Wukong Build Guide

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Wukong, Goku's Lost Brother

written by Mugetsu

Wukong Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Welcome to my guide to Wukong, The Monkey King! This is my first guide so please comment and rate a lot. In this guide I will show you everything you need to know about Wukong as well as some tips and tricks to playing him. Hope you enjoy.

  • Pros/Cons

    -Good initiator
    -Can take some serious damage as well as avoid it through use of W
    -High Damage output
    -Good Ratios
    -Good Tower Killer (not the best, but no where near the worst)
    -Ranged closer
    -E+Q wombo combo
    -Good Ult
    -Mana costs are low

    -Smart people will see through your W (not all the time though)
    -No serious CC except for Ult Knock-Up
    -Needs some early kills/assists to get build going
    -Prone to CC when W is down (try to relieve through build)

  • Updates (Nerfs and Buffs)

    7/28/11---Guide Published.
    7/29/11---Fixed Link errors on items and masteries.
    8/9/11----Wukong gets a buff! Cyclone Attack Damage Ratio increased to 1.2 from 1.0, now properly considered melee for item effects, and Crushing Blow bug fixed to now reduce total armor instead of base armor! Very nice buffs all around.
    10/29/11--Updated finally updated! Added in items and more possible builds. Wukong Buffs are in the works! 

  • Abilities

    Stone Skin
    Awesome passive that really helps throughout the entire game. Early game team fights will give 20 bonus armor and magic resistance, mid game ones will give 30, and late game ones 40. Seriously helps you no matter who you are fighting.

    Crushing Blow
    Enhances your basic auto attack with extra damage as well as resetting your auto attack. Good ability to be lvled up behind Nimbus Strike simply because it only hits one target.

    Damage: +30/60/90/120/150 to auto attack
    CD: 9/8/7/6/5s
    Mana cost: 40
    Unique: Reduce enemy armor by 30% for 3s.

    Awesome skill that you may never actually have to use due to simply stopping with S. By simply stopping a lot of people think you already have gone stealth and left and will sometimes just leave letting you get away easily. This should only be used if it is on CD though or the enemy team really is scared of you.

    Damage: 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.6AP)
    CD: 18/16/14/12/10s
    Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
    Unique: Stealth you for 1.5s.

    Nimbus Strike
    A nice dash skill that also gives you a boost to AS after landing. Great for team fights because it hits 3 targets. First part of your combo for harass, kills, and chasing.

    Damage:60/105/150/195/240 (+0.8 AD)
    CD: 8s
    Mana Cost: 45/50/55/60/65
    Unique: Gain 20/25/30/35/40% increased AS after landing for 3s.

    In my opinion one of the best ults in game. This can put out some serious numbers to the enemy team and disrupt a ton of other ults thanks to the knock-up effect as well as increase your move speed over the duration of it. With a 1:1.2 AD Ratio on an AoE Ult this is no Ult to underestimate.

    Damage: 20/110/200 (+1.2 AD) per/sec over 4s.
    CD: 120/105/90s
    Mana Cost: 100
    Unique: Gain significant movement speed over the duration and knock up on first hit for each champ.

  • Summoner Abilities

    For Summoner Abilities we go with and . Both can be used for offense purposes or defensive purposes as well.

    Very basic spell combo for all melee characters and work very well with Wukong.
    Exhaust will let you weaken someone you want to kill fast or is trying to kill you and Ghost lets you catch up or hurry to team fights or save someone's ass (or your own!). Use Ghost with your ult as well and no one will escape you or catch you!

    Other Viable Spells include:
    Always good to use and can be used for offense or defense as well.
    Good for escaping heavy CC.
    Early kills and denying any healing.
    Can be used if you want map control but other spells are better.

    Best saved for support characters and only one person needs this (should not be you.)
    [spell_icon=Fortify] Same as above.
    Used on junglers which is not you.
    Wukong has very low mana costs and should never ever need this.
    Heal is for low health and vulnerable characters afraid of death. Wukong is neither of these.
    [spell_icon=Rally] Really?
    Get out of this guide.

  • Masteries

    For Masteries we go with a Hybrid build of 1/18/11 for early game endurance and basic utility. We don't go into offense tree at all except for Improved Exhaust. The reason why is because Wukong is not an auto attack FTW champ plain and simple.

