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Veigar, the Tiny Master of Lategame. And Evil. That too.

written by magma armor0

Veigar Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Equilibrium
  • Baleful Strike
  • Dark Matter
  • Event Horizon
  • Primordial Burst

Runes for Veigar

Masteries for Veigar

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Seriously, though. Veigar has THE MOST POTENTIAL of ANY MAGE IN THE GAME. (yeah, caps for emphasis. sue me.)
    Veigar has a much different feel than other AP characters; practice in a bot game before trying against actual opponents (areas of emphasis are last hitting with Baleful Strike and working with Event Horizon. Timing your Event Horizon- Dark Matter combo is another area of emphasis.)
    Also, he should totally be able to duck under Ashe's Crystal arrow. Just saying.
    Constructive Criticism, as always, is appreciated.
    Update: A big thanks to SerpentofSet for the great criticism! Guide has been updated/expanded in several areas.Update: Of course. No sooner do I finish updating from Dominion than I now have to update for the new spells/masteries. What's next, new runes? (please no...) EDIT: wow, they actually released new runes. lol.

  • Updates:

    Okay, I'll cave and add an updates section, so you guys know this is up to date:
    January 5 2012: Veigar gets some love! Baleful Strike Now shows how much AP you've gained from it, and some Mana cost reductions make him even more fun. I still stand by the archangel's, but it's not as crucial now.
    2nd attempt to fix the masteries....seems to have worked
    November 22 2011: new masteries and runes added to the game; guide updated, although the mastery trees are glitchy.
    November 15 2011: Dominion section added.
    July 26 2011: How-to-play section added, including strategies and whatnot
    August 24 2012: back after a long hiatus...Leaguecraft and I had a bit of a falling-out. back to update the items section (Athene's= new best friend) and reformat the guide

  • Abilities

    Whee! free Mana regen!
    Basically what this means is that it's OK to spam your abilities, since the less mana you have, the more you'll get.

    Baleful Strike
    Pure. Solid. Gold. Infinite AP. before you read the rest of this guide, go master last hitting with this at different levels/APs. it is ESSENTIAL for any good Veigar build. Do NOT use this to harass. use it to kill stuff.

    Dark Matter
    AoE death from above. takes a bit to land, but that's why you have a stun, right?
    also useful for those pesky minion clumps once they've arrived at your tower.
    High amounts of damage, but hard to land.

    Event Horizon
    Stun. Stun everything. a great stun, that, while dodgeable, will at least make them waste flash, or whatever their escape mechanism is.
    alternatively, throw it down with them on the edge (practice this) for a guaranteed stun.
    great for running away too; throw it down right behind you and they'll stop chasing pretty fast.

    Primordial Burst
    This is the reason any AP character runs screaming from you. You deal obnoxious amounts of damage based on your AP AND their AP.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Well, the masteries just changed, so these are by no means certain. However,21 offense seems like a pretty good idea, and I'm still deciding between 9 in defense or 9 in utility. It's your choice, really.defense example:

    utility example:

    (Note: the trees still seem to be glitchy on leaguecraft...use your head when filling them out.) Runes:
    MagiPen Marks
    Magic Regen Seals
    AP Glyphs
    Take your favorite Quints.

  • Items

    Get an Amplifying Tome to start. Grab a potion (color depending on how scary the other team is) and build a [Item=Kage's Lucky Pick] early (This will become a Deathfire Grasp eventually, but we want to keep it for now to generate gold.)
    Rush an Athene's Unholy Grail as early as possible (never base for being out of mana again+a good amount of MR+CDR+AP? what more could an AP carry want?)
    Wait, why is this good?

    grab your Sorcerer's Shoes and your Rabadon's Deathcap. This is the core build.
    [Item_Icon=Kage's Lucky Pick]
    The last two items are up to you.
    My Favorites:
    Lich Bane This allows Veigar to damage structures, and gives him a little more movespeed to catch people so he can use his stun. Also turns his autoattack into a nuke. Great Item. This is almost always my 5th item.
    Wait, why is this good?

