Blitzcrank Build Guide

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Blitzcrank-The Fist of Awesome

written by MrEvilCookie

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This is my first guide and the decision to really make this guide was made only short time after i had the idea so it will be kind of short. But i made this guide just to show you how i play Blitzcrank.
    Also, im not a native english speaker so who finds mistakes may keep them.

    This guide is NOT YET FINISHED. I will add more parts later, but for now i wanted the "essential part" to be done.

    And remember: If you read this guide and liked it, dont forget to comment and/or rate this guide!

    EDIT1: Added Short Item List Section and Skilling Order Section
    EDIT2: Thanks to Korps de Kriegs comment, I added the My Role In The Team-Part and edited the Skill-Explanation.

  • My Role In The Team

    I think or lets say for me, Blitzcrank is a Charackter who can initiate Teamfights easily due to his Rocket Grab. So when a teamfight approaches, i try to grab an enemy and unse my Power fist, so that my teammates have enough time to kill this enemy. But as well, many people underestimate Blitzcrank in his nuking-power. If you should use my guide and the game runs well, just pick yourself an enemyous carry or squishy and do the Rocket-Grab -> Power Fist -> Static Field Combo and see how the life vanishes. If the enemyous team is defending a tower and has no stun or slow from which you couldnt escape, just run to it and do the Static Field (higher levels only). This is good, because your ultimate has an aoe-damage and hurts very much AND is ready in about 25 secs again, so when you are in a teamfight, you can use it again. So i see myself as Initiator/Tankt/Nuker.

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    This is very useful, but only if you have some mana left.

    And this is my main reason why i get the Archangles. You shouldnt have mana problems Lategame AND there will alwys be about 1000 mana left for your Mana Barrier, which would mean about 500 extra life.

    Rocket Grab
    One of my most favourised skills in LoL...if you hit the enemy.

    Remember that this skill wont work instantly, which means that the fist will need a bit to hit the enemy. So if the enemy is running away, try to aim a bit in front of him.

    This skill is also very good to chase down enemies of which you think they are gone. E.g. if someone flashes through a wall, just Rocket Grab right after him and if you are lucky, he will amgically appear again.

    You can also grab somone into your or your teams ultimate/s again. E.g. Miss Fortunes shots. It hurts pretty much to stand in it twice^^.

    A good skill to chase in combination with Power Fist, your team will be able to chase down (almost) everyone.
    Also good to escape and to get to teamfights quickly.

    Ok basically theres nothing more to say. Its just a very nice skill to chase enemies in combination with the Power Fist. Note: when you are chasing someone, activate the Power Fist directly after the Overdrive, when you are not too far away.

    Power Fist
    Good in combination/after Rocket Grab or Overdrive (especially if you manage to pull someone into tower range.

    Other crative ideas are to use it, to keep an enemy in ulti-rage of your mates, e.g. nunus ulti.

    Static Field
    Very nice to dominate teamfights. Also good to clear (huge) minion waves from level 2+.
    P.S.: It has a huge range so use it even if you think your enemy is out of range (only to finish him, otherwise its useless).

    Another nice effect, is that it silences the enemy for I think its a half second. So you can use it as well to interrupt many ulitmates or channel tines of those ultimates, like Fiddlesticks circle, when channeling.

    Also VERY nice, to kill invisible enemies. If you find yourself on the circle of a low-life-Akali, feel free to use it. I got some nice kills, doing this. Or if you know your standing on top of an invisible Teemo and stuff like that.

  • Runes

    So i am not really someone who knows everything about what should be the best runes for which character but this is the runes-setup i am using:

    9x Greater Seal of Evasion
    9x Greater Glyph of Focus
    4x Greater Mark of Resilience
    5x Greater Mark of Warding
    3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

  • Items

    I start up with a Regrowth Pendant and a Mana Potion

    I think these are some good start items because you regenerate health and got a potion against your (at the beginning) huge usage of mana.

    On my first trip back i usually get a Philosopher's Stone because of the health/mana regen and the gold production and depending on how much money i have i buy the Mercury's Treads or at least parts of it.

    Another piece of advice: if you dont have enough money for your next item but 75+ gold, ALWAYS buy WARDS. You will need them. Or at least your team will.

    2nd trip back:
    Now it depends on the situation ingame:
    If its an easy-and-lots-of-kills/assists-game i get a Leviathan.
    If you use your mana like crazy you should build a Tear of the Goddess.
    Giant's Belt -> Rylai's Crystal Scepter because of the slowing effect (Pull+Slow=Good Combination)

    3rd trip back:
    Now you should try to finish the items you started, which yould mean:
    Tear of the Goddess -> Archangel's Staff NOT a Manamune, because your attack speed is too low with this build.
    Giant's Belt and later a Warmog's Armor.

    Ok by now you should be in mid/lategame so i will give you some items and you decide by yourself which you should take/which fits best to the ingame-situation.

    Rod of Ages
    Warmog's Armor

    And in case you forgot our first item Philosopher's Stone, the last item i buy is the Shurelya's Reverie
    or sell it and buy something else.

  • Short Item List

    Some people like to quickswitch over to a guide when theyre dead. So to help these people i make a brief item list.

    ALWAYS: Sight Ward

    Regrowth Pendant Mana Potion

    1st trip back:
    Philosopher's Stone Mercury's Treads

    2nd trip back:
    Leviathan or Tear of the Goddess or Rylai's Crystal Scepter/ Giant's Belt

    3rd trip back:
    Tear of the Goddess -> Archangel's Staff
    Giant's Belt -> Warmog's Armor

    Good items from now on:
    Rod of Ages
    Warmog's Armor

    LAST item:
    Shurelya's Reverie from Philosopher's Stone

  • Skilling Order

    I always skill the Rocket Grab first.
    Then i skill the Power Fist.
    Now i try to max the Overdrive as fast as possible, only interrupting it for the ultimate Static Field.
    After maxing it or when u cant skill it, i skill the Power Fist.

    So my skilling priority is R>W>E>Q

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