    Here's the mastery page for those who don't like to read :P

    External Image

    [mastery_icon=Cripple] 1/1 Obvious choice
    [mastery_icon=Resistance] 3/3 More MR the better and helps early game a lot.
    [mastery_icon=Hardiness] 3/3 Same as above.
    [mastery_icon=Strength of Spirit] 3/3 Helps give you some extra Health regen and get into later tiers.
    [mastery_icon=Defensive Mastery] 2/2 Reduces minion damage to make harassing less painful.
    [mastery_icon=Harden Skin] 3/3 Same as above but for all types of AD damage.
    [mastery_icon=Veteran's Scars] 4/4 More health for your improved defense stats.
    [mastery_icon=Haste] 1/1 Improved ghost nothing special here pretty basic.
    [mastery_icon=Good Hands] 3/3 No matter what way you look at it you are going to die one of these days, this makes it less time consuming.
    [mastery_icon=Awareness] 4/4 More experience=Faster level gains. Need I say more?
    [mastery_icon=Greed] 1/1 Really here because we don't need the mana regen but in a 30 minute game is equal to 180 gold which is about two wards and a health pot, so not terrible for one point.
    [mastery_icon=Utility Mastery] 2/2 Lets you hold onto those Jungle Buffs for a bit longer.

  • Runes

    For runes we roll with very basic melee runes with half offense and half defense.

    x9 Basic for all AD Characters no other options here.
    x9 Extra armor for beefiness.
    Also Viable:

    x9 Compliments the armor Seals and more beefiness against mages. Nothing else really viable here if you have something else that works here its fine but the MR Glyphs are very helpful.
    x3 Combined with the Marks this will give you a total of 25 ARMpen which is more than enough to shred through anyone who is not a tank at early lvls.
    Also Viable:

  • Skill order

    We go with E first simply because it will hit both people in the side lane thus doing more damage and because it is on a shorter CD. Q simply enhances your auto attack so we take the real ability first. Q gets two points right after E to make the CD's equal for burst. Get W at lvl 4 for dodge and escape capabilities such as skill shot, ganks, etc. Then max E because it gains the most damage per lvl. 45 Damage per/lvl but then also X3 because it hits 3 targets so actually gains 135 total damage per/lvl. Obviously grab ult whenever you can and max Q second then finish off W.

    This build is the same as the one above but more deceptive and cautious as it lvls up W fast to get the CD very low which helps if there are team fights everywhere, gankers every which way, or heavy nukes that need to be dodged. Not used very often but when utilized can seriously help your game out.

  • Items

    With my suggested masteries and runes you will now be very tanky early game so you should grab a Doran's Blade first. After that you will be going for a Trinity Force and then some tank items.
    Your item order will look something like this:
    Starting item.
    Boots for speed nothing special.
    Extra health, more Damage, and a nice slow.---Best Option usually for starting a Trinity Force
    Next item for Trinity Force because of more mana and nice burst now that you have some lvls under your belt.
    Usually you will be grabbing these to releive your character the pain of CC and to get some MR too.
    Other Viable boots are:
    For Auto Attack Champs or / if they are of no threat whatsoever (which is rare).
    / Depending on how well you are doing you may be able to buy the whole thing by now, but you might want to wait until you are in later lvls so you can get some defense now. There is no rush on this item because it only gains power the longer you wait.
    / Get whichever one you need to defend against enemy team.
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]/ Build that defense item into something better now FoN will give you tons of MR and incredible Health regen and Atma's will give you around 40 extra AD along with some more crit in addition to the armor.
    Next build whichever item you didn't build from above.
    Other than that games will usually end once you finish that second defense item or even before that. If the game should continue your next item will be:
    Start with a B. F. Sword and then try to finish it and get it charged up fully.

    If the game still continues then sell your Doran's Blade and get any of these for a 6th item or maybe even replace some others:
    Get this if everyone is stacking armor on enemy team now or get earlier if they have over 100 armor on more than two people.
    Get this if auto attackers are becoming a problem.
    Get if CC or nukes are becoming a serious problem for you now.
    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor] Start building earlier if you know that they will be stacking health on the other team.

    Sample Build:
    TOTAL COST: 15525
    Health Stacking:
    Just a Madred's replacement. :P TOTAL COST: 17035

    Pure Offense:
    Not recommended, but if other team sucks or you are pubstomping them then go for it.
    TOTAL COST: 18485

    ***New Build***Atmog's Build:Ok not a new build but figured I would toss it in here. Hopefully you are familiar with this build as it is very common for almost anyone who wants ad and health. Basically just get Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet and Atma's Impaler. From there just go with the regular build or altered one. Simple.

    To put these builds into perspective on average you get about 10k gold with a decent team.

  • Item Breakdown and Discussion

    So many people must be wondering what process to go through to decide what items are good and what items are bad for Wukong. Here I will breakdown the stats of Wukong with my recommended build and give you the reasoning behind the items I chose.

