Cho'Gath Build Guide

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Pro'Gath, A mid-elo guide to tanking like a baoss

written by slaveoflord

Cho'Gath Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey there, slaveoflord here from the NA servers, currently 1590 elo and rising. Thought I'd make a quick guide for how I play Cho in Ranked as well as tournaments, which has proven quite effective (76% win rate in ranked, and had Cho rep banned against me in the grand final of a local netcafe tournament, bastards).

    I run Cho'Gath as the team's main tank as well as top solo. Allow me to list some of the talents that this M'fing beast brings to your team's table.

    A but load of CC: The possession of AOE knockup (the best CC in the game) and AOE silence makes this leviathan a serious threat. He can use it to disable the enemy carries, or peel their melee dps off your own carries.

    Size: Every stack of Feast allows you to grow bigger. This is in fact integral to Cho'Gath's tanking ability, as simply standing on his team's carries can make them difficult to target.

    Farming and pushing power: So much aoe, so much sustain allows for more or less infinite push and ez farming.

    Innate tankiness: Free bonus 900hp without items? Yes please!

    True damage: Best damage in the game, also fantastic for finishing off baron or dragon above smite range to prevent steals.

  • Abilities

    Oh my god this makes the beast a god of solo lane. It's like having constant Sona heals in your pocket.

    AOE Knockup. Cannot be reduced by tenacity, nor can it be cleansed or scurvied off. Most OP CC in the game. However, this skill is difficult to land and is best used AFTER initiation to guarantee a hit (for example, following an Ashe's stun)

    Feral Scream
    AOE Silence, in a cone. Most reliable damage you have, as it is much easier to land than Rupture. Max this ASAP, and use on opponent's casters in teamfights.

    Vorpal Spikes
    This, is in fact an insane ability. Boosts your DPS output by a heap early game, letting you go toe to toe with other top laners such as Jarvan. Also makes it much easier to last hit, synergising perfectly with your passive. Remember to turn this off while whacking at a tower to avoid drawing aggro if you hit an enemy champion.

    OM NOM NOM! Dat skill. True damage, free hp. Real. Use on minions early to get at least 3 stacks before you try to go for kills with it. Lategame, combo this with flash to do a ridiculous amount of damage. Being true damage, it can be used to counter a low hp Alistar in his ultimate with ease. Consider casting this near the start of a teamfight on the enemy carry, the huge chunk of damage can potentially scare him/her off, removing their dps output from the fight - don't always save this for the killing blow!

    Note: Deals 1000 true damage to minions at all levels, make sure you watch the hp of Baron and Dragon as you fight them - and finish them off with this the moment they go below 1000, to prevent your opponents from smite-stealing them.

  • Summoner Abilities

    MANDATORY: Flash Simply the most broken spell in the game. Use to escape through walls, and finish somebody off by comboing with your Ultimate.

    USEFUL: Teleport The one I run when I solo top, since it allows me to instantly return to lane, or to push top freely to apply constant pressure to my opponent. I can also immediately teleport to any teamfight that takes place, essentially allowing me to assert my presence on 2 places at once. GLOBAL TELEPORT OP!

    Ghost I used to run this, and it is certainly very useful to help you get out of and back into a fight at speed. Makes it easier to chase and land your spells.

    Exhaust The anti-carry, and useful in skirmishes and teamfights all game.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I always run 9-0-21 masteries, without exception. grab magic pen in Offense, and get cooldowns+mana regen+exp masteries in Utility. MAKE SURE YOU GRAB THE RELEVANT MASTERIES TO WHATEVER SUMMONER SPELLS YOU DECIDE TO USE!

    My rune page is fairly standard for a tanky caster. Cho'Gath's passive means that he doesn't need clarity seals or glyphs, and therefore I opt for early survivability instead.

    9x or 9x Magic pen for moar damage! There are no better marks for a magic damage based champion. However, Cho's E makes attack speed marks very viable to aid in his pushing, skirmish and teamfight threat.

    9x Flat armor is simply for the best start. Dodge seals are optional, but they are less consistent than armor.

    9x OR 9x Choose between CDR and more magic resist. If you choose CDR, you will be maxing it out lategame with the help of a Blue elixir.

