Wukong Build Guide

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Wukong- ShadowClone Wuju

written by Ihavegun

Wukong Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Wukong is a melee fighter who uses the mana system and excels especially at getting First Blood and many early game kills. Mid and late game he becomes more of a tanky dps, however, this allows you to survive almost all encounters racking up the kills and the assists. He takes a little practice to master, but his elusiveness makes him very difficult to catch and kill. Follow this guide and become the king of The Monkey King!

  • Abilities

    Stone Skin
    Range: 1400
    Wukong's armor and magic resistance are increased by 4/6/8 for each nearby enemy champion.

    This passive is perfect for a champion that dashes into the middle of fights and starts a cyclone. It also allows you to take on 2v1's fairly easily later on.

    Crushing Blow
    Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5
    Cost: 40
    Wukong's next attack will deal 30/60/90/120/150 additional physical damage and will reduce the enemy's armor by 30% for 3 seconds.

    Activating this ability resets Wukong's attack timer. Try to use it immediately after landing an auto-attack to maximize your damage output.

    Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10
    Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
    Wukong becomes stealthed for 1.5 seconds leaving behind an uncontrollable copy of himself that does not attack. After the stealth timer is up the decoy will deal 70/115/160/205/250 (+60% of Ability Power)magic damage to nearby enemies.

    This ability is my favorite out of all of Wukong's. It grants you 1.5 seconds of stealth allowing you to escape out of fights from right under your enemy's nose. It also leaves behind a clone which sometimes causes enemies to waste abilities (and sometimes their ults)on it. With skill you can use the clone to absorb skillshots such as Blitzcranks Rocket Grab.

    Nimbus Strike
    Cooldown: 8
    Cost: 45/50/55/60/65
    Wukong dashes on a cloud toward a target enemy and creates 2 clones that attack 2 enemies near his target, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.8 per bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to enemies struck. Wukong also gains a 20/25/30/35/40% attack speed bonus for 3 seconds after using this ability.

    This ability allows for early harassment and is a great chase mechanic. You can also use it to dash to an enemy minion for a secondary escape technique.

    Cooldown: 120/105/90
    Cost: 100
    Wukong's staff extends outwards and he spins around for up to 4 seconds, dealing 20/110/200 (+1.0 per Attack Damage) physical damage every second and knocking up enemies once per cast. Wukong also gains and additional 5% movement speed every half second for the duration of the spell. This only lasts until the spells duration.

    A very versatile ultimate abiilty, this allows Wukong to knock every enemy champion into the air causing an aoe disrupt. You can also use this as an escape ability because of the bonus movement speed. This makes Wukong very hard to run from.

  • Skilling Order

    I take 1pt in Crushing Blow at level 1. At level 2 I always take an early point in Decoy. A good ability to have in case you get ganked and need an escape! It's also the mechanic that holds Wukong's scores to very little deathes if any! At level 3 I take another point in Crushing Blow. Now the cooldown is only 8 seconds instead of 9. At level 4 I get my first point in Nimbus Strike. Now that Crushing Blow and Nimbus Strike share an 8 second cooldown you can harass with both attacks and really get the most out of your damage.

    Not including the first 4 levels, Wukong's skill priority should be this:

  • Masteries + Runes

    External Image
    I go with 1/21/8 for maximum survivability. This complements Stone Skin immensely. It also allows me to grab some damage items early on and not have to worry about how squishy Wukong is.

    Your runes should reflect your masteries and fill in what you need for your playstyle. I like to use more defensive runes because they also stack with Stone Skin and they allow you to get the most out of Wukong's superior early game. Also as a fighter you get your kills by "outlasting" your opponents.

    Note: [mastery_icon=expanded mind] and [mastery_icon=strength of spirit] stack. Add in [mastery_icon=perseverance] and you have plenty of HP regen to work with.

    9x Greater Mark of Desolation
    9x Lesser Seal of Vitality
    9x Lesser Glyph of Warding
    3x Lesser Quintessence of Vigor

    These runes make Wukong extremely hard to kill early game. This allows you to dominate your lane and pick up some kills relatively easy. The Lesser Quintessence of Vigor helps you to stay in your lane and not have to constantly go back every 2 levels.

  • Quick Stat Look

    Wukong LVL 1 Base Stats:
    Attack Speed:0.66
    Ability Power:0
    Armor Pen.:0
    Magic Pen.:0
    Crit Chance:0

    Wukong LVL 1 Stats With Build:
    Attack Speed:0.7
    Ability Power:4
    Armor Pen.:15
    Magic Pen.:0
    Crit Chance:0

  • Summoner Abilities

    and have the best synergy with Wukong.

