Yorick Build Guide

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3v3 Approved Yorick Mori *UPDATED 7/13*

written by kaoreal

Yorick Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Unholy Covenant
    Excellent passive post-patch. Deals with durability issues for both Yorick and his ghouls, while increasing your AD. Because of this excellent passive, we will be focusing on CDR.

    Omen of War
    Not very spectacular, but every ghoul counts when it comes to your passive. Helps keep you in range of your target once you catch them. Try to cast it after an auto attack to reset your swing timer, as long as this wont cause you to lose your target.

    Omen of Pestilence
    Great ability, helps your teammates initiate or catch targets, and does respectable damage. Another ghoul for the passive counter.

    Omen of Famine
    My personal favorite ability of Yorick's arsenal. Heals for a solid amount, scales well enough, and is up very frequently. This is your go-to-ghoul for harassment in conjunction with your Omen of Pestilence. It also helps out a ton with sustainability in a lane, in team fights, and in the jungle.

    Omen of Death
    Very powerful ultimate when used properly in small-scale fights. It will be even more powerful when everyone finally understands that when they get revived, there is no point running away from a team fight. XD

  • You Will Remember Yorick Mori

    In light of Yorick's recent buffs, I've decided to write a 3v3 guide on him. I liked Yorick from the start, but i definitely felt that he was a little too difficult to manage.

    Pre-patch, in order to make him durable enough to fight you needed to sacrifice all of your damage until late game, which simply isn't viable on TT because the games are decided so quickly. If you built for durability, your damage was negligible outside of your ultimate, and the ultimate was mediocre under the best circumstances.

    The recent buffs to Yorick's ultimate changed the way you play in team fights, and vastly improved his viability. The removal of the decay on his ultimate means that he can actually turn around small scale fights, (like those that occur on twisted treeline,) very effectively. The ghost portion of the ultimate doesn't have much of an impact on the first rank, but since small scale fights are decided so quickly, you will often get a clean revive on your teammate, allowing them to turn a losing fight into a cheap ace, 1 for 3.

    The other major buff to Yorick was the percent-based damage reduction associated with his summons. This allows him to actually get into fights and take a bit of a beating, which is necessary for a melee fighter on twisted treeline. No longer does Yorick have to build like a tank to survive a fight; instead he can focus on CDR to keep ghouls up to deal with his durability.

    Yorick's itemization has become much easier to deal with, which can be attributed to his passive, and his effectiveness in team fights is much higher without the decay on his ultimate. The minor tweaks to mana costs, base stats, and range, in conjunction with the aforementioned buffs, make Yorick a force to be reckoned with.

    Obligatory screen shot:
    External Image
    Everyone has a bad game every now and then, right?

  • Masteries + Runes

    I've opted to take smite on Yorick these days, but only if nobody else on my team has it. I feel like one smite is essential on twisted treeline, because the Dragon is the main objective of the map, and it can easily put you very far ahead. A side bonus is that you can leave your lane often to grab buffs and small jungle packs very early, giving your allies double solo lanes briefly. Just make sure to tell them what you're doing, first.
    Strength of spirit and the raw armor and magic resist in the defense tree have struck me as more useful to Yorick than the alternatives in the offense tree. As a durable damage dealer, he needs to be able to take some punishment and not be forced to go back all the time. The early defense masteries in conjunction with Manamune help us accomplish this.
    The rest of the masteries in utility help him in pretty much every other way. The choices here are self-explanatory.

    For runes, we focus on boosting him to have threatening damage and solid durability. To achieve this, we will be using:

    Greater Mark of Strengthx9
    Greater Seal of Resiliencex9
    Greater Glyph of Wardingx9
    Greater Quintessence of Strengthx3

    *EDIT* Changed the quints to all flat AD from 1 swiftness and 2 health. This is because he is more durable and sustainable than I thought, and we build Trinity Force fairly quickly to deal with any movement speed issues (though he barely has any issues to begin with, between W and Q.) Also, because of his great scaling with AD, I chose strength runes to boost last hitting and harassment potential.