    Wukong LVL 1 Base Stats:
    Attack Speed:0.66
    Ability Power:0
    Armor Pen.:0
    Magic Pen.:0
    Crit Chance:0

    Wukong LVL 1 Stats with given build
    Attack Speed:0.66
    Ability Power:0
    Armor Pen.:25
    Magic Pen.:0
    Crit Chance:0

    As you can see just by going with the runes and masteries suggested Wukong becomes very tanky right away thus enabling us to focus now on his damage alone until later in the game.

    Doran's Blade Yes we go with a Doran's item first and foremost simply because it gives us more health, damage, and some lifesteal. There are other options out there of course but I like starting with a Doran's item most of the time. If you prefer to go all out and get started right away on the build then you can but a Doran's item ensures a decent or above par early game.

    Trinity Force Yes Wukong loves the Trinity Force for a few reasons. One he benefits from all of the stats even the AP because of his W. Two, Wukong actually likes using all of the stats on it as well, nothing goes to waste at all. Three, Wukong has naturally low CD's and so can really get a lot of burst DPS with it.

    Chain Vest/ Negatron Cloak After the Trinity Force or even just before finishing it Mid game starts to roll around and those defenses of yours need a little boost. Trinity Force is really a whole lot of DPS for Wukong already because of the passive effect, Damage, AS, Crit, and the slow all rolled into one item for him. So it's natural to get some defense after it is done.

    [item=Force of Nature]/ Atma's Impaler Obviously just building the defense items into a fully built item here really. The reason for FoN and not Banshee's Veil is because Wukong has his W and Mercury's Treads. He also does not need more mana or health and Banshee's Veil has been seriously nerfed and now gives the shield every ~45s whereas your W in on a 10s CD and you can pick and chose what to use it for. Also FoN gives you serious Health Regen which is something very nice to have since we don't get lifesteal early on because it won't always be working (i.e. you are not always auto attacking) but FoN is always working round the clock. As for Atma's Impaler it gives some good damage, crit, and armor for the price tag. Now a lot of people will say "OMG NO WARMOG'S TO BOOST WTF?!?!". The fact of the matter is that this build ends with about 2200 health (more if you grab red pots) which is about ~44 Damage from the passive if we went to 3200 health then it would be ~64 damage instead. I could instead get a Frozen Mallet and gain the 20 damage, 700 health (plus the addition to Atma's damage as well), and a perma slow. With the price tags on both and the charge time on Warmog's it is simply not worth the investment since the game will end usually before that point. However if you wanted to you could go with the Atmog's Build from the very start, but I'm not a fan of it really.

    [item= The Bloodthirster] Yes late in the game we will get this because facing the facts this baby fully charged is the most powerful AD weapon out there next to a Infinity Edge. The reason we get a The Bloodthirster instead of IE is because it gives us more damage and some nice lifesteal. We don't need any more crit or increased crits at all.

    Last Whisper Obvious last item choice if everyone is now stacking Armor past 100 and you should get earlier if they are getting 100+ armor early on.

    Thornmail A very good defense and offense item against teams with lots of auto attackers. (i.e. Master Yi, Tryn, MF, etc.) Will make you be able to live through their relentless attacks and dish some of their own damage back at them (possibly even kill them :D ). (I'm 5 kills and counting :P )

    Banshee's Veil Yes I did say this thing was nerfed hard and now is not as good as FoN but if you are getting raped and W is not enough to save you this can help out by blocking some nukes and some CC's and the health is always nice.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] Not always needed if enemy team is stacking health. Of course it does help a lot and even when enemy's have lots of MR it will usually do at least 1-2% health per hit. I've found ways to deal with high health champs by simply boosting my damage and armor pen with Last Whisper. Usually does the trick more often then not, but if you are a fan of the item it won't hurt you to get.

    Items to NEVER GET

    Randuin's Omen Simply a terrible item since [item=Heart of Gold] got nerfed and the cost and overall stats were nerfed as well. 3k gold for some armor, health, and a slow that we already possess is just stupid. Good for other champions, just not Wukong.

    Phantom Dancer Excellent item for auto attackers, but that's not you. Wukong likes auto attacks, but they are not what defines him. Think of him as a mix between a Yi and a Pantheon. He likes his auto attacks, but he also has really good abilities that scale very well. Plus the price tag is simply too much for you to build it anyway after your core Trinity Force.

    [item=Stark's Fervor] Same reason as the item above. Best left for someone else to get, you do still benefit from the passive though.

