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Yorick, from UP to OP in a few short weeks.(I moved to dominion, no more updates)

written by Ra the Destroyer

Yorick Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    UPDATE : With Dominion out, I've found its ten bijillion times funner than SR, I may play 1 SR game with friends every month now, if that. I will no longer be updating this guide, I don't think much will change for his build, but its something to think about when finding a guide.

    Hey, this is Ra the Destroyer (AKA Sickness), bringing you his first guide ever. I'm just posting this guide as of 7/13/11 @ 2:30, so don't hate, still getting everything set up and all pretty within it. (unless you are reading this 2 months from now and it is still bad, then you can hate on me). I have been playing Yorick since his release, and I love him and how he plays. I have 73 total wins with Yorick, and only 8 losses (AS of my time posting this guide), so I think I am fairly knowledgeable with him. Pics or it didn't happen? (SS of my match history when I decided to make my guide, I can't show you all the games as theres ones before this I didn't think to SS).
    External Image
    External Image
    (I just realized how small these pics are, ^ Quadra kill is what i circled in that picture)
    I have tried nearly every Yorick guide on the net, not liking everyone 100%, so I mish mashed multiple guides together, with my own personal opinion, to make this guide!

    I'm not MLG Elite, I'm not 1900+ ELO amazing. I'm just someone who has played a lot of Yorick, and wants to share his setup with him.

    I will be updating this guide overtime when I have the time to write out essays. Prioritizing 'what people looking for in a guide' from most often to lowest.

    Please comment / rate, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM please :D

    Change Log:

    7/13/11 : Guide Posted
    7/13/11 : Fixed up some typos
    7/14/11 : Added jungling section
    7/15/11 : Perfected jungling on Yorick.
    7/20/11 : Finished 'Damage Rick' section. Touched up the others.
    7/22/11 : Randomly played with a guy that read / used my guide in a game. He called me out in the game acknowledging im the creator, and that felt great :P. He did awesome :D.
    7/23/11 : Cleaned up some of the brackets that weren't working correctly.
    7/25/11 : Yorick patch notes :

    Base armor of ghouls reduced to 10 from 20
    Omen of Death damage percent reduced to 45/60/75% from 50/75/100%
    Omen of Pestilence now scales off of ability power at a 1.0 ratio instead of a .8 bonus attack damage ratio
    Omen of Famine
    Heals for 40% of the damage dealt, down from 50%
    Range reduced to 550 from 650

    7/26/11 Changed build to fit with patch / better in general
    7/26/11 I THINK I have everything up to date for the patch? I'll be reading through later today when friends don't want to play. It should be good to go though.
    7/28/11 Touched up some things I failed to update
    7/29/11 Just got my first pentakill in ranked and with Yorick today :D
    8/08/11 Yorick

    Omen of War attack damage ratio increased to 1.2 from 1

    Well, yay for buffs? Nothing major.

    8/18/11 Multiple things : My guide is now / has been the #1 Yorick guide on Leaguecraft for about a week now, thanks for all your support! 18/20 Positive upvotes :D. Also, I added a how to contact me section if anyone wants to get some ingame help from me 1 on 1 (or 5 on 5 :P)

  • OH GOD, I'm in the queue, and need to know WTF to do RIGHT NOW!!

    Don't worry! Just copy pasta these images into your head!

    Manamune Mercury's Treads Spirit Visage Sheen

    - - - - - After this prioritize R-E-Q-W.

    Summoners :

    Ghost / Flash


    Ghost / Exhaust


    For runes I use:

    Red: Greater Mark of Strength x9
    Yellow: Greater Seal of Replenishment x6 and Greater Seal of Clarity x3
    Blue: Greater Glyph of Replenishmentx9
    Quints: Greater Quintessence of Strength x3 or Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3

  • Abilities

    Unholy Covenant
    Decent ability, its kind of bad early game, but really starts to pick up mid / late game, making you the tanky DPS bruiser you want to be.

    Omen of War
    I max this skill second, as it is the only other one to scale with AD as of his change to W.

    Omen of Pestilence
    I max this skill at level 2 for the minion, dont touch it agian until the end of the game when you have your hextech / sheen.

    Omen of Famine
    I want to say its our bread and butter, but it really isn't as we spam all of our spells equally. This spell is what makes you able to stay in the lane until you want to go back. The health regen from this is insane, and when you get a Spirit Visage its just godly. I max this skill first. It also has nice range, so you can harass and deny opponents.

