Wukong Build Guide

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Highly Competitive Wukong? Yes please!

written by BACHO TI

Wukong Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Stone Skin
    A perfect passive. Wukong is melee, which means whenever u actually go into a fight, you will get your armor and mres quite nicely buffed.

    Crushing Blow
    Reminds me of Trundle's Q. The important thing here is to know that it resets your autoattack timer, so remember to hit a normal attack first and then immediately land a crushing blow to deal extra extra damage. Good for melting tanks also at later levels ^^

    Actually this is a pretty decent escape mechanism. You can use it for escaping, confusing and all sort of little nice stuff. The coolest is, however, that you can make the enemy land all your CC into your clone. Then it's game over for them.

    Simply magnificent. This ultimate has SO much team utility that when I saw the champion spotlight I was like huh?! O.o?!?!

    This is like malphite's ultimate, except you can move around and if u somehow missed a couple of enemies, just move to them. You can practically knock up all of the enemy team even if they are scattered around, which is CRAZY! This is the ability which makes Wukong viable in any competitive play. Karthus ulting? Nunu ulting? Miss fortune ulting? Fiddlesticks ulting? Sry guys, try another day.

  • Introduction

    Hello, mates! It's me again, true story! This time I will be examining and analyzing the newest champ to hit the fields of justice- a freakin monkey with a stick. Called Kong (not king kong stupid). U know what the Wu stands for? Wuju! Yeah, he's a student of master yi. But now the chimp can smack yi's head to the ground bare naked.

    So Wukong is actually a pretty nice and balanced champion in terms of kit. He has some pretty nice utility, fits perfectly with the tanky dps meta, and actually has a pretty nice chance of turning into one of the best champs in the game. If played correctly. Now I have tested him, gathered feedback, info- whatever u can imagine so I can come up with a pretty detailed guide on Wukong. And yes, for the love of god, Wukong has the perfect potential to be a ban or pick champ in high-ELO!

    Lets get started!

  • Masteries + Runes


    Now for masteries I run 11/4/15. Here's a link: MASTERY PAGE

    Why this you may say? Well for starters, we need all the armor pen we can get. Because 3 of the 4 abilities Wukong has scale with attack damage and deal physical damage. So we go right to [mastery=Sunder], while picking up some nice attack speed and crit chance boost.

    In the utility tree my point is running fast, so I go to [mastery=Quickness], while also getting some nice utility (more experience, more mana reg and so on). The rest of the points I put in the defense tree because a little bit of armor and mres never hurt anyone :)


    9x Greater Mark of Desolation

    9x Greater Seal of Clarity

    9x Greater Glyph of Shielding

    3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation OR Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    Reasoning? Getting armor pen marks is just a no-brainer. You pierce more armor- you deal more damage. If you combine them with the quints of desolation, you start to deal some very, very heavy damage right from the start dude!

    The seals I find too mandatory. When playing wukong you must cast spells. And in order to cast spells, you need the manaregen. Having those runes is just priceless, as with some careful mana management you will never run out of mana, trust me.

    You can get whatever glyphs you like, but I find mres to fit beautifully on wukong. Explanation? Your armor rises up each level, your mres doesn't. Why per level and not flat? Because casters are more of a late-game damage dealers, early game you won't be needing much mres, but late game you will. End of discussion.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Now for summoner abilities I run Exhaust + Ghost. Why is that? I find exhaust to be more of a gap-closer and carry-disabling thing that Wukong really needs. Ghost is again a gap-closer and a really nice escape ability. You can also take Flash for obvious reasons, but I don't. Wanna know why? You are not amumu who needs to flash-bandage toss-ult, or nunu who needs to flash-ult. You will be staying right behind your tank. When he initiates, you won't be needing to close distance between you and your enemies, you just hit R and start spinning around.

    Ignite is kinda useless on Wukong, you are no burst champion, and probably your caster needs it more than you. 2 ignites is kinda stupid (unless you are facing mundo and soraka in one team), so all in all- if you want an offensive spell- pick up Exhaust.

