Kassadin Build Guide

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Kassatank? Have You Been Sniffing Singed's Brews?

written by Trinity Victim

Kassadin Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi there! You must be wondering to yourselves; is this guy serious?

    Well, I am British and Asian. So yeah! I'm pretty serious.

    In this guide, I will outline how to create a considerably decent (don't like to brag) tank out of the usually glassy Kassadin. If you really think I am crazy and want nothing to do with this, feel free to look elsewhere now, but I'd really appreciate if you didn't leave hideous beligerent comments on here; constructive criticism is always welcome.

    I must admit, I do not have overall extensive playing experience with Kassadin. However, in the times I have used him with this very build, they have been mostly successful. I recommend this guide if you find yourself in a tankless team full of carries and mages, so you can give a surprise not only to the enemy, but also to your allies. ;)

    PS: I have nothing against Singed's brews or Singed himself.

  • Abilities

    Void Stone
    In the long-run, you'll love this passive. Considering you're going to be the one being focused most of the time, make the most of this. But don't rely on the AS bonus too much; that's not what we're going for at the moment.

    Null Sphere
    This should be your flaming arrow that begins the battle; the kindle that ignites the fire of combat. Early on, use it for last hits and silencing mages. Mid-late game, use it to initiate team-fights by going for either the most powerful enemy mage or most priority target in general. USE THIS FIRST, so that the enemy cannot react to you once you do your most likely predicted Riftwalk. That moment of Silence is crucial to your effectiveness.

    Nether Blade
    Good in combination with the passive, but we don't need it early-on. Although, it's always good to put at least one point in it early-on so that you may have an easier time with Minions.

    Force Pulse
    This is your primary attack ability; remember, your own abilities contribute to the charge as well. If you have mana to spare or at the spawn, don't be afraid to waste a quick Riftwalk/ Nether Blade to charge it up a bit. The CC this can do usually makes enemies turn back. Also, same Mana Cost at all levels? Delicious.

    You can Rifttalk the Rifttalk but can you Riftwalk the Riftwalk? Of course you can. This will be the thing you use immediately after the battle is initiated by your Null Sphere. Get in there, don't be afraid; you are the tank after all. And when you start losing your bulkiness, just waltz on out of there!

  • Pros/Cons


    -4k+ health plus decent armor and MR
    -Good CC abilities
    -Decent AP
    -Still great for chasing down weak foes (like Kassadin should always be good at)
    -Sure to surprise and/or catch the enemy team off-guard
    -Good escape mechanism for a Tank (Ultimate)
    -Can easily turn enemy ganks into enemy escapades
    -Great for kiting and distracting the opposition
    -You are a mage's worst nightmare


    -Vulnerable to physical/piercing DPS
    -Somewhat sub-par damage output (then again you're a Tank; you shouldn't have an abnormal damage output)
    -Still prone to Mana Starvation as well as Mana Starvation Anxiety Syndrome (MSAS), and therefore can be reliant on the Golem buff.
    -Easy to get carried away due to your escape ticket (don't get caught at the center of the enemy offense with no mana!)
    -Still prone to focus on one Champion at a time (try to spread out your targets while maintaining priority on a single one, instead of only going for the single one like an assassin would)

  • Summoner Abilities

    1 - Ignite
    2 - Exhaust

    This two, in combination with your abilities and each other, are what you need to take down those priority targets. They synchronize well overall, and definitely help in dismantling the opposition; a lot of teams rely on one certain Champion. Make short work of them with your nuke and these little babies.

    Also acceptable are:

    Clarity - Due to the nature of Kassadin's Ultimate, this can come in handy in early-mid game. Late game you usually have enough mana regen to not need this. Don't let MSAS get the better of you.

    Ghost - I guess if you really need an extra escape mechanism, this can help you in tight situations. But you ARE the Tank, so you shouldn't be running too much. And if you are, just use your Ultimate. This will only shine if you become mana starved and need an escape option (which should be very RARE at the very least).

    Clairvoyance - It's always nice to be able to see key positions for enemy ganks. However, someone else should pick this, not Kassadin. If you really need the extra visage, consider Sight Wards instead. It's not like Kassadin can't get around.

    Cleanse - Enemy CC is never pleasant, and this can increase your survivability. Could be useful for those vital moments where you just need to be rid of all those debuffs.

    Heal - I don't know about this one. It's attractive early-game, but mid-late game wouldn't be too useful. If you want to be more a supportive tank, then you may want to go for this.

