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All you need to know about jungling by Plagueis

written by plagueis

Amumu Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    A hint beforehand you can navigate through this guide by clicking the pagenumbers in the table of contents.

    Warning: This guide is no brief overview so take your time to read it before judging. It is intented to be a detailed guide so a brief overview wouldn't serve the purpose of this guide. The amount of Information and options I provide increases with each variant to ensure that beginners are'nt overstained. Furthermore I still work on it so just skip the parts that aren't finish yet.

    I'm Plagueis and I'm maining the jungle role. I want to share my knowledge with you and that's why im writing this guide. Additionally I'm going to provide you with video jungle tutorials and later full game videos (normals and ranked). You may want to close this guide but let me tell you that I jungled with many different champions in over 400 games so I actually know what im talking about. I will start with jungle Amumu and I'll show you some rune/mastery setups to jungle with and add videos of it. Also I provide distinct pathing and start items. If you like my guide and my videos I'll be adding more sections/guides about other champions. So please give it a try before you vote. Furthermore comments are welcomed.

    The following color code system is used for a better outline.
    Is used to structure the guide with headlines.
    Is used to highlight examples.
    Is used to point out the general/golden rules.

    You can either read this guide or check the corresponding videos. I try to have all the information in both. So far the guide contains more information because I still have to create a lot of videos and finishing this first guide is top priority at the moment.

    My summoner's home is EU-west

    You can watch my livestream.
    Check out my profile for schedule of upcoming events.

    Check out my youtube channel for all the videos:

    Also check out my friends guide:

  • Guide changelist

    10/21/2011 changing my original idea to something better (imo) stay tuned a lot of changes coming soon

    09/03/2011 No changes so far. Still can't upload videos >15min to youtube
    08/22/2011 In my opinion this guide is finished so if you miss something write a comment

    08/08/2011 even more new videos (e.g. short commentary version of standard jungle mumu)
    08/07/2011 added my way of playing Amumu and video clips of it
    08/06/2011 uploaded a couple of videos
    08/05/2011 recorded a full game but youtube doesnt allow me to upload it yet ( >15min)
    08/04/2011 shared first thoughts of perfect full tank build for Amumu
    08/04/2011 uploaded a couple of new videos to youtube
    08/03/2011 I can record in 16:9 Full HD now but im quite busy with work stuff so no new stuff today sry
    08/02/2011 started master building Amumu (this will take some time be patient)
    08/02/2011 added effective health for beginners section
    08/01/2011 added color system and completed intermediate variant

    07/31/2011 My Youtube account broke so I had to create a new account. I have to upload the videos again.
    07/30/2011 First pieces of intermediate Amumu
    07/29/2011 First version

  • Changes

    Release Notes v1.0.0.123
    Amumu will now attempt to attack the target after successfully pulling himself to an enemy champion with Bandage Toss

  • Jungle Amumu

    In this section you will get some general information about Amumu along with specific jungle methods.

  • Abilities

    Cursed Touch
    This spell helps you support your AP champs to deal more dmg and also to destroy squishy carries without any or just really low magic resistance.

    Bandage Toss
    This is your skillshot ability to stun enemies, chase them, escape them or initiate for your ultimate.

    Its basically an improved Sunfire Cape .

    AOE spell that can hit invisible units near you.

    Curse of the Sad Mummy
    AOE that roots enemies within range. DOES NOT stun them so you cannot interrupt channel abilites like Katarina's Death Lotus.

  • Skill tricks

    It is important to know the range of Bandage Toss in order to master this ability.
    Here is a little trick you can do with it. In general you pretend to run away but use your Bandage Toss towards the enemy. This is a nice surprise attack.

    Further you can combine Bandage Toss with your flash.

    Bandage Toss and flashing afterwards

    Flashing and using Bandage Toss subsequently

    Know your limits when you towerdive the enemy and use your chances.
    Two facts you might not consider when towerdiving:
    1. Try to get the creep aggro aswell to use your Tantrum more often.
    2. The spell range of Tantrum is greater then most people think.
    Tantrum range is slightly greater then your Despair (the blue particles on the ground)

    Defensive ultimate (only in early game and when you wont survive without it)
    I had two Mark of the Storm to avoid getting stunned I used my ultimate. You have to know the exact range though.