    For quintessences, choose between flat hp, flat AP or movespeed - all are useful to Cho'Gath.

  • Laning and Farming

    It is absolutely vital to last hit with Cho'Gath. If you master this ability, your passive will essentially make you a mobile fountain, immune to all forms of harass and with a limitless supply of mana. Once Feral Scream is around level 3, use your Q-W combo on caster minions to farm quickly and efficiently. Youre Vorpal spikes will also make it very easy to farm. Cho's passive essentially makes him immovable in lane, and do not hesitate to push hard once you have a ward down to prevent jungle ganks.

    One of Cho'Gath's greatest strengths in lane (apart from his ridiculous sustain) is his ability to push down waves of minions with his cheap AOE in the form of W and E. Make sure that you are watching the other lanes constantly, and if you see the enemy jungler at bot lane, PUSH TOP LIKE MAD! If your lane opponent leaves the lane to gank another lane or try and contest dragon, PUSH LIKE MAD! If you took teleport, you can get your minions onto the turret AND get into the fray in time.

  • Skill Build

    REASONING: Your Q at lvl 1 for maximum early combat potential - the ranged hard cc simply outlasses anything else you have.

    Max your W next to maximise your reliable nuke - Your Q will be more difficult to land consistently against a competent opponent.

    Max your E next because quite simply, even this damage is more punishing than a missed Q.

    Get your R whenever you can, and use it on cooldown early on to get big enough to withstand punishment.

    Priority: R>W>E>Q

  • Items

    NOTE: This section is currently not as detailed as I'd like it to be, so I'll say this: build situationally after getting the core. Always. This means more than just looking at how many of their champs deal magic or dps, but looking at their builds and the amount of feed they get.

    There are essentially two starts:
    Use the ring if you are up against somebody who won't be harassing you all day. This will increase your mana regen and AP to maximise your farm. The shield provides the armor and regen to resist the harass of more annoyinig top laners such as Nidalee.

    CORE: [builder=Cho'Gath/795e56fb41ea052707814864f6222226]
    Seriously do I need to explain? Upgrade to Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on their team composition, after your catalyst.
    Gives you even more sustainability in lane. Upgrade to either or depending on the kind of team you're facing. If they have a fed AP carry, get that damned veil. If your team is strong enough to hold out for a while, get the Rod quickly.



    A decent upgrade for your Catalyst if you can get it before the 20minute mark, which should be pretty bloody easy.
    An excellent choice if your opponents only have one AP carry, as it provides adequate defense as well as increasing your whole team's offensive power.
    If you like getting up close and personal in the teamfights (that is, if you have plenty of melee dps to back you up) this is perfect to increase your threat level and defence at the same time.
    Synergises with your E, making every autoattack slow in a large AOE. Not a personal favourite of mine, but it certainly suits a few situations.

    Another excellent upgrade for your Catalyst. Make sure you get this to counter any long ranged initiation such as an Ashe arrow, and prevent being bursted down.
    [item_icon=Force of Nature] You ARE a force of nature, so this makes sense doesn't it? Possibly one of my favourite items on Cho, gives you a ridiculous resistance to sustained magic damage. The extra movement speed also aids in your ability to get up close and personal.
    Counter their physical DPS, also increasing your CDR. upgrade to Frozen Heart later.
    Also counter their physical DPS, whilst giving you the extra AOE cc to increase your threat further. ALWAYS remember to activate this when you're in the middle of the enemy team.
    You are the only tank that should ever pick this up, as it causes people to ignore you - but if you find yourself having taken several offensive options, then chances are you may need this to be just a bit more durable as you disrupt the enemy team.

  • Teamfights

    Very simple. You have two options: stand on top of your own carry while throwing CC or standing in the middle of their team and disrupting heavily.

    If your team has enough melee DPS to back you up, Charge into the fight following initiation and disrupt their high priority targets - Use Feast early on to scare your target.

    If your team is built primarily of ranged nukes and pokes, try and stand just in front of or on top of your own high priority targets as they move forward to poke.

    NOTE: If your opponent has a very powerful or channeling spell, make sure you save your W just for them, EG Warwick, Malzahar.

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