    Omen of Death
    This ult is buggy beyond belief, but it is a great spell. You can use it to bring your AD carry back to life for a few moments to clean up, cast it on your AD carry or yourself to help tank / push a tower. Use it to juke and escape, the uses are limitless nearly. Great all around spell.

  • Tanky Yorick*Solo-Queue build*

    *NOTE* This is largely a 'solo-queue' build, you go this route when you are lacking a true tank / your team is full of auto locking squishies, do the damage yorick build / jungle yorick when your premading / good on tanks


    Goals for early-mid game:

    Goals for mid-late game:

    Why is that game still going on?

    [center] Warmog's Armor Atma's Impaler

    Get these two if your team doesn't have a real way to initiate, replace Trinity force / 1 defence item

    You are going to want to start with a [item=Meki Pendant] and two Health Potion. Some guides suggest a Health Potion and a Mana Potion, but if you don't go overboard with spamming your skills, you won't need it and you'll find the health regen will save you from spamming your E, wasting more mana, to get health. Sapphire Crystal is nice, but you don't regen mana very fast with it and you will drain that +200 mana in about 4 casts.

    When you get enough money for a Tear of the Goddess (605g) you are going to want to go back, the sooner you can start building up the passive on that item the better. Grab your Boots of Speed as well if you have the money.

    After your boots, you are going to want to get a Spirit Visage, if you can't afford it off the bat, start with the Kindlegem first, HP and CDR, love it. Spirit Visage is a wonderful item on Yorick, cheap HP and MR, with 10% CDR AND extra self-healing, this makes your that much more insane.

    Upgrade your boots to Mercury's Treads when you have the money, there is practically no point in getting any other boots, the MR is nice, as is the tenacity, the ONLY other boots I would consider if their entire team was AD and had no CC what so ever somehow, would be Berserker's Greaves

    Next, you want either of two things. If their team is AD heavy, head for your Warden's Mail. If their team is balanced or AP heavy, turn your Tear of the Goddess into a Manamune. Manamune will net you 60 AD end game, when you should have around 3k mana. It also solves our mana problems for good, meaning you can help share the blue buff with other people, as you should also be CDR capped, or near it, in this part of the

    (If they are AD heavy, upgrade your Warden's Mail to a Randuin's Omen before the Banshee's Veil

    My 5th item is normally a Banshee's Veil, I might get it 3rd or 4th depending on how AP heavy the enemy team is, but normally Mercury's Treads and Spirit Visage is enough to hold me on MR until now. More mana for our Manamune, Health, MR, and that amazing passive. Why not?

    For my sixth and last item, I get a Sheen. This plus your Q, can easily burst 600-700 damage with about 100~ armor.

    The game normally ends by my Banshee's Veil, but if it is still going, I will eventually upgrade Sheen to a Trinity Force, this is a rarity, but when it happens its just a nail in the coffin. Health, an on hit slow, movement speed buff, crit , attack speed..its just crazy.

    Why not rush a Sheen / Trinity Force?
    Sheen is an awesome item, however, you need your Spirit Visage first to take advantage of it with the CDR. Also, I don't get it next because this is 'tanky' Yorick, you go this build when your team is lacking a real tank / your full of auto locking squishies. If your team is good on tanks etc, I'd go damage yorick.

    Finished build:

    Other options:

    [item=Tiamat] I tried it, I didn't like it TOO much, its definitely not bad though. Increases sustainability in lane, your W is actually almost worthy of being #1 skillup with it, I just prefer to rush CDR over it, and I'd sell it off for another item late game anyway, just an advancement slower.

    Frozen Heart Good CDR, a lot of armor, the nice passive. Normally wouldn't take it over Randuin's Omen though.

    The Black Cleaver It's not bad, it makes you and your ghouls do a LOT more damage, I'd probably only get it if the enemy team had 3+ tanks / tanky dps. Replacing Banshee's Veil for it, seeing as most tanks are AD.

    Leviathan I don't use it, but its fun to get if you know your gonna have a good game.

    Sword of the Occult I don't use it, but its fun to get if you know your gonna have a good game.

    What other guides suggest, but you shouldn't get:

    Sunfire Cape This item just isn't good for Yorick, small armor, small health, expensive. It isn't even really 'great' on Garen anymore since it's nerfs.

    Guardian Angel You don't need this item, at all. There are item's out there with a LOT more Effective Health stats, with some even more bonus benefits to boot. You also have your ultimate (rarity you'll use it on yourself over the AD carry, but still). No reason to get this item, UNLESS, you're using one of the snowball items. Even then you normally have plenty of survivability.