    Will of the Ancients I grab this item whenever there's another person on my team who could benefit from AP and spell vamp. plus, this build has very little survivability, so Spell vamp can give a little, in the form of healing yourself before you die. Still nicer if a support can grab this for you, though. Edit: This item is not as good lategame as the others in the "Favorites" list, so try to get a support to grab it for you. Still a decent item, especially if you're having trouble early-midgame and you need an AP boost, fast. Not recommended as a 6th item, since its utility has been mostly spent.
    Wait, why is this good?

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter Some nice health, and AP, and the slow is nice, don't get me wrong, but your Q and your R are the only abilities you can count on for that. See spoiler under Rod of ages for why I pick RoA over Rylai's.
    Edit: Okay, SerpentofSet has argued convincingly enough for this item that I am no longer recommending Rod of Ages over it. Having your Dark Matter drop and slow their entire team after the stun wears off is potent enough that I am ranking this above Rod of Ages for now, especially since Athene's means we don't have to build Archangel's any more.
    Banshee's Veil Let's face it, this is one of the best items in the game. Negate one enemy spell every 45 seconds. IMO, needs a nerf, but until it gets one, use it! (if they have a caster that's harassing you)
    Frozen Heart Do not get thornmail if you're having problems with the enemy carry. Grab Frozen heart. Almost as much armor, a pile of mana, plus reducing their AS long enough for you to burst them to death. It's just plain better.
    Other options:
    Abyssal Scepter Ordinarily, I pick this item over Void Staff because it helps my entire team, and gives me MR. In this case, though, I do NOT recommend either of these items: percentage MagiPen does not play well with flat MagiPen, and we already have several points of that, so no Void Staff. Abyssal Scepter is out because our R serves as a rather odd form of MR; anyone with enough AP to scare you into buying MR will die to your ulti. If there's someone doing piles of magic damage to you without AP though, by all means get it. Also a good buy if you have another AP nuker on your team.
    Mejai's Soulstealer I, personally, never use snowball items outside of Co-op vs AI. if you can make it work, go for it, but I still don't recommend it.
    Zhonya's Hourglass a pile of AP and armor, and a great active? i like this item a lot too, but I never remember to use the active :( so this just barely misses the cut for me. If you remember to use the active, this is a GREAT buy for you.
    Almost always a bad idea:
    Thornmail Only if you already have Frozen Heart, and you REALLY are having problems with their AD carry.
    [Item=Force of Nature] You really, REALLY, should never need this item. anything with enough AP to scare you into going beyond Banshee's Veil should be easily nuked by your ulti.
    [Item=Morello's Evil Tome] Only if you are ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE for some CDR, or they have a really annoying healer/mundo.
    Just plain stupid:
    Sword of the Occult Only grab to taunt your opponents.

    Also, don't forget to upgrade your [Item=Kage's Lucky Pick] to a Deathfire Grasp!

  • Skilling Order

    I use this skill order, leveling up the Event Horizon until I'm sure that my Dark Matter will hit. If your timing is different, level up your Event Horizon only until you're confident in your ability to hit with dark matter. Keep in mind that if they build Tenacity this can throw off your timing.

  • Summoner Abilities

    your getaway/that extra inch so you can stun them. indispensible.
    The other spell:
    Good choices:
    Ignite ESPECIALLY when they have healers. Also great for making sure that the kill (and the extra AP) goes to you.
    Teleport The more you farm the more AP you get.
    Okay Choices:
    Surge An interesting spell, but I'll need to test it more before I decide whether or not this is worth it. Ghost Like flash, but worse.
    Exhaust fun to use defensively by dropping on Ashe or MF or the like to almost negate their damage output.
    Iffy choices:
    Clarity ONLY good earlygame.
    Heal see above.
    Taunt Choices: (pick only to make the enemy team ragequit when they get killed by a Veigar with:
    Promote I don't really see this as being good; you should be farming with your Q, not your D.
    Clairvoyance that's what your W is for.
    Revive I saw someone argue once that this was superior to Teleport, since it increases your speed to get you back in lane faster AND instantly revives you. I don't believe him, but it's up to you... ;)

  • Earlygame

    okay, I choose to have a rather weak earlygame, in favor of a colossally strong lategame. I also hate messing up other people's plans, so I avoid planning to take blue buff so that my jungler can have it, and I do not assume that I will be solomid. I've played Veigar mid, top, and bottom (although I can't say I've junGared...) both Solo and with a partner. In my experience, Veigar does not need to be played mid, in fact, his earlygame benefits greatly from having a lane partner (preferably an AP support that can grab Will of the Ancients and the like for him.)