  • Items

    Disclaimer: Always try to have enough gold for a ward and a potion for every return to the base.

    Open with a [item=meki pendant] and 2x Health Potion.

    This should give you all you need in your lane to work towards a Tear of the Goddess and some Boots of Speed.

    With your tear, you can farm the little packs in the jungle pretty safely, and lane almost indefinitely while getting some extra stacks on your tear. After this you'll need to assess the situation. If you're doing well enough, or the game is fairly neutral at this point, I like to build a quick Manamune.

    I've realized that Yorick is even more durable than I originally thought. Instead of building a spirit visage after manamune, I skip it altogether for a quick Trinity Force, starting with either Sheen or Phage depending on whether or not you need the extra health.

    Rather than saving boots for last and getting Ionian Boots of Lucidity, I've been opting to build Mercury's Treads immediately after manamune. I realized that with manamune and mercury treads, you are durable enough, fast enough, and powerful enough to participate and even carry team fights and ganks. This also has the benefit of making our completed core much cheaper.

    A note on manamune: A lot of people say to skip it, but I find that an item that is that cheap, that completely covers you for mana all game, in addition to giving you a massive boost in AD early on, (that will only grow as the game goes on,) is just too good to pass up. Just try manamune first if you have doubts. You'll notice your damage output just skyrocket when you get it. It also has great synergy with other desirable items, like Banshee's Veil and Sheen.



    This is what I call my core because it is at this point that you can really start laying on the hurt, and not worry as much about dying too quickly. You have approximately 2000 effective hit points at level 9 with just these items, with nearly infinite sustainability and great damage.

    After some experimentation, I've decided that I was rushing defensive items too early. Feel free to do so if you absolutely must, but if you think you can get away with it, I highly recommend building a quick Trinity Force. This item gives you everything you could possibly want as Yorick, and in conjunction with manamune, your damage will become extremely high. It also has the added bonus of extra HP, which is definitely desirable over raw defensive stats at this point. Our HP is still a little bit too low to be thinking about raw defensive stats yet, so if you feel like you must become more durable first, what I like to do is pick up a Chain Vest and/or Negatron Cloak at around 2000 raw HP to maximize my effective HP. If you aren't at approximately 2000 HP yet, pick up some raw health items first before grabbing the armor and/or resistances.

    Perhaps my favorite part about building Trinity Force is that you aren't really committed when you decide to go for it. Phage and Sheen both work wonders in any build, so if you decide half way through building Trinity Force that you need more durability, you aren't really penalized for doing so.




    vs. AD

    My preferred option to deal with AD champions is the Atmog's combo: Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler. This option is also viable if you are simply doing well vs any team composition. If you are finding your durability lackluster, consider picking up a Chain Vest and a Giant's Belt. If you are comfortable with your durability, just build straight for Atma's Impaler, getting the Warmog's pieces later, with a priority on flat HP.

    If AD persists as their main damage output, (like in my last game where I accidentally gave Tryndamere a couple free kills early on,) follow this up by building a Glacial Shroud into a Frozen Heart. This should pretty much secure your life versus any sort of Tryndamere-style shenanigans, and free you up to build your Trinity Force. As I said earlier, sometimes you have to delay your Trinity Force if you simply don't have the durability to stand up to them.

    vs. AP

    Versus AP nukes or heavy CC, you can build a Banshee's Veil or Quicksilver Sash. My personal preference is Banshee's because it gives you more damage from your Manamune and Warmog's. Sometimes Quicksilver will be necessary though, if you're facing champions like Poppy or Mordekaiser, who have very powerful ultimates.

    If they're really stacked on the AP front, though it is rare on TT to see such a team, you may need to build a second MR item. [item=Force of Nature] is of course the best option, but I suggest getting your health up to 2200 or so by building part of Warmog's before buying your Negatron Cloak and building it into Force of Nature.