    Frozen Mallet Too expensive to be worth it, small damage aswell, only useful for its slow, but you have your W and Randuin's Omen.

  • Damage Rick

    *DISCLAIMER*First, check the Atmogs build below for a different damage build if you don't like this one, also, its not MY fault if you do bad, its not because of me you do good. I'm just giving you a 'guide' on how to build Yorick. How I PERSONALLY build Yorick. This is how I do well with him. I've seen Atmogs, IE , Trinity Rush etc etc Yoricks do GREAT too, however, I find those builds expensive / generally hard to pull off, your like AD sion in the since you become worthwhile after 30~ minutes, which is really risky. If you don't like my build, TRY ANOTHER ONE!


    Goals for early-mid game:

    Goals for mid-late game:

    Mercury's Treads Sheen Warden's Mail OR [item=Bilgewater Cutlas]

    Why is that game still going on?

    Finished Build

    NOTE: There is an 'or' on the Randuin's Omen and Hextech Gunblade this is incase you are doing great, you aren't getting dented much, you can drop the Randuin's Omen for more damage. Also, don't complain about Spirit Visage, it will save your life so many times its unbelievable, live without a bit more damage, and become a 'tanky dps'. If you want to two shot people, go play Tryndamere.

    Start with a [item=Meki Pendant] and x2 Health Potion

    Next get a Tear of the Goddess

    Grab Boots of Speed

    Then you obtain a Spirit Visage, start with a Kindlegem if you can't afford it off the bat

    Get your Mercury's Treads ( Berserker's Greaves if they have no hard CC)

    Upgrade to a Manamune

    Start working towards your Hextech Gunblade Start with the [item=Bilgewater Cutlas].

    Your last item could be a Sheen which will later be a Trinity Force, or Warden's Mail which will turn into a Randuin's Omen depending if you need the defense or not. (Randuins is an example, there are other defensive items listed below to use.) [You get the both eventually, just one before the other depending on if you need defense at the time or not]

    Other Defensive options

    Thornmail If they have a Tryndamere, Master Yi, or Gangplank (or just mostly AD in general)

    Quicksilver Sash Good against heavy heavy heavy lockdown teams. IE. Malzahar, WW, Annie, Leona etc.

    [item=Force of Nature] This is my preferred Magic Resist item other than Banshee's Veil however I only typically get it when I don't need the Banshee's Veil to block some kind of great initiation (Ashe's arrow, Tibbers, Cho'gath Rupture etc etc) or if they have a Karthus.

    Frozen Heart / Glacial Shroud Good against any heavy AD team, gives great CDR and armor, with the nice slow effect.

    Banshee's Veil Good all around MR item, get it when they have lots of annoying initiation / Karthus.

    If you do not have a Glacial Shroud in your build, be constantly getting blue for CDR.

  • Atmogs Damage Yorick

    I've been trying / debating this build for AGES, Spirit Visage gives you GREAT early / mid game, but dies off late game. Atmogs makes you have a meh early game and a GREAT late game, so I finially decided to add this section, if you are having a good game, you are 6-0 by the time you get your Sheen / Manamune etc, go this route.

    Final build Manamune Mercury's Treads Trinity Force Warmog's Armor Atma's Impaler [6th item]

    In order :

    Start with a [item=Meki Pendant] and x2 Health Potion

    Next get a Tear of the Goddess

    Grab Boots of Speed

    Get your Sheen

    Finish your Manamune

    Finish your boots, Merc treads if heavy CC, berserker greaves if not.

    Get your Warmog's Armor starting with Giant's Belt if you can

    Then your Atma's Impaler

    Now for your 6th item, you can get damage, or defence depending on how bursty their team is / how well your doing.

    IF you are doing well, one last push will end the game, grab an offensive item that will let you just break everything

    If one ace will decide the game and it could go either way, get defence.