    Strategy A: You do not have a lane partner. Your best shot is playing conservatively. Do not harass, instead, farm with your Q and towerhug if necessary until level 4. you now can actually drop your combo. If your opponent tries to towerdive you, stun them, and drop dark matter, then baleful strike to finish them off. Otherwise, just farm until you have your Rabadon's Deathcap. Go to Middle game.

    Strategy B: You have a lane partner. Your best shot is playing conservatively, then surprising your opponents with a sudden burst. Farm with your Q as much as possible, but harassing is more permissible in this situation. Once you hit level 4, have your lane partner initiate. Once their CC wears off, drop your E-W-Q combo and grab the kill. Repeat as necessary until you have Rabadon's Deathcap. This signifies the midgame.

    Strategy C: the best strategy of all, and the least likely. You have a premade team that is geared towards you. Multiple Fortifies, and champions who either drag the game out (Soraka, Heimerdinger, etc.), or benefit from a long game (Sion, Nasus, etc.) Play EXTREMELY conservatively; this game will end with everyone at full builds. Once everyone on your team has finished their builds, you can start your transition to the offensive. Veigar has NO UPPER LIMIT to his AP, so you will dominate with literally thousands of AP in a team that is geared towards your strengths.

  • Midgame

    Okay, so you're at least level 6 and you have your Rabadon's Deathcap. Time to get serious.
    Possibility 1: Your lane opponent is a great match against Veigar, and your KDA looks something like 1/9/2.
    Strategy: you need to farm. A LOT. Get your AP up a lot higher. Your only champion targets are opponents with lots of AP that you can nuke with your ulti. Farm your way out of the hole, and you can turn things around. NEVER STOP LAST HITTING WITH YOUR Q. In teamfights, drop your E-W combo, then ulti their champ with the most AP and fall back. if you are this underfed, you are nothing more than a feeding waiting to happen. Towerhug like your life depends on it, because it probably does. Your primary goal at this point is to prolong the game long enough that you can farm your way back to victory.

    Possibility 2: Your lane opponent is an even match against you.
    Strategy: You need a gank or two. find your jungler and tell him/her you need a gank. The gank will let you get a leg up on your opponent, and your Event Horizon is an effective stop to any escape attempt. Make sure you get the kill, if possible, since the AP boost you get is nothing to sneeze at. If you can't get a gank, then you need to lull your opponent into a false sense of security. Stop harassing, and focus on farming (last hitting with your Q) until you've been harassed down to about half health. Then, explode all over your opponent with a full E-W-R-Q combo, which will either kill them, or scare them enough to keep them far away from you. Continue last hitting with your Q until you've got a leg up on your opponent, then move on to take total control of the lane/game once you're a few kills up. In teamfights, you should stay long enough to drop your full combo, but you should still stay in the back of the fight. if you've reached mid-late game and you have an HP item, you can feel free to bait your opponents as much as possible.

    Possibility 3: You are dominating, with a KDA of 7/3/8
    Strategy: Keep kicking butt. your E-W-Q should scare any lane opponents away, and a full E-W-R-Q should scare any gankers away, and deter them from visiting you again. Keep doing whatever you're doing, but don't forget to keep last hitting with your Q; you don't want to give up on the main reason that you've been dominating so powerfully. In Teamfights, you have two different strategies: if you have an active killstreak, then play conservatively, but don't hesitate to unload a full combo. If you have no active killstreak, then play VERY aggressively; if you play your cards right, you should be able to initiate a teamfight with your E, then finish off the last escapee with an E stun. As you get more and more fed, start baiting your opponents; you'll be a juicy target with a 500g price on your head. Also, the more fed you get, the more you will find the need to start splitting up your combo. E-W is a multitarget burst, but your R (or, if you're really fed, your Q) might be so powerful at this point that you don't need to follow up with anything else. Never leave a teamfight with any spell ready; make sure they're all on cooldown before you fall back. While your opponents are dead, farm with your Q to make yourself even more fearsome.