    Offensive Options

    After Trinity Force, my preferred offensive item is The Bloodthirster. It gives you the best bang for your buck on raw attack damage, which is Yorick's most desirable stat. You'll get some burst healing from it because of your Trinity Force procs. I usually prioritize Atma's over Bloodthirster because the extra crit with Trinity Force procs is fantastic, and you get two birds stoned at once with the additional armor. If you're confident in your ability to get three hits on a target quickly, The Black Cleaver can be more effective than the bloodthirster. Only get this if their average armor is 100 or lower.

    If they are stacking armor, you might find it necessary to add a Last Whisper to your build. I've never come across a situation that required this, but it is the best way to deal with an average armor value in excess of 100.

  • Skilling Order and Laning Tips

    You get your first point in W because if a level 1 team fight breaks out, you want to be able to aid your allies in escaping or catching the enemies, and if you land it in the clump of them it will do the most damage, and give you the most potential for getting assists.

    E is maxed first because, unlike W, the cooldown decreases with level. It also gives you excellent sustainability in your lane or in the jungle, and you can use it as much as you want with Manamune, which you get fairly early in your core build. You can use it for last hitting or harassment without pushing your lane, which leveling W would not allow you to do. When you do harass, try to get both W and E on them. This accomplishes two things: they won't be able to pick off the ghoul as easily without taking some damage, and the W ghoul will help keep both ghouls in range, assuring damage and life steal.

    We save Q for last because it isn't very useful if you aren't already able to keep yourself alive in fights with E, and targets in range with W. We do take one point in it at level 4 though, because it helps with Yorick's passive, and allows you to really punish someone who tries to get in your face with a WEQ-auto combo.

  • Build Example

    End Game

    A well rounded build that will have you dealing a ton of damage while being able to take a beating. You can use the last slot however you feel is necessary, but I'd probably fill it with:
    a) Bloodthirster for more damage vs squishier teams
    b) Warmog's for more team fight sustainability vs tankier teams
    c) Guardian Angel for the essential revive vs burst teams

  • Pros / Cons

    Deals good damage from Manamune onward
    Turns team fights around with his ultimate
    Very sustainable in both lane and jungle once core is complete
    Durable with ghouls summoned
    Good at sticking to a target once he's on it

    Ultimate can be difficult to use in unexpected team fights
    Coordinated CC can be problematic for him

  • Working in the team

    Make sure your team knows who the priority target is, and label a backup target in case the primary one escapes. Your goal is to dump as many ghouls on this target as you can, while chasing them for auto attacks.

    Your ultimate can be used a few different ways, but my favorite is to wait to see who they are targeting, and pop the ultimate on them at around 50%. This leaves the enemy team in a difficult situation; they can focus the ghost, but that leaves both the ghost and the champion alive and kicking for a good while, or they can focus the champion, but that will trigger a revive and almost certainly turn the team fight around in your favor.

  • Farming

    At the beginning of the game, assess your lane. Sometimes you can simply ranged harass your opponent(s) out of the lane. A proper E/W combo will net a lot of damage if your ghouls get a couple hits off. If this is the case, focus on trying to push them out of the lane, or secure a kill if you (and your lane mate) think you can. Some lanes force you to play a bit more passively, in which case you should try to pick off last hits with your ranged abilites, or just with auto attack if it doesn't put you in too much danger. Punish them with a Q/W/E combo if they try to get in your face, as this will make you durable and will steal you some health back, while boosting your AD. They will most likely be forced to flee from you and your ghouls. Once you have your tear, try to use your spells fairly often to build the tear up. Don't run yourself out of mana in case a team fight or gank is necessary though. You're safe to jungle the small packs all you want with your tear, and sometimes even the buff monsters if you are high enough level and feel like it is a safe time to do so. I like to pick up a couple health potions on my first few trips back to ensure myself the ability to take a buff monster on if the time is right.

  • Conclusion

    This concludes my first guide. I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any suggestions, tips, criticism, or praise, please voice yourself in the comments section! Happy Hunting!

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