    Teleport is nice for the lane control. If you are soloing top, you can blue pill and shop and then just TP back so you won't miss any of the action :)

    Cleanse I find also really viable. If you are facing some hard CC teams, packing up this ability will really help you in the clutch situations.

    All other spells are just stupid, so don't use them. EVER! You hear me? EVER!

  • Skilling Order

    This is my skilling order for Wukong. Pretty standard actually. Pick up a point in your Q for some nice utility and a double auto-attack, but then max your E first, as it deals more damage, hits multiple enemies and you need the reduced cooldown. Remember to pick up 1 point in your W skill for the escape and juking mechanism.

  • Items

    Oh yeah, items! Now I tend to build Wukong with some cheap items that later turn into a big nice item, while in the meantime you have a gap in which you buy some defensive items. In other words- I build him tanky dps, because of his nice passive AND because of his ult. You need to survive your ultimate dude, because even if you deal 2K crits, you deal 0 dmg when at 0 health. Got it?

    And no crits no attack speed no shit! The main thing is attack damage!!! Got it? Don't go like a freakin Ashe, because you are not a chick with a bow. As I said, my build is entirely rotating around Wukong's ultimate, which benefits from CD reduction and from attack damage. The stronger you make his ultimate, the more utility Wukong brings to the table. And in this game, team utility is what it's all about.

    So for starters I go with Boots of Speed + 3x Health Potion. Some extra movement speed right off the bat is very useful in the laning phase, especially when using your combo. Running faster than your enemies is just an epic win for wukong!

    You can also substitute the boots for a Doran's Blade, but I find having 3 HP pots just in case + the nice MS buff to be more useful.

    After that we start on our first item- Sheen. This item is just glorious on Wukong. It procs with all your skill (yes, including Q), so when you hit the Q button you gonna mash their heads like mashed potatoes! Kapish? Sheen also gives you some mana which is gooooood!

    When you have enough money after the Sheen, go upgrade your boots. I personally buy either Mercury's Treads for the most games, OR Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the games where I face a team with little to no CC and I feel very very confident. The CD reduction is very nice for spamming your spells and really kicks up your game. Don't consider other boot choices, because Wukong doesn't benefit so much from other sneakers.

    Right after the Sheen, go buy the mighty 1337 item called The Brutalizer. This item is just magnificent on Wukong. Some nice damage + a perfect portion of CD reduction makes this item my favourite. Now you will start hitting hard, so its time we change things a little bit.

    Defense! Stop building plain stupid builds with no defense PLEASE! Right now you got your core, you do NOT need to deal any more damage than this. So now we start building according to the enemy team. Look at them? Are they mainly AP, AD? Both? Who is fed at the moment? Is it the Annie or the Ashe?

    Depending on the enemy team, you need a counter item right here, right now. If the enemy team is mostly AP based, build a Banshee's Veil for the nice Mres and the wonderful shield. If they are running AD toons, make them regret it by buying eiter a Sunfire Cape or maybe Randuin's Omen. Wukong benefits from all those items quite nicely. If the enemy team is balanced, pick something for the situation right now. Maybe the AP carry is more fed than the AD- so prioritize Mres over Armor. You will get armor later, don't worry.

    So now we have ourselves our first defensive item. Next you have 2 choices- finish up your Trinity Force or finis up your Youmuu's Ghostblade. You benefit greatly from both items and once you finish one of them, you WILL hit like a truck! Guaranteed!

    After you have finished 1 of those items, let's get back to defense. Remember? The ult thingy? The point that you must survive during it? Yeah, that same thing.

    If the enemy team is balanced and you bought Mres item first, now buy an Armor item. As you already know I cherish Sunfire Cape and Randuin's Omen, but if you think another defensive item is better, please build it.

    If the enemy team is either AP or AD heavy, please continue countering the team as you started. Mres items worth metioning are Banshee's Veil, [item=Force of Nature] and Quicksilver Sash (against that pesky malzahar). Don't forget Hexdrinker for some cool balance between attack and defense!

    Right after this point, finish the OFFENSIVE item that you haven't. If you finished Youmuu's Ghostblade, now is the time you build Trinity Force, or vice versa. That way you will have some nice damage output by the end of the game, while still remaining tanky and ready to SURVIVE YOUR ULTIMATE.