  • Good to know jungle facts

    Initial spawn times

    Small camps 1:40
    Ancient Golem 1:55
    Lizard Elder 1:55
    Dragon 2:30
    Baron 15:00

    Respawn times

    Small camps 1:40
    Ancient Golem 5:00
    Lizard Elder 5:00
    Dragon 6:00
    Baron 7:00

    Smite damage list

    Smite dmg list
    420 base dmg + 25 per lvl

    Lvl 1 -> 445
    Lvl 2 -> 470
    Lvl 3 -> 495
    Lvl 4 -> 520
    Lvl 5 -> 545
    Lvl 6 -> 570
    Lvl 7 -> 595
    Lvl 8 -> 620
    Lvl 9 -> 645

    Lvl 10 -> 670
    Lvl 11 -> 695
    Lvl 12 -> 720
    Lvl 13 -> 745
    Lvl 14 -> 770
    Lvl 15 -> 795
    Lvl 16 -> 820
    Lvl 17 -> 845
    Lvl 18 -> 870

    This ability deals true damage so you can secure the kills on golem,lizard,dragon and baron.
    Early you will need this ability to speed up your jungling and later to secure dragon or baron kills.
    You dont need to learn the numbers you can just simply write it down and check the list whenever you need to.

    A general rule is that when you can easily clear the jungle camps or after 15 minutes you do NOT use smite for anything but the dragon and Baron.
    Why shouldnt you use it? The enemies can attempt to kill either the dragon or Baron and now there are two possible outcomes:

    The enemy team have got a good jungler with smite and they will smite to secure the kill.
    The enemy team does not have a jungler or they may have one but he isn't that good so you can go in and steal the dragon or Baron with smite.

    This can happen anytime so thats why you shouldnt use smite unless you really need it even with the skilled mastery and the 5 extra gold its not worth it.

    Another scenario is that your team won a fight and you want to kill baron now but the enemies got a champion who tries to steal it like Lux so you can smite baron and secure the baron kill for your team.

  • Mentality

    YOU are Amumu.
    YOU are the tank and afraid of nothing and no one.
    YOU carry your team to the victory.

    When playing Amumu I'm always infront of all my allies and trying to split up the enemies just by running towards them. Make them burn their valuable cc and damage spells on you. As soon as you see the opportunity for a fight go in and your team will follow you when they see you are not afraid and start the fights for them.

    Always initiate the fights by yourself.NEVER let the enemies initiate on your team.

  • Standard for beginners

    This is the classic Amumu jungling.

  • Masteries + summoner spells

    External Image

    This will give you a good defense and utility for jungling. I don't skill the dodge masteries because its contrary with Tantrum. You want to receive auto attacks so you can use it more often. Furthermore at the current state of the game and the increasing amount of physical damage abilities I don't really like dodge anymore. Dodge is unreliable and only effective against auto attacks. There are a lot of physical abilities like Volley ,Piltover Peacemaker or Ace in the Hole just to enumerate a few. Against these kinds of abilities you need armor therefore dodge is useless against them.

    Also in the intermediate variant we go for 0/16/14. What I'm doing here is that I maximize the early effective health so I can start with a different start item then Cloth Armor. I put 2 points in [mastery_text=Defensive Mastery]. I get the neccessary points by removing 1 from Strength of Spirit and 1 from [mastery_text=veteran's scars].

    So we have 12 less HP and a little bit less health regeneration then in the standard variant.
    Here is a math example why I exchange the 12 HP for the [mastery_text=Defensive Mastery].

    The numbers are average values I took from ingame tests.

    Young lizards hits you 10 times each, and [mastery_text=harden skin] and [mastery_text=defensive mastery] applies AFTER the armor reduction is done. Which means without [mastery_text=defensive mastery] and [mastery_text=harden skin] each young lizards would deal 9 damage to you but with these masteries they only deal 6 damage, so with those two masteries you save a total of 80 incoming damage from the young lizards.

