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Generic AP Twisted Fate: An Introductory Course

written by glueymoe

Twisted Fate Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    [spell=Second Sight]
    Gives two gold per minion kill to the whole team but is inactive when dead. Let's say that everybody on your team got 200 minion kills each (which is not impossible, but close to it.)
    This would mean a 2000 gold advantage. That's six and two thirds of a champion kill. That could make the difference between victory and a loss.

    But overall, not that great. I liked his old passive more, even though it didn't really benefit AP Twisted Fate.

    Wild Cards
    Flat damage at level 18 is 260
    AP scaling is 0.65.
    As a skill, it's very expensive and slow. It's almost not worth using unless it's the target is stunned, snared, or slowed. (or whatever else CC). The damage is very nice, however, and in a team fight, you'll be guaranteed at least two hits if you aim carefully.

    Pick A Card
    Flat Blue Card damage at level 18 is 120.
    Flat Red Card damage at level 18 is 90.
    Flat Gold Card damage at level 18 is 45.
    AD scaling is 1.0.
    AP scaling is 0.4.

    Blue Card restores mana equal to 65% of the damage done, Basically, it's free.
    Red Card does AOE damage and slows all targets in the blast.
    Gold Card stuns the target.

    Stacked Deck
    Flat damage at level 18 is 155
    AP scaling is 0.4.

    It's not exactly a spammable skill, since your attack speed is low, especially since this is an AP Twisted Fate. But the cooldown reduction effects are nice, and the extra damage really can't be brushed off.

    Destiny first reveals all enemy champions and enemy doodads (Teemo's Noxious Traps, Shaco's Jack in the Box, Sight Wards, etc.) for a duration. (10 seconds at level 18.)

    Gate can be used during that time. It takes two seconds to completely teleport and can be interrupted.

  • Introduction

    Yes, this is another AP Twisted Fate guide. There is probably a total of 200 AP Twisted Fate guides going around the place (including Mobafire, Solomid, League Craft, the forums, etc.). However, this guide is meant for the beginner to Twisted Fate with only a small amount of experience with Twisted Fate and perhaps with no idea that Twisted Fate could be used as an AP character.

    As a guide, and not as a build, I merely listed choices for AP Twisted Fate that players of most levels would enjoy. I also put in a few tips and tricks (taken from both experience and other guides) to help the player new to AP Twisted Fate along.

    I also included a few calculations as to why AP Twisted Fate works on par or better compared to other casters.

  • Pros / Cons

    + Strong burst that can be repeated every 5.1 seconds
    + One of the longer stuns with the shortest cooldown
    + Gains cooldown reduction through an ability
    + Teleportation ability
    - Squishy
    - Heavily reliant on positioning
    - Steep learning curve

  • AP Twisted Fate vs. AD Twisted Fate

    There is no law saying that Twisted Fate MUST be played AP/AD, but they have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    AP Twisted Fate:
    + Has a better burst
    + Abilities scale better with AP
    + Safer during battle
    + Build choices are plentiful
    - Can't bust turrets very well
    - 1vs1 capabilities aren't very good

    AD Twisted Fate:
    + Has sustained damage
    + Can bust turrets very quickly
    + 1vs1 capabilities are strong due to constant stuns
    - Unsafe, the range is short and unlike a carry, does not have any "steroid" abilities
    - Build is set, there is no to little room for defensive items, very dependent on positioning

    The reason why AP Twisted Fate is more popular is due to the logic of it all. In all honesty, Twisted Fate can spend only 2 seconds maximum in battle, meaning about three autoattacks as AD Twisted Fate or one burst for AP Twisted Fate. When concerning the amount of damage in two seconds, AP Twisted Fate's burst does more.
    There is a misconception, however, that AD Twisted Fate is not viable AT ALL. AD Twisted Fate, like AP Twisted Fate, can mark a target by stunning them, and with team support can bring down many people, just as effectively as AP Twisted Fate.