    Offense options:

    Hextech Gunblade The Bloodthirster The Black Cleaver

    Defensive options:

    Randuin's Omen Banshee's Veil Thornmail Frozen Heart

    For your very last item, upgrade your Sheen to a Trinity Force

  • Jungle Yorick

    Note* As of 7/14/11 when I am posting this section, I do not have much experience on jungling with him, and it may change multiple times over the next few days / weeks*

    7/15/11--I am about to try some games where I do the above, but skip the cloth armor and get a Sapphire Crystal or a [item=Meki Pendant] and just turn them into a Manamune and see how it works--

    Later on 7/15/11--I went at the same speed as I did with buying cloth armor up until level 5, the only time I lost speed jungling was when I didn't have my Madred's Razors however, it never really proced much on Yorick anyway. I'm finding the above, rush the Manamune, instead of Madred's Razors to work a lot better with your end game.--

    Masteries: http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/3010400122300000000000000000013040032001000

    Reds: Greater Mark of Strength x9
    Yellows: Greater Seal of Resilience x9
    Blues: Greater Glyph of Replenishment x9
    Quints: Greater Quintessence of Strength x3

    The jungling route is in stonewall's video above.

    Skilling Route:
    Q-E-W-E. Prioritize R-E-W-Q after this.


    Long Sword and a Health Potion

    On your first back (after golem pocket) buy Health Potionx2

    On your next blue pill, buy your [item=Meki Pendant] and Sapphire Crystal and 1 Health Potion (If you ganked after finishing your route shown in the video, you may be able to buy your Tear of the Goddess of the bat, and a ward or two]

    Buy a Tear of the Goddess ASAP.

    Now get your Boots of Speed

    Upgrade your boots to Mercury's Treads when you have the money, there is practically no point in getting any other boots, the MR is nice, as is the tenacity, the ONLY other boots I would consider if their entire team was AD and had no CC what so ever somehow, would be Berserker's Greaves.

    As soon as you get your boots, you are going to want to get a Spirit Visage

    After this just follow the respective guide above for what you want to do, damage or tank.

    7/14/11--After more games as jungle Yorick, I'm liking it more, ignore Wriggles and just stopping at madred's really helped the gold issue. I definately see this almost as good as lanerick.--

    7/15/11--Loving JungleRick even more now that I've just completely ignored Madreds / Wriggles all together, he has a slow attack speed, most of your damage is from ghouls, so it never really procd much, and rushing your manamune like normal made up for your 'weakness' in late game by being behind so much gold--

  • Masteries + Runes + Summoner Abilities

    I personally use Ghost and Flash, however, Yorick does have great escape / survivability, if you want to replace one of them with Ignite or Exhaust (Exhaust prefered)

    I will take Ghost / Exhaust aswell depending on if my team has one already or not

    Summoners :

    Ghost / Flash


    Ghost / Exhaust


    Your W and E use magic pen unstead of ArP, your Q / your auto attacks use Armor pen. Thats why we go 9 points into offense. This build fixes your mana problems slightly, gives you 9% CDR, and extends your blue buff (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT early game, always ask your jungler if you can get it).

    For runes I use:

    Red: Greater Mark of Strength x9
    Yellow: Greater Seal of Replenishment x6 and Greater Seal of Clarity x3
    Blue: Greater Glyph of Replenishmentx9
    Quints: Greater Quintessence of Strength x3 or Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3

    Reds: Your W+E use Magic Pen, while you and your Q use armor pen, unstead of derping with both, we are just going to increase our base damage, and our ghoul damage.
    Yellow: Yorick is mana starved, what else to say
    Blue: Mana starved Yorick wants mana.
    Quints: See reds. Fortitude is nice for health, I prefer the AD.

  • Skilling Order

  • Lane Phase

    You are an immovable wall in the lane, when you have your E and Spirit Visage.

    You have no reason to ever die or be out harassed in the lane, you are Urgot with lifesteal every time he uses his Q.

    Everytime an enemy gets too close, nail them with an E-W combo, 25% of their HP gone, 15% of your HP regained.

    Getting picked on a bit too hard? Sit back and casually cast your E on creeps to last hit from afar, while regaining health.

    From your masteries / runes, you should regain enough mana throughout each cooldown to spam your E for a while, its when you throw in your W and Q you start to drain. So be careful with the harassment.

    People run from you ghouls, IDK why, they hit for like 10 damage under level 5, its like Singed and his W, the name slips me atm. You throw it and people scatter away from it like its gonna kill them. If you are dominating your lane, just stand behind their minion waves and casually cast your W whenever its up to keep them zoned out and denied.

    Video on zoning: (apologies if the voice irritates you)

    2v1ing as Yorick
    Yes these players aren't great, but it shows both sides of the spectrum when playing offensively / defensively while 2v1ing.

    Lane phase only

    Sit back and use your e to heal when you get out harassed, when they get greedy, use your slows and lifesteal to laugh in their face and get some kills.

