Cho'Gath Build Guide

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Gentleman Cho'gath, the classy Terror of the Void

written by InfamousG

Cho'Gath Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    This keeps you feeling healthy and refreshed in your lane, allowing you to challenge your opponent for a longer time.

    Forms a lovely ring on the ground, which knocks enemy champions into the sky and hurts them rather heavily. Quite enjoyable to use.

    Feral Scream
    This name is so misleading. "Scream", they call it. I like to think of it more as a gentle request for the other team to be a little bit quieter.

    Vorpal Spikes
    These spikes are your friends. They tickle your enemies from a distance, and they help those who are unable to last hit.

    The quintessential Cho'gath skill. Heavy true damage on a target followed by a good all chat quip will truly demoralize your opponents. The proper technique for the "OM NOM NOM" all chat quip when playing Gentleman Cho'gath is to not overdo the caps. Try instead, a more refined "Om Nom Nom".

  • Introduction

    This guide is for Gentleman Cho'gath, an extremely classy tank/support/carry/game-winner. This is not an AP Carry Cho'gath guide, this is not Condon's MFing Cho'gath guide (although it is a great read) This guide is for a support tank Cho'gath who excels at carrying weaker teammates to victory, while being extraordinarily hard to kill. And yes, the Gentleman skin is required to truly be good at Cho'gath, and any serious Cho'Gather should have it.

  • Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells


    Those are the runes I use, but if you have your own favorite rune page, by all means, use it.

    I have tried several mastery setups for Cho'gath, but my favorite one has been the standard 9/0/21 setup.
    It just gives too many huge bonuses to pass up.

    This is how I set mine up- MASTERIES

    Summoner Spells

    I take this 100% of the time on Cho'Gath, Flash Feast is just too good to pass up.

    This isn't my favorite for Cho'gath, but if you are insecure about your damage, go ahead and take it.

    This spell is amazing for Cho'gath or any other champion. It allows you to go back for items without losing experience or gold, and allows for ward TeleGanks, easy tower defense, and other such fun things.

    Good spell, needs no explanation.


    Get this if the other team is AD-carry heavy and nobody else on your team has it.

    I usually end up running with either Flash/Teleport or Flash/Exhaust.

  • Items with explanation.

    Alright, the part you have all been waiting for. TEH ITEMZ. Here is how I build the Gentleman.

    Starting items, every game. HP regen + passive = Cho'gath who sticks around for a long time. I usually back as soon as I have enough money for Philo Stone and some boots.

    Even better hp regen, some good mana regen, and gold per 5. Stacks nicely with your passive and keeps you in lane, getting richer.
    Get these right after Philo stone, no exceptions. Movement speed keeps you alive.
    [item_icon=Heart of Gold] Flat Health and gold per 5. Makes you a bit beefier, and speeds up the cash flow.
    [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick] AP scales very nicely on Cho'gath, and the gold per 5 is helpful as well.

    Once you have all three Gp5 items, finish your boots.

    I usually build Mercury Treads, but if the other team is completely free of CC, you've already won the game, so go dance in your lane.


    After the boots, you have some choices. Gold will be coming in very quickly with the Gp5 and farming, you will be getting beefy from Feast stacks. In most games, I have all of these items before the 20 minute mark, without any kills.

    If no real teamfights have started, I usually I get a next. It makes us even tankier and the passive helps keep mana and hp up.

    If both teams are starting to move together and nobody else is going to build one, make an for your team. It makes your team harder to kill, and knowing most people that play this game, they need all the help they can get.

    At this point, you will have one item slot left. This is where you have to look at what you and your team need. You can choose to make an offensive or defensive item here. Good choices include:


    [item_icon=Force of Nature]


    Once you have this last item slot filled with whatever item best fits your situation, go back and start upgrading the Gp5 items in whatever order is most beneficial.

    Turn into for some good CDR and a speed boost for your entire team.

    Turn [item_icon=Heart of Gold] into for extra armor and an AoE slow.

    Turn [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick] into for good AP and CDR, plus a large burst that stacks well with Feast burst.

    Once you finish those, start popping elixirs and keep carrying your team.

  • Playstyle


    Early game is a great time for Cho'gath. I always start with 1 point in Rupture, it is too useful of a skill to pass up at level 1. Invading the enemy jungle at level 1 with your team? If you land a single Rupture into their team, you will almost always land a kill.

    As far as lanes go, I always try to get a solo lane. Cho'gath is an extremely strong solo laner who can completely deny an enemy carry from farming, ignoring harassment while farming himself. If, however, you get stuck in a duo bot lane, play nice. If you are with a support, farm your ass off like you are in a solo lane. If you are with a carry, play like a support and focus more on harassing and denying the enemy team, letting your carry get as many creeps as possible until the laning phase is over.


    You are extremely strong at this point, especially if you got a solo lane. Initiate fights with rupture, blow any on-use items (Shurelya's, Randuin's, or DFG) and just screw around with them. Silence their casters, and Feast any champion who looks tasty. (Feast a carry, forces them to leave fight usually)


    At this point, people are all finishing up their item builds, and you can no longer be quite as reckless. One mistake from you can lose the game, but one mistake from the other team can win it. Your job is to force that mistake. Look for people who are on the edge of their group, and try to land a Rupture. If you land it, you can initiate a fight and get your team to follow. Feast whoever you caught for an easy kill. Basically, this plays out a lot like the Mid Game, you just have to be extremely careful about when you start fights.

  • Replays

    I will link a couple of my Gentleman Cho'gath Replays here as I come up with them so you can see how the build works.

    Replay 1

  • Conclusion

    Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy Feasting some people. Please rate the guide and/or leave comments and suggestions, I will update this guide as needed.

    Also, if you have any questions or would like to play a game with me, add me in game, summoner name is InfamousG

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