Kassadin Build Guide

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"Just stroll around and see them dying" - Kassadin-tank guide

written by TwiceBorned

Kassadin Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Runes for Kassadin

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    The fourth guide from my "Strange things you can(but probably shouldn't) do in LoL" collection collection. As often the main consept of this guide is abusing to hell some part of champion's skillset, that never be disigned to be used like this. What and how - see below.

  • Abilities

    Void Stone
    Nice passive, even dispite the AS part of it is just useless, 10% damage reduction is still helpfull. For tank espessialy.

    Null Sphere
    Since we doesn't have much of AP in this build this spell from nuke transform to a powerfull silense(with some added damage as a bonus), which can be saved for, for example, interrupt someone channeling or simply shut up annoying brand/anivia in the middle of spell combo.

    Nether Blade
    Anyone know what for this spell is?! Yes, it help regen mana at low levels and do "some" additional damage.. But the only real use I found for this is to charge up E and tear/archangel.

    Force Pulse
    Another spell that transform from nuke to powerfull AOE CC. After all, this guide is about playing Kass as tank and tank need CC.

    Our damage sourse, initiation tool, escaping tool, farming tool. All in all exellent spell. Stack it and ace their team in 3 jumps.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries can be taken 9/9/12 or 9/0/21 build, depending on you playstile, just remember that you need blue buff as often as possible, so utility mastery is a must. CDR doesn't hurt you too, as well as CDR for summoner's spells. But 9 in defence can give 6 armor and MR and percent of mana to health regen, ant cause of tons of mana we will have.. 35-40 hp/5 isn't that mucn, but still worth about 1000 gold.

    Greater Mark of Insight - must have for any caster.. and simply no other good options to choose from here.
    Greater Seal of Clarity or Greater Seal of Defense or Greater Seal of Shielding - depending on how agressive you want to play early and what defence you lack
    Greater Glyph of Shielding - good option. Even with passive we lack some MR, and we doesn't need other good options(such as CDR).
    For quints go m.res, or health, or magic penetration, or even gold/5.. Whatever you prefer

  • Summoner Abilities

    The most powerful and surprising tactic is using Teleport and Cleanse - just build up stacks at summoner's platform, teleport to a ward near enemy team, ace them all in 2-3 jumps for 3000+damage, with cleanse and tankines you even can do that with some luck. Through doesn't ever hope to do this more than 1 time in one game against even half-brained opponents. Still both spell are very good to you, through.

    Flash is very good, but simply not for you thx to your ult, just as Ghost.
    Ignite and Exhaust are good options, espessialy the last, since tank need CC, the more the better.
    [spell=Fortify] not for you. Even you are a tank.
    Revive ant other that trash.. May I simply skip them?

  • Items

    Kassadin as tank need two things - survivability and mana.
    Mana, while indirectly, gives HUGE buff to our damage - the more mana the more high-stacks riftwalks.
    So you first items obviously will be Rod of Ages and Tear of the Goddess. After that we, probably, should grab some defensive-with-mana items - and there aren't much of good choises. Glacial Shroud and Banshee's Veil will give just anough to off-tank in mid-game fights.
    So your ideal build should look like +boots of your choice. Mercury, sorc or ionian, may be even ninja tabi against heavy AD/AS team.

    If game refuse to end them upgrade to and to .
    As a last item you can take Warmog's Armor or, for warmog-haters, other defensive item, depending on their team. or for example.

  • Build Example

  • Skilling Order


  • Pros / Cons

    Even more unkillable than "normal" Kassadin
    Still do good damage(if have some time to make some preparations)
    Can off-tank if noone else could do that
    Can do pentakill alone with "some" luck in 3 seconds(if their tank haven't much of MR)
    Can do assasin's job
    You will be blamed or even reported
    Since you can't do much of damage and take much kills in mid(of cause you can always KS and kill those who run away with 100hp, but still..) you way to full build will be very long
    Tank-Kass is half-stupid idea at all(warining! warning! don't tell me that you didn't read this!)

  • Working in the team

    You can(and sometimes should) initiate with R, after that try to unterrupt enemy casters and save your fleeing allies by silense or slow(or both) - this won't be difficult, cause you can be actually everyware in fight thx to ult and you spells have good range. And of cause R when possible(preferable to carryes/mages) to build stacks faster and do even more damage. If left ignored for 7-8 sec(do not focus tank, yes?) ) you can ace them if they are low anough.

  • Farming

    R on creeps. R again. Until no creeps are around.

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