    Allows you to both run from a fight or chase someone down which makes it very versatile.
    Offers you a slow for chasing or escaping and helps you take on other fighters such as Xin or Olaf.

    Other Options:

    Allows you to get away through a wall or maybe it helps to chase an enemy down but is usually enough to catch someone.
    Personally I don't use this just because the + combo can finish off an enemy effortlessly. If you feel like you don't do enough damage without then by all means use it.

    Is good just because it heals all of your team and can save you in a bind, but if your playing Wukong correctly you shouldn't be getting hit with that many abilities in the first place. The ones you do get hit with can be shrugged off because of all your health regen.
    Use this if you try to jungle Wukong but he belongs in a lane so I wouldn't recommend.
    This depends on personal preference but Wukong can get around the map pretty quickly on his own, I mean after all he is a monkey.

    I don't think this is necessary considering you have a .
    Doesn't help Wukong. If you need to check a bush use your stealth...save it for a support to have.
    Is not needed on Wukong at all. Plus I think this spell is next to worthless late game once everyone has fixed their mana problems.

    You should never actually plan on dying...worthless on Wukong who usually gets away anyways
    [spell_icon=fortify] Don't use this.
    [spell_icon=rally] Don't use this.

  • Core Build


    This is the basic core build of Wukong. Gives Wukong everything he needs essentially; health, mana, attack damage, movement speed, and a slow. Not only does it buff Wukong exceptionally but it also has three great items that build into it.

    If everything is going well at this point and you're not having any problems mitigating damage then go ahead and go for this...

    Your will help you against casters.

  • Items

    Start out by grabbing a and heading to your lane. Go back when you have enough for your . The tenacity will help you in the rare chance you get stunned/snared before you can use your . Lane until you can get a . At this point you should be able to take on some champions 1v1. The slow can help you dominate those squishy casters. Go back and buy a when possible and just watch your damage output skyrocket. Plus the mana it grants rids of any mana problems you would have until for the rest of the game. Finish your and start owning.
    One thing about playing a fighter is that you need to adapt your build depending on the team you are playing against. That's why I leave the other item slots open on this build. You should get some defensive items at this point depending on the opposing teams make-up. Even Wukong says it himself "Adapt to any situation"
    Below I've added some situational builds that I use on Wukong. With these you can be prepared for any type of team your going against!!

  • Against A Heavy Attack Damage Team


    The Gives Wukong more attack damage, crit, and some armor to help you.
    Adds on more armor and health plus gives you the aoe of 35 magic damage a second. This is good considering Wukong is always in the middle of the fight whether he just dashed in, is stealth, or is using on the enemy team.

    If this simply is not working then get a .

  • Against A Heavy Ability Power Team


    [item_icon=force of nature] Gives you 76 magic resist plus movement speed and health regen.
    Of course grants you magic resist and cooldown reduction which should help you finish off any fleeing casters

  • Against A Heavy Armored Team-Tanks


    Gives you a lot more damage output. It has attack damage, cooldown reduction, and armor penetration.
    That mixed with should allow you to focus down any tank.

    If they seem to just be stacking health then just go for a [item_icon=madred's bloodrazor] and put an end to that.

  • Summary

    Wukong is an awesome champion in my opinion. He can be used in many different situations and can fill in a niche on a team missing attack damage. It may take a little practice to master him but once you do he can become a wrecking force in high ELO games. With his you should be able to escape most fights virtually unscathed. You can also use it to block an enemy's skillshot which is always useful.

  • Pros / Cons

    Great Initiator
    Good damage mitigation
    Good damage output
    Decoy to escape fights and absorb damage
    Ult that disrupts the whole enemy team

    No stuns or slows; only cc is ult
    Isn't hard to kill if cc'd
    Not a carry (so don't try to be!)

  • Working in the team

    As Wukong you should harass your enemies with your and . Use your soon after you dash in to avoid getting focused and nuked. By mid game expect to have a few kills and more on the way. You should be dealing great damage to the squishy casters of the other team in fights. When your team needs it most use your to disrupt the other team and turn the fight around in your favor. By late game you should be a lot more tanky. This doesn't mean initiate every fight and try to take on the whole team. Just make sure your ult benefits your team the most possible and you should collect kills and assists.

  • Unique Skills

    Lowers your targets armor for 30%. Keep this in mind in team fights and use it fully.

    Is such an awesome ability. You can use it for so many different things and it helps ensure survival. You can even check bushes with the stealth portion of it if necessary.

    Is a great ult for a fighter like Wukong. It throws everyone you hit on the other team into the air but only once per use. You can use this to disrupt other ults such as Warwick, Katarina, or Nunu's! Also keep this in mind when considering when to use it.

  • Updates

    July 29, 2011-Guide Published

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