Fiddlesticks Build Guide

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A Fiddles to be feared

written by Dubont

Fiddlesticks Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • 2
  • 3
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  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
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  • 13
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  • Dread
  • Terrify
  • Drain
  • Dark Wind
  • Crowstorm

Runes for Fiddlesticks

Masteries for Fiddlesticks

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Essentially, it reduces the MR of nearby enemies by 10...problem?

    Great CC which allows for escapes, longer drains, maximizing your Ult\\\'s damage or just helping your carries out in a team fight. Great skill to have.

    This makes fiddles an amazing laner and really hard to deal with in a 1v1

    Dark Wind
    This is the fiddle harass move. Not only does it have quite a bit of range, it also bounces between targets and *the kicker* silences everything that it touches. Sorry Nunu.

    The bread & butter of Fiddles. This move is what makes him so damn scary. The enemy team is coming towards you so you decide to run through the jungle to avoid being killed. Suddenly, A WILD FIDDLESTICKS HAS APPEARED! and you get melted.

  • Introduction

    I\\\'ve been playing the old Fiddles for a few months and decided to share how I, personally, play him. 

    Updated: It\'s been a while since I\'ve played him, but going off of my experience over the past year or so, I\'ve decided to rework this guide a bit. 

  • Masteries + Runes

    21/0/9 if you\'re confident of yourself 




    21/9/0 for a little more survivability in lane.


    I use 21/3/6

  • Summoner Abilities

    I, personally, run Exhaust+ Flash. Ignite+ Flash also works if you like to go in for early kills.
    Flash is obvious. With it, you can ult in and if the enemy had moved out of range early, just flash over to them. GG. It also serves as a good escape tool.

    Exhaust is the big one. People ALWAYS ask \\\"why exhaust? You\\\'re such a scrub.\\\" I play a lot of 3s, so I\\\'m just used to using it, but I found that it is AMAZING for Fiddles for a number of reasons.
    1) You can juggle it with his fear to Escape a game.
    2) Ult in on 2 targets, Exhaust 1, fear the other.
    3) If someone tower dives you (which...most try to) Fear them, Drain them, and Exhaust after fear wears off. Grats on the free kill for little effort.
    4) It lowers your enemy\\\'s magic resist which means more damage from your ult (if they aren\\\'t already at 0 before hand)

    Ghost Ghost is another good option, in the place of Exhaust. Imo, it doesn\\\'t have as many uses, but it can really help to get you away from ganks, or to the little coward that managed to escape your ult\\\'s range by a just inches.

  • Skilling Order

    See above.

  • Items

    you have 3 different options to start out on as far as items. 


    Doran\'s Ring: Use this if you\'re a little inexperienced. It gives a nice chunk of health, AP and mana regen.


    Meki Pendant: use this if you\'re rushing a Chalice or Archangel\'s staff.


    Sapphire Crystal: This is my personal favorite. use this if you\'re rushing a Rod of Ages...which I recommend.


    Get RoA as quickly as possible, while building into Will of the Ancients. WotA helps give a ton of health back on your drain. This is needed now since his drain was nerfed a few months ago.

  • Strat

    The general purpose of this build is to be a strong laner early game, then, after level 6, be a strong ganker. This throws the mindset of your opponents all out of wack and causes them to be afraid...which leads to them making mistakes.

    EARLY GAME Don\\\'t be too aggressive but let the enemy team know that you aren\\\'t afraid. If an enemy champ pushes too far out away from his partner, don\\\'t be afraid to do a quick fear+drain combo, but be cautious as to not get beat on by the other enemy champ.

    AFTER LEVEL 6 While still in laning phase, work with your partner to set up an easy kill. Blitz and Alistar are great lane partners for this Fiddle build. Blitz pulls, you fear, drain, Blitz stuns while you continue to drain.

    GOLEMTry to keep Blue buff on you at all times, but never go after it while the enemy is pushing and DON\\\'T RUN INTO THE JUNGLE IF THE ENEMY CAN SEE YOU DO IT! They will gank you...and you will die.

    DRAGON If you are skilled, you can take Dragon (5v5) around level 5, but if you don\\\'t feel comfortable, you can do him easily at level 7-8 depending on how fed you are. Again, don\\\'t grab dragon if your team is being pushed and don\\\'t run after him if you are within sight of the enemy.

    TEAM PHASE this is where most Fiddle players start to mess up. Fiddles is a strong 1v1 champ and is great for nuking down an entire team, but he is not, I repeat, IS NOT invincible. If you get focused, you will die quickly. Even with the HP from runes and Rylai\\\'s, you are still a glass cannon. Work with your team to coordinate proper ganks. If your team is running up mid, DON\\\'T RUN UP THE LANE WITH THEM! Run close to them, in the jungle. You don\\\'t want the enemy team to know where you are at this point, but you want to be close enough to the team so that if you get ganked by an enemy jungler, you can simple flash over the wall to safety. While you are running through the jungle, with your team just on the other side of the wall, be watching for the enemy near the map and listen to see if they may be in your jungle, killing your mobs. If the enemy is not jungling, stay near your team and wait. The enemy should try for a gank (4v5 at this they think). Wait until the fight is well underway and the focus has been set. Find the right position and ult in, Silence the team, exhaust their carry, fear the next highest DPS champ, and start draining one of the ones that were not CCd. This \\\"should\\\" result in at least 3 kills for your team with the 2 remaining enemies on the verge of death and your team still very well in tact.

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