Singed Build Guide

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Singed; tank like you mean it. Short and sweet.

written by tkamplin

Singed Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Empowered Bulwark
    It's not to be built around, but when you escape with less than 150hp-200hp you can thank this. If you're abusing Singed like you should, this will happen frequently.

    Poison Trail
    When you initiate, this goes on. When you run, this stays on. When you stay in, this is on. Die with this turned on. With only the 9/15% Mpen afforded by masteries/runes and the equipped Rod of Ages giving you some AP, this will yield around 90dps for a full six seconds, and the mana cost doesn't increase every second it's on! When you have 2k mana and it costs 13/sec, you can leave it on a long, long time.

    Mega Adhesive
    More than what it looks like! Knowing how to use this will take you from a 1:1:1 ratio to a 1:1:badass ratio. No joke. Don't think of it like a slow to kill a carry. Think of it as sowing discord in the ranks. When they see this coming, they'll scatter. EVERY TIME. Gragas and GP's ult in one place on a low CD. The enemy champ is no more capable than it's player, and nobody wants to be stuck and flung. Every man for himself when the goo goes down.

    It will be argued until the sun sets that a true tank needs a taunt. Grossly incorrect. A tank simply needs to start a fight, soak up some damage, and bail before he dies. This is how you do it. In an ideal situation you want to grab a support or hard carry with this, but take what you can get. Make CERTAIN that you're flinging them towards your squad. Note the flash pitch later.

    Insanity Potion
    I prefer this over the old AD/AS version. You will survive almost anything with judicious playing. You can use it to regenerate alone, the CD is just over a minute and a half with no CDR. NOW! Why this makes you one of the best tanks around: At skill level 3 it boosts your defensive stats (Armor, Mres, MP/HP regen) offense (AP) and utility (MvSpeed) by 65! Also CC redux specifically 10/20/30%. You'll run faster, live longer, and spit farther than any man alive. Oh! The best part? TWENTY FIVE SECOND duration. Cut that off your CD, and you're looking at a minute without this up, half a minute with it. 33% bulletproof.

    Alistar has 75% damage redux for 6 seconds. You have 50% for 25 seconds. Abuse it.

  • Feedback

    Tell me how to improve so I can tell you I know everything.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries: 9/21/0

    Pretty simple. 9x , 9x , 9x , and 3x . This gives you the early bit of damage you need to be a threat, the mana you need to poison indiscrimanately, fling ruthlessly, slow like you're getting paid, and the health to live to do it.

  • Summoner abilities

    I use and . You'll see many a Singed arguing for others, so here's my justification. Your ult is a ghost. You don't need ghost. Your poison is an ignite, you don't need ignite. Exhaust can save you in multiple ways, but flash is amazing. Flash+fling+exhaust is a first blood if you pick your lane well. Flash to position your fling. Flash away, Flash in. Until it's removed from the game, you should have this. Also the D and F order are specific. D can be accidentally hit, so you want it to be targeted. F is farther away and on a longer cooldown, you do NOT want to hit it on accident.

    and in that order.

  • Skill Order

    No fancy icons. Skill your ult when possible. Aside from that Q first, E second, W last. one rank in each by level 4. Short and sweet. Poison first, Fling second, Slow last. One in each by level 4.

  • Items

    Please remember that just because your poison wave CAN clear a wave in moments doesn't mean it SHOULD! Your core is small and cheap compared to a carry, and you are almost as effective with ZERO items. Let them last hit the majority of the time.

    Order will be listed at the bottom, With situational below that.

    CORE: and . Yeah, that's it. Your blues and stats/lvl combined with your ult will make you tanky enough. Rod of ages gives you 181 health extra because of your passive! That's 450+180 (ROA passive)+181 (Singed's passive) = 811 HP from ONE ITEM.

    DEFENSIVE: I recommend choosing one MR and one Armor, unless the enemy team is ridiculously lopsided. , , or [item_icon=Force of Nature] will be your primary choices.

    [item_icon=Force of Nature] is the best MR item out there. Banshee's Veil will be discussed in situational.

    and will depend on the carry.
    Hard carries (glass cannons) like Ashe/MF//Trynd/Xin/Yi/WW = .
    Tanky DPS like Garen/Mundo/Jarvan/Udyr/Renekton = .

    A hard carry autoattacks for the majority of their hurting, where a tanky dps has to sit on you and relies on abilities to damage. Common sense when you think about it. Again, if they're lopsided physical you can get these BOTH.


    2x if you get the Sapphire. Why no Doran's? you just don't need it :P that simple. Health or Mana is just personal preference, but if you're new to Singed take the health.

    From here on you need to build STAT. Before . The exception is if you find yourself in base with enough for the second crystal AND boots, but not enough for catalyst. Then buy boots. But above all catalyst + your ult wll keep you in lane. this is where you need to be.


    . Why? You'll be packing serious HP already, don't tempt a Madred's user more than you must. Buy banshee's with a heavy CC team.

    TWO TIMES! They do stack, with the exception of the regeneration on level up. Doesn't matter at 18. Again, watch for Madred's users. Rod of ages gives you 181 health extra because of your passive! That's 450+180 (ROA passive)+181 (Singed's passive) = 811 HP from ONE ITEM. Yeah, I said it twice.

    If you have the core and the two defensive and you're still steamrolling, buy this for maximum pain and team benefit.

    Another item for a game that's going your way. Don't buy this before any other item listed, unless your team is like 15/5.

    I won't list items you don't need. If it's not on this list, you don't need it. NEVER, EVER build . Note Rod of Ages explanation.

  • Summary

    You are the Mad Chemist. They will run from you, they will curse you, and they will kill you. If you can get out alive, fine. But you are the first in and the last out. Tanking is selfless, you will die. But you will WIN! With time spent on Singed you'll understand how much you can take, when you can dive, and when you need to run. Play and suck, but eventually you'll play and win. Devote yourself to Mix, mix, swirl. Go mad.

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