    Due to the upcoming nerfs on his ultimate, I reckon that AP Twisted Fate will be even more popular since the easy backdooring/solo pushing is no longer possible, and therefore winning team battles will be more important.

  • AP Twisted Fate Damage vs. AD Twisted Fate Damage

    The burst combo takes about two seconds. So whatever damage AD Twisted Fate can do, will be calculated according to how much damage he can do within two seconds.

    The build is taken from a glass cannon Tristana build that was calculated to do the most amount of damage (which basically applies to almost every carry/AD character in doing the most damage). With Mercury Treads, The Black Cleaver, The Bloodthirster x2, Phantom Dancer, and Infinity Edge. I'll post a link later.

    The numbers were calculated by League Craft.

    Damage done in five seconds is 6279.118
    Divided by five = 1255.8236
    Multiplied by two = 2511.6472

    The build costs 16460 gold.

    With about 16460 gold to spend on our side, let's just stack Rabadon's Deathcap's just to troll and match up to that insane damage. "Glass cannon AP Twisted Fate".

    With one Lich Bane, three Rabadon's Deathcap's, Sorcerer's Shoes, and one Needlessly Large Rod, the build totals to 16970 gold. About the same amount of gold, plus a little change.

    The damage (calculated by League Craft!) in conclusion is:

    2519.2 damage in total.

    On par with each other, pretty much. If you're reading this guide, you're either of three people: New to Twisted Fate, new to AP Twisted Fate, or is an AP Twisted Fate player. When it comes to damage, they do about the same, so don't feel inclined to do only AP Twisted Fate instead of AD Twisted Fate.

  • Calculations vs. Annie, Veigar, LeBlanc

    But first of all, why Twisted Fate? Why use him as an AP champion when there's plenty other champions that specialize in magic?
    Let me squeeze out a few numbers. The three other subjects of comparison is Annie (the competitive best pick), Veigar (the greatest burst), and LeBlanc (greatest single target nuker).
    Twisted Fate with his core build will have 286 AP without the use of runes and masteries, and therefore the others will share the same amount of AP. (This is assuming that the target has 0 MR and 0 AR).

    Twisted Fate Burst w/ 286 AP
    Lich Bane Proc = (140 + 80) x.3 + (140 + 80) = 286
    Pick A Card (Gold Card) Flat = 45
    Pick A Card Scaling = (286) x.4 + 59.4 + 46.41 = 220.21
    Stacked Deck Flat = 155
    Stacked Deck Scaling = (286) x.4 = 114.4
    Wild Cards Flat = 260
    Wild Cards Scaling = (286) x.65 = 185.9
    Autoattack = 105.81
    Total Damage = 1372

    Annie Burst w/ 286 AP
    Disintegrate Flat = 250
    Disintegrate Scaling = (286) x.75 = 214.5
    Incinerate Flat = 285
    Incinerate Scaling = (286) x.8 = 228.8
    Summon: Tibbers Flat = 450
    Summon: Tibbers Scaling = (286) x.7 = 200.2
    Total Damage = 1628.5 (978.3 w/o Summon: Tibbers)

    Veigar Burst w/ 286 AP
    Baleful Strike Flat = 260
    Baleful Strike Scaling = (286) x.6 = 171.6
    Dark Matter Flat = 320
    Dark Matter Scaling = (286) x1 = 286
    Primordial Burst Flat = 500
    Primordial Burst Scaling = (286) x1.2 = 343.2
    Total Damage = 1880.8 (1037.6 w/o Primordial Burst)

    LeBlanc Burst w/ 286 AP
    [spell=Sigil of Silence] Initial Flat = 230
    [spell=Sigil of Silence] Initial Scaling = (286) x.6 = 171.6
    [spell=Sigil of Silence] Secondary Flat = 100
    [spell=Sigil of Silence] Secondary Scaling = (286) x.3 = 85.8
    Distortion Flat = 245
    Distortion Scaling = (286) x.6 = 171.6
    Ethereal Chains Initial Flat = 140
    Ethereal Chains Initial Scaling = (286) x.5 = 143
    Ethereal Chains Secondary Flat = 140
    Ethereal Chains Secondary Scaling = (286) x.5 = 143
    Mimic (Sigil of Silence) = 587.4 + (587.4) x.4 = 822.36
    Total Damage = 2392.36 (1570 w/o Mimic)

    With the exception of LeBlanc, his burst does the same amount of damage and more than Annie and Veigar without the need for his ultimate (which does no damage anyways) and has low cooldown. Annie and Veigar, without their ultimate abilities, do significantly less damage than Twisted Fate's bursts.