    I also have videos on laning in the 'Gameplay from Ra' section. Part 1 tends to be the laning phase. 'Carrying Ragers' has the better lane phase video, in the 'Day of the Yorick Buff/Patch' I fuck up a lot, its more of a 'what not to do'

  • Team Fights

    Your job in team fights is literally to harass the enemy carry as much as possible, when you have 30-40% CDR, you can spam your ghouls faster than they decay, constant waves of minions hitting for 30-40 HURT on squishies. Your W will also slow them making sure they can't escape. You are like Mundo in the sense you take a shit ton of damage, while constantly striking down the enemy carry, and normally will still be able to escape with good health from your E. You also need to be watching your AD carries for when to ult them, stop being selfish, they do more damage, you want them to come back and 'WREQ' (wreck) them.

    Because of this, people tend to focus you, spam your ghouls, keep your passive going, this is also why we build tanky and not a shit ton of damage items. You get the equivalent of 52 AD from your passive with your ghouls up, your 60-70 AD from Manamune, and the burst from Sheen, you have plenty of damage, let's focusing on making sure we CAN do that damage.

  • General Tips

    Yorick is coo coo for blue buff. Get blue whenever you can(Seriously, when you CAN, don't leave your turret while your getting pushed for blue). Ask your jungler if he doesn't need it and he can get you it. Yorick is mana starved early game, this fixes that, and gives him early game CDR for lane domination.

    While sitting at the summoner platform, drop your W to get a free charge out of your Tear of the Goddess / Manamune

    Juking as Yorick is probably the easiest and most satisfying thing ever. See that brush over there? Run into it, drop your W, ready your Q,smack them on your way out for speed, and proceed to juke however you need to to get away, if they catch back up, keep throwing your E on them for health, repeat the process until you have the health to 1v1 them, or until you can get away. If it comes to it, you can go into a brush, ult yourself, and use your reverent to distract them while you sneak away.
    Video on juking:

    Your W is like Caitlyn's trap in the sense that it lets you see the area around it when you throw it down, toss it in the brush where you think/know someone is hiding to get some LoS on them.

    Use your Q on a minion to get some speed, then run up for your W+E combo. The speed will allow you to land it and not be outrun.

    Toss your W/E on creeps as you pass through the jungle, late game they are normally strong enough to take out 1-2 of the wraiths / 1 of the golems. This is also nice if you are running away to drop your E on a mob to regain some health.

    Continuously drop your W behind you when you are running as Yorick, your ghoul will see the enemy and latch onto them, slowing them allowing your escape.

    Your W can steal Baron / Dragon, toss it over the wall and hope for the best if anyone else on your team is incapable of doing better stealing damage.

    When running or chasing, drop your Q on a nearby minion for extra speed.

    Your W can proc teemo shrooms, maokai sapplings, shaco JoTBs etc etc. It can also block skill shots if timed properly.

  • How to properly use your ulti.

    See your AD carry? Use it on him when s/hes at about 30-40% HP. This will allow you about 4 seconds of actually USING your ultimate for extra damage / a bonus from your passive, while still allowing it to bring your teammate back if s/he dies.

    The ONLY time, I recommend using it on yourself, like every other Yorick does, is when you are backdooring a tower, or downing a tower during lane phase, the extra damage helps.

  • Gameplay from Ra

    Note: I use rock / metal in my videos, if you don't like that kind of music, simple solution, mute it. Everyone has different tastes. Some of the songs scream, some of them are classic rock, just different tastes.

    Day of the Yorick buff:
    I was worse at him than I am now, build is still the same, just a bit less..time/cost efficient. Part 1, all of my deaths for the entire game are in it, I failed at last hitting, I failed at harassing, I just had an awful beginning that game. Part 1 may aswell be a 'what not to do' on Yorick. (Btw, the last 2 minutes of Part 2 is why I love Yorick's E)

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Carrying ragers:
    A much better lane phase video, I am in mid this time (extremely viable on Yorick, I actually prefer to take it based on who I team has.). It is EXTREMELY boring until the 8-9~ minute mark. Last hitting wars. I would suggest watching a few minutes then skipping to part 2.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

  • How to contact me: (for help or w.e)

    I love helping people ingame, my summoner name, is well, Ra the Destroyer. However, I am part of a gaming community known as Haven Gaming. It's not big, but we are getting there and have about 2~ active League teams. We have a teamspeak 3 server you can hop on to chat: havengaming.net:8887 . The website is havengaming.net. Hop on and we can talk! (I am known as 'Sickness' across the haven gaming board)

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