  • Lategame

    Ah, the best part of the game for Veigar. Obnoxious amounts of AP should make your E-W blast devastating to the entire enemy team. Primordial Burst should be a one hit kill at this point, especially if your opponent has a large amount of AP.
    If you've been fed all game, then your opponents should be grabbing Banshee's Veil to deal with you. To counter the Banshee Passive, change your burst order to Q-E-W-R, adding the Deathfire Grasp active against tanks.
    If your team is losing, you can still turn it around by continuing to farm with your Q, then finishing off an opponent here and there for the extra AP, then using your Event Horizon and Dark Matter SEPARATELY to deter team pushes. Towerhug until you've managed to kill/scare off a few of your opponents, then rally your team to counterpush. play EXTREMELY conservatively; one strong push from your opponents can be game ending at this point.

  • Summary

    Farm with your Q whenever you get the chance. The longer the game goes, the better you get, thanks to the AP gains from your Q, SO when in doubt, play defensively. you'll eventually win. And it's hilarious to see a Veigar with literally thousands of AP. Stun them with Event Horizon, then drop Dark matter and (other damage here) and finally Baleful strike. Earlygame, you'll need your ulti before Baleful Strike, Middle-Late game, you can use Deathfire Grasp's Active. Super late game, Baleful strike might be a 1 hit Kill. That's how much AP Veigar can get.
    If you have to KS, then do so a couple times, but always apologize for it. Ideally, you should be solo mid or laning with a support. (an AP support that will buy Will of the Ancients for you)

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros: No cap to your AP. This ability makes Veigar the most powerful mage, in my opinion. AoE Stun. Nuke that slaughters other Nukers/AP tankers.
    Cons: Squishy. but then again, almost all AP bursters are. Stun can be dodged. My build has a weak earlygame. survive till the lategame and then wreck your opponent.

  • Unique Skills

    No cap on your AP. Keep last hitting the whole game with your Q, since it never stops increasing your AP.
    Event horizon is an unusual stun. practice with it before trying it in a real game.

  • Dominion Modifications

    Okay, I (obviously) still need to do more Dominion testing, as it hasn't been out for very long. 
    The first major change is your switch from a farmer to a crazy, suicidal, kamizaze killing machine. Dominion does not have enough time to farm all the minions that you need to get your AP up with this build. instead, start the game with one level in all three spells, and sorc's shoes. rush a Rabadon's, (with the early Kage's pick now optional because of the shorter game time) and switch the focus from farming to getting kills. your E is a potent stun to defend or capture a point. W is a potent interrupt. it is ALWAYS GOOD for you to die and get a kill, because it increases your AP. After the Rabadon's deathcap, get a lich bane for the speed boost and all the other cool things.
    after those items, good possibilities include Hextech Sweeper good for a quick health/cooldown boost. ALWAYS BUY against twitch or eve. Zhonya's Hourglass Gives a great amount of AP, a good amount of armor, and a passive that will deny your opponents when they towerdive you. Abyssal Scepter A good buy when they have pesky casters, however I don't usually buy this (see the items section above) Rylai's Crystal Scepter I think this item is necessary in Dominion because of the added importance on speed in this game. In Dominion, it outshines Rod of Ages because Rod takes too long to fully stack, and rylai's slow is just way too useful. Haunting Guise I, personally, HATE THIS ITEM. However, because of the fast pace of Dominion, I am forced to admit that mid-game items like this are EXTREMELY useful. unfortunately. :PI'll get back to updating this once I finish updating my other guides for Dominion, and once I playtest Veigar more on Dominion. Comment here if this works or if there's another suggestion you have!

  • Farming

    farm with your Q in the early game. then, in the middle game, change it up a bit and farm with your Q. finally, finish the late game by farming with your Q

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