    For summoner spells I use Smite and Flash

  • Runes

    This is for the standard beginner variant
    9x Greater Mark of Insight
    9x Greater Seal of Resilience
    9x Greater Glyph of Shielding
    1x Greater Quintessence of Insight
    2x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

  • Items

    You have to decide the order in which you purchase the items. The decision is based on various facts for example
    - enemy setup (how much ap/ad)
    - specific champions (champion deals more ap dmg/ad dmg/both equal)
    - whether one of the enemy champions is fed/farmed or not

    I only provide a possible order so regarding to the combined items listed its up to you which part you buy first. Keep the general rule in mind and you should be fine.

    Standard start items

    Buy 1x Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion

    First recall

    Boots of Speed

    Items you want to buy next

    Core build

    Aegis of the Legion
    You should finish this first because its a very cost efficient early game defense item.

    Ruby Crystal
    For some extra health

    Negatron Cloak & Chain Vest
    To increase your effective health and make you tanky.

    Mercury's Treads
    More magic resistance and movement speed.

    Final build

    The final build for this variant should look like this:


    This build provides you with pretty good and balanced tank stats for Amumu.
    Remember to use the active of Randuin's Omen even thought its not a really beginner item because you have to learn how and when to use it I still recommend it.

  • Pathing

    External Image

    In case you dont know what "to pull the golem" means I'll explain it.
    By pulling the golem I mean that the champ who is going to be mid will attack the golem from the other side so the golem tries to attack him. The mid champ is going to his lane so the golem stops in the brushes and you get a lot of free hits on the golem.

    Go to the golem (1) and let someone pull it for you. Don't start with smite remember to use smite to kill the golem. Proceed with wolfs (2) and wraiths (3). Recall now and buy boots.
    Kill the Lizard(4) and either gank (one of the closest two lanes) or kill the golems (5/6).

    Check the videos examples how to do it.

    Please give me feedback which of the video types you like most.

    Short version without commentary.

    Short commentary.

    You decide whether you want more short movies or more commentary so please leave comments.

    Long version with commentary.

    This is a video for a different path when you are afraid of being counterjungled.

    Here is a video how to gank

  • Skill order

    The skill order for gank after red (lvl 3)

    Skill order for lvl 4 gank

    Full skill order including gank on lvl 4

  • My way of playing Amumu

    This is a better optimized jungle method with the best full tank build. However I only recommend this way for very experienced players.

  • Masteries + summoner spells

    External Image

    Same as standard Amumu because in my opinion its the best choice.

    For summoner spells I use Smite and Flash

  • Skill order

    The skill order for gank after red (lvl 3)

    Full skill order including gank on lvl 3

  • Pathing

    This video will show the pathing I'm using.

  • Runes

    Runes for my build
    1x Greater Mark of Resilience
    8x Greater Mark of Warding
    9x Greater Seal of Resilience
    9x Greater Glyph of Shielding
    3x Greater Quintessence of Warding

    I play Amumu as a full tank and thats why I don't use magic penetration marks. However, my damage is still good enough you can see in my clips and in my fullgames soon. (youtube doesn't allow me to upload full games yet)
    We start with 38 armor to reduce the Lizard's attack damage to 5. They would deal 6 damage when we would start with 37 armor.

    3x Greater Quintessence of Warding is for early [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] countering.

  • My way of playing Amumu

    Proof why its the best full tank Amumu build can be found in the sections below.

    This is my Amumu build I use when playing full tank. Nevertheless this is NOT working against a Garen because he deals more damage with his ultimate when you miss a lot oh health and you need to farm properly.

    Here are two clips showing me tanking the turret with my build.


    Item order
    You want to adjust the order to the enemy team. Therefore you start with one warmog and then decide how to continue.
    In case they got a lot of magic damage (ratio 0.3) you want to get extra magic resist early.
    In case they got a lot of physical damage (ratio 0.7) you want to get extra armor early.
    In case they got balanced damage (ratio 0.5) grab atleast a second warmogs before buying armor/resist.

    See "Effective health complex" below for ratio explanation.

  • Effective health for beginners

    This is a introduction to effective health and will only cover the basics. However, in the section below you will find more detail.

    What is effective health?
    Its the unit of measure to determine how tanky you are.

