearing into the middle of your team and throwing you up in the air to enjoy your last view on Earth. And I stand by that statement, it is god damned terrifying. I mean, pant soilingly, mind numbingly, eldritch abomination levels of terror here. What I lied about is there being nothing MORE terrifying than Malphite. You'll have to forgive me, I only thought I was going to write one guide, and posterity says I have to one up the old one.

    Our topic today is Olaf. If you've ever played Olaf before, you already know what I am going to go into. You know, the raping and pillaging and LIGHTNING-FROM-THE-SKYING that is our lovable viking champion. If you haven't played Olaf before, welp, we're gonna fix that problem for you. We're gonna learn you some Olaf, and you are going to be wrecking shit seven different ways.

  • BRIEF GUIDE (For Those Who Are Too Damned Impatient to Appreciate My Wisdom)

    9x Armor Pen Marks
    9x Flat Armor Seals
    9x Magic Resist Per Level Glyphs
    3x Whatever The Hell You Want Quints

    0/21/9 Standard Tank Masteries

    1/21/8 With Smite/Buff Duration Masteries

    Chalice of Harmony
    Mercury's Treads
    Sunfire Cape
    Atma's Impaler
    Banshee's Veil or Frozen Mallet
    Warmog's Armor


  • Abilities

    Berserker Rage
    You see this passive? Do you have any idea, any idea of the pain you are going to inflict with it? Let me give you a rundown if you don't. The lower your health is, the faster you double fist ax people in the face. If the enemy has the audacity to not just end their own lives in sheer bed wetting terror of your enraged ass running down the lane to lay waste to them, and try and fight back, and do some damage, you are going to hit them faster. And faster. And faster. And then they will be dead, while you walk off to kill something else before you find a way to team kill out of boredom.

    You know what is more manly and degrading to the enemy than beating them in the face? Throwing an ax through all their minions to hit them in the face. If you are laning, this will be your go to skill to level. It farms. It harasses. It slows. It increases your libido by 33%. And it will be your chasing tool for the inevitable situation that one of your foes tries to flee in abject terror. Which they will.

    Need to check a bush? You're Olaf, you face check bushes all day, erry day. You don't give two shits about three shits. But, in the rare occasion you want to give your hapless foes a chance, you throw an ax in that lush vegetation, and you find out if they are in there. THEN you go and stomp their faces in.

    ONE MORE THING. Cooldowns are for pussies. You are gonna run up, knock some heads, and then reset the cooldown on your ax by picking it up. Because you are Olaf, and cooldowns are small time.

    Get that bitch an ax. Bitches love axes.

    Vicious Strikes
    Who loves increased attack damage via a mini Atma's Impaler? If the correct answer is "We Do!" (Which, for the record, it is), then you are going to shit yourself when you kick this on. You add 1% of your health in attack damage, which doesn't sound like much, but when you are rolling deep with 4500 HP late game, that number isn't gonna be something to scoff at. What's that? You want something to keep you at the top of your game so when you come to take their woman, you are in peak condition? We've got the covered. Whenever you kick this on, go ahead and get some lifesteal. You earned it.

    This is gonna be the ability that allows you to tear up the jungle and come surprise buttsecks all over a lane when you feel like it. And as Olaf, you are all about that surprise buttsecks.

    Reckless Swing
    You know what is pretty god damned metal? Lightning is. It booms, it's dead killy, and it terrifies people for pretty justifiable reasons. You know what is even more metal? You smacking bitches in the face with said lightning for true damage. Oh, what's that? You are worried because it hurts you in return? You don't give a shit, you are Olaf. Your vicious strikes will undo that damage, and give you a little more health to bitch slap their sorry asses all the way to their nexus. If you want some hard, armor piercing firepower in your arsenal, this is gonna be what you level. Make the Rammus cry some more.

    Oh, one more thing. **** mana costs, your Olaf. Mana is for girly mages and wannabe playas.

    Before I continue any farther, read this article.


    This is what the Norse thought would happen when Ragnarok finally came around. End of the world levels of dickery and sheer brutality that would lay waste to the gods and all the world. Now, take a step back and look at Olaf. Congratu-****ing-lations, you get to do the job yourself.