    The calculations were done entirely by hand, therefore it might not be the same as when input into League Craft's champion builders.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Best choice is the standard caster's

    Alternative choices are

    Best choices are the standard caster's
    Greater Mark of Insight
    Greater Seal of Replenishment
    Greater Glyph of Focus
    Greater Quintessence of Insight

    Alternative choices are
    Greater Seal of Fortitude
    Greater Seal of Resilience
    Greater Glyph of Warding
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
    Greater Quintessence of Revival
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
    Greater Quintessence of Wisdom

    The standard caster's runes and masteries bring out the most damage out the champion as well as resource conservation during the laning phase. Deviating from that for a more defensive laning phase is perfectly acceptable as well, but you will be missing out on the ever so important Magic Penetration that makes a difference early game and carries well over to late game.

  • Summoner Abilities

    The best picks are

    Common and effective combinations include:

    Okay picks are

    Combos might be:

    An acceptable pick is:

    Most people look down on this skill. However, considering Twisted Fate's naturally weak constitution and his global ultimate (soon to be nerfed), grabbing this is certainly a viable option.

  • Items

    Core: Boots of Speed + Rabadon's Deathcap + Lich Bane

    Offensive Choices
    Deathfire Grasp
    [item=Morello's Evil Tome]
    Void Staff
    Will of the Ancients
    Nashor's Tooth

    Defensive Choices
    Banshee's Veil
    Quicksilver Sash

    Multipurpose Choices
    Abyssal Scepter
    Haunting Guise
    Rod of Ages
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter
    Zhonya's Hourglass

    Boots: Many boots serve AP Twisted Fate well. However, the two most recommended from my perspective is Boots of Swiftness and Sorcerer's Shoes, but grabbing Mercury's Treads against a CC heavy team can make the difference between success and failure.
    Nashor's Tooth: Though this is not a Hybrid or AS Twisted Fate build, it might be worthwhile getting this item if you lack proper runes and masteries as it will put you up to max cooldown reduction without the need for the blue buff.
    Thornmail: Don't buy this on a whim. If there is a Tryndamere, Master Yi, Nocturne, or a Shaco on the enemy team, consider buying it.
    Quicksilver Sash: Grab this if and only if there is a Malzahar, Warwick, or Urgot on the enemy team.
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter: The slow seems tempting, but the truth is your stun will last longer than the slow, and the Wild Cards won't slow enough to make a difference in a team fight.
    Zhonya's Hourglass: It interrupts the channeling on Gate now, so use this only if you find yourself out of position in a teamfight. Hopefully it'll keep you alive.

    If you feel that an item should be included in the list, do give reasons and comment.

  • Nashor's Tooth vs. Rabadon's Deathcap

    The two items actually deserve a few calculations as to why Nashor's Tooth is as good or even better than Rabadon's Deathcap.

    This was done without runes and masteries.

    The calculations were done by League Craft:

    Twisted Fate with Rabadon's Deathcap, Lich Bane, and Nashor's Tooth has
    357.5 AP with 40% Cooldown Reduction
    The burst is consequently 1547.875 damage in total every 3.6 seconds.

    Twisted Fate with two Rabadon's Deathcap and Lich Bane has
    468 AP with 15% Cooldown Reduction
    The burst is consequently 1818.6 damage in total every 5.1 seconds.

    The ratio is
    1547.875/3.6 : 1818.6/5.1

    Simplified, the ratio would be:
    429.9652778 : 356.4705882

    Nashor's Tooth, for a mere 2885 gold compared to Rabadon's Deathcap which costs 3600 gold has more DPS by 73.4946896.