    What do I use it for?
    So based on that characteristic number you can decide which of builds I mention are best for the given situation.

    How to find it?
    Just click on "Click here to view more detail" under the build and then click on "Click here to view even more detail". The build including the stats will open and you see the stats you got with this item build. Unfortunately, clicking on "view more detail" will show incorrect stats so you need to open the build by clicking on "view even more detail".

    What now?
    Now you see the stats for the particular item build.
    Below the health section you will find:
    Physical Damage Health
    Magical Damage Health
    Effective Health

    Following I regard health as the damage you have to receive in order to kick the bucket.

    What is physical damage health?
    It is the amount of health you got when the enemies deal physical damage only.

    What is magical damage health?
    It is the amount of health you got when the enemies deal magic damage only.

    What is effective health?
    It is the amount of health you got when the enemies deal in equal shares physical and magical damage.

    Seriously what can I do with this crap?
    In the rune section we learnt how to pick runes based on the enemy team. This concept applies to building items as well. Although we have to change the point of view. When building items you want to examine the enemies mid and late game rather then early game.
    Facts you can ignore:
    - carry skills with low base damage that doesnt scale with their builds for example Essence Flux (when you play pure AD Ezreal)
    - AP champs/support autoattacks (unless the AP champ got a Lich Bane)

    Facts you have to consider now:
    - item actives for example Deathfire Grasp
    - item passives for example Lich Bane or [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    I skip the calculation part next section.

  • Effective health complex

    You already know what effective health is and how you can use this measurement but this was just some basic stuff.

    Now we will have a close view at it.

    Additional values for effective health calculation
    - dodge chance
    - flat reduced damage
    - percentage reduced damage
    - health regeneration

    Formula we will need
    HP = hit points
    PH = physical damage health
    MH = magical damage health
    EH = effective health

    PH = HP * ( (100 + ARMOR) * 1/100)
    MH = HP * ( (100 + MAGIC RESIST) * 1/100)

    EH = (PH + MH) * 1/2

    To distinguish the two EH formular I'm using the terms effective health and complex effective health

    The ratio
    In the effective health for beginners section we assumed that you receive the damage in equal parts but this is really unrealistic so we have to adjust the effective health calculation.

    The range is 0 ≤ RP ≤ 1

    EH = complex effective health
    RP = ratio physical damage

    EH = ( (RP * PH) + ((1 - RP) * MH) )

  • Initial Amumu stats

    Some examples to practice calculating this stuff. You can skip this if you dont feel like practicing.

    Amumu's base stats

    Amumu level 1

    Hit Points 556
    Health Regen (per 1) 1.66
    Armor 18.3
    Magic Resist 30

    Try to calculate the physical damage health and magical damage health.

    Physical damage health = result

    Magical damage health = result

    Now try to calculate the effective health for the following examples.

    Example 1
    Assuming 0% physical damage and 100% magic damage
    Effective Health result

    Example 2
    Assuming 25% physical damage and 75% magic damage
    Effective Health result

    Example 3
    Assuming 50% physical damage and 50% magic damage
    Solution example 3
    Effective Health result

    Example 4
    Assuming 75% physical damage and 25% magic damage
    Effective Health result

    Example 5
    Assuming 100% physical damage and 0% magic damage
    Effective Health result

    Base stats can be found here
    Base stats

  • My items or best Amumu full tank build ever

    This is my Amumu build I use when playing full tank. Nevertheless this is NOT working against a Garen because he deals more damage with his ultimate when you miss a lot oh health.

    Here are two clips showing me tanking the turret with my build.


    PH = physical damage health
    MH = magical damage health
    EH = effective health

    I'll proof to you that this is the best full tank build ever.

    IF you feel like you miss some arguments let me know and I will add it.

    In my opinion the following points are proof enough.

    Frozen Heart , Randuin's Omen and Warmog's Armor costs are pretty much equal so we can compare the effective health they provide.


