Wukong Build Guide

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Wukong, Dis Monkey Has the Wuju

written by KiwiLoL

Wukong Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Stone Skin
    This passive is so underrated, this is what will keep you alive in large fights, this is what will allow you to build early dmg and health. this passive is great for making you tanky without having to build towards it.

    Crushing Blow
    Your Bread-and-Butter skill, this is very similar to nasus's Q as it works on turrets. use this with sheen to really crush your enemies health bar.

    This skill is so hilarious, you will feel so pro everytime you see an Annie or Orianna use their full burst on a clone and then watch you come out of the brush and absolutely demolish them.

    Use this skill to sneak out of/into a brush to gank
    Use this skill to escape
    Use this skill to extend the brush
    Use this skill to sneak behind the enemy and ult ontop of their faces

    This skill makes you Garen 2.0, this skill will make you cry out spin2win every time you use it. the 1.0 AD modifier is ridiculous, allowing you to do up to 2k dmg over 4sec before resistance is calculated plus giving you a knock-up, which is one of the only forms of CC that you cant counter, allowing you to pretty much screw up any channeled ability in the game while giving you extra move spd so that you can stay on top of your target, this is the skill that makes me love wukong.

  • Introduction

    Hello all!

    My name is Kiwi, my summoner profile is KiwiGG. this will be my first guide. I have been playing LoL for over a year now, and have played well over 1000 games, and play a couple of ranked games but decided to wait till season 2 to go all out on ranked games. As you all know wukong was recently released and i instantly fell in love with him! after playing him and seeing how others built him he seemed to play very lackluster, but that wasn't wukongs fault! People have been building him in different way and most of the time I've seen nothing but feeders playing wukong. in this guide I'll show you my way of playing wukong which has given me success.

    Change Log:


    -Wukong will now attempt to attack a target champion after using Nimbus Strike
    -Cyclone Attack Damage ratio increased to 1.2 from 1
    -Wukong is now properly considered melee for items and spells that differentiate between melee and ranged characters.
    -Fixed a bug where Crushing Blow was shredding the target's base armor rather than total armor

    no change to build, makes my build stronger since I focus on increasing my ad which this patch supports more.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Masteries I use:


    this gives me enough dmg in my early game to harass my opponent while still giving me the extra defense I need the entire game.

    Wickd's Masteries:

    I've been experimenting with SK Wickd's setup, here is how he does his masteries:


    For Runes I use:

    Greater Mark of Desolationx9
    Greater Seal of Resiliencex9
    Greater Glyph of Wardingx9
    Greater Quintessence of Desolationx2
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftnessx1

    Most of these are pretty standard, the ArPen is standard, The Armor and Mres and to make u more tanky, but most people underestimate the power of Mspd, I like have the extra speed for getting away from my target, the faster you are the harder it is for the opposing team to gank you.

  • Skilling Order

    Crushing Blow is your main form of dmg, its more spammable than Nimbus, it does more dmg with sheen, and it allows you to take down turrets so fast that Master Yi would be proud.

    alternatively for more poking ability:

    after getting to learn wukong a bit more I've been using nimbus strike in conjunction w/ decoy for easy harass

  • Summoner Abilities

    Exhaust/ Ignite

    pretty standard, exhaust will give you kills and flash in conjunction with Decoy is just plain lulz. You can choose ignite for more early damage as well.

  • Items


    This is pretty standard for almost all wukongs, sheen + Crushing Blow is devastating to poke with, this build will get you your first kills and will help sustain you all game.


    Now this is the part the seperates my build from other wukongs, most people try and rush triforce like an irelia or trundle but the problem with that is the wukong doesnt have a dmg steroid like irelias W or trundles q. Wukong relies heavily on having dmg so that he can get more out of his Q and Sheen, in order to do this i believe a Black Cleaver synergies's so well, it gives him everything he needs with the extra atk spd and armor shred.

    My choice of using sunfire cape is because, just like Garen, it goes so well with your spin2win button, the extra damage is noticeable and it will help keep you alive in team fights.


    At this point of the game you want to rush your FoN (rmbr what I said about Mspd?) and if the game lasts long enough you want to finish your triforce.

    SK Wickd's Build:


    I've seen some Wukongs have been doing very well with this build, i feel that im lacking in damage but make up for it in tankyness, standard rush triforce tanky dps build

    Last item:
    Black cleaver
    Stark's Fervor

  • Working in the team

    Your job in a team fight is to cause all kinds of confusion, going behind enemy lines and blowing up the carries while they all target your clone as you come out of stealth and ult all over them will win you fights, don't attempt to rush in and act like a normal tanky dps, you are a trickster and as a trickster you need to be sneaky.

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