    Nashor's Tooth is actually a cost effective way to do more damage.

  • Build Example

    Enemy team composition: Tryndamere, Master Yi, Malzahar, Alistar, Annie
    Your team composition: Katarina, Amumu, Annie, Veigar, Twisted Fate (you!)
    Let's look at the stats, shall we? First off, the enemy has a Tryndamere and a Master Yi, grabbing Thornmail is almost essential. A Malzahar is also present, grabbing Quicksilver Sash seems like a good idea as well. Your team is all AP, grabbing Abyssal Scepter seems mandatory to boost team damage and it will also mitigate the damage done by Alistar, Annie, and most of all, Malzahar, but grabbing Will of the Ancients is not too bad either. But somebody volunteered to get it, so you shouldn't worry about it.

    The completed build will look like this:
    [builder=Twisted Fate/4667198cd66645e51f04f263623b2792]

  • Build Route

    Grabbing Sheen early is almost mandatory due to the amazing harassing ability and the extra mana regeneration done by Blue Card with it. (All sources of added damage will increase the mana regain... except for possibly a critical strike). However, if you feel like having an aggressive early game, grabbing Boots of Speed to land that Gold Card is fine. If you feel like having a sustained lane, Doran's Ring is a fine choice for extra survivability.
    Twisted Fate has no mana problems with prudent use of Blue Card, so grabbing an Amplifying Tome and a Health Potion is a good idea to boost early damage.
    Finish [item_text=Sheen first], and if possible, grab Boots of Speed. If there is not enough money for boots, grab a Sight Ward. Keep at least one ward in your inventory at all times, so that if somebody calls miss, you can place a ward in their direction to prepare.
    Don't build directly into Lich Bane. If possible, grab a Needlessly Large Rod first, but if the situation is getting more dire, you can grab Blasting Wand instead.
    Steadily finish your core items, paying close attention to last hitting and ganking enemies wherever you can. If your laning opponent is interested in constantly harassing you, consider buying a counter item like Negatron Cloak or Chain Vest to mitigate their damage.

    In listed form, the build route would look like this:
    Amplifying Tome + Health Potion/Doran's Ring/Boots of Speed
    Sheen + Boots of Speed /+ Sight Ward (Negatron Cloak/Chain Vest)
    Needlessly Large Rod / Blasting Wand
    Null Magic Mantle + Blasting Wand
    Lich Bane
    Rabadon's Deathcap

  • Skilling Order

    It takes approximately 2.5 seconds for the Wild Cards to reach maximum range. That's about 1700 range. His auto attack's range is 510. The distance traveled per second by the Wild Cards is about 680. The level one stun lasts for one second, just enough for the Wild Cards to do damage. However, Pick a Card scales more with attack damage than ability power, and Gold Card's base damage is almost negligible. Stacked Deck does more damage. Therefore, the skilling order is:

    If you can grab Lich Bane and Blasting Wand/Needlessly Large Rod/Rabadon's Deathcap quickly, it could be worthwhile running this:

  • Laning Phase

    As an AP carry, it's generally best to take mid, but a dual lane is acceptable. When laning, play safe. Even so early into the game, positioning is what will make or break a Twisted Fate even before the team fight phase starts. Most of the time, Twisted Fate should be having a smooth laning phase (unless you're up against LeBlanc). Try to last hit as much as possible, and don't be afraid to use your Pick a Card for a Blue Card to take down the minions, or use up a Stacked Deck charge.
    If you're doing significantly better in minion kills than your opponent, try to harass. The best harassing combo is a Stacked Deck charge along with the Blue Card from Pick a Card. There is no loss of mana for a nice nuke. You should only stun when somebody is ready to gank, you are use that your Wild Cards will finish them off, or you're running away. Save that mana for more important times.
    Twisted Fate really doesn't do well without a large amount of minion kills, but don't be afraid to help your teammates, especially if they're getting chased in your jungle. If possible, you should try maximize your presence. Don't spam your ultimate. Unlike late game, it really can't be used at will. Instead, use it only to gank and only gank when a champion or turret kill is guaranteed.