    Ragnarok is going to be what makes all the Kennens, Ashes, Sions, and Tarics in the world soil their clothing and flee in abject terror from. All that crowd control? You are an unrestrained engine of unalterated terror and destruction. Crowd control is for little girly men and Irelia's who think they are bad for the CC reduction. For 5 seconds, you are going to take severe amounts of reduced damage and go wherever you please, hitting who you please and showing your team how it is done. Also, because they weren't ****ed enough, you are going to get up to 30 armor pen from this sumbitch. Grievously misuse your hand upside their faces for a few seconds.

    OH, and for extra-rapetastic fun, go ahead and have a Kayle ult you. You were an unstoppable wrecking ball of bed wetting terror and pain. Now you are an invincible one.

  • Runes and Masteries

    STOP. Stop right there. This section won't take long, so listen up real close like.

    Armor pen marks, so that you have 45 armor pen at level 16. Shut up, it's non-negotiable for good reason.

    Flat armor seals. Makes jungling easier and adds to the sheer tankiness that will be late game you. Non-negotiable.

    Magic resist per level glyphs. Because Khorne hates sorcerers and so do you. Non-negotiable.

    For your quintessences? While I recommend armor pen to capitalize on how very little you give a shit about their defenses, this one is up to you. Because I have to show I care a little bit.

    As for your masteries? If you are jungling, then take the buff enhancement mastery and smite mastery. Lots of point in the defensive tree and utility tree otherwise. Offensive tree is for the pathetic mortals who can't buff their own damage by being a juggernaut of the lightning spewing variety.

  • Summoner Spells

    ALRIGHT LADS AND LASSES, time for Summoner Spells. As I've said before, and will likely say again, some people are just hard set in their ways, and no amount of convincing on MY part will change that. To those who DO listen to other people, hear me out.
    First thing's first, if you are jungling, take . Non negotiable, it speeds up the jungle too much for you not to take it. It makes grabbing Blue Buff early on far easier and with less damage, as well as Red, Dragon, and Baron.
    If you AREN'T jungling, and Laneloffing like a beast, I always recommend . I know, a lot of people groan, call angry shouts of "Noob!" and "Carnal knowledge with your mother figure will be grand after you fail with such a spell!", but being able to show up at ANY of your towers near instantly is too damn good to pass up. Sorry, it is. Not to mention the backdooring ability that comes with jumping to wards. As with Malphite, it turns the map into a "Oh god make it stop, make it-GAH OLAF AGAIN FFFFFUUUUUUU-" kill zone. Ward in a bush? Angry viking in a bush. Got an angry little badger man with a taste for mushrooms on your team, or Heimerdinger with his turrets? Get some new pants, that concentrated love I have is all over them.
    As for your second spell, I am always a fan of or . Ghost gives you that hard chasing power or escaping power, as well as extra mobility in addition to teleport. Flash makes walls launch points for sweet viking mayhem, and far reduces the effectiveness of Jarvan, Nunu, and other ults which require you to be in one place to be truly effective. Not to mention, when your prey decides to flash away themselves, you tell them to **** right off and come up behind their soon to be pummeled asses. You're Olaf, bitches don't escape.

  • Item Build

    It makes me sad how many people are going to skip all my previous wisdom and quirky anecdotes to the violent repossession of your opponent's property and women. But, alas, some foolhardy people are going to skip to here anyway. To those people, I bite my thumb at you. To all the others who have read up to here, let us laugh at an inside joke only we would get.

    Ha ha, yeah, that was funny, wasn't it? Oh man, I know, right?

    See, you miss out by being that guy. But on to business.

    The focus of this build is to be damned unkillable. To accomplish this, we are going to build tanky as all hell. TO START, we will build a Meki Pendant and 2 Health Pots.

    Keep your panties on, I am going to explain.

    A Chalice of Harmony is our first order of business. Olaf, while being an unstoppable Lokfarian wrecking ball, is a mana hungry unstoppable Lokfarian wrecking ball. Chalice offsets this while making you more magic resist at the same time. Because **** sorcerers.