    Teleport - Summoner's Rift is a big ol' map, isn't it? This looks nice on any Champion who wants to get into the fight quickly; which you need to for your team, so running this isn't too bad an idea. The first two still hold priorities though.

    These are NOT acceptable:

    Flash - Do I need to explain? Okay. You have the same ability on a shorter cooldown. Sure, it costs more Mana, but it does damage too. Don't need this at all.

    [spell=Rally] - I don't think anyone on the team should run this. Eugh.

    [Spell=Fortify] - Ditto. You shouldn't be pushed back too hard; you're the one who's doing the pushing!

    Revive - If you want to run this, I can easily direct you to an in-depth Kassadin guide on how to die and respawn quick to die again.


    Smite - I don't really recommend or condone Jungling, but if you really must, pick this over Ignite. The only Jungling you should be doing is either farming gold late-game or getting Lizard/Golem buffs.

  • Masteries + Runes

    1: More Utility

    External Image

    2: More Defense

    External Image

    More about preference than anything. If you prefer to be a bulkier tank, the latter is for you. If you want a more supportive CC tank, go for the first.

    Note: In the second Mastery, you can put the one point in Good Hands in either Haste or Spatial Accuracy if you have taken the according Summoner Spell.

    As for Runes:

    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    Greater Seal of Resilience x9
    Greater Glyph of Knowledge OR Greater Glyph of Clarity x9
    Greater Quintessence of Vitality x3

    The Insight is for your Force Pulse mostly, so it doesn't become completely overruled by MR on the other team, but it works for your other spells too.

    The flat Armor of Resilience increases survivability throughout the game.

    The Knowledge Runes should cure your MSAS. Clarity Runes also cure it, but I recommend the former since it let's you use more abilities before needing to fall back.

    The Quintessences give you that edge you need to be a proper Tank; every Tank needs to be...well healthy.

  • Items

    I start my matches off with Doran's Ring. This confers everything you need for the first moments of the game; decent Mana regen, health bonus and AP bonus. You should be fine with this until 5-10 minutes in (depending on the success of your lane). In most matches, I tend to have a kill by now also, but don't try and kill enemies; that's not what we're trying to do right now. Later on, you can choose to sell the Ring at any time if you want extra money or the slot.

    EDIT: Sapphire Crystal with a Health Potion is also ideal for longer laning ability, but you may miss that extra health.

    On your first trip back, you should have 1k-1.5k gold. In which case, purchase Boots of Speed, Ruby Crystal and some Health Potion. If you can afford them, go for Mercury's Treads or if you prefer a little more of an offensive option, go for Sorcerer's Shoes, though I highly recommend the former for survival. Don't worry if you can't purchase any of the latter after buying the boots; we can get them next.

    Once boots are done, we build towards the main part of our Core; Warmog's Armor. Yes, people are going to stare with you wearing this, but it'll work. Trust me. About 20~ minutes in you should have this bad boy. Once this is done, you'll have all the health you need to be decent as a Tank so as long as you make the most out of your bonus.

    Next, I usually go for a Guardian Angel, but a [item=Force of Nature] works as well. It's usually ideal to get both items, but it's not really cost efficient. Go for it only if you're having quite a wealthy game. Go [item=Force of Nature] for caster-heavy teams, but otherwise I recommend the Guardian Angel. This allows you to get in there, and if you accidentally die, you can easily Riftwalk out of the enemy range once your revive. The bonuses are good too.

    Usually, my games tend to end there. However, it's worthy noting that while most games end here, I often get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter, for it covers everything you'll want: Health, AP and slow for your abilities.

    Any item that boosts Health, Armor, MR or AP is ideal for the last 2 slots you have left, really.

    If you're looking for more of an AP tank, then I suggest running Mejai's Soulstealer and/or Leviathan before/after getting the Guardian Angel/[item=Force of Nature]. Aim more for assists than actual kills to get your stacks up, and you'll not only have a large bank of health but semi-potent AP to back it up.

    My preferred final build looks like:
    External Image

    Your final build should be the same or similar to this one. Trial around with the Guardian Angel/[item=Force of Nature]/ Mejai's Soulstealer/ Leviathan and see what you prefer.

  • Skilling Order

    External Image

    Null Sphere is good for the last hits early game, Nether Blade is great for farming. You should prioritize Force Pulse for it is your primary defense/offense mechanism for this build. Of course, grab the ult when you can.

  • How to Play Kassatank - Summoner's Rift

    Coming as Soon as I get off my lazy ass and do it!

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