  • Farming

    Twisted Fate, unlike most other casters, actually has access to two AOE skills to back him up when farming off of a massive lump of minions.
    Simply lock onto the Red Card from Pick A Card and throw it into the middle of the mass and then get close up to throw some Wild Cards. Most would be dead within the initial burst, and all that's left is cleaning up.
    A few autoattacks should do the trick.

    When a line of minions form, just line yourself up directly in front of their trajectory and simply cast Wild Cards right at the last minion. This should kill or severely damage all of the minions. This takes practice, however.

  • Unique Skills

    Twisted Fate, for all intents and purposes, is a rather deadly character to go against (nothing has an assassin tag without doing substantial amount of damage, burst or otherwise). But one of the best things to do is solo pushing/backdooring.
    When doing either (one is without minions, the other is with minions) you have four seconds to go under the turret. That's about four turrets shots while you line yourself up and one turret shot when retreating, that's five turret shots in conclusion. Fire up Pick A Card and lock into Blue Card (or if you missed, Red Card is acceptable) and fire one at the turret. Wait for two seconds while continuing to autoattack. After two seconds, throw some Wild Cards then autoattack one more time to do that Lich Bane proc. Back off immediately if backdooring, or look around at the map situation if solo pushing. If the enemy team is missing, Destiny away.

  • Working the Team

    Team fight:
    Like any other AP carry, the job of Twisted Fate is in bursting down the AD carry and if not possible, going after the second squishiest target. However, having a very powerful and repeatable burst with a stun, Twisted Fate is the person who literally decides who will die first. Simply charge up Stacked Deck on minions or lost enemy champions during battle and then burst down a good target. Repeat as many times as necessary.

    Twisted Fate, due to his low durability, really has a hard time defending a turret. When only one person is trying to take down the turret, harass as much as possible before bursting. If more than three people rush the turret and you're left without backup, it might be smarter to back up.

    Turret Busting:
    Keep an eye on the time. Every two seconds, you can do an amazing burst damage... ON A TURRET. If too early, you don't do enough damage. If too late, the enemy has more time to react. The timing must be perfect. AP Twisted Fate's really only good at scaring the opponents into thinking that you can burst down a turret. If you find yourself losing a team fight, either backdoor or solo push to do some serious damage, but don't forget to back off if more than two of them are missing from the fight. This will put the team fight to your favor, even if you weren't strictly a part of it.

  • General Playing Tips

    Well, this is the part where I assume that you know nothing about Twisted Fate at all, not just AP Twisted Fate. This might make you feel bad, but I'm sure that you'll learn something if you're completely new or it might be a nice review if you've played before.
    Anyways, I'll just list them off:

    -When thinking of ganking somebody, make sure to have an activated Stacked Deck for the most burst damage.
    -When about to use the ultimate to gank, make sure to lock into Gold Card first. If you missed Gold Card, don't even bother ganking.
    -Twisted Fate is very squishy and very reliant on positioning. He has one escape skill that's on a pretty long cooldown along with one kiting skill. That's not much to keep himself in line all of the time. Be sure to always know your position and don't get greedy.
    -It's better to look at the card flipping over Twisted Fate's head rather than the skills tab, because you'll be more aware of your position and your target's position when using Pick A Card
    -When about to recall in a bush, lock into Gold Card. If somebody ambushes you, you can quickly stun them to run away.
    -More tips to come! I'm actually out right of ideas right now because I was up all night trying to type up this guide and calculating tons of numbers.

  • Last Words

    Just play and find out what suits your style. You don't have to play AP Twisted Fate, it's just that there's an option.
    And if you find something wrong with my guide, (not my build. My builds are bullshit, it's there only for cosmetics and guiding.) feel free to type up a complaint and explain to me why.

    And don't forget to comment and rate!

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