Nasus Build Guide

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Nasus: Good Things Come to Those Who Farm

written by TheMonacleSpy

Nasus Build

Table of Contents

  • Quick Guide



    Good Early Game Items:

    Core Build:

    Late Game:

    Melee carry wrecking your crew:

    Enemy carry crits for 1000 damage:

    Their mage got fed to kingdom come:
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    They stacking armor?

    CC gangrape?

    The only Summoner Spells you need:

    Prioritize This:

    > > >

    Just remember to take at least 1 point in wither early

  • Build Reasoning

    This rune setup is for early game farming and general bruiser runes. My mastery setup revolves around CDR, mana regen, reduced death timer, and magic penetration for Nasus' ultimate. Reasoning behind this is because you need as many siphoning strikes as you can get. As for Nasus' ultimate, it becomes lackluster late game if the opposing team stacks magic resist.

    Summoner Spells are important, and I know you're probably wondering why I didn't take Flash. For maximum farming with Nasus using teleport is essential for getting your items and back to lane very quickly or pushing an exposed lane late game. Exhaust is to turn the tables on melee and ranged carries that get in your way. It also makes it impossible for some champions to escape if you wither exhaust em'.

  • Abilities

    Soul Eater
    Best innate passive for a melee champion if I've ever seen one. Lifesteal means sustainability in the lane, and you get it for free instead of spending 450 gold for a scepter. It also works on siphoning strike for some massive heals late game.

    This is also why we don't build lifesteal on Nasus. There are better items for you to get and lifesteal gets worse late game where you're max health is higher and teamfights are more common.

    Siphoning Strike
    This is your farming tool. The most important skill for any Nasus. The more you kill with it the stronger it gets and the easier it becomes to last hit. Our build revolves around hitting as many creeps as possible and as fast as possible.

    This is also why we will be getting a lot of early CDR. At max ranks the cooldown of siphoning strike is insanely low and with max CDR from blue buff and items you will liquify lanes in seconds whilst becoming powerful.

    I love this spell, it makes every ranged or melee dps in the game useless. Drop it on warwick and watch as his damage goes down drastically because he can't auto-attack as much. Drop it on Vayne and turn her triple kill into an embarrassment to her team for not getting a spell shield.

    Get one point in this at level 4 and keep it that way until level 14.

    Spirit Fire
    A great skill for both pushing lanes and team battles. The armor reduction allows your siphoning strike to hit like a truck filled with dynamite. Use it with wither or a lane partner that packs a stun for explosive results.

    Fury of the Sands
    This is one fun ultimate. It allows you to 1v1 a huge list of champions with all your skills added to the equation and a lot of siphoning strikes. You should save it for when teamfights start happening as multiple champions will cause your AD to rise very fast.

    Keep in mind that the AD gain has a cap to it, and that the skill has a long cooldown. Other than that, turn it on when you see an advantage and really mess up someone's day.

  • Basics of Nasus

    Okay I already know everyone who has ever played this champion has read Hyfe's guide to the Competitive Nasus. Its a very good guide that covers the basics of Nasus as well as his godlike ability to push lanes and kill carries. If you didn't read this amazing guide, then I recommend you do. If not, sit back while I explain the basics.

    1. You are not the tank
    I am sick and tired of players building tank Nasus thinking that they are doing their team a favor by showing up to every team fight covered in health gear and resists. The reality is Nasus was never meant to be played as a tank. He only has one CC spell and its not an interrupt. Therefore he can and will never be a true tank character.

    See, there is a sub-group of champions called bruisers, and what they do is dominate the lane as well as make it difficult for carries to kill them. Garen, Renekton, and Jarvan IV all fall into this group as does Nasus. They scale well with damage items as well as defensive gear and have high base stats.

    This is what you want, more damage and tankiness so you can both push and counter-push lanes. Think of bruisers as the offensive linebackers on a football team, pushing the advantage and moving the ball forward. That's what you do best, keep pressure on all the lanes and you will do well as Nasus.

    2. You must be able to farm well
    Summoner 101. If you do not know the importance of last hitting minions, I will write you a notarized document confirming that you should not play Nasus. This guy is all about last hitting, specifically with siphoning strike. It gets more powerful when you kill with it sure but it gets better: it works on towers.

    Feast your eyes as late game Nasus strikes a tower five times and turns it to rubble. You will push hard late game and decimate champions if you farmed well early. Here is a demonstration of skill brought to you by master jungler Stonewall008. Take note of how many minion kills he gains.

    Watch in awe as he turns that Vayne into pudding. See that damage, thats the damage you will deal if you farm your lane like a boss early.

    3. Cooldown boots are essential
    You know what I hate the most from players, when they can't agree on what boots to get because they have nostalgia goggles for Mercury's Treads. Those boots used to be wicked good on anyone back in beta. Now its only good if the enemy team has five hard CC casters. Wait a its not because even with those boots they are going to kick your ass if you overextend and they land all of their stuns and roots correctly.

    Its only good if, say, there's a Morgana, Rammus, or Fiddlesticks on the enemy team who has hard CC that lasts for 3 seconds. Same thing applies to Ninja Tabi which you should get if that Irelia or Kog'maw is shredding your health with percent/true damage. If not then you should stick with Ionian Boots of Lucidity because they allow you to land more siphoning strikes and withers which equals more damage output.

  • Pros and Cons

    -pushes lanes very well
    -punishes auto-attackers better than any other champ
    -farms very well
    -exceptional lane presence. can counter a push fairly easy and zones like a boss
    -late game tower demolisher
    -low health champions will die to him very quickly

    -high mana upkeep on his skills
    -his slow is easily countered by spell shields
    -he can drop due to focus fire if you aren't careful
    -no escape mechanism against a team of gangbangers
    -percent damage counters him late game where his health is the highest

  • Thank You for Reading My Guide

    Feel free to comment on this guide. If you are going to give me tips please make sure to post constructively and explain your reasoning so that I can improve. Thank you for your time.

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