    The last slot I leave it open to you, as it is really really situational. I personally like to round up my build with something more defensive in the times when i'm not completely wrecking faces. Usually it is Guardian Angel :)

    So there you have it, your build is complete!

  • Build Example


    Balanced build against balanced teams.


    Against Heavy DPS teams.


    Against a "More CC than you can imagine" team.

  • Farming

    Farming is a breeze with Wukong. Just learn to use your double-strike (auto-attack + Q combo) and you will farm with no problems. Also Wukong has some nice auto-attack animation, which also helps last-hitting easy. From time to time use your imba strike (E skill) to farm AND harass.

    I think It's not worth mentioning the fact that 20 creep kill = 1 Champion kill. So you figure out just how extremely important last-hitting is!

  • Creep Jungling

    Well I have a good feeling that in a couple of days I may find out that Wukong is actually a noticeable jungler as well. I honestly haven't had the time to test different jungling routes etc etc... But if some1 has, please write a comment and say how it went :)

    Right now the only thing you will need is maybe just MAYBE the red buff. And that will be when your AD carry is on the other side of the map and can't get it. Otherwise at later levels you can 1 shot the wolf camp using only your E skill. The wraith camp also. Thats a quick 100G, u know!

  • Working in the team

    Ah, working in the team. Let's look at some aspects.

    His Q skill

    It does wonders- and the most important thing is shredding the armor of the chosen target. If your team has some good coordination, be sure to smack the target you will be focusing in the face when the team fight starts with this skill and it will melt like butter. Trust me!

    His W skill

    Juking, escaping, confusing... Really really nice spell. The important thing here is PSYCHOLOGY!!!! Learn to think as your opponents, get in their shoes, and analyze. For example, when you are trying to run away, when you use your W make sure to go in the OPPOSITE direction of your base. That way you will fool your enemies, because they will think you are running to your base. That will save your live countless times, trust me!

    Another thing is CC. The cool thing here is that you must be the other team's main target. Because when sion comes to drop his stun, when annie is about to drop tibbers, when ashe is firing that big arrow... You stealth... And let the replica of yourself take all the damage. The more damage it takes, the better are the chances your team will win this fight. Got it? Make sure you put a large bullseye on top of your head before each fight!

    His E skill

    The can opener. You want to gank? Open with your E skill. You want to get the last hit? Close with your E skill. You want to rush in before the tank cause he's a moron? OPEN! E SKILL!!! This skill has a freakin teleport which also gives you attack speed boost. This is the first part of your basic combo you will use when laning or when small teamfights happen. Its like this- you OPEN!!!!, then you hit your enemy 1 time and just as you are hitting them hit your Q button, thus resetting your auto-attack timer. Thus doing double damage! Thus hitting like a truck! Got it? Use this combo all the time, as Wukong's early game dominance is just too good to pass out.

    The I-WIN "R" Button

    Teamfight starts? No worries. Glue yourself to the back of your tank and where he goes, you go! You MUST be just behind your tank. When he pops in, taunts somebody or knocks them up, you go in, hit your ultimate and start KNOCKING UP AS MANY TARGETS AS YOU CAN!!! Neglect the damage? Even if everyone is focusing only 1 champion, go out there and knock the rest of them ok? Wukong is priceless for this ability, so give it all you got when using your ultimate.

  • Pros / Cons


    -mind-blowing early game
    -nice damage dealer
    -staying tanky for the most part
    -a masterpiece ultimate
    -brings a LOT of utility to the table
    -highly viable for any game, any ELO
    -very motivational in-game speech! really like it!

    -mid-game can make or break you. So you should be very very careful when this phase comes!
    -not as effective farmer as I thought (though it is still easy to farm with this guy)

  • Summary

    I hope I helped you in some way to understand the way to play Wukong. Please send me all feedback you can, and I am open to constructive criticism as always!

    Thank you for reading this guide! I will be updating it and maybe tomorrow I will give it a little facelift and some colors, so it can be easier and more relaxing to read the guide.


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