Nasus Build Guide

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Nasus, Tank/Support

written by Crescens

Nasus Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Soul Eater
    Life steal passive, great for team fights adds survivability.

    Siphoning Strike
    This is your single target damaging skill, really only becomes usefully towards the end of the game, and that's only if you have been building it up with last hits.

    This is the First of your Bread and Butter skills. Probably the slow in the game combined with great range of use.

    Spirit Fire
    The Second of your BnB skills. AoE damage and armor reduction. Placing this well during team fights makes all the difference in the world.

    Fury of the Sands
    Finally, your ultimate. This is what makes you king in team fights. The added Health plus the % damage Aoe and Added attack damage just make you a force. Combining this with Spirit Fire and Wither is a deadly combo.

  • Introduction

    Inspired by a few videos I have seen of Nasus and my love for playing supporting roles in League of Legends, I have decided to write a guide on my interpretation of a Nasus build that is both Tank and Support.

  • Playing this Build

    Further on down the Guide, I explain runes/masteries item build and skill build. Here I will share with you my experience playing this build and how I think it is most effectively used.

    Early Game:
    Early game you are going to be laning with a partner, your job at this point is just to get minion kills and keep the enemy team away from you and your partner with Spirit Fire as it is your first skill you will be getting. Once you have Siphoning Strike you will pushing enemies away with Spirit Fire then running in and last hitting with Siphoning Strike to build its damage. Building Siphoning Strike is very useful endgame but since you will not be your teams primary source of damage it is not detrimental if you do not get it leveled up a lot.

    Mid Game:
    Around level 6 and 7 you can start moving from your lane to help gank with your team. Also at this point you can now jungle fairly efficiently, use this to help level your Siphoning Strike. During this period you will be pushing your lane as well as helping kill the enemies and building your Aegis of the Legion and Stark's Fervor. These 2 items is what makes you an amazing team player. During the Team Fights that will happen at this point your main goal is to go in first Pop your Fury of the Sands, hit Spirit Fire on the enemies, spam Siphoning Strike and Wither anyone trying to get away(usually will be the other teams carry). With your ultimate up you are a tank for a short period of time allowing you to take the hits necessary for you team to do the damage, that's why you build Aegis and Stark's after your Chalice and Boots. It just boosts your team so well. If these team fights are going extremely well then the game will come to a quick close. if not then. . .

    End Game:
    Ok so the End game is very much like the Mid game, you are pushing towers with your team and engaging in Team fights as the Support/Tank. The next items you will be getting are solely dependent on the make up of the enemy team. If the team is full of Attack Damage Carries then I would build a Thornmail. If on the other hand they are a Magic based team with an Annie or Ryze that is lighting you up, then Banshee Veil is your friend. But if its more of a mix of both and you do not think that the spell absorption from Veil will help you or the extra armor and damage return. Then good ole Health is what you are looking for and I would buy a Warmog's Armor, or atleast start building it.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries: To really make Nasus the support tank you are looking for, I would suggest going all the way down Defensive tree making sure to get
    [spell=Resistance] 3
    [spell=Hardiness] 3
    [spell=Evasion] 4
    [spell=Harden Skin] 3
    [spell=Veteran's Scars] 4
    [spell=Ardor] 3
    [spell=Tenacity] 1
    Then the rest in Utility Tree
    Perseverance 3
    [spell=Haste] 1
    [spell=Awareness] 4
    [spell=Insight] 1

    As for Runes, I like to go a more wide range of use on my runes.
    Red: Magic Resist Flat
    Yellow: Armor Flat
    Blue: Cooldown Reduction Flat
    Purple: Movement Speed

  • Items

    Start with the Standard [item=Meki Pendant] and 2 Health Potion
    Then Build your Ninja Tabi and Chalice of Harmony
    Next Aegis of the Legion
    then [item=Stark's Fervor]
    Then if the game has not ended build a
    Warmog's Armor or Banshee's Veil or Thornmail
    depending on what the other team make-up is.

  • Skilling Order

    1 Spirit Fire
    2 Siphoning Strike
    3 Wither
    4 Spirit Fire
    5 Wither
    6 Fury of the Sands

    From there continue to alternate Spirit Fire and Wither
    then max out Fury of the Sands then Siphoning Strike

  • Summoner Abilites

    First off I feel
    Clarity Is necessary to this build it allows you to spam your skills like you should early game
    and late game it will let you help your team stay on the field longer
    Your next is really more so personal opinion
    I use Ghost mainly because I can pop this and run into the midst of the enemy distracting them from my team running up and destroying them. And then the classic Run Away move also
    Flash or Cleanse Are both viable based on what you are use to/like

  • More Information

    More updates coming at a later date

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