    PH = 6219.69
    MH = 4032.16
    EH = 5125.92


    PH = 5900.22
    MH = 3510.76
    EH = 4705.49


    Warmog's Armor without any stacks

    PH = 5674
    MH = 4704
    EH = 5189

    Warmog's Armor half stacks
    Necessary creep kills | assists/kills
    50 | 5

    PH = 5917
    MH = 4905
    EH = 5411

    Warmog's Armor full stacks

    PH = 6545.75
    MH = 5891.82
    EH = 6218.79

    Stacking Warmog's OMFG YOU ARE A NOOB I just buy [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor]
    Well go ahead and buy it I dont care at all.

    Some math to proof it:

    H1 = health with full warmog's
    H2 = health without warmog's
    n = amount of attacks

    H1 - n * (ph dmg) - n * (madreds dmg) > H2 - n * (ph dmg)

    Following example:

    H1 = 3390
    H2 = 2020
    ph dmg = 200 (enemy atk dmg)
    madres dmg = 135.6 (4% of H1)
    n = 12

    Calculate damage after reduction by armor/resist

    ph dmg = 103 (left side, no armor item)
    ph dmg = 68 (right side, Frozen Heart 99 armor)
    madreds = 78 (no magic resist item)

    3390 - (12 * 103) - 12 * (78) > 2020 - (12 * 68)
    1518 > 1204


    Left side is your remaining health after the enemy AD carry attacked you 12 times with additional madreds damage. (Warmog's)

    Right side is your remaining health after the enemy AD carry attacked you 12 times without additional madreds damage. (Frozen Heart)

    To sum up after 12 autoattacks of the enemy AD carry you still got more health left and I don't even calculated armor reduction (Last Whisper, runes) into the right side.

    Ok maybe you are right with one Warmog's but stacking them will increase [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] damage

    Yes and no!

    Your health with 1 Warmog's = 3390
    Your health with 2 Warmog's = 4760

    The health increase from 1 Warmog's to 2 Warmog's is 40.4%

    Damage madreds with 1 Warmog's = 135.6
    Damage madreds with 2 Warmog's = 190.4

    The damage increase from 1 Warmog's to 2 Warmog's is 40.4%

    [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] deals 4% damage based on max health so the percentage damage is the same. That's why you can stack Warmog's without being afraid of [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor].

    So the benefit of stacking Warmog's is that you increase your effective health against physical, magical and true damage by a huge amount and the impact of [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] can be ignored.

  • Items

    If you dont feel like you are good enough to actually use my build here are some other possibilities.

    You have to decide which build is best against the enemy team and the order in which you purchase the items. The decision is based on various facts for example
    - enemy setup (how much ap/ad)
    - specific champions (champion deals more ap dmg/ad dmg/both equal)
    - whether one of the enemy champions is fed/farmed or not

    I only provide a possible order so regarding to the combined items listed its up to you which part you buy first. Keep the general rule in mind and you should be fine.

    Intermediate start items

    Buy 1x Regrowth Pendant and 1x Health Potion

    First recall

    Philosopher's Stone

    Second recall

    Boots of Speed, 2x Health Potion and 1x Sight Ward

    Next items

    Giant's Belt
    Negatron Cloak & Chain Vest

    The alternatives will remain at the same position in the build pictures so you easily see what changed.
    I listed all combinations you can create with the given options and the core items every build got are:
    Sunfire Cape, [item_text=Force of Nature], Abyssal Scepter

    I'm too slow to do something
    Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness

    Need some damage and farm
    Sunfire Cape

    More magic resistance, durability and movement speed
    [item=Force of Nature]

    More armor
    Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen

    More magic resistance
    Abyssal Scepter

    Option A

    Option B

    Option C

    Option D

    When you got Mercury's Treads or dont need tenacity sell your Philosopher's Stone otherwise upgrade to [item=Eleisa's Miracle].

    Option F

    Option G

    You sold your Philosopher's Stone? Then buy your last item.

    More Health
    [item=Soul Shroud] or Warmog's Armor or when you still need armor and dont already bought it Randuin's Omen

    Option H

    Option I

    Option J

    Option K

    Option L

    All builds are well balanced and serve a certain purpose.

  • Conclusion

    Thanks for reading my guide and I would love to receive feedback from you guys to improve this guide.

    Further I thank Win10cent for encouraging me to write this guide.

    Most importand I thank Win10cent and Crimsµn developing the math stuff with me.

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