    NEXT, we will be building a set of Mercury's Treads. Because reduced CC in addition to FURTHER MAGIC RESIST is pretty tasty. Between these two items and your runes, you will have over 100 magic resist. Because **** sorcerers.

    THIRDLY, we will be putting a Sunfire Cape over our enraged torso. Why, you ask? Because we love armor, and we love health, AND we love spitting fire all over anyone who comes close to us. It makes you even more unpleasant to be around, and by this point, we are getting tanky enough to ignore most things coming our way. Which is good, because of what we are grabbing next.

    Atma's Impaler is an awesome item. You will crit, you will be tankier, and that 3k health we are rocking just became an extra 60 attack damage. What's that, that isn't enough? Active our vicious strikes, make that almost 100 bonus attack damage. Two free BF swords is nothing to scoff at, especially when you are going into our next item-

    Banshee's Veil or Frozen Mallet. NOW, I give you a choice. If their mages aren't hitting terribly hard, and the 100+ magic resist we have already is doing the job, skip Banshee's Veil. You don't really need it. If they ARE giving you trouble, turn on your ult. If they are STILL giving you trouble, grab a Banshee's Veil. It'll make your Atma's more effective, and it will further tell your opponents, say it with me now, "**** sorcerers."

    If their mages AREN'T giving you trouble, grab a Frozen Mallet. An on hit slow, extra damage through the item itself and Atma's, and 700 health will have you fat AND sassy. Which, on something as unpleasant as your Olaf, will be pretty fat and sassy indeed. Enemies will run away no more when you drop the mallet on them.

    If you haven't already pounded their nexus into the ground by this point, grab a Warmog's Armor. You should be rocking well over 4k health, hitting for over 300 with your Vicious Strikes active, and your very presence in a fight absolutely, mind numbingly horrifying to the other team. This is the ultimate goal of the "Korps de Krieg" brand of Olaf. You can switch between tank and hard DPS in an instant, and in most cases perform both roles at the same time. Bask in it, it's a good feeling.

  • Welcome to the Jungle (Olaf)

    I've always considered playing Jungle Olaf something akin to jumping out of an airplane: it's scary for some people the first time, easy for people who have done it before, awe inspiring when done correctly, and really damn unpleasant for everybody when done incorrectly. Olaf has one of the best jungle set ups in the game with a decent bit of health, built in life steal via Vicious Strikes, and a passive which makes the low health you are bound the receive after fighting Blue Buff just mean you are going to clear the jungle faster with an attack speed buff, via your ****-awesome passive. Oh, and Smite. You will be taking Smite. You can do without, but it speeds up the jungle and makes your life that much easier. And quicker jungle means faster ganking, and isn't that what this is all about?
    First thing's first, starter items: a Cloth Armor and 5 health potions. We're going to build that cloth armor into a Madred's Razors, and then into Wriggle's Lantern, because free wards are awesome and so are you. Not to mention, your already prodigious jungle clearing speed will be magnified via the bonus minion damage from it, and you'll be able to take Dragon earlier. So yeah, cloth armor and health potions.
    Start at Blue Buff, and hopefully have someone to leash for you. For those of you who don't know what this means, it means have a ranged character or someone with a ranged ability draw the aggro from Big Golem, so that you can get some hits in unhurt and have a higher health to start with. Also, as SOON AS YOU START TAKING DAMAGE, ACTIVATE A HEALTH POTION. Don't wait, because the potion does not completely heal the damage you are taking. And a dead Olaf is an underleveled and set back Olaf, and you essentially NEED Blue Buff to jungle. Your mana pools leaves a great bit to be desired, and keeping your W active at all times will drain that a bit.
    After clearing Blue Buff, run by Wolves, then Wraiths. By the time you get to Red Buff, your health should be somewhere around half, depending on how much damage you took fighting Blue Buff and how efficient you have been with your potions. But its all good, you are Olaf. The amount of a shit you give is almost undescribable by modern scientists. Start beating Red Buff in the face, your smite should be off cooldown from using it on Blue Buff. When the time is right, smack a bitch with the smite, enjoy your double buff and go clear golems.
    You are now left with some options. If your team is doing fine in the lanes, and there are no immediate openings for a gank, don't fret and keep clearing neutral creeps. Every time you come near a lane, though, if the enemy is over extended, make your dread viking visage clearly evident. Not only will it give your buddies in lane some breathing room when your opponents soil themselves in terror and flee for their tower, it'll give one of your chums a chance to go back and buy. Meanwhile, soak up that lane XP and get yourself nice and ready for another romp through the jungle.
    When it comes to ganking, your most important skill is going to be landing you Undertow. Your ability to slow them and get that little bit of extra damage in may prove to be the difference between a successful gank and a failed one.
    If ever your solo lane top is getting their asses handed to them, and is calling for help, don't be that guy who ignores them and keeps jungling to see how fast you can get Dragon. If your top lane feeds because they can't handle a 2v1 (which isn't their fault, 2v1ing a lane can be one of the most challenging aspects of League for people who aren't ready for it or aren't playing a strong solo laner), then you are ****ed either way it goes. So stop slapping your self in the dick, and go help your top lane. If they get more confident and can handle themselves later, let them go back to solo laning. If not, just relax. You'll have your change to kill the shit out of Dragon later.

