Tryndamere Build Guide

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AP Trynd - simple and (in)effective

written by TwiceBorned

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    The third guide from my "Strange things you can(but probably shouldn't) do in LoL" collection. I'm sorry about this guide, because AP trynd is not original, but even a kind of meme, but I see no guides about this way of playing and think that this mistake should be fixed.

    Actually AP trynd is even viable. Sometimes. In normal. If enemy team hase a good(or even mediocre) Rammus with thornmail and something like 300+ armor, or you team already have 3 AD champs - then grab trynd and see how they all grab thornmail.. and have nothing against you. (if you team already have normal CC of cause, or you will be melted even in normal)

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    Useful and help very much to even AP trynd. Synergies well with you Q and high AP and CDR. More about it below.

    You actually doesn't need much those AD bonus or critical damage, but 1.5*AP heal is what we need from this skill.
    See how it work
    1)you get low
    2)you critical chance raise and you(probably) crit
    3)you press q and heal yourself for insane amount

    Mocking Shout
    Huge AD debuff and powerful slow you actually doen't usually need(it's far easyer to finish them with Q, if they try to run they are usually low anough for you 900+ damage from Q to kill them), so feel free to use this as AD debuff at the start of the fight.

    Spinning Slash
    You main skill, which can do all(exept making coffee, but this is common problem). Escaping, finishing runners, clearing creep waves, huge AOE damage dealing, mobility.. All-in-one. The only problem there is CD, 8 second isn't that low. But each time when you crit CD is reduced by two seconds, which should and will be abused.

    Undying Rage
    For AP trynd this isn't SO important as for AD, but still very good, espessialy for escaping and saving all those mejay stacks.
    AP Trynd is even better of this than AD - after ult you have not 400, but 1400 heal.. Huge difference, yes?)

  • Masteries + Runes

    We need crit because of Q and E, which need crits to work, but we can't itemise properly for it, so..
    Greater Quintessence of Malice, Greater Mark of Malice, Greater Seal of Malice are must have choise. Blue crit runes give tooo low chance(0,28) to take them. Take 8 magic resist and one CDR per level instead(to be at 40%, not 39% CDR).
    For masteries I suggest you to go 9/0/21 or 11/0/19, taking crit chance, AP and CDR+magic penetration in offence and all, that do not grant you mana/manaregen in utility, excluding masteries for summoner skills you doesn't use ofc.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Anything you want to grab there. Exept, may be, Heal - you already have HUGE heal from Q with 5-8 sec CD. I recommend Cleanse and Flash for better escape ability, but if you already play safely anough(I can't since may main is Rammus and for him "safety" isn't the best tactic) this can be overkill, take some offensive instead, such as Exhaust instead of Flash, since you already have built-in flash in Q.

  • Skilling Order

    Varies. What do you need more, better line sustainability, better damage from Q or hage AD debuff if you line against 2 AD champs?
    Just remember that until you take at least 3 items you won't be actually AP Trynd and should play as AD anyway, so maxing Q first isn't a good idea.

  • Items

    Of cause you need AP, but first af all to allow our combos to work we need critical chance and some AS. So Youmuu's Ghostblade or Phantom Dancer are essential to thisbuild even they give no AP at all.
    What item is better? Difficult question, Ghostblade give also CDR and some AD, while Phantom give more crit and his MS and AS are permanent. For me Ghostblade is better since it's cheaper, can be build form gold/10 item and give CDR, but question is still open.

    After that we need AP. Much op AP. And some CDR.
    That's why Rabadon's Deathcap will be our next buy. After that, since we anyway need to autoattack, Lich Bane. And don't forget about boots( Ionian Boots of Lucidity)
    There core is complite and combo start to work - E through their team to carry/mage, quickly press W, AA 2-3 times to proc lichbane(on their carry/mage ofc) and have 1-2 crits, Q if you are wounded, E to another carry/mage(through you first target, this can even kill it if you are lucky anough) etc. If focused(but whoever will focus the useless AP Trynd? XD) press ult. At the and of duration just E away(through their team if possible) and Q. Heal for 800+ almost ensure your survive.

    As two last items you can take for example Zhonya's Hourglass(2 sec stasis as another survival tool.. unkillable) and Mejai's Soulstealer(if you take this take it after Rabadon but before lichban, it's cheap anough for this) - even if you can't take kills you can't be killed too - and will take all the possible assists from every fight, so this is a good investment.
    If your CDR is capped(thx to 20 stack of mejay or blue pot) them change your CDR boots for something else, such as mercury.

  • Build Example

  • Working in the team

    AP Trynd need good tank and, if possible, good off-tank, that will distract enemy team. Since you E very often through the battlefield you will drop some focus from you - but only if they have something else to attack instead. Also because you doesn't have hard CC someone else must provide them.

  • Pros / Cons

    don't fear blind/exhaust and thornmail. Espessialy Rammus with thornmail.
    better survivability than AD Trynd thx to big heals(1000+ each 5 seconds and, more important, 1400 after ult)
    have a burst(E+lichbane) and consistent AOE damage(E can be casted every 1-2 sec)
    Can use W for AOE AD debuff, since doesn't need to save it for kill those who run away
    AP Trynd
    Silense shut you up
    Isn't good 1 vs 1.
    Difficult to play, must combo spells and attacks, not "press R to win"
    Need items to be "AP", until you get rabadon AND lichban(and mejay) you is just useless version of AD.

    The last two are the main problems. Actually AP trynd can do even more damage than AD, since damage is AOE AND have better burst AND survive better.. But this requires good timing and all this combos can be easely broken. If you team does bad game will end before you get items.

  • Farming

    Easy and fast - E clear the entire wave of creeps.
    When travel over the map E through the neutral camps, this both give gold and help travel fast.

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