Ryze Build Guide

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Ryze - The Rogue Mage - The right way

written by CrazyPacman

Ryze Build

Table of Contents

  • Items

    In the start of the game buy +
    than buy when you get 1000 gold (or you go back with 350 and you buy just )
    now make the into
    now if you dont kill at all buy for more AP
    now buy :

    and make it into
    again if you cant kill buy another
    now you need to make it will make 2% of your mana into AP and give you 4 mana for using 1 ability evry time (good for )
    this is the part when you realy need the gold to make [item_icon=Zhonya's Ring]
    now if the game dont end and you have alot of gold buy
    now you got like this:

  • Summoner Abilities

    You see players allways take and or and or and ..
    but for real now you know it sucks..
    dosent help you when you need hp for real you are just stupid to use and you run away with lots of speed..
    again you run
    again up and away..
    same O_O
    what you realy need is and
    if you get out of mana and you gunna die use it and you are alive and when your friend need mana too its helping you
    if some one get out with like 10 hp from you and you can attack him your got alot of range and you can use it to kill him
    so no Ghost or Flash or ill come with ryze and kill you -.-

  • Skilling Order


  • Gameplay

    early game-
    try more to level and kill minions not killing alot.
    you can allways try to do them Spell Flux when you can do it.
    try to use Rune Prison to lrt your buddy in the lane to kill him or you gunna be lucky and kill him =P
    if you are mid you can do Rune Prison when he is starting to attack you and all the minions attack him do Spell Flux and Overload and kill him

    mid game-
    now you need to start killing go gank other lanes and make sure you are the killer for your Mejai's Soulstealer.
    now start help your team to destroy towers b making your enemy busy with you.
    when the tower is done run to your team and kill that enemy

    end game-
    now you need to have 10-20 in Mejai's Soulstealer (if not you die alot O_O)
    now you need to get Golembuff you can get it when ever you want but in the end its gunna help you with cooldown.
    get AP Elixer.
    now tell your team to go for baron if you are winning for more AP.
    after baron go kill all of them (you need to have then like 1000 AP if you did my builder)
    now destroy the Nexus and get you win