  • Working With The Team (In A Game Where You Lane)

    OK. So we've gotten past the tedium of going through item builds and skilling orders. Let's look at how you are going to wreck face in a real game, shall we?
    FIRST, get your Norse ass out to the lane. If your partner is support, like Taric or Sona, prepare to be out there for a long time and to be extremely aggressive. If they can feed you heals, in addition to the life steal from your W, you should never go below half health. You are going to be up in the other team's face, striking them down with great vengeance and furious anger. If you are with Soraka, that means you get health AND mana, which is just ****ing dandy. Wipe waves with your ax, beat on some towers, get some kills. Rape, pillage, THEN burn.
    If you are in lane with a tank or mage, adjust your game plan accordingly. If they are a tank, eat you some delicious minions to get your rather expensive build rolling. If they are a mage, ESPECIALLY a mage with good CC (Veigar, Ryze, etc.), split them minions, because you should be racking up kills. Racking up kills HARD. Any CC means you can get a hit in with Undertow more easily, and then you can close the gap to strike their asses with some viking lightning. Not to mention heal off of their puny, insignificant forms with your W. That's right, get you some.
    If you are solo laning top, or anywhere for that matter, be the most cautiously aggressive viking you can be. Until you hit Level 6, you don't really have an escape mechanism. When you DO hit 6, you can tell the other team to **** right off and walk out of any ganks that come your way. Because, you are Olaf, and you don't give ANY shits, much less a singular one.
    So, laning is done, and you are moving on to the mid game "skirmish like little girly men and bounce around towers and dragon" phase. If you are fed a bit from early game (which you should be), then you should be big, fat, and sassy at this point. Lots of health and resistances, which turns into attack damage via your W and Atma's. Run around, be aggressive where ever you can and keep the other team on the off foot. Grab a dragon or two or three, try stealing their buffs. You know, basically being the most consistent pain in the ass you can be. If you catch someone away from their team? Oh god, destroy their sorry ass. They made the mistake of being alone and not being Olaf, make them pay for it.
    By the late game team fight stage, you should be nigh unstoppable if they don't focus you down first. Wreck some face via lightning and double fisted pain. Help chase people down with Undertow. Pop high armor targets with your E. Go to town on squishies when you can. You should also be melting towers, and DO have the ability to tank them if necessary. Always grab Dragon, you don't need help with it. Again, rape, pillage, and burn. This late, burn can come anywhere in the order.
    When you've finally won the game, grab some mead and wenches and gold. You've earned it.


    So, you have made it through my second guide. I'm very much proud of you. You appear to have an intellectual capacity above that of a gnat, or fruit fly. Still, all joking aside, I hope you put my guide and build to good use. I always LOVE having a good Olaf on my team...and hate Olaf being on the other team. Profoundly. Go be that Olaf my friends.
    All questions, comments, concerns, and sexual advances WILL be responded to. Because I love you guys. 
    Stay classy.

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