Master Yi Build Guide

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Master Yi... How to not be squishy

written by AOD_Random_Guy

Master Yi Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Double Strike
    Master Yi will strike twice after 7 hits.

    Not all bad, but you rarely get 7 hits on 1 person, unless you have a high attack speed.

    Alpha Strike
    Master Yi will leap into the battlefield, dealing magic damage up to 5 targets, and landing at the 1st target's location.

    Good ability to farm with, or if you need to catch up to a running champion. The magic damage is very good, and it's teleporting power can be almost over powered. Use this as your main attack.

    Master Yi will Heal himself. During the healing, he has increased Armor/Magic resist.

    A useful skill early on, but later when you have the warhog's armor/force of nature, you won't need this.

    Wuju Style
    Passive: Gain's bonus attack damage as long as the spell is ready

    Active: Double's the attack damage for 10 seconds. Passive is unavailable during cool down.

    The passive on this can help against minions and turrets, and the active can be used to help quickly take out champions before they can run away.

    Gains bonus attack speed and movement speed for 6/9/12 seconds, and cannot be slowed. Long cool down. If you kill a champion while the ability is active will refresh all cool downs. (assists refresh half)

    Best Ultimate I've seen, and perfect for Master Yi. He gets bonus attack speed to kill faster, and movement speed to chase champions who are foolish enough to run away, and can not be slowed down. However, he's not immune to stuns, silences, fears, etc. If he kill's someone, all his abilities can be used again, so he can go ahead and target the next champion with no waiting.

    it can also be used to run away, but i would highly NOT RECOMMEND using it to run away. It's long cool down is not worth running away slightly faster. Use it as a last resort.

  • Introduction

    Maser Yi... The Master of the forgotten Wuju Style.

    Master Yi is so under appreciated. He is so easy to forget... simply because he's too "squishy." But fear not, I am here to help rid that rumor.

    In this guide, I will help pick out a perfect build for Yi to balance between AD and AP, and make him less squishy. So you can kill more, and be killed much less.

    I must point out, this build may make certain people rage and complain, and cause them to leave, or surrender early. There's nothing wrong with that, right?

  • Masteries + Runes


    I go with the basic Attack-Utility build, but with some points in Defense, to help with Master Yi's low armor and magic resistance.


    Marks - Magic/Armor Penetration
    Glyphs - Ability Power/Attack Damage
    Seals - Health/Mana Regen
    Quin.'s - 1 Ability Power per level, 1 Magic Penetration, and 1 attack damage per level.

    Now this build does leave you with less ability power/attack damage than a true Master Yi build, but it will make you more tank-y than other Master Yi's, and will last much longer. And with the Magic Penitration, you'll still rape with your abilities.

  • Items

    Core Items:

    / /[Item_Icon=Force of Nature] /


    When you start, buy Cloth Armor and Health Potionx5. Next you can either farm up till 2,500 gold, or go back and buy Chain Vest and Null-Magic Mantle and farm up till 1,200 gold. Now you should be able to buy a Guardian Angel.

    Second, you can either buy Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads, depending on who your laning against. Both items can be built with a Boots of Speed and just farm until you can buy either boots.

    Third, you have a choice, do you want bounus health, or better health regen. For the first, i would start building a Warmog's Armor. to the Second start off a [Item=Force of Nature] This should be easier to do now since you should be later in the game where you can attack your enemies with ease.

    Fourth, after you get your Warmog Armor, or your force of nature, grab either a Frozen Mallet or a Rabadon's Deathcap, depending on whether you want ability power first or attack damage.

    Fifth, if the game is still long enough, start building whichever item you didn't buy last time (Frozen Mallet or Deathcap)


    Guardian Angel armor can be used to help gain bonus armor and magic resist, and can revive you if you do get rushed early on

    Berserker Greaves to increase your attack speed early on.
    Mercury's Treads to increase the resistance against magic attacks. Useful if fighting someone like Ashe or Fiddlesticks

    Warmog's Armor to increase health per kill, and make you a very good tanker
    Force of Nature to increase health regen, and keep you in a lane/rush longer

    Frozen Mallet to improve your attack damage, as it is your only attack damage item in this build

    Rabadon's Deathcap to increase your ability power, which if you haven't won/lost at this point, you can use to quickly end it.

  • Skills Order

    Skilling with Master Yi is simple. It's all about what enemies your fighting. If your against ranged attackers, meditate might want to be upgraded earlier, where as if your against fiddlesticks, or someone with magic attacks, Wuju style should be be grabbed early.

    For the most part, here's what you should get:

    Alpha Strike, Wuju Style, Alpha Strike, Meditate, Wuju Style, Highlander.

    After you get Highlander, it's just Highlander > Wuju Style > Alpha Strike > Meditate

    Meditate is last simply because if you buy a force of nature, you don't need more health regain, and if you bought a warthog's armor, then you should have enough health to tank till you can safely recall. And you get Wuju Style before Alpha Strike so you can handle to increased mana at later levels.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Grab what you use the most. If your good with flash/ignite, then use it.

    Most of the time, i try to use Ignite and Exhaust, so you can just ignite for a quick 1st blood kill, and exhaust anybody trying to run away or rush you.

  • Pros / Cons


    Fast Attack Speed.
    Flexible between attack damage and ability power
    Fast movement speed
    Powerful Ultimate
    Easy to farm with


    Weak and squishy at the beginning before you get guardian angel armor
    Terrible against ganks.
    Usually targeted first, because he's such an easy person to gank.
    Tends to steal minion kills, which can make your team rage if they can't last hit well

  • Working in the team

    Most of the time, you will be laning with someone. I would suggest laning with someone who has either heal, stun, or silence to help.

    Early on you can use Alpha strike on minions to gain quick gold/XP. If a team tries to gank you, fall back all the way to the closest friendly tower if you can.

    After you get Guardian Angel Armor, you can be more risk taking and attack people who are low health'd next to a turret.

    Later in the game, when your team starts pushing 1 lane, you can either join them in and push, or defend your base if it is open, and gain some quick gold.

    Try to stick with teammates, Yi is not someone who is good with attacking or rushing alone, unless they are low health'd

  • Farming

    Basically, you farm with Alpha Strike. Just rush around all the minions are try to last hit them. You can easily get gold with Master Yi, even early on when the other team is nearby

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