    [item=every single other AS item in game except maybe:

    [item=The Black Cleaver] Other characters like to rush this for some serious damage output early on, but Wukong's build simply does not allow it. Plus, he is more of an armor penetration guy because of his abilities, but of course you can get later on if you are pubstomping them and want a bit more ATS. Just don't get Last Whisper if you do because of how REDUCT and PEN work.

    For those who don't know armor penetration and reduction work like this:
    REDUCT=Everyone benefits from it. (Can reduce below 0 armor)
    PEN=Only you benefit from it. (Can't reduce below 0 armor)

  • Tips and Tricks

    Q: Your Q enhances your next auto attack as well as resetting it as well, so you can use it on towers for serious damage.

    W: By simply using the S key on your keyboard when moving it looks like you have used your W and so some people will give up on you or go into nearby bushes searching for you. Only use if you know they will fall for it though. Another trick is to head for some bushes anywhere on the map and use W a few feet before you enter and instead of entering it simply head down the lane or another safe path in jungle. Try to get very familiar with this ability as the clone can actually take the hit from skillshots, CC's, and even ults. MAKE IT YOUR BEST FRIEND.

    E: Use on nearby enemy minions when near a tower to gain the AS buff to whack tower faster.

    R: Your ult has many tricks to it since it possesses a knock-up effect. One such use is to use it to cover fleeing teammates by using it to knock everyone chasing them up, thus enabling them to get away safely. Another use is to use it to save yourself. If you are being run down and you still have your ult or it just came back you can easily escape a fatal death. Once the chaser is within the range of about your E ability pop your ult and stop for just 1s and knock the enemy up then RUN LIKE HELL. The move speed boost from your ult should start kicking in and give you some distance to save yourself. If you have ghost as well you can simply pop Ghost and your ult to run crazy fast away from them and if they even get close they will be knocked up. One more trick to this bad boy is to mess the enemy team up with their ults. The knock up will stop many ults going on such as Nunu, Malz, MF, Galio, etc. Basically anyone who has to channel or stay put for their ult can be messed up and so you have the potential to mess up all of their ults if possible making you some kind of superhero for doing so. the last trick I have found for this ult is to also use it place other people's ults and ensure they stay in them. For example Nunu goes in and ults you run in with E and R so that everyone stays ing just 1s longer thus seriously increasing both his and your damage output and ensuring some kills. Anyone who has some kind of AoE ult that needs to be channeled can also benefit from your knock up if they are on your team. MF ulting their faces? Ult them up. Morgana trying to stun them with ult? Keep them in range with your ult. The possibilities are endless. Simply an awesome ult.

  • Working in the Team

    Early Game:
    Early game you basically use your E+Q combo to harass anyone you want to and can get some early kills with a good lane mate. If you should find yourself in a bad situation when using your combo get out with your W. Also use W to escape possible ganks. You should not need to B to base until at least lvl 4 usually. Once you and your lane partner are lvl 6 and have your ults you can pretty much kill anyone you want. All you need to do is E in hit with Q and smack that R and watch the health bars drop. Of course inform your partner to this plan as well and you can get an easy kill or 2 even. Never be afraid to use your ult and never underestimate it either the knock up is a decent cc and the damage is serious business if you can stay on them. 
    Mid Game:
    By now real team fights should be breaking out. You should have your boots as well as part of your trinity force or all if fed. You should let the tank initiate if he has a good AoE one such as Amumu, Leona, Nunu, Etc. Once the tank is in you should get in with E and immediatly use Q on the lowest health champ. Then Ult it up on everyone for the knock-up and chase down runners with E. You can actually initiate a team fight yourself if its a small 3v3, you know you can kill them fast, or the tank is about get there but not fast enough. you can do this by running in with E and then using W right afterwards thus tricking them with all the chaos going on that it is really you and getting them to waste some cc and other abilities on the fake before they realize it is not you. Then use your ult on everyone like normal, your team should move in when you use your ult and start picking them off one by one. From there its finish off low health champs or escape with another W or Ghost if you got hit too much. As far as towers go you should be whacking them with Q all the time and only leave when all minions are gone by using W just after the last one dies (same thing for when champs show up). Also use your E on minions near the tower to gain the AS buff.
    Late Game:
    By now your build is more tankish so you can still initiate team fights, but the tank by now should be doing this himself. Not much changes for you in particular with team fights or towers. Other than that pretty much stay near the team and play smart with your abilities. You should never be ganked thanks to W, but remember your not an Ezreal or Shaco who can flash all over the place. You have to be smart in how to W and over time you'll get it more or less. Remember that you are a fighter so don't be afraid to stay and fight to the end, you may even surprise the enemy and get a kill on one of them.

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